What is your dream job?

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If I were to ask about my dream job, it would be being a “Cashier” in a department store or a supermarket! It is true. I used to play a cashier when I was young. My younger sister would act as the customer with her basket of goodies. We made our own play moneys then. We cut out bond papers and write the amount on it. We used bottle covers as coins. Then I would borrow my mother’s calculator and I would be the cashier.

cash register

It really makes me laugh every time I remember those days :) . My younger sister’s dream job was to be a “tinapa/daing” vendor :) . She had this dream because of our friend vendor who counts the money from the tinapa(steamed fish) and daing she was able to sell. When my sister saw her counting all the money, she’s really amazed and told my mother that she wanted to be a vendor when she grew up. Well, she was only 5 then and I was 8.  :)

To this day, I would really want to experience being a cashier just for the sake of fulfilling my so- called ”dream job”. But then, maybe a little help from weight loss product will help me to trim down a bit. As we know, cashiers, sales ladies and the like have slim bodies! :)

Eyeglass for Less

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It’s really amazing that someone will get an 20-20 vision for an eyeglasses which will only cost him at a low price of $8 dollars. :) Being a mother, I tried to find affordable yet fashionable eyeglass for myself. I have been using my eyeglasses for more than a year now and maybe it is time for me to buy a new one. A friend told me to check about Zenni Optical. She said that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! This online optical offers great eyeglasses for less. Imagine you will get a complete Single Vision Eyeglasses starting at $8, and yoy can also check variable dimension frames from Zenni that will fit your lifestyle.

I have check their site and found a pair of eyeglasses that I would really like to have. It is a rimless Frame#: 3751 Rimless Pure Titanium Frame.

To know more about this great news from Fox then just click on Zenni on Fox.

Tonet’s Fishbowl

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I believe I have told you about the fish bowl that Essa will give to my little girl. Well, last Monday, Sir Bon, Essa’s husband, brought it and gave it to me. I was excited when I went home that day. Tonet was delighted to see her fishbowl and excited to have a fish. Even if it is late in the afternoon and Tonet is suffering from slight asthma, we hurried down to one of the fish stores near us.

We are going to buy a fighter fish. To our dismay, the salesperson told us that fighter fish is out of stock. He said we could go back some other time. I explained to my daughter that the fish we are looking for is not available yet and we will just go back when it is ready. She understood what happened. When we arrived home, she just helped me clean and arranged her fishbowl.

We got some shells and little corals from my sister’s collection to design the mini aquarium. It is now ready and just waiting for a fish to occupy it. :)

I promise my daughter that I will go back to the fish store on my rest day.

This is Tonet’s fishbowl. We placed it on top of our refrigerator.

Saving for Antoinette

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When my friend and Team Captain, Mami Grace and I are chatting the other day, she was surprise to know that I do not have any savings account. I told her that my salary is just enough for my everyday expenses. She said that it is still important to have some earnings in the bank especially during emergency.

Well, Mami Grace is right. Aside from that, my daughter is growing fast and I need to save for her future. She said that while Antoinette is still very young and her expenses are not that big yet, I should start earning for her.

For that matter, I started my search for the best bank, which will offer great rates for savings account. I have to compare banks to find out which among them will grant many benefits. I know there are many banks around but I need to look for the one who fits my needs.

Being a single parent, I really have to prepare for my daughter’s future. I know my responsibility to my immediate family but my daughter is at the top of my priorities now. She does not have anyone to depend on except me. I love my daughter much and I want to give her a good life and a bright future. :)

Taking a Break in Rome

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I have mentioned in my previous post that if I will in another country , or I will be given a chance to visit another continent, it would be Europe. And I would definitely take some city breaks in Rome.

As I continue my research about this historical city, I learned that there are many places that I will be interested in. Well, not only I, but other tourists who would love to taste Rome city breaks and be part of its rich past and cultures. Even if you would only spend some Rome short breaks, that would be long enough to take pleasure in its prehistoric times.

