Enjoying Bermuda

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Since ney and I don’t live together, there are really times that he misses our daughter and I. He lives in the province where he attends to their business. They are contractor which mostly deals with road widening and power plant construction. Recently, I need to go to Quezon to check on him for he’s kinda losing “out of his way”. He said that he wanted to be with us but he can’t. To ease that kind of longing, he just spent his time drinking beer and the like. But, he’s being out of control.

Anyway, last Thursday, Nonet and I had a night trip to Quezon. It was our first time to go there alone. I mean just being with each other. We went to Jac Liner bus station in Cubao to get a ride going to Lucena. There aren’t much aircon buses that will pass directly our town in Quezon unless you’ll take the bus bound to Bicol. So, we just had a cutting trip to Lucena and then another bus ride to our town. It took us around 5 and a half hour to reach our town. It was already 10:30 PM when we arrived. My aunt Lyn fetch us from the town proper and then we took a tricycle ride to their house.

It was really our plan to stay at ney’s house but he’s drank :(   I don’t want to compromise my daughter so we opt to stay at my aunt’s house. I just sent ney a text message that we arrived already and that we’ll just see each other the following day.

Nonet slept soundly maybe because of the long hours of travel. She was really tired. We woke up early the following day, and she really enjoyed the lawn of my aunt. Nice bermuda grasses are growing beautifully at her backyard. I felft a very calm and relaxing feeling :)

Our little town in Quezon is a place where you’ll experience the “province ambience” thing. Fresh air, green scenery, moutains, seas. Peace and quiet place. It is a place where you could really rest your mind from the busy surrounding of the city! :)


Nonet and Tita Lyn at the backyard.


See the thick bermuda grasses?!? :)


Nonet still in her pj’s. Goodmorning anak!

Tagaytay City

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My friends Manoline, Arview, Khaki and Marez took a day off at Tagaytay City yesterday. I asked them to buy a Señorita banana for me when they get there. And, they were so thoughtful that they didn’t forget it. Though it’s kinda heavy :) Thanks guys!

Señorita Banana

My last visit to Tagaytay was about 3-4 years ago. I don’t really remember. But it was in May. My sister who is a member of CFCA had a birthday outing then. She was born on May 28 and so she was one of the birthday celebrants of the month. My mother used to be an assistant coordinator. I actually wasn’t part of the trip but, mama told me to dress up and have my bag ready for something like a “chance passenger”. If not all celebrants will come then I will have a spot. Luckily, I was able to join them.

We took C5 road then to Alabang so the trip is shorter than an hour. Tagaytay City is part of Cavite province. It is famous not only because of its cool climate but because, there lies the smallest volcano in the world, Taal Volcano. It has been said that the “volcano” which is visible to the human’s eye is actually the creater of a big volcano which is submerged within the Taal Lake. There are some who call it a volcano within a volcano.

Taal Volcano

My mother had a countless visits there and she that she never had a clear view of the volcano until our visit there. She said that I was lucky to see the volcano in clear view.  :)

On our way to Tagaytay we passed by a church which I forgot the name. I’m not sure if it’s the Calaruega but I doubt it. It is just a small church but the ambiance is very solemn. I even told myself then that I would like to get married there. :)

We first went to People’s Park in the Sky. It used to be called Palace in the Sky.  Stories said that it was built for the Marcoses during President Marcos regime as their rest house.

People’s Park in the Sky

The park overlooks Tagaytay city. It was very relaxing there and you can really spend time for “emote” moments. :)

Our next stop then was Picnic Grove, for we had our lunch there. :)

Picnic Grove

I even volunteered in grilling the chicken and tilapia so the celebrants can enjoy the place. 

When it was time to go home, we dropped by the Pink Sisters convent. Since, it was my first time to be there, I uttered a prayer and my wishes. I don’t even remember what my wishes are. But Pau told me that her wishes came true. :) 

Inside the Pink Sister’s Convent Chapel

We also went to Christ the King seminary which is just beside the convent. My Tito Nonoy used to be a seminarian and he had a lot of unforgettable memories there.

