Happy Fiesta to Barangay Duhat!

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It is May 21! While I am in the office, I cannot help but remember the many summer vacation I had in Quezon; specifically at Brgy. Duhat, Plaridel Quezon. It where my father’s family moved during World War II. In there I spent memorable summer vacations of my youth. :)

When I was young, I always look forward to summer vacation. Not only because it is a break from school, but because I get to spend my vacation in Quezon. I love going to Quezon. I love bonding moments with my cousins. Sleeping late at night because of unending “tsismisan” and waking up late in the morning, too. I remember my late paternal grandmother cooking breakfast for us, her grandchildren.

Aside from seeing honey during summer vacation, another thing that I enjoy the most was going to nearby barangay to celebrate their own feast day. :)  

In our own barangay, Barangay Duhat, the feast day is celebrated on May 21. The patron saint of the barangay is Mama Mary as the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (like the patron saint of Antipolo City). When I am there, I see to it that I hear mass with my cousin. The chapel in our barangay is just a small chapel. I believe, that our ancestral house is bigger than it. But, our family helped in completing the building of the said chapel. After the mass, I remember having lunch at my lola Ading’s house. Then, having dessert at my Tita Lyn’s and then merienda at my Tito Atoy’s house. I also enjoyed singing in the videoke with my cousins. Our theme song then was “Breathless” by The Corrs. Go Cathy! Hehehe! :D

Like any fiesta, there is a procession with the image of the patron saint. But unlike in Manila, there are very few people who participate in the said procession. :(

When the evening comes, my cousins and I put on good clothes and then we’re off to the covered court for the “Sayawan”. :) I remember dancing all night long until the break of dawn. We usually go home at 5:30AM. Then, we eat a little breakfast and take a good sleep. In the afternoon, we then go to the nearby beach resort to enjoy the very relaxing sea water. Oh how I love the going to the beach! :)

The last time I went to Quezon for the barangay fiesta was in 2001. Eleven years to be exact. I miss going home there. I don’t know when I will be there again but I am really looking forward to it. Someday. Soon. :)

May 21 is memorable to me not because of the happy summer I had when I was young, but because it is when honey and I became officially on. We have had a lot of problems. There had been so many pains and heartaches brought about by our relationship. Yet we are still together. In between years we have had other relationships but we still ended up with each other. :) It’s been 13 years since the night I accepted his love. :)

Happy Fiesta to Barangay Duhat! Hope to come back soon..

Ciao! :)

Summer is here again!

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Summer in the Philippines usually starts in the month of April to May. It’s just kind of odd because it is raining outside as I write this article. :) When I was young, I almost look forward to summer vacation. Well, who wouldn’t love summer vacation?!? No school, no assignment to work on. No need to wake up early and I have lots of time to play, to sleep late at night, to read my pocket books, watch TV, go to the beach and go on vacation to Quezon. :) Quezon province is my father’s birthplace. My sister Patty and I always look forward to spending our summer vacation in Quezon. I love that place. I love to spend time with my cousins, chatting about anything and boys. Hehehe! I love going to the beach. Oh how I love the beach! :)

I enjoy going to different “sayawan” during barrio fiesta. I never seat on one of the chairs allotted for the “dalagas” but I remember dancing through the evening til the break of dawn with my cousins. Gosh, how can I forget those days! Hehehe!

Another reason why I love going to Quezon is because it is the only time, I get to see my first love. Who else, but ney. :) I am not sure if I have shared in my previous post that ney started courting me when I was in grade six. He is 4 years older than me. I was too young then so I didn’t really know how to be in a relationship. When I was in second year high school, I remember him giving me a letter which I did not accept for some reasons. Honestly, I couldn’t really remember why.

When I was to turn 18, I finally said yes to the love he is offering. That is why our anniversary is May 21. It is Brgy. Duhat’s barrio fiesta. The patron saint is Mama Mary as Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. It was May 21, 1999 to be exact. Almost 13 years ago.. :)

But, things didn’t turn out the way we had hoped for then. We have had a lot of problems which make our relationship today complicated. My regret was, I had been too good, so good to others in expense of my own happiness; ‘ney and I’s happiness. When we got together in 2003 things were crazy. I couldn’t remember the number of times I has been scolded. I do not remember the pain I went through and the tears I shed. But, I believe, that we do really love each other because we are still together today, in spite of the many obstructions. :P And, I believe that God has been so merciful to me, to us.. in spite of it all.

How can I forget my summer vacation? :)

This year’s summer is most awaited too. ‘Ney will be coming home after his 2-year contract in Middle East for a vacation. I miss him so much.