Aside from my dream of visiting the Vatican City, there are a lot more places that Rome has to offer. Places that will definitely give you comfort and take you back in time on how Rome earns its name today.

These places that would be interesting for tourists and I are:

Vatican City

A visit to Vatican museum and St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the place of interest when visiting in Rome.

St. Peter’s Basilica

The Colosseum

Colosseum is an arena, which was designed to hold more than fifty thousand spectators. The remains of the Colosseum could ba a dramatic sight, but taking a tour inside it would reveal its history.

The Temples of Ancient Rome

The above picture is the temple of Venus and Rome.

This is where the ancient Romans worshipped their gods and goddeses. They even built temples to honor those who are feared most. These temples of include temples of Saturn, Castor and Pollux. There were also built commemorating the goddesses Venus and Roma.

Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale

This church is considered one of the Bernini’s finest works. It has been regarded as a Baroque masterpiece. It was built sometime in the 17th century and its interior creates such a statement.

And another one in my list is Rome’s Seven Hills.

Rome’s Seven Hills

Capitoline Hill

Palatine Hill

Aventine Hill

Rome’s Seven Hills played a huge part in Rome’s history. All the seven hills are located in the east of the Tiber River. But due to natural disasters, most hills will now be hard to find due to erosion and buildings are being built in its slopes. The Seven Hills are: Capitoline, Palatine, Aventine, Caelian, Esquiline, Viminal, and Quirinal. Today, Capitoline Hill is the most visible as well as is the Palatine. Those hills are the most visited hills in Rome.

I know someday that I will lay my feet on those hills as well. :)

The “Tekki” World

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As the world’s technology grows, every minute different devices and gadgets are developed and created. Even appliances that are being manufactured today are usually controlled by remote control. With these, certain companies have developed a tool which can control almost all our remote controlled appliances and machines. Logiteh company developed a Universal Remote control.

This amusing tool can actually control and is compatible to almost all the devices we have at home. And, once our regular remote control is worn out, we don’t need to worry about looking for a replacement of the broken remote but instead configure that device to be controlled by that. One of their popular remote is the Harmony One. Gadget Advisor can actually gives us insights not only about Logitech other devices that we need as we trek in this tekki world! :)

Even your computer can be controlled by it! As for computers, I believe that almost every household owns a computer. There could even be a network of computers. These are computers share files and applications within the network. As for that, having a network media player could be one of the network members. As the growing technology requires data that needs security, having an online back up services can be a big help. These back up services are not only practical for personal use but specially for business use.
Well, sometimes I really can’t help but be amazed on how the world have become today. But, in spite of all these technologies that we have on our hands, we should never forget that God gave us all these for our own righteousness. :)

The Cool Breeze of the “ber” Month

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I went to the church this evening to attend the last mass celebrated there every Sunday. As I walk through the street going to the church, I felt the cool breeze brought about by the “ber” month. Then, I told myself that Christmas is really just around the corner.

In the other part of the world maybe winter has just started. I remember my friend Marianne who now stays in France, once told me that during winter, she and her husband enjoy staying at home while having some cookie and coffee by their gas fire. She said that its one of her favorite spots in their house for she and her husband really like talking and sharing thoughts with each other.

My godmother who once spent a vacation in London said that she enjoyed her designer Electric fires which gave her comfort during winter. She said that her fire place really fits her style and taste in designing her house. She told me how she love sitting near it which gives her a relaxing feeling as she stares the snow falls through her window.

