Back to Inbound Calls

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Last April 13, we are back to taking calls as our team, CERT, has been dissolved. I do know that it was just temporary. But, our managers have given us wrong expectation regarding our support. I really felt bad about it. I was really frustrated. I was in a better place already. I know that I am performing fine, then, suddenly the team is dissolved. :(

That really made me think if I will stay with Dell or just leave. They always say that it is a speed of Dell. Okay, speed of Dell. But I guess I just couldn’t leave with that speed. :(

I have plans of leaving, but I am really doing a lot of thinking, a lot of considerations and a lot of computations. I have to consider my financial obligations to my family and to Nonet. My life is not my own anymore. And, I cannot just decide without thinking about Nonet.

My friends have been telling me to sacrifice for Nonet, and just bare the policies of Dell. Dell is a good company and the benefits are good. But, how can I work efficiently if I do not love what I am doing anymore. Yet, I told myself that as long as I am with the company, I will perform. I wanted to be an asset to my team and not a liability. Until the day, I say goodbye..

God bless me.

Ciao! :)

Back to EK

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I hope that I would be able to go back to EK. We are having our team building this month and EK is one of the choices. Most of my teammates would like to have it in Redbox. Some out of time, but I would want it in EK. I love the place. I love the rides. It’s happy to enjoy theme park once in a while.

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Enchanted Kingdom’s location is very relaxing and stress free. :) Of course, I want to enjoy Rapids again and get wet from the river’s splash! :)

We are yet to decide where and hopefully my choice will win the vote.

Ciao! :)

Team Building @ Sierra Madre

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When my boss Dan was promoted as team manager, I was part of his original team, along with Paolo Jose, Rico, Pamela and Paul. I have been working for Dell for almost two years and he has been a Dell tm for just as long. And I have grown to love and care for that team. That’s why, whenever they would have a teambuilding we are still invited to come. I missed to join them in their previous team building but I told myself that I would be joining them on their next. Gladly, Pam was able to make it as well. :)

We went to Sierra Madre Spring Valley resort. It is located in one of the mountains of Sierra Madre mountain ranges. I wasn’t able to check the time when we left Pure Gold, infront of Sta. Lucia East Mall. But, Dex told me that it travel time would be around an hour or two depending on the traffic along Marcos highway.

The place is spectacular. I really loved it. Since, I needed to report to ney that we have arrived in our venue, I asked Pam to accompany hike a nearby mountain so I can send my text message. Oh yeah there is no cell phone signal in there. I was told that there isn’t any nearby cell site. Well, even if tried climbing at a certain height, there isn’t any signal still. Since, the trek is not that clear and there were only two of us, we decided to go down.

I really loved the place. Will all the greens and fresh air. A good binocular with large scopes would be nice to have. :)

I got to meet new people and found new friends. I really miss the company of my old team. I miss having them around. I really missed my boss and my rs. Would you believe that I have not seen my boss for 2 months! Yet we are on the same building and same floor; but different wings though.

I get to enjoy singing in the videoke. Ofcouse, I cannot let the team building pass without enjoying the videoke. I got to sing with my team mates. I miss boss Dan taking the microphone from his agent and singing the song that is currently playing. He never changes. Hehehe! :D

I get to talk to Pam about life and work and anything under the sun. I get to the dance with them. Gosh! It was really something that I would treasure all my life. :)

I was too happy that I get a little scared; scared because we might not be in Dell forever; scared that we might not be able to see each other again. Scared that the kind of team building I had with them, will not happen again. Well, I am just praying that even if the day comes, that we get to leave Dell, we would still find time to have a team building like that.

And I hope that the bond we have as brothers and sisters of team Oneil will always be remembered and valued. God bless Team Oneil! God bless boss Dan and RS Treb!

Ciao! :)

Healthy Thinking: “Man, I am Happy I have a job!”

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I slept late at night for whatever reasons. My shift is 3AM and I need to get up from bed at around 2AM the latest, yet I was still wide awake at 11PM. :( I was praying hard enough that God would bless me with a good sleep so I would be prepared mentally and physically when I go to work.

