Pizza for Lunch

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Last Sunday, my mother, sisters and Nonet went to hear mass and didn’t leave the key to our house. So, I stayed in my cousins’ house which is just 2 doors away from ours. :) It was a fine day. The sun was up and finally got a rest from the rainy week. Well, I just thought so.

After an hour, my family arrived. My sister and Nonet went to our cousins’ house as well and we chat for a while. Then, we decided to order pizza for lunch. :)

Pizza Hut’s promo is that your pizza is free is they don’t deliver it on time. After placing our order, one of the customer service representatives called me to confirm our order and was told that the pizza will be delivered at 1:05 PM. And, so we waited.

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Then the fine weather that I thought will last was turned to a gloomy rainy afternoon. The heavy rain fell at around 12:45PM. I waited near the entrance of our compound for the pizza delivery but it didn’t arrive at 1:05. We called the customer service at around 1:22PM and was told that the pizza will absolutely be free of charge. Then a minute later, my mother called us because the pizza has arrived. I told the delivery man that since he is 20 minutes late, then the pizza should be free. Well, I pity the man because I know that it will affect him. We just decided to take his offer for a free family size pan pizza yet we would still pay the first 2 pizzas we have ordered. For us it is still a win-win situation.
Good thing, we are greedy and our family has a kind heart.

We really enjoyed eating our lunch! Of course, we best drink to pair it with, Coca Cola! :)

Ciao! :)

Family Bonding @ the North

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Honey bought a new printer for himself. It’s a Canon printer. Canon has a promo that if you buy a certain printer model and an ink, you will either get a bag (which I forgot the brand) and an Esprit watch. :) The said items can be redeemed at Canon outlet in Megamall or in SM North EDSA.

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For a change, we decided to claim our gifts at SM North EDSA. Honey and the kids also wanted an MRT ride, too. From Rosario, we took a cab going to MRT-EDSA Shaw station. We waited for the train going to North EDSA station. We were standing at first. Nonet and Ikay were able to seat from Ortigas Station. It was a comfortable ride. The air-con is cold and there are no traffic. We also enjoyed sight seeing. :)

We got off at North EDSA station. We crossed Trinoma Mall going to SM North EDSA. We claimed first our gift from Canon, which is an Esprit watch then had our lunch at Jolibee. I wanted to eat in a restaurant but the kids wanted Jolibee. :)

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After lunch, we let them played at Candy Factory. Surely they enjoyed the 30-minute play in this huge playground. Nonet wanted to try the tall slide but she is not allowed yet. She’s only six. The staff only allows children seven years and above. She just settled going through the obstacles and playing with the plastic balls. Her cousin Ikay was lucky enough to having tried the giant slide. I am glad that Nonet and Ikay enjoyed it.

Ney and I just sat on the bench near it while we wait for the kids. When the 30-minute time is over, we decided to go home. We passed Trinoma again going to MRT. We had a donut (and a cup of coffee for me) at Mister Donut for snacks. :)

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From North EDSA station we got off at EDSA Shaw station. We went to Shangri-La’s taxi bay and took a cab going home.

It was an amazing day. I know that Nonet and Ikay enjoyed our pasyal. I know also that Ikay will treasure that day in her heart. Well, I am looking forward to more family bonding. When honey leaves for abroad again, it would be another 2-year contract. So we are spending quality time with each other as many hours as we can.

Ciao! :)

Remembering Papa

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Papa should have turned 60 today and should have received his Senior Citizens identification card. Well, it’s just that he passed away five years ago. He died before he turned 55 years old. My father like any fathers was not a perfect. My sister Patty even learned from him that “promises are made to be broken”. :P He may not be a perfect husband to our mother and a perfect father to us his children, but I remember him being a loving and sweet father to us and grandfather to Nonet. Nonet being the first grandchild has a very special place in his heart.

My sisters, our mother and I have been talking about papa. In some ways, we feel good about the thought that papa is in a better place now. That we will not feel so worried when he is not home or when he is “wandering” around. :P On the other hand, we felt bad because, he is no longer around when my two younger sisters’ graduated from college. He is not here to see Pauline graduate from college as Magna Cum Laude. He is not here to sing in our videoke with our LCD TV. He was not able to play through our computer. He dreamt of having a computer. He is not here to see Nonet received her second honor medal.  