I love to see snow also though we really don’t have winter here. But there is this place in my country which I love going to. It’s Baguio. It’s a plateau located in the northern part of the Philippines, which is also known as the Summer capital of the country. As ney and I plan our trip to Baguio sometime in January next year, we’d like to stay in a house that has a hole in the wall fires setup in it. Though we don’t actually have winter here, staying in Baguio during the December up to the first quarter of the year will really requires a fire place to keep you warm from the cool weather. I am really looking forward to it! :)

Someday in Italy

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If I were to ask what place in the world I’d like to go to, it would definitely be Europe, specifically in Italy. Being a Catholic, I definitely would love to go Rome. I like to see the places that are associated with Jesus. I like to be in the different churches in Rome. There was this tale or some sort of a saying that if it is your first time to be in a church then you can make a wish and your wish will come true. Visit the Vatican City and hear mass with the pope. I also like to pay respect to the tomb of my favorite pope, John Paul the II. Oh how I love to stay in Hotel Naples, which will make my visit unforgettable! :)

Another place that I would like to visit is the City of Florence and experience what Hotel Florence has to offer. One of my all time favorite movie is “While you were Sleeping”. And, Lucy played by Sandra Bullock, has this dream of having her passport stamped with Florence, Italy. I wonder what is it in Florence why Lucy would love to be there. Like her, I’d like someone will take me there for our honeymoon. Could it be honey? I hope so. ? I like to see it my self and have some pictures taken with its beautiful places!

Most of all, who would not like to have some bed breakfast paris while staying in Italy!?! :)

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

Florence, Italy

Boodle Fight at Tayabas!

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Boodle fight is a term used A boodle fight is a messy and seemingly uncivilized yet extremely practical way of serving a meal to a large group of people when in the middle of nowhere and eating  utensils are not easily available. In simpler terms, when you put banana leaves on a flat surface and then pour all the rice you have and the viands of veggies, meat and seafood, then you can start the boodle fight!

I remember when I was 10 years old,  we went to what we call our “bundok” which my grandmother inherited from her parents. I went there with my paternal cousins, titas and titos. We brought along 12 cans of sardines and there we had a picnic. There were no utensils available. I remembered my Tito Afin cut several banana leaves we ate there with our hands. Just nice to remember the old days in Quezon. :)

Well, there are places in Tayabas, Quezon which the whole family can really enjoy boodle fight. There’s an available utensils there, though. But the whole family can really enjoy eating with their hands. If you’re heading to Lucban, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan will be on the right side of the road. When ney and I had our visit to Lucban, we had our lunch there.  

Of course I had my picture taken there.. :)

Another resto that you can go to is located in the opposite side of it. It is called Palaisdaan Restaurant. I researched on the owners of the two restaurants and found out that they’re actually siblings. Hmmm..

Ney and I had a lunch here as well during one of my visits to Lucena. We had a lot of fun for we were serenade by their staff. :)

Aside from enjoying the feast, the ambiance, the two restos are actually floating restaurants!

Another place that I love going to in Tayabas is the Graceland Estate. I believe it was patented to Elvis Priestly’s Graceland in the US. But you need to be a member to enjoy its facilities. Luckily! Ney’s father is a member and ney is a dependent. So, we’re able to enjoy the place and its facilities.  A family can have picnic, go swimming and enjoy jacuzzi, which we did! :)  

Of course! How can I forget to have my picture taken?!?

Well, like many other places in the Philippines, Quezon offers great places to go to.  And I really love going to these places. Hope you can visit them, too.


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Love this dresses that’s why I posted them here. Found them on an online store and just love it!


The actual reason why I posted is to motivate myself.. hehehe! :)

Credit Card

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Last week, my cousin asked me to fill out a Metrobank Credit Card application form. I said, ok. I will try my luck with Metrobank. Yah, I have been applying for a credit card for the past 2 years and yet none has been approved up until yesterday. My mother once told me that God doesn’t want me to have one for it is a temptation for me. She knows that I am a very impulsive buyer. She’s afraid that if ever I’ll have a CC then I’ll go shopping and my debt will pile up. I told her that I need a credit card for emergency purposes. I promised her that I will be wise in using my credit card. Hopefully… =)

 I checked on some credit card reviews and found this advise very very useful from penstalker ”Before you go and sign up for your own credit card, I have to issue a warning. A credit card is an amazing tool for shopping goods online and offline. But I’m telling you, you have to be a disciplined consumer and payer. Otherwise, you might end up mired in debt.”


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