I took a cab going to work because, I will be late already if I didn’t. God knew that we will not be taking a lot of calls today, because US is celebrating their Memorial Day! :) I took advantage of the avail time to “clean up” my Outlook. I have been out for almost two weeks and my outlook has reached its maximum capacity. While doing the clean up, I bumped into an email sent by one of our coaches, Valerie. Everyday, she sent ”Happy Thoughts” Email. One of the email she sent says;

Sick thinking: “I hate my job!”
Healthy thinking: “Man, I’m happy I have a job!”

Honestly, not all working men and women are happy with their job. Only few have been blessed with a job that they really love doing. I may say that recently, I am feel that I am not happy with what I do anymore. Well, I still love troubleshooting computer issues, but I just don’t want to take in calls anymore. In the last few weeks, I only go to work because I need to not because I want to. :(

When I was advised to have a voice rest for few days, I felt relieved. I guess I was just tired taking in calls for the last seven years! I believe I needed a break. While I was on voice rest, I really felt relieved. I felt like I have been free after many years. :)

But, then to be honest, I missed going to work. Whether I admit it or not, I cannot bear not to have any work for a long time. Aside from the obligations and responsibilities I need to attend to, I miss being at work.

Although, there are really moments (well, many times) that I feel so lazy going to work, I am still thankful for I have blessed with a good paying job. Millions are jobless out there. Millions are thinking where to get money for food, clothing and for shelter. So, I believe, everyday when we  go to work, let us start the day with a healthy thinking. That we should be happy that we have a job.. :)  

Ciao! :)

A Loveful Wedding

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I was invited to witness the marriage of my friend Neri and her fiancé Sherwin last Sunday. My colleagues and I arrived at Our Lady of Consolation Parish just in time to see our friend walk down the isle. :) Her wedding march was Beautiful in My Eyes. I hope and pray that Neri would always be beautiful in Sherwin’s eyes even if they have silver hair already. :)

It was a celebration of love and marriage. It was a day of meeting old and new friends. I also met my favorite boss’ wife. I finally met her like what he said. And I have a good feeling about her. :)

In the homily of the priest, he said that it is God’s grace that we are present in Neri and Sherwin’s wedding. He said that God wants Neri to be married with Sherwin. They may have had several relationships in the past, but it is God’s grace that they married each other. ? They are married for the church and for the society. The priest homily was not only for the newly weds but for all the married couples present in the ceremony. He said that when couples tried to be faithful to each other, they are trying to be faithful to God. :)

The ceremony was followed with a bountiful reception held at the Fernwood Gardens. We were grateful to the taxi driver who fetch us from the church for it was hard to go to reception without a car. And, we didn’t have one.

I really enjoyed the food they prepared for the guests. It wasn’t just a fancy food that one can find in a “pasosyal” reception. :)

I was teary eyed when Neri’s eldest sister rendered her speech. She talked about the patient sister. She shared the story about the matchsticks dolls that Neri used to play when they were young. She told Sherwin that he owed them that patience that Neri has today. :)

Well, I pray that God will bless them with a marriage full of happiness. There may be rough roads along the way but I know that they’ll get through it. For the love they have for each other has been sealed with God’s blessings. :)

Congratulation and Best wishes Neri and Sherwin.

Ciao! :)

Price for the hard work!

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My company’s employees would be smiling even when talking to irate customers this Friday. Our hard work for the last fiscal year would be rewarded with many Ninoy and Escoda! :)

I have been with the company for a year and a half now, and this would be the first time that I would be experiencing the incentive bonus plan. I am thankful to my previous manager, Boss Ruwi for rating me fair. I know that I deserve my ratings and I am happy for it. :) I wish I could spend some for vanity and relaxation but I have to set my priorities first. Since, I have been informed of what to receive; I have already allotted my price to the top everyday expenditures of the family. I have also allotted some for my mother’s fare and pocket money when she goes to Antique. I have set aside something for my daughter’s skin test. Oh, well I’ll tell you about it on another article. My mother advised me though to spend a little for myself; something that will encourage and inspire me to work harder. :)

I am not a lavish person and simple things really make me happy already. Being a technical support is kinda stressing. I guess I would give myself a spa treat. :) I need to unwind. I have been checking different spa’s which offers different packages. There are spas that offer full body massages; a dip on their hot tub with fine hot tub covers; and a facial treat! :)

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You bet, everybody in our company has been waiting for Friday patiently. :) It would be like Christmas when Friday comes! :)

Let’s enjoy the fruit of our hard work guys!