Ciao! :)

A Barrio Fiesta

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As I am writing this article, people in-charged of the amateur singing contest in our little barangay in Quezon, are already preparing for the said event. Barangay Duhat’s fiesta has always been looked forward to. It is where my father and his siblings grew up. It is where I love spending my summer vacation when I was in grade school (and even until today). It is where I met my first love, who is the father of my daughter.

We have planned of going home to Quezon for this weekend. But it has to be postponed because my sister, Patty and I got sick. We do not have enough budgets to spend for the vacation. My aunts asked our youngest sister Pauline to join the singing contest. Tita Jocelyn’s grand daughter will be baptized on barangay fiesta which will on May 21 and Pauline will be one of the godmothers.

Our plans didn’t turn out the way we expect them to, though. Pauline got a call from the radio station she applied in for her on-the-job training and she just started last Monday. Too bad, we would not be able to spend the last leg of summer in Quezon.

I have always wanted to go to Quezon for summer vacation. I have always asked my parents to send me to Quezon for a vacation. I always enjoy playing with my cousin. I remember climbing up a mountain before and having a picnic. :) I remember drinking coconut juice fresh from coconut fruit. I remember watching the basketball league held in the barangay’s court and cheering for our favorite teams. :)

That was long ago though. My cousins and I are not teenagers anymore. We already have our own families and children. And we do not spend much time with each other anymore. :(

Anyway, the barangay fiesta is held every May 21. The barangay’s patron saint is Our Lady of Peace and Good voyage. :)

I told my Tita Jocelyn that we cannot come this year but there is always next year. :)

Happy fiesta Barangay Duhat! We’ll see each other soon.

Ciao! :)

The Heat is on!

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I just got up from a nap. I still wanted to sleep but the heat wakes me up. :)   Well, summer is really here! :)

When I was still studying, I always look forward to summer vacation. :) I believe that most students look forward to summer vacation; no more assignments and quizzes; no projects to work on, no terror teachers to face and all I can think about is to relax and play! :)

Another thing that makes me wishes for summer break is the thought of spending a long vacation in my father’s hometown, Quezon. I really felt bad when I didn’t go to Quezon for a vacation. Why? Because I would miss the blue beaches; I would miss playing with my cousins in the rice fields, I would miss climbing trees and I would miss seeing my first love, honey. Hehehe! :) You bet! I had this big crush on ney when I was younger. :)

Now that I am working, I can only file a vacation leave from work. I would be lucky enough if my leaves are approved. If so, then I would be able to spend summer break in Quezon, this time with Nonet. Too bad, ney is not around to enjoy with us.

When we talk of summer, beach and outings are the first one to come to our minds. I love going to the beach, the water really makes me calm and relax. The Philippines is surrounded with many beautiful beaches. I have never been to Puerto Galera or Boracay, but so far, Laiya beaches in San Juan Batangas are my favorites. When ney had a project in Laiya, he took me a “virgin” beach with sparkling white sands. It has been a year ago but that resort is still under construction.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Aside from going to the beach, there are other summer activities that one would be interested with. :) One would be interested in joining swimming lessons, acting, music, piano, voice and many more. :)

Well, I hope that you guys will enjoy your summer vacation. It is the time to relax and enjoy. I just hope that my leaves will be approved. For the meantime, I get myself busy with work and looking for a designer upholstery fabric for our chair. It needs a little upholstery today. :)

Ciao! :)

Cousins Day

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After the side trip we had at Rizal Shrine we went ahead to Catherine’s place. It was about 15-minute tricycle ride from the plaza. The guests were eating when we arrived. Jeboy have blown his birthday cake’s candle already as well.

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Antoinette and Jeboy

I knew that Cathy was very happy to see us. We gave our birthday presents to Jeboy and we enjoyed the food they prepared for his birthday. My daughter and her cousins Jeboy and JC started playing around after eating. I let her play with her cousins and Jeboy’s classmates. :) It’s really happy to see them play and enjoy each other’s company. They are the family’s next generation children. :)

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With JC and Jeboy

While the kids are playing, we enjoy the videoke! :) Our family loves to sing. I am grateful to God for blessing me with a singing voice. My sisters and my cousins can hit the notes of a song well, too. :) We sang and sang until the microphone died on us. Oh well, my cousin April stepped on the cord and pulled the microphone out of the videoke machine! Great!

Like Antoinette, Jeboy and JC, my paternal cousins and I are also close to each other. We are not only cousins but we are friends. I remember the times when we were younger and single! My father’s brother used to get angry always when we go home late at night. He would always say how sorry he was for having nieces and not nephews! Hahaha! :) My paternal grandparents have 11 grandchildren. There are 8 girls! Our ages are very close to each other that’s why we really enjoy hanging out with each other. :)

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Enjoying the Videoke Machine!!!

