Maybe, I am NOT really designed to get Married..yet

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When, I was younger, I was so idealistic about wedding. I have the design of my wedding gown, the flowers, the music and all. I just love collecting pictures and stuff for my “wedding” to be. I remember, Ma’am Do (from Speechpower) told me once, that I shouldn’t be so excited and planning so much about my wedding. Often times, the planned “wedding” doesn’t happen. Or, the woman doesn’t get married at all.

I was only 18 when she told me about it. I was so in love then and so naïve about love and weddings. The irony there, is that I am now 30, yet, I am not married still. I believe that God has purposes and reasons and plans why I am not married still. Maybe because, the man I would like to marry is not ready to be married yet. :(

Well, I guess there would really be no diamond rings on my finger anytime soon. :(

God for me is not just my God. He is my saviour, my provider, my king, my protector, my teacher, my healer, my guardian, my architect, my engineer, my carpenter, my papa jack, etc etc. But most of all, God is my friend. When I go to mass, I talk to Him as my friend. I laugh with Him in the silence of my heart. I cry before Him. And He knows, what I am going through, what I am feeling even  before I tell Him. God is so wonderful.

I knew in my heart that whatever problems ney and I have right now, everything will be in their places in God’s wonderful time. I believe that He wanted me to be prepared, to really prepare when the time comes that I will get married. I know that it will. :)

Ciao! :)

The Date is On April 29!

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With the date already set, Kate Middleton is about to be Her Royal Highness in few months! I wonder what her title would be. Since Princess Diana became the Princess of Wales and Camilla taking Duchess of Cornwall, I wonder what Kate would take. I must admit that I am one of the million girls who have admired the good-looking prince when I was younger. I have loved Princess Diana so much, not because she is a princess but because of all the good deeds she has done. Too bad, she died at a young age. Now, the most admired prince is getting married not to a  ”real-princess”, but I am hoping that Kate’s love for Prince William is genuine. That she loves the man not because of his title, but because of him alone. Like many royalties who are invited to witness the wedding of the decade at Westminister Abbey, I will be keeping that date free. I am pretty sure that cable channels will be doing a live coverage of the said wedding. :) Well, best wishes to them.

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On the other hand, a friend and colleague invited me to attend her wedding on April as well. She have requested the guests to be in their formal attire; with no pants or jeans plea! Hehehe! Of course, I will attend the said wedding. And, I am really looking for a fast fat burner excercise or diet that would somehow eliminate my “baby fats” :) . I know that I still have a month to go through the said excercise and I need to be dedicated and focus about it. Well, I already found a dress to wear. I know I can wear it, I just need to tone down a bit to boost my confidence! :)

I’ll definitely post the pictures of my success then. :P It’s going to be a real challenge to me..

Ciao! :)

For You

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My daughter is aware that me and her daddy are not married yet. She always asked me when we will be getting married. I told her that when daddy comes home then we’ll get married. Hopefully! Hehehe! Of course I have plans of getting married. We just have to sort out some things in our lives. My dream wedding is  simple church wedding. I wanted as much as possible that all my friends and relatives would be able to witness the wedding ceremony. :)

I have attended different wedding ceremonies, and I haven’t seen a couple sing their pledge of love to each other. That’s why, when I get married, I would sing my pledge. Hehehe!!! :) What song? I have a lot of favorite songs though, but there is one song that really fit what I wanted to promise to my husband. I was a wedding singer and I have sang a lot of songs but this song, always makes me cry. I know that this song is familiar to you. This is a song by John Denver. Enjoy!

FOR YOU (John Denver)

Just to look in your eyes again
Just to lay in your arms
Just to be the first one always there for you
Just to live in your laughter
Just to sing in your heart
Just to be everyone of your dreams come true
Just to sit by your windows
Just to touch in the night
Just to offer a prayer each day for you
Just to long for your kisses
Just to dream of your sighs
Just to know that I’d give my life for you.

For you all the rest of my life
For you all the best of my life
For you alone, only for you.

Just to wake up each morning
Just to you by my side
Just to know that you’re never really far away
Just a reason for living
Just to say I adore
Just to know that you’re here in my heart to stay.

For you all the rest of my life
For you all the best of my life
For you alone, only for you.

Just the words of a love song
Just the beat of my heart
Just the pledge of my life, my love for you.

Secrets of a Successful Marriage

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Secrets of a Successful Marriage
(Chris Gallatin)

  • Having a wonderful partner
  • Communicating
  • Being intimately involved in one another’s life. (Open, honest, touching together. The closer you are, the more secure you will feel.)
  • Being happy as individuals. (And bringing good things to the relationship from both directions.)
  • Reaching out for dreams together.
  • Always being there for one another. (Always)
  • Overlooking the few flaws. (But cherishing the thousands of things that are so wonderful.)
  • Remembering that rainbow follow rain
  • Always sharing (Friends, families, dreams, desires. Weaving together the fabric of your lives.)
  • And always caring. (Always loving one another, and being as happy and as giving and as thankful as any two people could be.)

