1st week down!

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Today is my off from my new work. First week of training is done and we have  I guess 7 weeks more to go  to complete the modules we need. So far so good. I met new friends. I am enjoying my stay at Dell and I know that I will have a better career with them. I love the free coffee they offer which keeps me awake during the training. Everyday I drink different flavors of coffee and sometimes I experiment through mixing the different flavors together. :)

The food from the caterer are very affordable. I have to pay in cash still since our meal card can be used starting September. The staff are nice and approachable. Well, I notice that the staff in Dell including those in high positions are very friendly and accomodating. You can easily approach them personally or email them if you have any concern.

During the 1st week of training, I can say that I have learned a lot of things already. Although, I know that when we go live I would still be very nervous and might experience mental block. But hopefully not! :) I enjoy the different ice-breakers that our trainers Rina and Peejay conduct. Well, we are really having fun! :)

We have many weeks to be together and I know that our batch will yet to  learn a lot of things and will get closer to each.

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Ciao! :)

A New Beginning

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I finally gave my resignation letter to my Operations Manager, Jerome,  last Thursday. I’m glad that sir Jerome didn’t make it hard for me to sign my resignation letter. :) After 6-year stay at L2S, I will be leaving its portal effective on Monday and I will start a new life and a new career.

It was a mixed emotions when I brought my resignation letter to the office last Thursday. I am happy yet there is some  part of me that makes me feel sad. I have learned a lot from L2S. I gained a lot of friends from there. Friends that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

But then, I believe it’s time for to move out and move on. I know that God is with me during the time that I am doing a critical decision in my life. I remember last Tuesday, it was my final interview at the company I applied in. It was raining so hard. The interview was scheduled at  9PM. To be honest, I really doesn’t want to go because of the rain. Then I prayed to God. I asked the Lord that if the rain would stop before 8PM, then I would go. For I know that He knows that I will have a better career in there. Hopefully! :)

After 6  years, this would be my first panel interview again. I was really nervous then. But with God’s grace I was able to answer my interviewer’s question and eventually offered the position.

On Monday, my training will start. I don’t know what the future holds for me at Dell, but I trust the Lord. I know that He will always be there for me. As in all the time. :)

As for my friends I gained in L2S, I will not say goodbye because, we are friends and friends don’t say goodbye. Besides, my new office will just be accross the street from our L2S building. I’ll see you guys around! :)

Ciao! :)

Enjoying the Day Off

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It’s my second day off from work today. I just stayed at home and watch tv. Yesterday, I spent the whole day for different job interviews. I was able to pass the exams and was able to reach the final interviews. It’s just that those company’s I applied in didn’t meet my salary expectation. I have been honest with them, too. The good thing though is that when the time comes that I would be able to live by their entry level salary, then I can just visit any of their offices and will be hired right away.

Well, maybe God has something reserved for me to go to. Or, maybe He wanted me to stay a little longer with Concentrix. :)

Tomorrow will be the start of another week of work. Luckily our home watch is 10 minutes advance than the time in our barcode scanner, so I know that I wouldn’t be late. Hopefully! :)

‘Til next time! Ciao! :)

Greener Pasture

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I have worked in the company I am currently employed for 6 years now. I have been a technical support engineer and if I don’t love the kind of work I am in, maybe I have shifted to a different type of work which is related to my degree. Being an all-in-one technician is a tough job. I have no any complaints about it because, I know that I can do the job. It’s just that being an “all-in-one” agent, means being a sales agent, too. Well, that’s the part I didn’t like. Everyday, I handle different kinds of computer related problems. I deal with different networking devices irregardless of what brand it is. I know I am technically equipped. My college course and work experience have taught me a lot to be confident enough in the kind of work that I have now. In the current support that I am in now, technical knowledge is okay but sales skills is more important. I must admit that I am not that good in selling. I am confident in selling myself as technician but there are a lot of factors that affect my selling skills. My other colleagues, though, excel in selling but not me. :(

I never thought, that I would be looking for a greener pasture this early. I have informed my team leader about it and she told me that I just need to practice selling and eventually I will be able to meet the daily sales target. I have been practicing and exerting a lot of effort in selling, its just that, most of the clients I am dealing with do not want to pay. :(   Meeting the sales target means a lot to our monthly kpi grade. Of course, it affects my salary, too.

I know that my technical skills will help me move into a greener pasture. I have a lot of responsibilities and obligations to attend to. My daughter will be going to school next year and I need to earn for that. I know that her father will help me but I don’t want to depend on him, especially when I know that I can stand on my own.