He may not be physically around now, but we believe that somewhere up there, he can see us and we know that he is happy with what we have achieved. I know that even up to this day, he is still protecting us, especially his beloved grand-daughter. :)

Up to this day, I can still remember the sacrifices and the pain he and our family went through. I remember the day when I told him that he has a stage 4 cancer. I remember the day when we fought, which was 2 days before he died.

Honey always told me that papa has been very proud of me and that he loved me so much, he loved us so much.

We will always miss papa. I believe that you are in God’s care now and you are happy looking on us from up there. Happy and proud.

We love you papa. Happy 60th birthday!

Ciao! :)

It might just be a Paternal Love

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Well, that’s what I keep telling myself for a day now. I keep on telling my heart and mind that it wasn’t a romantic love that I felt. There wasn’t and there isn’t any at all. Maybe it was just plain paternal love and friendship love that I found. I don’t know.. :( But maybe it is.. And I guess that it should be the kind of thinking I should have. It should be the kind of feeling I should feel. :(

It has been quite a while since I see him and been with him. When we met again, the feeling I had for him seems to rekindle again. When he held my hand, I felt the electricity I once felt. My heart started beating fast.

Well, maybe he’s really like that. Maybe he really treats his subordinates like that. I always tell myself that I am nothing special and that he treats me the same way and the same level he treats others. Maybe he treats me as a daughter.

One time he told me that I shouldn’t be jealous for he does love me. He loves me very much. Well, I believe him though. But I guess it isn’t the kind of love I am hoping. :(

When he held me in his arms, I really felt the love and a deep concern he has for me. It is a genuine love. It is a true concern. He’s really a family man. He really cares for a family. And, I really admire and look up to him. He may be the kind of father I must have looking for. A father whose concern is real.

Sometimes, I asked myself why I always tend to fall to a wrong person. A wrong person not because he is a bad one, but because he is already committed to someone else. :( It’s a good thing that my angels and my prayers are still strong enough; strong enough to prevent me from doing things that I would definitely regret.

I am only hoping for the best right now. Besides, I have a daughter and a first love whom I should be entrusting my love as long as I live.

God bless my heart..

Ciao! :)

A Father’s Day Memoir

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On the same day that the Philippines remembers the 150th birthday of her national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the world celebrates Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of June.

The last time that I was able to greet my father; Happy Father’s Day, was in 2006. He passed away in January of 2007 because of multiple organ malfunctions due to stage 4 lymphoma.

My father wasn’t a perfect father, but I know that he loved us. Maybe he was just human and had been too weak to fight and resist all the temptation around him.

He was a sweet father. He wasn’t a strict father. We can crack joke at him and laugh with him. He loved to sing and to read books. Maybe we got those traits from him. My sisters and I love to sing and to read books as well.

He was good cook, too. I loved his “ginataang tulingan” so much. But, he loved my mother’s version of pancit bihon. Well, we all love it. :)

During his last few days on earth, I remembered him being very hard headed. I remember fighting with him about two days before he died. The last time that I was able to talk to him was when he asked me to give him some dollars. The last words that I told him before he left us was, I love him and if he needs to go, then he should go. That he shouldn’t worry about my mother and my sisters for I would take care of them.

It has been four years since my father died. We seldom visit his remains in the cemetery but we do not forget to pray for his soul.

He may not be the perfect and the greatest father, but he loved us. He also loved my daughter.

Papa, I believe that you’re with God now. I believe that you can hear my heart from where you are. I just want to say, that you will always be loved and missed.

Happy Father’s Day!

Ciao! :)

Remembering Papa’s Birthday

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Tomorrow is the 20th day of May. There are different occasions which I remember on this day. First, my friend and my kumpare’s birthday, Don Glenn; Ney and I first anniversary as sweethearts; and of course, my father’s birthday.

If my father is still alive today, he would have been 59 years old. He died when he was 54. It has been five years since he died of cancer. Many would tell us that it is not important to remember his birthday anymore since he is dead already. What is important is to remember his death anniversary. But, to our family, we remember both.

I wasn’t able to provide papa the things that I have provided my family today. Or, I guess, he already appreciated the things I have done for him when he got sick. Due to complications, I needed to attend to all the things my mother should have done. But, since, no one’s going to take care of my little baby then, we decided that my sister, Patty and I will be the ones to attend whatever the hospital needed us to do for him.

