Pregnant Again?!?

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Nah, I am not pregnant! My officemates and friends are teasing me though, that by June, I will be. :P

Ney is scheduled to arrive in few months from Saudi. He will be finishing his 2-year contract in there. I must say that I am so proud of him. Just recently, he showed me pictures of him being awarded as Best Operator. :)

Since, he’s been away for that long, my friends are thinking that I will really spend quality time with him. Hehehe!

Yesterday, while I am looking for Nonet’s toys, I found my maternity dresses which are actually plus size dresses. I have not seen those clothes in a while. :)

If God wanted to give me and ney another gift then I would receive him or her with a grateful heart. But, if God would ask me if I wanted another baby, I would answer yes, but not soon. He knows the reason why. I would like to fix the things that needed to fix first before another baby comes. In time I believe, that everything will be okay and I will be ready for another bundle of joy.

Oh God please bless me..

Ciao! :)

A Mom Like Mine :)

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We always hear that being a mother is one of the most fulfilling profession one can ever had. It a tough one though but we always wanted our children to be proud of us. I must admit that I am very lucky to have a mother like my mom. I have witnessed all her hard work and sacrifices for us. I remember when my father lingered somewhere someplace, :P , it is my mother who have been a provider for us. Oh we really had a hard time then. Thanks to God for the dear angels He sent to help us. God bless them. :)

When I learned that I was pregnant, I couldn’t tell my mother about it. I know she’ll be very upset. Not because I haven’t finish school yet but the complexity of ney’s and I relationship. In fact, I am the bread winner of the family when I got pregnant. It was so hard keeping my pregnancy from her. I knew that my mother knows her daughter very well. She noticed that I was not wearing any tight jeans anymore and that I often wear slacks or low-waist pants. She also found the garlic garland I hanged on my window. Hahaha!!! Oh yeah, I was very scared of aswang then. :P

We didn’t speak to each other for a week after I told her about my pregnancy. She even commented before that she will never take care of my baby.

Everything changed when I showed her my first ultrasound. Since then, she was the one who accompanied me in my check ups especially when ney is not around. When I gave birth, I cried when I saw her. She told me not to cry anymore and that I did a good job. :)

To be honest, she was the one and she is the one who continually raise my daughter. She even told us that she loved Antoinette more than us, her own daughters. Hahaha! My sisters love my baby so much as well. I am lucky because, I have her to look after my daughter while I am working. I know that my baby is in good hands. She never gets tired of my daughter. She’s very patient in teaching her lessons while I am very fond of buying Antoinette books. :)

Even if she’s in her late 50′s already, she still do the laundry for us and cook for us. My mother is a best cook. Well, you can tell by our sizes! Hehehe! :D

I know that I can never be like her. I am not sure if I can. My daughter is very lucky to have her as her granny. She practically takes good care of us. I am very grateful to God for giving her to us as our mother. It is really amazing how she manage raising not 3 but 4 daughters! :)

I just wanted to share you how blessed I am to have her. I always pray to God to bless her with good health and longer life. I just don’t know how we will be without her. Even if I have I am a mother now, I still depend on her. And I love her so much.

I know that sometimes, we often take our mothers for granted. But, let us remember that we can have many children, we can have many lovers, but we can only have one mother. And as early as now, let them feel how much you love them and be mindful of saying, “Thanks for everything Mom! I love you.” That would definitely makes her happy. :)

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Ciao! :)

New Baby is Coming

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I, Daisy and Ime were very happy when we learned that our dear friend Pinky is going to have a baby! :) It is true what they say about babies being the bundle of joy to every family. We haven’t seen Pinky for a long time and she said that she is due on the 3rd week of January.  Well, it would be very soon!!! We are planning to visit her one of this days and I bet that Pinky got already some modern furniture for her baby. :)

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I remember when I learned that I was carrying a baby. It was mixed emotions, then! :) I was happy and excited to have a baby, but scared that I may not be able to be a good mother. Well, my mother played a big role to what I become. I may say that so far, I have been a good mother to my little girl. :)

We are still yet to set a date as to when we will pay her a visit. I am really excited to see her. She said that she really gained weight. :)

I just hope and pray that Pinky would have a safe delivery and that she would deliver a healthy baby. God bless them! :) We’ll see her soon.

Ciao! :)

A Mother Again

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Motherhood is said to be the most fulfilling experience a woman can ever have in her life. I would like to take sometime to congratulate my best friend Daisy who is expecting her second baby. It’s been 3 years since she gave birth to first child, David. In fact, we gave birth on the same year. It’s just that her son is like 4 months older than my daughter.