Hope these “secrets” will be spread out to many couples for a successful marriage life!

Ciao! :)

Something to be Captured!

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I woke up late this morning since I slept past 12AM last night. Well, I was able to prepare the things I need to bring when I go work this morning. I thought I didn’t forget anything but I did! :(

This afternoon, it will be our team lead Jennet’s wedding. Of course, I wanted to capture every happy moments that we will witness later on. When I was young, I have been so idealistic when it comes to wedding and the preparations being done about it. But, as I grow up I realize the real value and meaning of a wedding. That it is not about the fancy clothes, restaurant, food and the pretty give aways. It is about the vow that a man and woman makes before God that they will love and be faithful to each other for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do they part.

Hope that my friends’ sd flash memory will be enough to capture every wonderful moments! :)


Ciao! :)

Just married!

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The local showbiz industry was caught by surprised today with a news that the young supertar, Judy Ann Santos tied the knot with her fiance, Ryan Agoncillo at the San Juan Nepomuceno church in San Juan, Batangas. Well, there had been a lot of rumors about their wedding but no one had confirmed the exact date and place as where the ceremony will take place.

Judy ann and ryan wedding

It was Fr. Tito Caluag who officiated the wedding that took place early morning today. It was a very private wedding. I believe that Judai and Ryan wanted a very solemn wedding, amidst the “circus” like wedding of other celebrities.

Judai and Ryan wedding

Judy Ann and Ryan’s wedding is like a picture perfect wedding which are great for digital frame to last forever. :)

Ciao! :)

What is your greatest dream?

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I just finished answering a Dneero survey. One of the questions I need to answer is “What is your greatest dream.” Every one of us has our own greatest dream. It took me a while to answer that question. I have a lot of dreams that I wanted to fulfill. Dreams that I want to turn into reality.

Back in the college,  I have a favorite poem entitled “Always have a Dream” written by Amanda Bradley. Well, even up to now, I still love the poem. Then, one of my friends, Rowency, gave me a copy of that dream as gift. She wrote a note at the end of the poem which says, “But don’t forget to turn your dreams into reality.” Sweet! Here’s the poem and I know you will like it,  too. :)

~ Always Have A Dream ~

Forget about the day when it’s been cloudy,
but don’t forget your hours in the sun.
Forget about the times you’ve been defeated,
but don’t forget the victories you’ve won.

Forget about mistakes that you can’t change now,
but don’t forget the lessons that you’ve learned.
Forget about misfortunes you encounter,
but don’t forget the times your luck has turned.

Forget about the days when you’ve been lonely,
but don’t forget the friendly smiles you’ve seen.
Forget about the plans that didn’t work out right,
but don’t forget to always have a dream.

~ Amanda Bradley ~

Isn’t it inspiring?!?  Going back to the survey I have answered, I paused a while and think the greatest dream I have yet to fulfill. Then, I realized that it is to get married in a church. How I wanted to get married in a church. I love looking at bridal magazines. Planning my entourage and etc. I even have own design of wedding gown!

When I was still with Speechpower, my OM saw that gown and told me not to plan about my wedding too soon. Because more often than not, the woman who plans “ahead” of her wedding, will never get married at all!

It could be true to me, due to some personal and family matters. But, I know that my dream of getting married in a church will soon come true.. :)

Marriage is Challenge?

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I am not married yet though I have a daughter already. There are things in my life that has to be arranged first before I say “I do.” It is a cliché that before you get married you have to think over and over again if you really are ready to face the complexities of married life. For me, love alone or getting someone pregnant should not the only basis why we should get married. There are many things to consider. Each one of us has our own reasons and considerations to think of before tying the knot.

And for those who decided to get into the married life already, challenges in marriage are things that should make husband and wife closer to each other and to God.

But then, getting married to the church with the one I will spend the remaining days of my life with is one of my dreams I will fulfill. I found this article from the book of Albert J. Nimeth, O.F.M. entitled Of Course I LOVE YOU, and I like to share it with you.

                                    Marriage is a difficult, demanding CHALLENGE.
                                    But perhaps we complicate it too much.

                                    Stripped to the bone, it is a HUMAN RELATIONSHIP in
                                           which each seeks fulfillment
                                                      by being valued by someone
                                                      by being aided by someone
                                                      by being needed by someone 
                                                      by being trusted by someone
                                                      by being oneself with someone
                                                      by being true to someone
                                                      by being able to share with someone.


“ I Do” means facing reality,.

Reality demands hard work.

Hard work is eased by communication.

Communication leads to Love.

Love creates unity.


(Christopher Notes)

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