I really enjoyed my visit there. Special thanks to Ma’am Aliw and Kuya Nelson for allowing me to join the trip.

Well, I would definitely go back there. This time it will be with my little girl and her daddy. :)

Push Button to Roadside Assistance

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I was talking to honey last night and he was happy to inform me that he’s working on another project again. He said that this time, he will see to it that he will focus on this project and work very hard until it is finish. As you know, Ney’s family is a contractor. They usually have road widening projects, beach resort improvement and the like.

Ney is not just a good driver of cars and owner type jeeps but he is very good operator of heavy equipments as well. His favorite is the Back hoe. Yet among the vehicles that his family owns, there is one automobile that he loves most. That is, the good old owner type jeep which he calls “push button”. One time, when I was in the province to spend quality time with him, we went to our favorite diner with Push button. It is not as good and new as their other cars, so we had experienced some mechanical problems. It was a good thing that there is a roadside assistance that we can turn to. I believe having a roadside assistance is really a big help for drivers and commuters.

We arrived at the diner an hour after that incident safe and sound. I told Ney that maybe he could get an insurance like caa insurance for we really never know what’s going to happen when he’s on the street and driving. I also encouraged him to join some auto club for he loves cars and equipment. Well, Ney being a occasional submissive partner, he agreed to what I told him and he actually availed an insurance and joined the club the following day! :)

This looks like Ney’s “push button”. But push button doesn’t have any top load built into it.

This is a Back Hoe and ney is very good in operating it!

Manila Zoo

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Antoinette will turn 3 this October 28. Since she’s fond of animals, I plan to bring her to Manila Zoo. Manila Zoo and Botanical Garden is the oldest and popular zoo in the Philippines. It was born on May 18, 1959 by virtue of City Ordinance No. 4135 and was inaugurated on July 25, 1959 under the administration of Mayor Arsenio Lacson.

It houses wild animals and other animals and I know Nonet will really enjoy viewing. I like her to see the mighty elephant and her favorite big cats, the Lion and the Tiger!

Mighty Elephant!

Roaring Lion!

Nonet’s Favorite – Tiger!

I can no longer wait for that day and maybe if our budget will allow us maybe we’ll take a trip to Manila Ocean park as well. :)

Taking a Break in Rome

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I have mentioned in my previous post that if I will in another country , or I will be given a chance to visit another continent, it would be Europe. And I would definitely take some city breaks in Rome.

As I continue my research about this historical city, I learned that there are many places that I will be interested in. Well, not only I, but other tourists who would love to taste Rome city breaks and be part of its rich past and cultures. Even if you would only spend some Rome short breaks, that would be long enough to take pleasure in its prehistoric times.

Aside from my dream of visiting the Vatican City, there are a lot more places that Rome has to offer. Places that will definitely give you comfort and take you back in time on how Rome earns its name today.

These places that would be interesting for tourists and I are:

Vatican City

A visit to Vatican museum and St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the place of interest when visiting in Rome.

St. Peter’s Basilica

The Colosseum

Colosseum is an arena, which was designed to hold more than fifty thousand spectators. The remains of the Colosseum could ba a dramatic sight, but taking a tour inside it would reveal its history.

The Temples of Ancient Rome

The above picture is the temple of Venus and Rome.

This is where the ancient Romans worshipped their gods and goddeses. They even built temples to honor those who are feared most. These temples of include temples of Saturn, Castor and Pollux. There were also built commemorating the goddesses Venus and Roma.

Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale

This church is considered one of the Bernini’s finest works. It has been regarded as a Baroque masterpiece. It was built sometime in the 17th century and its interior creates such a statement.

And another one in my list is Rome’s Seven Hills.