I still remember the moment she broke the news to us that she’s pregnant. I remember our other two best buddies; Pinky and Ime told us that, Daisy and I are really best friends. I got pregnant when she was 5 months pregnant. :)

She celebrated her birthday last November 20. She learned that she is again expecting a baby, just few days before her birthday. I told her that it is a wonderful birthday gift.

Well, what else could I say, congratulations bes! :) Take good care of yourself and your baby. I hope it will be a baby girl. Always be happy and free yourself from all worries. Mama and I will cook Relyenong Bangus for you. :)


Three years and counting

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Last October 28, I celebrated my 3rd year of being a mother. As I look back, I think about the many things that happened in the last 3 years. I remembered the day I learned I am pregnant.

I was in Lucena City then, where ney and I will meet. Though I have a feeling already that I am pregnant, but I wasn’t really sure about it. One thing I remember that made me think I am was, frequent urination.  I researched about it and found out that it was one of the “obvious” signs that someone is pregnant.

When I arrived in Lucena that was sometime in March, 2005, I bought a pregnancy kit from a drugstore and headed my way to the hotel. I tested my urine sample and voila! It was positive. I did not feel any sadness or fear when I learned that I have a growing baby in my womb. I even uttered, “Oh well, so I am real woman!”. :)

The first person I phoned in to share that happy moment was my bestfriend, Daisy. She was actually 6 months pregnant then. I was laughing when I spilled out the news. When ney, arrived at the hotel, I showed him the preg test results  and he couldn’t believe it. In fact he bought 3 more pregnancy test kits of different brands. Of course, it only gave the same “positive” results. :)

Since, I will be on a long travel when I go back to Manila, we went to St. Anne hospital there and had a check up. The doctor prescribed a certain medicine (which I don’t remember anymore :) ) which will keep the baby in tack.

I have not told my mother about it until my tummy is already 3 months. But then, mothers are mothers and they have this “motherly instinct”. Hehehe!!! She noticed that I no longer wear tight pants which I normally wear when I go to work. I always vomit at night (maybe because I was in gy shift then, so it’s like “morning” when I vomit before going to work), and I wasn’t able to clean my mess thoroughly for I really felt weak after throwing up. One more thing, she noticed that there were pieces of garlic which hanged in the window near my bed. :) You see, in Philippine mythical creatures, there are tales about “aswang” who will try to get your baby from your tummy and eat it. They do it by sucking their long tongue into the expectant mother’s womb. Stories says that fetus in the womb smells very good for those creatures. And, garlic for them are stinky. My grandmother told me once that every “aswang” is accompanied of a “tiktik”. A ”tiktik” is actually a bird that gives signal to people. She said that when you hear the sound of “tiktik” loud, that means “aswang” is still away and it actually gives you a warning of an upcoming danger. But if you hear tiktik sound quite low, or seems like it came from a distant, that means aswang is just around the corner.

Before I thought, ”tiktik” are  aswang’s “side kick”. But then, it is actually a friend to people. She said that tiktiks are true though she has not seen one in her entire life, though. But she heard its sound many times already.

When I had my first ultrasound, I asked my cousin to accompany me to the doctor. Of course my mother really felt bad about it. I remember she told me once, that she’ll not take care of my baby. Oh well, she loves my baby more than she loves me.. :)

I really cannot explain the feelings I felt when I first saw my baby’s heartbeat as the doctor performed the ultrasound.

Like any other pregnant woman, I had my own difficulties during pregnancy. I experienced frequent contraction. In fact, I was advised by my OB to have a month bed rest for I had a pre-mature labor when my baby was 8 months then.

When I was younger, I was so idealistic about life. I want my first born to be a boy. Oh well, that was before I got pregnant. When I was pregnant, I really don’t care whether my baby is a boy or a girl as long as the the baby is healthy and beautiful. But ney wanted to have a baby girl. We bought baby dresses and things which were mostly colored pink. We didn’t know yet the gender of our baby then. 

A day after we bought the baby items, I had my ultrasound and found out that it is indeed a baby girl. Ney was very happy. I am happy, too.

In the early mornings of October 27, 2005, I woke up for I felt like peeing. Before I can jump out of the bed, I pee. So I thought I did. But it was actually my water bag.

Ney and I went to the hospital that morning at around 8AM. I had my labor for 8 hours. At around, 5:55PM I gave birth to a beautiful baby who is a wonderful gift from God.

