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My passion in reading and collecting books was actually influenced by my younger sister Patty. She is actually the book worm in our family. Since she’s already working, she can afford buying the books she loves. Like me and our youngest sister Pauline, she also loves going to book sale, book bazaar and any thrift bookstore where she can find good buys. :)

She started collecting her oldest time favorite teen novels books called Sweet Dreams. We both learned to love reading Sweet Dreams when my god-sister Claire lent me her Sweet Dreams books when I was in high school. We cannot afford to buy books then. I mean books like that. Our family is not a well-to-do family. We only buy books that we really need for school. Often times, we go to the library for our assignments.

Since, Sweet Dreams is not being published anymore; she would just visit book sale or any thrift and garage sale where she might find copies of Sweet Dreams. She actually printed out the list of all Sweet Dreams Novels and cross out the titles of those she already has. I was fascinated with this that I found myself helping her collect Sweet Dreams. I also started going to book sales and thrift books. I learned to browse through the piles of books available on sale. It was actually fun! :) And, when we found a copy it was like, jackpot! :) She still has a long list of titles to complete, though.

The first sets of book I were able to acquire were the Grolier’s 24-Volume I Wonder Why and the 12-Volume 1000 Things You Should Know About. I got it when Nonet was only 2 years old. It was February 2008. It may cost a lot but it was worth it. Nonet was able to distinguish animals and the difference between a Cheetah, a Tiger and a Jaguar because of the said books. She learned about animals and parts of the body first before she learned ABC and 123, because of the said books. And now that she can read, I often find her reading those books and then she would tell me about new things she learned. :)

My childhood dream though, is to complete the volumes of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mystery Collection. The first Hardy Boys I read was entitled While the Clock Ticks. It was volume number 11. It was my Tito Rudy’s book. Said book was actually published in 1965, if I am not mistaken. That was the first Hardy Boys book I have. I still have a long list to complete, too. But, slowly but surely I believe that I will be able to complete it.

With our fascination and love with books, it was not surprising if I would tell you that the three of us went to the National Bookstore sale at Quezon Avenue last November 2012. It was not that convenient for us to go there, considering the traffic in EDSA. The many transfers of vehicles that we need to do because we don’t own a car. It was really tiring but we had a lot of fun! I cannot imagine the number of books on sale! :) We actually spent around 4 hours checking every table for books that interest us. :)

When NBS had another book sale at Market! Market! Mall in Taguig, Pauline and I went there, too. There I found Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mystery Books worth Php50! Original price of the said books is Php185. I was really happy. :) Pauline was able to find copies of Judy Blume’s novels and stories as well. Being that said, I would like to share an interesting story that happened to us there.

Pauline was actually looking for a certain Judy Blume story called; The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo. She asked me to help her find it but we already checked all the tables and didn’t have any luck. There were a lot of people. When they check on books, it’s as if, they were in “ukay-ukay”. Most people didn’t care if they were already stepping on books or destroying it. Anyway, I told Pau to do good deed for the books. We picked up the books that fell from the table where we at, and arrange them in a way that people would easily see the titles and authors, so they would need not scramble the books. Maybe, God saw our good deed then. I was reaching out a certain book under the table, and when I turned it over, there I found, Judy Blume’s, The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo! :)

As of today, I have completed Twilight Saga Novel including Bree Tanner’s story and the Official Illustrated guide to Twilight Saga. We have completed Chronicles of Narnia. We also have the 7 books of Harry Potter. I have Og Mandino’s books which I got from Tito Nonoy. I have Mitch Albom’s books (Five People You Meet in Heaven, Tuesday’s with Morrie and For One More Day). I have read his novel Have a Little Faith but I have yet to get a copy of it as well as his new novel, The Time Keeper. I also have series of religious books written by different authors.

I have completed Nicholas Sparks’ 17-novels (The Lucky One is with Pau’s friend at the time of this picture). And, he actually signed my favorite novel, “The Notebook” when he visited Manila for book-signing and launching of his latest book, The Best of Me, on October 28, 2011 at The Podium. It was Nonet’s birthday so I will never forget it. :)

Thanks to Pau for introducing me to Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom. She has her collection of Judy Blume and Maeve Binchy. Patty has Sweet Dreams and Janet Dailey. Nonet has her own collection of books, too. :) As a family collection, we have ample of Classic Novels from various authors like the Bronte sisters and Charles Dickens.