As we grow older, we have had a lot of misunderstandings that made the bond we had loosened up. :( It was sad though. The trip we had in Laguna, made me realize that whatever differences we have and whatever misunderstandings we had in the past should be a closed story already. I feel that the happy moments and the friendship my cousins and I shared are stronger than any differences we have. To top it all, we have the same blood running in our veins. :) With that, we are planning to have a reunion in Summer next year! :)

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Enjoying Sinigang na Hipon before going back to Manila

Ciao! :)

Going back to Manila

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Though ney and I slept around 3AM last Sunday (Aug. 23) from bar hopping in Lucena City, we still woke up at around 7AM. I guess I am just maximizing the time that we have for I would be leaving for Manila in the afternoon.

After taking a shower, we decided to eat our breakfast in a Chinese resto we used to eat then. The food store isn’t open yet so we need to look for another place to eat. :)

As I can recall, nothing much have changed since my last visit in Lucena, which was 4 years ago. I took pleasure in watching the local folks do their usual morning activities. Once again, I enjoyed the cool and calm breeze of the city. :)

After breakfast, we headed our way to Lucena public market. I wanted to buy a dried fish called “daing na pugot”. As the name implies, it is called “daing na pugot” because it is headless. I bought half a kilo of it, dilis and dried squid. Ney teased me that the bus conductor will not let me in because of my daings! :)

Ney then bought a dozen of longganisang Lucban for Nonet. I also got a kilo of Japanese corn and an Upo. Would you believe that I got the upo for only Php10. The size of the upo can actually feed 2 families! :)

We went back to our hotel room at around 10AM. We rested for a while. I pack the daings I bought properly, so it will not cause a “daing” smell in the bus later on. Then, ney and I visited another mall in Lucena called the Pacific Mall.

There was a food stall in Pacific Mall that offers very delicious spaghetti. I have craved when I was still pregnant with our daughter for the same spaghetti. We toured around the mall, and then decided to have our lunch there. I was disappointed, for it wasn’t the same taste of spaghetti I have missed. :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We went back to the hotel and took a nap. By 6PM we prepared ourselves and our things. Ney and I went to Lucena grand terminal together. He will be onboard a bus going to Gumaca while I would be on a bus going to Cubao. We bid our goodbyes. It was sad to say goodbye. But then, we have our own works to attend to. Anyway, I know that we will always be together.

With God’s blessings, I know that someday, all “crumples” in our relationships will be smoothened.

Ciao! :)

Going Around Lucena

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My last visit to Lucena, if I am not mistaken was in 2005. It has been 4 years since the last time I’d been there. I got off JAM Liner at around 7:30PM and headed my way to SM Lucena. ‘ney and I decided to meet each other there. As soon as I stepped out of the bus, I really breathe the fresh air the place has. It was very a very calm and relaxing feeling. Though, Lucena has been a city for some years now, one cannot really feel the “city” feeling because it is really far from the pollution Manila has. :) I was happy that I was once in Lucena again. :)

I told ney that I want to have dinner at Buddy’s Restaurant. That restaurant originated from Lucban, Quezon. I was able to dine in their original branch already. :) I love their Pancit Lucban so much! The store has 2 branches in Manila. One is in Market! Market! Mall in Taguig. The other is along Pearl Drive Avenue at the back of Philippine Stock Exchange in Ortigas (I believe it is still part of Pasig City).

Anyway, we still need to check the mall’s directories list to look for Buddy’s in SM. It was located on the 3rd floor level of SM Lucena. I was really hungry! We ordered pancit lucban which was good for two and enjoyed the meal together. I was really full and fulfilled! :)

SM City Lucena

After our dinner, ney and I headed to a hotel in the city. We just checked in and then we decided to go out for the night. I wanted to do the things and go the places we used to go then. For me, it is something that we should do for our love and our relationship be stronger and be able to stand the test of time.

We went first to Videoke place called Skyline. It is near the hotel where we stayed. We just stayed there for like 15 minutes. Since, I don’t have enough sleep yet, I don’t have the energy to sing well.

Our next stop was a bar called Sound…, something. Oh gosh! I forgot! It was Loaded before but it changed its name to something. Anyway, it is a bar that offers live band. Ney and I found a table near the performers. Ney being a drummer and was a band member enjoyed listening and watching live bands. Oh well, we often praise and criticize band members! : Hehehe!!!

He had two bottles of SanMig Lights. I took a bottle of it and a glass of mango juice. We also had sizzling sisig for our “pulutan.”