As the years pass so fast, my princess is now 3 years old. For the last 3 years, I reflected on how i have  been a mother  to my baby. I know that I am not a perfect mother, but I am doing my best to be fine mother to her. I know that motherhood is a tough job. A priceless job yet the most fulfilling of all jobs. Thanks to my mom who’s always been there to guide me. :)

There was a time that I once told myself, if only I could spare her from all pains and difficulties this world might give her, then I would. But then, I would be very selfish if I would do that. I know that she may need to go through a lot of pain and undertakings for her to be strong and to be a wise person as she continues her journey in this life.

For whatever happens, I will always be her mother who will love her and take care of her. Even if she will have her own family in the future, I will always be here for her. :)  


On Mom’s and Babies: Do you know that …

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  • Every three seconds a baby is born
  • The most number of children born to a woman is recorded at 69 to Mrs. Feodor Vassilyev of Shuya, Russia. In a total of 27 confinements between 1725 and 1765, she gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets. Only two of the children died in infancy.
  • Sweden has the lowest birth rate in the world, one in 100. Malawi in Africa has the highest, 5.3 in 100.
  • The world’s first test tube twins were born in June, 1981 (Whew! That’s my birth month and year! I wonder what’s their birth date?!?)
  • Australia produced the world’s first test tube twins, triplets, quadruplets, baby born from a frozen-embryo baby.
  • Twins are born less frequently in the eastern part of the world than in the western.
  • The most premature baby was James Gill, the son of Brenda and James, who was born 128 days premature on May 20, 1987, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He weighed 1.5 lbs.
  • In 1994 alone, at least 79 sets of quadruplets were born in the US.
  • There are approximately 15-19 sets of quints born per year in the US
  • The youngest mother on record was a five-year old Peruvian girl whose name is Lina Medina


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Rock a bye baby on the tree tops… When the wind blows the cradle will rock…”

Do these lyrics ring a bell to your ear? Well, it’s a classic lullaby that mothers sing to their babies even when the baby is still inside their womb.

When I was pregnant, I did sing to my baby. I listened to music, sweet melodies which give a very relaxing and soothing feeling. I didn’t get the chance to listen to Mozart’s and Beethoven’s classical music, though. But I had music around me during my pregnancy, after giving birth and as I raise my little girl.

Have we ever wondered if this little creature in our tummy can really hear the music playing? Is there really some kind of sound wave that has a good effect on them?

I read an article that according to Jamie Blumental, MA, MT-BC, Music can evoke emotions, memories, and spiritual or social connectedness, as well as provide means of expressing feelings and a sense of safety, security and comfort to young children. Music especially provides a fun way for children to learn. It is the one medium that cuts through the boundaries of age, culture, disability and disease.

Ever heard of the Mozart Effect? Aside from the fact that Mozart is one of our excellent composers, his work has been used “effectively” in lessening the use of of anesthesia during delivery. From the journal of the American Medical Association reported in 1996 that half of the expectant mothers who listened to music during childbirth did not require anesthesia. “Music stimulation increases endorphin release and this decreases the need for medication. It also provides a distraction from pain and relieves anxiety. It also seemed to improve one’s memory and intelligence.

The unborn baby is aware of the mother’s heartbeat and listens to her voice and embraces it as a form of his security. And when the baby is born, you often see them wondering and looking for that familiar sound, their mom’s voice. (source: Manila Bulletin, Fun Page; June 29, 2002)

And it is true. I listened and sang along with Lea Salonga’s song during my pregnancy. When I gave birth to Antoinette, she did remember my voice and those familiar tunes I played to her when she was still inside me.

How can I say that? When Antoinette is uncomfortable of something and we can’t calm her, we’ll just play that CD and then she’ll stop crying and eventually fall asleep.

Music has been part of her life. What’s her new song now? You’ll hear her singing Kim Chiu’s Crazy Love at the top of her voice! :)

The Mother in ME

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Motherhood starts on the day you conceived your baby. It’s not just when you give birth to your child. It’s been three years since I become a mother. Three years and still counting:)!

I went to Megamall last Monday and bought a stainless mug for me. I don’t know but I really can’t help not to buy something for my little girl I bought her 3 pairs of pajamas.

Antoinette will turn 3 this coming October 28. Sometimes, I just smiled thinking how time passes by so fast. I remember the time I learned that I was pregnant. My family didn’t learn about it until my tummy is around 3 months. But of course and as always, my mother has been suspicious and has a thought that I am conceiving. Why? She noticed that I am not wearing tight jeans which I used to. I’m not wearing body fit shirts, and I prefer to wear sandals instead of my boots and stilettos!