Seeing our books really makes me happy. They are my stress reliever. Reading is a form of relaxation for me. When I read, I relax and I rest. So, I am not really fan of sci-fi or books that would actually require you to “think”. Hehehe! I just like easy-reading books. I also love reading autobiographies and anecdotes of people about their first hand experience of God’s power and love. :)

I always tell Nonet, that her mommy doesn’t own a lot of money. If there is something that I would leave her when I am gone, it would be my book collection, and the joy of reading and collecting books. :)

Ciao! :)

A Guide to Twilight Saga!

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If I am not mistaken, I have been waiting for this book to be released in the market since 2010 (or 2009). Finally it was released in April 2011. I was really excited when I saw it at National Bookstore. I told myself that I will have a copy of it. I didn’t have enough budget to buy the book when I first saw it, though.  I decided that I will buy the book in December, when I received my 13th month pay. :)

When we had exchange gifts in the office, I didn’t have any second thoughts of choosing this book. I really like it and whether or not there is an exchange gift, I still would have buy one. When we’re asked to fill out the wish list, I asked for this book. The price of the book cost twice the amount the team has agreed on. When I wrote my wish list, I added a note that I will just pay the difference. :)

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On December 23 shift, we had our team’s Christmas dinner and exchange gift. I was really happy to receive this book. Thanks to Master Weng Mosura who is really kind. He has saved me a thousand peso. :)

I really wanted to go home then and started reading this. Hehehe! :) I was able to complete the 4 novels of the Saga in 2009. I got all of them from Fully Booked! I have waited 2 years for this book to arrive and you bet, it is worth the wait! Thanks Stephenie Meyer! :)

Ciao! :)


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Reading is one of passions, and so I enjoy collecting different kinds of books. :) Whenever I am in the mall, I will never miss dropping a bookstore or booksale to check for an interesting book. Well, I am not a fan of pocketbooks love story. But, I have grown up with Sweet Dreams and fell in love with Twilight Saga. My sister has a collection of Sweet Dreams while I have my own set of Twilight Saga. I am not one of those Harry Potter readers but I love the movies very much! :)

I enjoy reading history and mysteries books. I love inspirational books, too. Well, I have a variety of books that my youngest sister’s friends love to hang out at our house just to read books. :)

My daughter has her own collections of books, too. She has children’s Encyclopedia, Children’s Bible and of course Fairy Tales books. I have bought her different activity books and other varieties of children’s books. My mother said that my passion is an expensive passion. It may seem like that, but since I am a practical buyer, too, I always watch for a book sale! :)

Many of the books I have, are purchased when a certain bookstore is on sale. I also register to different bookstore online, to alert me if there is an upcoming sale and to take advantage of the discounts they are giving. :)

I know that there are people who do not enjoy reading. Little do they know what reading can do for them. Reading takes you to different places, gives you ample of information, inspires you in everyday life, and if you have read about different survival tips, then reading would even be able to save your life.

That is why, when I gave birth to my daughter, I see to it that reading is installed in her.

Ciao! :)

Twilight Cars

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I had been lazy blogging this past few days. I don’t know if it’s the weather that made me feel that way or my work. I don’t have the same enthusiam before. :( Anyway, I found an inspiration in sharing my thoughts with you again after I finished reading New Moon. I guess I got so attached with Bella’s heartache that’s why I somehow lost energy in writing.

Like Twilight, the book 2 of Twilight Saga will be in film and would be in theaters sometime in November, 2009. Ofcourse, I intend to watch it in movie house this time :) As I browse the net to look for more information about the upcoming film, I found a very interesting site, For me it is a very informative site especially for Twilight fans! :)

But among the beautiful facts that the site presented, I liked the best its article about the  cars “used” in the novel. According to the site:

Stephenie has a very clear idea of what the cars in her novels look like. Here are the exact models the characters own according to Stephenie’s official website.
If you always wondered why she decided to choose certain cars for her characters just read the descriptions of the cars. We are starting to believe this is no coincidence ;) .