We really had fun together. We enjoyed listening to the talented folks and enjoyed watching the people of Lucena danced to the music.

Ney and I arrived at our hotel at around 3 o’clock in the morning already! Well, though I was really tired because of the travel on top of not having a good sleep yet from previous night’s work, I really had a good time! It was the relaxation, which I have longed for sometime now. It may sound cheap to you, but it’s different when you’re in Lucena. :)

Ciao! :)

New project in Catanauan

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I was on the phone with ney last night and we’re talking about his new assignments. He’s operating a backhoe loader and at the same time he’s in charge of their other operators in their new project. He said that he will be responsible in his work and hopefully, he will not be tempted to drink liquor in a while. Hopefully! :)

backhoe loader

Backhoe Loader

Anyway, I told him that I trust him and that there are moments that I almost lose my patience on him, I can still keep up with him for I do love him. Their new project is located in Catanauan, Quezon. It is more on road-widening I guess. I forgot to ask him what’s this new project is about. But more likely, it is something like that.

Catanauan is about  an hour and a half drive from our little town in Plaridel, Quezon. From Manila it would be around 7-8 hour-bus drive. Well, I have been there. In fact, the farthest part of Quezon I was able to visit is Gumaca, Quezon. :)


Ney said that Catanauan offers a wide range of white sand beaches. But then, those aren’t fully developed yet for tourist attractions for the town of Catanauan is not as wealthy like the towns of Sariaya and Lucban. But he said that if only, the local government of Catanauan will initiate in developing those said beaches, then the town will be one kind of a tourist spot! Hopefully one day. He said that the place is peaceful and very relaxing. :)

Ney had been in Boracay already and he said that Catanauan beach sand can be compared to those in Boracay already. Hmmm.. I told him that someday I would love to have a house by the sea. He said that there are a lot of land by the sea which are for sale in Catananuan. That if I wanted to own one, I can acquire one today. Well, I really didn’t buy that idea. Aside from the fact that Catanauan is quite far from Manila, I don’t have money to a buy a resort! Haller! :)

Well ney said that who knows, we can have one. I think I should start joining in some lottery games. :)

 Anyway, because of his new assignments, it would take again a month or 2 for ney and I to see each other again. :( Well, I see to it that we talk on the phone everyday and make sure that my love will be felt even though we’re miles away from each other.

Ciao! :)

Aurora Quezon

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In search for Doña Aurora flower, I stumbled on an article dated which was dated, May 9, 1949. The article is entitled Murder in the Mountains from time.com, really saddened me.

We all know that President Manuel Luis Quezon died of Tuberculosis, but I believe that only a few knew what happened to his wife after his death. The province of Aurora in the northern part of the Philippines was named after his beloved wife, Aurora Aragon.

As history said, Aurora Antonio Aragon was born to Pedro Aragón and Zeneida Molina in the town of Baler, Tayabas. Quezon province is used to be Tayabas. Doña Aurora was a friend, companion and partner to his husband President Quezon.

After the death of her husband, she busied herself into charity work. She even refused to accept the pension she should received from the Philippine government for she thought the war widows and orphans needed the money more than her.

On April 28, 1949 while she on her way to Baler to attend the opening of Quezon Memorial Hospital, she and her entourage, were showered with bullets and instantly killed the President’s Quezon widow. It was then said that, Hukbalahap were the culprit.

To this, The then president, Elpidio Quirino called for a 9-nine day mourning. Aurora Blvd in Quezon City was named after her. President Quirino also created the Aurora sub-province , comprising Baler and surrounding areas(Wikipedia), and in 1978, it has become a separate province.

Her remains now lie in Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City beside the sarcophagus of her husband.

I really felt bad after reading that article. I never thought that a gentle lady who devoted her life to charities will be assassinated.

Mrs. Quezon left us a legacy and moral that serves as an inspiration to all Filipinas and the Filipino people.

Aurora Aragon Quezon

Province of Aurora, Philippines

Doña Aurora

(A flower named after Mrs. Aurora Quezon)

Boodle Fight at Tayabas!

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Boodle fight is a term used A boodle fight is a messy and seemingly uncivilized yet extremely practical way of serving a meal to a large group of people when in the middle of nowhere and eating  utensils are not easily available. In simpler terms, when you put banana leaves on a flat surface and then pour all the rice you have and the viands of veggies, meat and seafood, then you can start the boodle fight!