I have already submitted my cv to different companies and I got 3 invitations for interview this week. I heard mass last night, and I prayed before God to help me in my interviews. Hopefully, I will be able to pass the interviews and get hired. I’m crossing my fingers hard and begging God to be with me as I take another step in my career.  Hopefully, everything will go well this week. :)


Ciao! :)

Another Call Center Day

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I went home early today from work for I was able to finish all my “calls” on time. I thank God for everyday blessings and guidance. I went home with a happy heart. Well, maybe because I learned to accept and appreciate my job more. God always help me in resolving my client’s technical difficulties.

Sometimes I really get upset when some people underestimate call center agents. They would never know how difficult it is being in a call center specially if you are a technical support. It is true that there are call centers that uses “cheat sheets”, but not everything is in those “things”. A technical support agent specially needs to think and learn the art of isolation to determine what really the problem is. We are like network or computer doctors! :)

Let say a certain laptop is running slow. We need to check its component to find out what keeps it running slow. It is possible that the laptop has virus or spyware in it. We have to check as well, laptop memory for possible upgrade to make it work faster.

I mean there are several steps to do to resolve a certain technical or computer problem. Meaning, technical support agents like other call center agents, “think” and needs to have technical expertise. To top it all, an agent must have a keen knowledge on spoken English. :)

Well, just another day in a call center and I am really looking forward for more calls tomorrow.

Ciao! :)

A day as a Tech support

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Before I went on my rest day last Tuesday, I did a call back to one of my clients to continue working on his technical problem that really made pissed off. I received a call, Saturday night (PST time) last week about a wireless USB adapter that is experiencing a winsock problem on it WLAN monitor. I was talking to a man who has been very cooperative and patient on what we’re doing. On the background, her not so patient wife was arguing with him. She’s so impatient. She doesn’t understand any technical thing that her husband and I are doing, yet she kept on complaining. She even shut down the computer that her husband and I were working on. The call lasted for 4 hours and her husband requested for a call back. I processed the call back but wasn’t able to talk to the client. Then, his not so professional wife called us and told my colleague to tell me not to call her husband ever again that I have not been helpful and I did not do anything. Oh come on! I really got so angry and I was about to grab the phone from my co-agent and tell that stupid woman everything that her husband and I did to make her computer work. That she’s actually a computer illeterate and know nothing but to nag her husband and complain about everything! Whew! I was really angry.

I did everything I can. I researched all my resources and yet that woman will tell that I didn’t do anything?!? I got so humiliated and I really felt bad about it. I am working so hard and doing my job as a technical support with a lot of customer service and this is all I will get?

I know that I am not the only one who had an experienced like this, especially those in the call center industries.

Well,  I have been in this work for quite sometime now and I know that I have proven myself already. And not so dim-witted woman should make me feel bad. Anyway, she already did.

I know that, I might have another client who will try to ruin my day, but then it’s up to me if I will allow it to happen. I guess, I just have to refresh myself and my memory that in this business, no matter what you do and no matter effort you exert, you really cannot please everybody.  :(

Yet, there are still a lot of clients who are appreciative of the help you do for them.  :)

tech support

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I just finished my 4-hour call today. The client is having difficulty connecting to the Internet through the router. His computer is wired to the router and it can’t connect to the Internet. While his other computer, which is on a wireless connection has a good connectivity.

I know I did what I supposed to do. I have checked physical connection of PC. It’s IP address and every single setting that I need to look on. The wired PC can ping different websites yet can’t  open any page. It can’t even open the setup page of the router where it is physically connected to, yet the wireless PC can.

I lowered down the PC’s browser settings and asked him to turn off Internet firewall in the PC, if there’s any. Still can’t open any website. I have assigned static DNS to the PC. Tried accessing a certain website using IP address but his IE will not display the page.

I told the client to call Microsoft or computer manufacturer to assist him in reinstalling IE or updating it. Then his wife said that according to their Internet Service Provider, our router will not work properly with IE.

I reallt got frustrated with this call. I have been in this work and supporting devices for almost 5 years now, and this is really the first time I cried a lot during my call. Four hours on the phone with the same client! That’s terrible.. I’m pretty sure that it’s not me who caused that. I understand the client’s situation as well that’s why I’m giving outmost support. It’s so frustrating because,  the call lasted for that long simply because of a browser problem which the client doesn’t believe in.

I just don’t understand him. He’s so slow. I have been extremely patient during the entire call. But I really disagreed and stressed out to him not to blame our device. We’re able to pin point the problem which he just don’t want to buy in.

Being in a call center and as a technical support agent, patience is really a virtue. But I’m only human with feelings, who gets hurt and frustrated as well. If clients can get frustrated, I believe, we,  tech agents have the right to get frustrated with our clients as well.

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