Rome’s Seven Hills

Capitoline Hill

Palatine Hill

Aventine Hill

Rome’s Seven Hills played a huge part in Rome’s history. All the seven hills are located in the east of the Tiber River. But due to natural disasters, most hills will now be hard to find due to erosion and buildings are being built in its slopes. The Seven Hills are: Capitoline, Palatine, Aventine, Caelian, Esquiline, Viminal, and Quirinal. Today, Capitoline Hill is the most visible as well as is the Palatine. Those hills are the most visited hills in Rome.

I know someday that I will lay my feet on those hills as well. :)

Someday in Italy

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If I were to ask what place in the world I’d like to go to, it would definitely be Europe, specifically in Italy. Being a Catholic, I definitely would love to go Rome. I like to see the places that are associated with Jesus. I like to be in the different churches in Rome. There was this tale or some sort of a saying that if it is your first time to be in a church then you can make a wish and your wish will come true. Visit the Vatican City and hear mass with the pope. I also like to pay respect to the tomb of my favorite pope, John Paul the II. Oh how I love to stay in Hotel Naples, which will make my visit unforgettable! :)

Another place that I would like to visit is the City of Florence and experience what Hotel Florence has to offer. One of my all time favorite movie is “While you were Sleeping”. And, Lucy played by Sandra Bullock, has this dream of having her passport stamped with Florence, Italy. I wonder what is it in Florence why Lucy would love to be there. Like her, I’d like someone will take me there for our honeymoon. Could it be honey? I hope so. ? I like to see it my self and have some pictures taken with its beautiful places!

Most of all, who would not like to have some bed breakfast paris while staying in Italy!?! :)

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

Florence, Italy

New York, New York

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There are so many popular cities in the US that tourists from all over the world go to. Most likely, New York City is one of the most visited cities there. My friend and sister in Christ, Mayet, found her love and the person she like to spend the rest of her life with Phil. He’s a US citizen and he brought Ate Mayet there. When we are on chat the other day, she told me the excitement she felt when she first visited the New York City. She said that they took the JFK Airport Shuttle when they get off the plane. The shuttle sent them to their hotel somewhere on 125th street. She said that one thing she would never forget in their visit is the shuttle. Go Airlink Shuttle which website is www.goairlinkshuttle.com offers affordable, reliable and safe ground transportation services throughout New York City and surrounding suburbs. She said that she asked her husband to bring her first to Statue of Liberty. Of course aside from Disneyland, Universal Studios, the Hollywood and the Golden Gate, the Statue of Liberty is one of the famous and historical tourist spots in the US. For it is not only a sign of liberation, but also a friendship between the countries France and USA.

As she gazed the magnificent statue, she said that she could not believe that she is looking at it in its great form and no longer in pictures!

As we end our long chat, Ate Yet told me she and Kuya Phil are yet to visit soon other places in the US and she will send me pictures of those places. Well what do I need to tell her but, enjoy!

Visiting Statue of Liberty

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Statue of Liberty in New York City is one of the famous landmarks of the United States of America. It is actually a gift of the French government to US as sign of friendship in 1886. It was shipped to US by parts. It completed and erected on October 28, 1886. If someone has to visit New York which is in the West Coast of US, Statue of Liberty will first come to their minds. The magnificent Liberty stands 151 ft (46 m) tall, but with the pedestal and foundation, it is 305 ft (93 m) tall feet above sea level.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty and the rest of the city will be as comfortable and convenient as you wanted it to be through New York Bus Charter. The charter transportation can accommodate from 9-57 passengers. The company has been the leader in the transportation agency for more than 20 years. They provide safe, courteous and experienced drivers which will make the trip really pleasant. The charter is a good choice for of transportation for a group visit to amusement parks, going to conventions and trade shows, any day trips and tailored custom tours, and for hotels or transfers between airports.

Their deluxe motor coaches are climate controlled and include lavatory, video and audio capabilities, PA systems, and reclining seats. Whew! What about that, huh!?! The trip will really be wonderful! :)

Aside from these things, NYC Bus Charter is offering discounted transfers for groups and 10% discounts for companies that purchase tickets in advance. So what are you waiting for? Drop by their site now at www.nycbuscharters.com.