I remember when I was 10 years old,  we went to what we call our “bundok” which my grandmother inherited from her parents. I went there with my paternal cousins, titas and titos. We brought along 12 cans of sardines and there we had a picnic. There were no utensils available. I remembered my Tito Afin cut several banana leaves we ate there with our hands. Just nice to remember the old days in Quezon. :)

Well, there are places in Tayabas, Quezon which the whole family can really enjoy boodle fight. There’s an available utensils there, though. But the whole family can really enjoy eating with their hands. If you’re heading to Lucban, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan will be on the right side of the road. When ney and I had our visit to Lucban, we had our lunch there.  

Of course I had my picture taken there.. :)

Another resto that you can go to is located in the opposite side of it. It is called Palaisdaan Restaurant. I researched on the owners of the two restaurants and found out that they’re actually siblings. Hmmm..

Ney and I had a lunch here as well during one of my visits to Lucena. We had a lot of fun for we were serenade by their staff. :)

Aside from enjoying the feast, the ambiance, the two restos are actually floating restaurants!

Another place that I love going to in Tayabas is the Graceland Estate. I believe it was patented to Elvis Priestly’s Graceland in the US. But you need to be a member to enjoy its facilities. Luckily! Ney’s father is a member and ney is a dependent. So, we’re able to enjoy the place and its facilities.  A family can have picnic, go swimming and enjoy jacuzzi, which we did! :)  

Of course! How can I forget to have my picture taken?!?

Well, like many other places in the Philippines, Quezon offers great places to go to.  And I really love going to these places. Hope you can visit them, too.

A trip to Lucban, Quezon

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Honey and I are on the process of patching things up. He may not be perfect but inspite of his imperfections and immaturities, I know that he loves me inspite of many imperfections that I have. And so, we were talking last night on how we can spend sometime together. Just the two of us. Of course, since Antoinette is around already, we often go out with her. But we really lost, quality time for the two of us alone. Sometimes, in a husband and wife relationship, though the kids are around already, they should still find “bonding moments”. So, I told him that whenever we have enough budget already, I’ll just love to spend time with him in Quezon. Visit the same places that we usually go to so we can “rebuild” the love we have for each other. Well, the love has always been there. But due to life complexities and everyday stress from work and other things, sometimes, that love is being overpowered.

As I was saying, even if Ney has a project in Palawan, I told him that we can take a tour in Lucban as we used to. What does Lucban has to offer that I love? My first trip to Lucban was in 2004.  I remember Ney and I first went to Lucban church. There was a wedding when we arrived and after the wedding, ney and I both bought a brown scapular. Then, we went to the parish’s office and ask the secretary if we can have our scapular be blessed. They were so accomodating and the parish priest blessed our scapulars and he put it on me. I felt so blessed. Lucban church is one of the oldest churches we have in Quezon and possibly be one in the Philippines as well.

The above picture is the Lucban church.

 Ney and I had our pictures taken there.

Our next stop is the Kamay ni Hesus and Healing Center. When we went there in January of 2004, it was still being developed. I counted the steps way up and its more than 300 steps! Its higher than the grotto in Baguio.

It showcases the passion of the Christ starting with the Last Supper.  Our Lady of Lourdes (Grotto) has its own place as Christ mother.  But Mama Mary has her own place in Lucban and it is called Luklukan ni Maria. I have not been there, yet.  On to the last step, there you’ll find the statue of Jesus. I don’t know how tall it is but it’s quite big! Facing the statue, you’ll find the mysterious Mount Banahaw on your right side. I have never been to Mount Banahaw also. I will find time to have a different post for Mount Banahaw soon.

 Mount Banahaw

Of course our Lucban trip will not be completed without eating their famous pancit “habhab” and their tasty longganisa. Hmmm.. thinking of these two really makes me hungry.. :)

Pancit Lucban and Longganisa

Well, think we’ll visit the place again before the year closes or possibly in on May 15-16 when Lucban celebrates their Pahiyas Festival.

Remembering A President

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         Today, August 19 we celebrate the birthday of the first Commonwealth president of the Philippines, Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina. For those who don’t know, President Quezon’s middle name is Molina. I know many of us thought that Luis is his middle name, but in fact it is his name as well. Manuel Quezon was born on August 19, 1878 in Baler, Tayabas, now it is part of Aurora. Subsequently, Tayabas is now part of the province named after him, Quezon. His parents were Lucio Quezon and Maria Dolores Molina.
         Aside from being the first Commonwealth president, he is also considered as the Second president of the Philippines. He was distinct to be the first Senate President elected to the presidency, the first president elected through a national election, and was also the first incumbent to secure re-election (for a partial second term, later extended, due to amendments to the 1935 Constitution). He is known as the “Father of the National Language”.
           So every August, we celebrate “Linggo ng Wika” to remember his birthday and to commemorate our national language, Filipino.

President Manuel Quezon

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