Ciao! :)

A Party to Remember!

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It has been almost a month since I have updated my online journal. There have been so many activities I had that I would cherish for the rest of my life. :) It’s seven days before Christmas, and I need to catch up with the wonderful things I want to share with you. :)

We had our company Christmas party and Thanksgiving Day last November 27. The theme of the said party was Harem. Well, I wasn’t able to dress up with my dream genie attire. Hehehe! I wasn’t successful in removing that flab I have. :(

I went to the party with my team mates and friends. We had the party at Crown Plaza Hotel beside Robinson’s Galleria. The food is great and I love the desserts! I wanted to eat more but I was more excited in watching the performances of the different LOBs at Dell. :)

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Our department placed at second. My boss then won as the male star of the night. He was the genie!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I really enjoyed the party! I was able to spend sometime with my old team mates. I was able to meet new friends. It was an occasion that I would never forget! :)


A Very Tiring Day

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Just got home from the office. It’s the start of the week and I really had a busy day. I have to attend to so many cases. I don’t know why I am getting so much cases everyday. Maybe because I am too good and to gullible to attend to my customer’s issues. Being a customer care and technical support can be very challenging. At the end of the day you wpuld find yourself stuck with so many cases and complains. Yet it is very fulfilling to hear their appreciation when their concern is addressed.

I guess the reason why I get so tired of work is because I am not getting enough help from my support group. Sometimes, I asked myself whether the problem is me or him. Sometimes I really wanted to argue with him, confront him and yell at him. But, I am not that kind of person, in the end I would just find myself crying because of the treatment I receive from him.

Well, I love what I am doing (so far…). I have enough reasons to go to work everyday. I just pray and keep on praying that God would bless me with kind heart and wisdom.

I hope you have a better day than I am. I am praying for a better day tomorrow. God bless uis all!

Ciao! :)

Love the company that provides you Bread and Butter!

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True. However, I believe that it would be more appropriate to love and enjoy the field and the type of work you have chosen. Our team had a brown bag session with our HR Generalist last night. I never thought that Miss Roch would be as gentle as she was last night. She said that the reason my we are holding the brown bag session is because she heard about mass resignation from our team. Personally, I thought of resigning early next year if my tbr would continue to treat me like an idiot. However, our Generalist was able to enlighten us of being part of the company where we at right now. She made me realize not be blinded by the amount of salary being offered but look at the salary and the benefits as a package. She admitted that, there could be a better company than, our company elsewhere. But, before leaving our current employer, check first if the new company will be able to provide growth and development in our career.

I was enlightened with our session with Miss Roch. She made me realized a lot of things. She made me love my work more than before. :) I am looking forward with another brown bag with you Miss Roch.

Ciao! :)

Midnight Lunch

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Last Monday was my first day with my new team. Well, I wasn’t able to complete the week yet due to some personal reasons. (Oh, yeah I was absent for 2 days this week :( ). In one of my posts I mentioned what I felt when my previous manager told me that I will be transfered to a new team. Oh I really felt bad about it. I got so attached to my team that I felt so sad when I learned about the transfer. My tl though explained that it is for my career growth. I knew that and I thanked him for that opportunity. :)

Two Fridays ago was my last day of training. While I was in the training room my tl ping me and asked me to join him in lunch. I told him sure but only if he’ll treat me.. hehehe!!! Well, he’s generous enough to treat me in one of the burger cafes inside Eastwood City. I thought that my good friend Mishie told him about what I felt that’s why he asked me to join him over lunch.