Note: These cars might be different than the ones used for the movie, but these are the originals Stephenie had in mind when she wrote the book.

The article is entitled The Cullen Cars

In Twilight

Bella's car

1953, Chevrolet Pickup truck

This is Isabella Marie Swan’s car. It was Charlie’s “homecoming” present for her the day she arrives in Forks from Arizona.
Features: Despite being an old, cheap car the truck has it’s own unique charm and personality, like most old fashioned cars do. It might not have the coolest and newer applications around, but it’s very strong and resistant thanks to its chrome bumper that can protect the owner of almost any crash.

Edward Cullen's car

Volvo S60 R

This is Edward Cullen’s car.
Features: It’s a luxury sports car. According to Forbes, Volvo is the number one maker of luxurious. What defines this car the most is its reliability. It’s been defined as one of the safest cars ever manufactured, and Forbes even named it “Best among all cars”. It’s also a car for those who like to speed in the safest way possible.

Rosalie Cullen's car

BMW M3 convertible

This one’s Rosalie Cullen’s car.
Features: The BMW made sure that this was one of the hottest cars ever launched fo the company. It’s a luxury compact executive car. The BMW defines this car as “a car with unique geometry”. It has a motorsport engine used in racing programs, and it’s highly powerful. It’s a high performance car and it has the most agressive aerodynamics that had ever been used for a car. It’s a best selling automobile, according to the BMW and it has won several awards, especially for its powerplants.

Carlisle Cullen's car

Mercedes S55 AMG

This is Dr. Carlisle Cullen’s car. Very classic car that really suits Carlisle. :)
Features: Being a creation from the Mercedes Benz company, this is a highly expenssive luxurious car. The Mercedes Benz refers to cars like these as “Special Class Car”. It was designed for high performances and it has tons of safety features. However, the most defining features of a car like this is its classic elegance and its modernity. Mostly everything on this car can be controlled through audio, thanks to the Linguatronic Voice recognition system which controls audio, navigation and even cellphone calls.

Emmett Cullen's car

Jeep Wrangler

This one is owned by Emmett Cullen.
This is an off road vehicle, sucesor of the World War II Jeep. It’s extremely powerful, strong and resistant. However, it’s fairly comfortable. It has a galvanized body, wider wheelbase and less ground clearance. It has 8 inch wheels wide, high back seats, off road gas shocks, power steering, fog lamps and extra capacity fuel tank. Plus, it’s fully wrapped in leather. The perfect vehicle for adventures.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

This is the car used by Edward on their prom night.

In New Moon

Jacob Black's car

Volkswagen Rabbit

This one is Jacob Black’s car. In the novel, Jacob put an effort to “rebuild” this car.
Features: Despite being a very old model, it’s highly respected. It has a nice performance and it’s fairly cheap. It’s successor of cars like the Golf.

Alice Cullen's car

Porsche 911 Turbo

This is the car used by Alice Cullen when she and Bella went to Volterra City (in Tuscany, Italy) to save Edward from pissing off the Volturis. This is also the same car that Alice would want to have “legally” which Edward promised to give her on Christmas.
Features: It’s a sports car especially designed for legal street racing. It’s extremely powerful, since it features a Turbo charger for its performance and speed. The company defines this car as created for “exhilarating acceleration”. It’s exclusive, therefore it’s very rare and extremely expenssive. It’s design is distinctive and very durable. However it was named the most fatal car ever. It’s extremely dangerous to drive a vehicle like this and most of its features are illegal in certain parts of the world, especially where street racing is illegal.

Well, hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ‘Til then. :)

Ciao! :)

Twilight Addiction

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Yesterday, I dropped by National bookstore and got a copy of “Twilight Director’s Notebook: The Story of How We Made the Movie” by Catherine Hardwicke. My sister said that I was getting addicted to Twilight already! :) Hmmm, not really. I just like the chemistry between Bella and Edward and I am interested on how the film has been made.