All about Quezon Province

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My daughter Antoinette, together with my Mom and my two younger sisters, went to Quezon to pay visit to our paternal grandmother. She’s 89 but still has a good appetite. Well, I would like to share here my father’s province,  Quezon.

Quezon province is part of Region 1VA called CaLaBaRZon(Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon). Executive Order No. 246, dated October 28, 2003, designated Calamba City as the regional center of CALABARZON.


 I found a brief history of Quezon from www.quezon.gov.ph. It says:

The province formerly known as Tayabas, was explored by the Spaniards in 1571 and 1572 when Juan de Salcedo visited and explored upon the order of the first Spanish Governor General of the Philippines, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. They passed through the central portion of Tayabas in his march across Laguna Province to Paracale. The following years, Salcedo led his famous expeditions around the northern coast of Luzon. He visited the “CONTRACOSTA” towns of Casiguran, Baler and Infanta.

In 1574, Father Diego de Oropesa, who found a group of native barangays with their own culture and government, founded the municipality of Gumaca, then called Bumaka.

The territory which now constitutes the province of Tayabas was at one time under the jurisdiction of various provinces. The southern and central portions, for example, were in 1585 under the jurisdiction of the province of Bonbon, sometimes called Balayan (now Batangas). the northern portion was divided between Laguna and Nueva Ecija, while the other portion was divided into the provinces of Mindoro, Marinduque and Camarines.

In 1591, Tayabas was created into a province under the name of Kalilayan. Its capital was the ancient town of Tayabas, now a barrio in the town of Unisan where ancient tombs and artifacts can be found. However, by the middle of the 18th century the provincial capital was moved to what is now the municipality of Tayabas.

The year 1595 marked the spiritual birth of Quezon Province with its incorporation into the Diocess of Nueva Caceres. The first Catholic Bishop of the province was Fray Francisco Ortiga, an Agustinian Friar, while its first Alcalde Mayor was Don Simeon Alvarez, who served from 1625 to 1655.

In September 7, 1946, President Manuel A. Roxas, by virtue of Republic Act No. 14 renamed the province to Quezon, in honor of the late President Manuel L. Quezon, the most illustrious son of Baler, formerly part of Quezon.

The present seat of provincial government is Lucena City, the province’s capital.

 My father was born in one of the Quezon’s town, Atimonan. Then, during World War II, when Atimonan was conquered by the Japanese, they relocated to Plaridel(Siain). The town is surrounded by mountains and then virgin forests which made it hard for the Japanese to occupy it. 

I used to spend my summer vacation there when I was a kid. I love Quezon for I found the love of my life from there. Tell you more about him in different post.

 Quezon is comprised of 39 municipalities and 1 city, Lucena City which is also the province’s capital. The province is subdivided into 4 Districts.  The municipalities are Agdangan, Buenavista, Catanauan, General Luna, Macalelon, Mulanay, Padre Burgos, Pitogo, San Andres, San Francisco, San Narciso, Unisan, Alabat, Atimonan, Calauag, Guinayangan, Gumaca, Lopez, Perez, Plaridel, Quezon, Tagkawayan, Burdeos, General Nakar, Infanta, Jamalig, Lucban, Mauban, Pagbilao, Panukulan, Patnanungan, Polillo, Real, Sampaloc, Tayabas, Candelaria, Dolores, San Antonio, Sariaya, Tiaong.

Each town has its own tourist spots to offer as well as very interesting history.

Known Filipino personalities from Quezon are Ran Danseco (Calauag). He is a Sports Editor of (Bagong Tiktik). Aiza Seguerra (Calauag), who would not know Aiza. She’s a former child superstar. Now a very renowned singer. Manoling Morato (Calauag), PCSO Official. Gil Portes (Pagbilao), movie director.


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