My father liked pancit than spaghetti. On his birthday, he would often ask my mother to cook pancit for him. I don’t remember buying him a cake on his birthday. But I guess I bought an ice cream for him once. :)

This year (just like the past five years), we will offer a mass for his soul. If it does not rain tomorrow, then we might visit his remains in the cemetery.

If he would have survived today, I supposed, I would be getting one of those Bar Gifts for Men ! :)

He must have gone physically, but his love for us and his memories still linger. He may not be the perfect father in the world, but he would still be the best for us.

We love you papa and we miss you. Happy Birthday!

Ciao! :)

A Date with Sisters

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I wasn’t able to join my “auxilliary team”, Team Oneil in their recent team building held somewhere in Tanay. I had an earlier appointment set which prevented me from joining them. Of course, I really felt sad about it because I miss my original team so much. I miss my very kind and understanding tm, boss Dan; my RS Treb, my team mates and friends, my Dell brother Pao and his girlfriend Rox. God knows how much I miss them. :(

In any case, since I may not be able to join them anymore, I decided to take my daughter on a date which turned out to be a sisters date. :) My two younger sisters joined us in our little date in Araneta Center. :) Before Megamall, Galleria and Ayala malls were built, Araneta Center’s malls are the first known malls in the city. When I was young, my parents used to take us there for leisure. I know that many of you have experienced the rides provided by Fiesta Carnival which is now Shop Wise. During Christmas season, we never failed to watch the C.O.D presentation. I remember my father used to put my sister Patty on his shoulder so she could watch the presentation well. :)

It’s been a while since I tour around Araneta Center. It’s just a ride away from where we live and we decided to go there. We took a jeepney ride going to Cubao and we got off at Ali Mall. Ali Mall was named after a great boxer, Mohammad Ali. It was named after Ali when the boxer visited the Philippines then. We went in the mall and crossed the connecting bridge going to SM Cubao. One thing I love going to Araneta Center are the different items on Sale. :) My sisters and I purchased some movie CDs from Odyssey. I got 3 Videoke Disc for myself which I got for Php100 only!. Antoinette got a Spongebob CD for herself. :)

Then, we went to SM and I bought plastic storage box which is on 50% off! :) We had our early dinner at KFC, then we headed to Booksale which I got a Nancy Drew Mystery book which I added to my Nancy Drew collection! :) Then,  I bought Pauline a baby pink blouse for her thesis defense from Farmer’s Plaza.

Since, we left the storage boxes in SM, we took the free shuttle from Gateway mall to Ali mall. Then, we took a cab from SM going home. We were tired but happy.

It was really something to treasure. I must have missed the trip of my Dell family but I was able to spend quality time with my sisters. :) My mother didn’t come with us because she wanted to fix and clean the house while her girls are out! :)

Ciao! :)

Cousins Day

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After the side trip we had at Rizal Shrine we went ahead to Catherine’s place. It was about 15-minute tricycle ride from the plaza. The guests were eating when we arrived. Jeboy have blown his birthday cake’s candle already as well.

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Antoinette and Jeboy

I knew that Cathy was very happy to see us. We gave our birthday presents to Jeboy and we enjoyed the food they prepared for his birthday. My daughter and her cousins Jeboy and JC started playing around after eating. I let her play with her cousins and Jeboy’s classmates. :) It’s really happy to see them play and enjoy each other’s company. They are the family’s next generation children. :)

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With JC and Jeboy

While the kids are playing, we enjoy the videoke! :) Our family loves to sing. I am grateful to God for blessing me with a singing voice. My sisters and my cousins can hit the notes of a song well, too. :) We sang and sang until the microphone died on us. Oh well, my cousin April stepped on the cord and pulled the microphone out of the videoke machine! Great!

Like Antoinette, Jeboy and JC, my paternal cousins and I are also close to each other. We are not only cousins but we are friends. I remember the times when we were younger and single! My father’s brother used to get angry always when we go home late at night. He would always say how sorry he was for having nieces and not nephews! Hahaha! :) My paternal grandparents have 11 grandchildren. There are 8 girls! Our ages are very close to each other that’s why we really enjoy hanging out with each other. :)

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Enjoying the Videoke Machine!!!