But the most remarkable thing I did which gave my mother a confirmation that her thoughts are correct, was when she found pieces of garlic hanging on the window beside my bed! As we know, garlic drives away bad creatures who will try to “steal” your baby, even when it is still inside you.

I remember Mama told me that she’s not going to take care of my baby. Because I got pregnant out of wed lock. Well, she loves Antoinette now more than she loves me. How did I know? She told me ?!

Have I been a good and responsible mother to Antoinette? Being a first time mother, it was quite difficult. But I believe that I have been a good and responsible mother. With the help of my own mom, I learned to be more patient and responsible. I have sacrificed a lot for her, too. I love my daughter very much. I thank my own mother for being a role model to me.

Antoinette is growing up as a smart and adventurous girl. At her age, she can differentiate a cheetah from leopard, a toad from a frog and a crocodile from alligator. She first learned about animals instead of ABC’s. She can identify colors, too. She can count 1 to 15, but she finds ABC a bit boring. I’m not an expert mother though. But through books and experiences, I learned .

Some tips to share? Well, during your pregnancy, be happy :) ! A baby is a bundle of joy and a special gift from God. Avoid getting stress for your baby will feel the same. Don’t deprive yourself from eating, but be responsible on what you eat. It’s not only you who should be satisfied but the baby as well. Get enough rest and sleep. Visit your OB and drink only advised medicines.

Talk to your baby, while touching your tummy. Believe me, your baby hears you. Listen to soothing music. Some says, it is good to listen to classical music for baby’s intellectual being. Well, I just listened to the CD of Lea Salonga which was given by my kumpare Bonnie. If I know the lyrics, I sing to my baby. When the baby is about 5 months, you will feel him/her moving. The baby responds to you.

When the baby is hungry and you’re depriving yourself from eating, you will feel your baby kicking as if asking you to eat. Well. I had that experience. I prefer to sleep rather that eat. And so when Antoinette was inside my tummy, she kept moving and kicking that made me uncomfortable to sleep. When I eat and feel that my baby’s hunger has been satisfied, she was silent and I think she’s fast asleep.

Always make your baby feel that they love. Everyday, I tell Nonet, “I love you.” Then I kiss and hug her. When she was still a baby, and I tell her I love her, she’ll smile. But now, when I say I love you to her. She will reply back with “I love you, mommy” or “mahal kita, mommy”. It is so sweet of her.

Motherhood is a gift from God. Babies are little angels who lift our spirit, who inspire and motivate us. Oftentimes, I felt sad for babies and children being aborted or abandoned. Who would know, that those unborn children would become an extraordinary people of our century.


singing the motherhood in me..

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…I gave birth to a healthy baby girl on October 28, the age of 24, I thought that was too early to have a baby, for having a baby takes a big responsibility as well..

…at around 4AM of that day, I went to the john to pee..I thought it was just call of nature.. I never realized that later that day I’m about to be a mother.. mom told me that it was my already the so called “water bag”.. I woke up my fiancé and told him that it’s time to go to the hospital.. being an tech support in me, I helped my neighbor to fix her printer before going to the hospital..

…I wasn’t nervous though.. while me and my honey were on our way to the hospital, I was just laughing and talking.. I remembered him being nervous than me.. Well, the good Lord and Mama Mary, my guardian angel, the prayers of my family, the prayers of my patront saints made me strong and relax during that day..

…often, people would say that when a woman is giving birth, her life is at stake as well.. true though.. and this is not to scare you.. true because, the process of giving birth, the labor pain.. the blood that you’re about to lose..everything.. that’s why, I know a lot of prayers do work..

…Labor pains? Oh my! I can’t explain how painful it was! I was at the labor room and I was shouting at the nurses.. I remembered asking them, “Akala ko ba painless!”… Hehehe!!! the normal delivery was painless for I had general anesthesia.. but the labor pain was not! I had my labor for almost 10 hours!

… at around 5:55 PM of October 28. 2005 I gave birth to a very loveable baby, Antoinette Ylea Jesuita Amandy-Labrador.. she’s 6.2 Lbs.. her looks are more of his father…

… the first time I saw her from the delivery room, I thought I saw her with almond shape head.. and I told myself, why does her head look like that… well, maybe that was a side effect of anesthesia… hehehe!!!

…when I saw my mom after I gave birth, I cried.. I don’t know… maybe because, I had experienced the same pain she had gone through when she gave birth to me.. and I remembered all my wrong doings.. that threatens me?!? Not really..

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