Though buying the book doesn’t seem to be a practical thing to do, when my sister who is taking up Broadcast Journalism, she said that it was worth buying! :)

Infact, I sold it to her already, for she definitely learned a lot of things when it comes to filming which she needs in her course.

I am planning to buy Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons from the money I got from selling Twilight Director’s Notebook. Anyway, I will always be able to borrow it from her. :)

Ciao! :)

The search is over!

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My computer was infected with a certain FU virus. It is an executable type of file and it really took me while to get rid of it. Well, my current anti-virus didn’t deleted it. The power of “system restore” made it possible to remove the virus from the system. I decided to buy an anti-virus software that will protect my computer better. Though I’ve got 3 anti-virus software installed in my computer, those didn’t detect the virus that infected my computer.

I asked my youngest sister Pauline to accompany me in Greenhills in search for the software that was recommended by one of my friends. We headed to Greenhills late in the afternoon today. On our way to Greenhills, there is something I wanted to buy aside from getting that software. You see, I have already book 1 and 2 of the Twilight Saga but I cannot find a hardbound copy of book 3 and 4. I remembered the online store where I have ordered New Moon that they have a newly opened outlet in Greenhills. I just can’t remember where it is exactly located in Greenhills.

When we arrived there, I got some money from my atm and headed on looking for the antivirus CD I need to find. Yet, as my sister and I stroll through the mall, my eyes were widely open in search for that certain bookstore. We’ve come accross different bookstore but the books I’m looking for are not available. We didn’t also find the software I need for my computer.

I asked my sister that we’ll just continue looking for the bookstore and take my chances of finding the books I want from that branch. At the back of my mind, I am praying that God will lead us there. I also asked St. Anthony’s help in finding the said bookstore. I asked several security personnels about the different bookstores in the area but they’re not quite sure about the one I am looking for.

And so we continued walking until we reached a building called Promenade Greenhills. I’d never been in that area. If you look at it, it was like a building of fine dining restos. Anyway, we went inside and asked the guard if there is a bookstore inside. He said that there is only one bookstore there, FullyBooked!

I could have ran going to the store and my hopes are high that I will be able to find the books I am looking for. As we entered the store, my sister who has 20/20 vision found the books right away. There are ample of copies for books 1-4. There are paperbacks and hardbound. I was able to buy Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!

That really made me happy and inspired me to work patiently and harder.. :) It may sound crazy but simple things like these make me happy.

So, you guys out there who are looking for the Twilight Saga books, get on to your feet and visit Fullybooked located at the second floor of Promenade building in Greenhills Shopping Center. 

Now I know :)

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It was off yesterday and I love watching DVD during my off.  My sister was able to get a copy of the movie Twilight. When it was shown here, everyday went crazy with it! Actually, before its movie premier, I got a soft copy of the four books. Everybody in the office was reading it.

Well, I am not really “that” interested about it. Nevertheless I asked my friend to send me copy of it. So, I’ve got it saved to my computer and it just get stock in there.

The film was shown and I kept receiving text messages which were lines from the movie. Of course, I cannot relate! I haven’t seen the film yet. Everybody in the office was talking about it, while I just listen to them. (hehehe!)

Anyway, I was able to watch the film yesterday. Now I know why everybody went crazy over it! I fell in love with the movie! :) I am really decided to buy the 4 books of it! It may sound impractical but I am going to buy the books one at a time. I will finish reading one book first then I’ll buy the next one.

I am excited to go home for I will drop by NBS and get a copy of Twilight or New Moon. Whatever is available. :)


Going crazy with Twilight

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I took a photo of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. Well, almost everybody went ga-ga when Twilight movie was released. Even copies of books from different bookstores became out of stock and hit the spot of being a bestseller.

In the office, almost everyone is reading a pdf copy of the series. Well, to be honest, I have not seen the movie nor read the book. I don’t know maybe I am not interested or really not my type of story.  I am not sure whether Edward even give Bella one of the nicest engagement rings ever or not.

Well, when I read what New York Times says about Twilight, I somehow got interested and might spend time reading it. Aside from that, I’d like to own a complete set of the series. :)


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