As we grow older, we have had a lot of misunderstandings that made the bond we had loosened up. :( It was sad though. The trip we had in Laguna, made me realize that whatever differences we have and whatever misunderstandings we had in the past should be a closed story already. I feel that the happy moments and the friendship my cousins and I shared are stronger than any differences we have. To top it all, we have the same blood running in our veins. :) With that, we are planning to have a reunion in Summer next year! :)

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Enjoying Sinigang na Hipon before going back to Manila

Ciao! :)

Mama @ 57!

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Last October 6, my mother celebrated her 57th birthday. Three more years and she’ll be able to enjoy the 20% discount offered to Senior citizens! Hehehe!

We didn’t have enough budget to throw a big party for her. We just have extra food on our table plus ice cream and cake. We ate and enjoy her birthday by singing in our videoke. :)

Mama is the only parent we have. Sometimes, she become hard headed and always make her own way instead of what is asked of her to do. You bet! Her way is always better! :)

I always pray to God to bless her with good health and long life. Long enough for us to give her a convenient and comfortable life. Long enough for her to enjoy playing not only with Nonet but with her future grand children. :)

God bless her! Love you mama.

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Ciao! :)

Happy Father’s Day

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I have been away for quite a while. I’ve got a  lot of stories to tell.  Please give me sometime to finish my articles and to collate all the pictures and video files that I would love to share with you.

But today I would like to greet all the fathers in the world a Happy Father’s Day. :)

My own father died about 2 years ago. He may not been a perfect father but he had been a loving and sweet father to us, his daughters and to my little girl. I know that Papa is happy and he’s enjoying his afterlife with God, and all the angels and faithful departed.

I would like to greet the loving father of my daughter a Happy Dad’s Day . There are still a lot of complications in our relationship and in our own family, but I know that sooner or later, everything will fall into proper places. :) We love you, ney.

Of course, I will not forget to greet our one great Father in heaven! Happy Father’s Day! I love you.

Happy Father's Day

Ciao! :)


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I wasn’t able to go to work yesterday because of severe stomachache. Well, I started feeling uneasy since Sunday evening but I didn’t pay much attention to it. I thought that I would feel better the following day. I did get up early yesterday and dress up getting ready to go to work. But then, my tummy started to ache and I couldn’t bear it. I took my medicine and sent a text message to my colleague to inform my team that I will not be able to report for work. I went back to bed to take some rest and laid beside my little girl. As I gazed at my little princess, I thought of all the hardships and sacrifices I am doing. I’d been working so hard to give her a convenient life, to buy her toys and clothes, save money for her education and a lot more. But then, I realized that I haven’t spend much time with her.

Though we see each other everyday, I know that I we’re not spending “quality time” with each other lately. I have been busy and exhausted at work, so, when I arrive home, what I wanted to do is to sleep and rest. We haven’t play Barbie in a while. Sometimes, she will sit beside me with her laptop and will ask me to study with her. I get so lazy at times that I asked her to just study with her titas.

I have not been a good mommy lately. :( So then yesterday I decided to spend quality time with her. I woke up at around 9AM still not feeling well but can manage to move around. I ate breakfast and I told my mother that I’ll be the one to bath her. Then, we ate lunch together and we spent the rest of the afternoon lying on our bed just chatting. We took a nap for 3 hours and then ate our snacks and then played with her laptop.

It has been a nice day for me. I was able to take a rest from work’s stressful activities and I was able to spend wonderful time with my daughter. Something that money cannot buy.

Ciao! :)  

Mother’s Day!

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According to wikipedia, the celebration of Mother’s Day was holiday created by Anna Jarvis and it’s now being celebrated across the globe and on various days. It complements Father’s Day, the celebration honoring fathers.

But more countries celebrate Mother’s day on the second Sunday of May. Today is Mother’s day and I would like to greet all the mothers in the world a Happy Mother’s Day.

When I woke up this morning, I uttered a little prayer and greeted Mama Mary a Happy Mother’s Day. Before I leave the house for work, I kissed my mom and said Happy Mother’s Day. Well, she greeted me too. :) I always pray to God to keep bless my mother with good health and a long life.

When I became a mother, I appreciated my own mother the more. We should always love and respect our mother. I will be bringing home a cake for her later on as a gift for all loving and taking care of us, her children. And for all the sacrifices she did for our family.

Mother's Day Graphics

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