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We ate at Stackers Cafe in Eastwood. We talked and laughed with each other. I really enjoyed the company of my tl. I ate chicken strips and fries. :) I really had a good time with him.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On my first day in my new support, he dropped by my station to check on us and I really appreciate the gesture. He may not say it aloud but he made an assurance that he will always be there for me and for his team. He’s really a pro-employee manager. No wonder he’s a good father and husband, too. I am blessed for having him as my manager during my first months in Dell.

Thanks tl oneil for everything. I will do my best for you to be proud of me. I’ll make up for all my outages. :)

God bless you..

Ciao! :)

Customer and Tech Rep

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Our trainer Kat allowed us to take an hour and a half lunch break (so nice!). I’m taking advantage of this time as I wait for my colleague Judy to eat our lunch. Well, it’s 12:41 AM as I write this article. I mentioned in my team building post that it was my last team building as part of Oneil’s team. About 2 Mondays ago, my TSM was asking other tenured agents to be part of the company’s CSQ team. Agents in that team will handle both technical and customer care issues of the customer. It will be like an 2 in 1 agent. My other teammates then declined the position. When my tsm asked me to be part of it, of course I declined, too. It’s too early for me to be part of the said team. He told me that I have been getting customer commendations and SAT CEs, and so I am fit to be part of it. I tried to decline, but he keeps on asking me. To my irritation, I said yes. I never realize that he will take it seriously. :(

I was absent the following days because my sister, Patty was hospitalized due to bleeding. I informed my team manager that I will not be able to report for work due to her hospitalization. He said ok and told me that, I was one of the agents who will be on training for CSQ. :( I really felt sad about it. I felt like my tsm is driving me away from the team because of my outages. I was really hurt. I even cry. :( I replied to his text and said Ok. I didn’t try to decline anymore, because I already felt that he wanted me out of the team. :( I really felt bad about it. I have nothing against my tsm because he is really nice. He is a very kind person. But, he also needs to protect his team.

I attended our first training day with a heavy heart. I really felt unwanted. Unwanted because, there were other agents who should be in my position instead. :( But, I need to concentrate and listen attentively to my trainer because I need to perform well in my new team.

I was able to share this feeling with my friends in the office, and Mishie told me that my tsm taught that I wanted to be part of CSQ. She said that Oneil felt that I do not want him to be my tsm anymore. :( Well, I guess there had been misunderstanding there. I prayed and I believe that God has a purpose, why this happened. I trust God and I believe that He has better plans for me.

Today is our 5th day of training. Two more days and I will be back on the floor, this time as a Technical and Care representative all rolled into one. :) There are a lot of Care tools that we need to learn. In due time, I know that I will be able to master those tools.

At this point, I have already “moved on” (Hehehe!!!) from the sadness I went through because of the transfer. I am preparing myself to a new challenge. I believe I can do it. I know that I will be an effective Customer Care agent. God is there to help me.

I guess, time will come that I would thank Oneil for this opportunity. :)

Ciao! :)

Moving On

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The last news I told you about was that we would not be reporting for work on Christmas Day and on New Year’s Eve. However, as of this writing, we have not received any email confirmation yet with regard to it. I hope that that news is true because I would really want to spend New Year’s Eve with my family. :)

Last Friday news surprised our team. All the tenured agents will be moved to our Pay as You Need department. All the agents left are new hires and that includes me. All those agents have been working with Dell for at least 3 years. I don’t know what’s going to happen to our team. I don’t know if it is going to be dissolved and we will be transferred to different teams. I really don’t know.

Our team manager is on maternal leave and our RS is running our team. I am hoping that everything is going to be fine tonight. Tonight would be the first day with all our “seniors” gone. As what kuya Ron told me last Friday, we would be on our own. :( Roman said that we are already tenured agents. He believed that we’ll be okay.

Well, I have been with the team for one and a half months only. There are many things yet to learn. I don’t consider myself as a tenured agent as per my employment with Dell is concerned. I am hoping that our team would survive and I wish our seniors a good luck in their new endeavors.

Ciao! :)

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