Cheers @ 2!

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I can still remember how our baby Tika went through a long labor when she is about to give birth to her first kittens. It was 2 years ago. :)

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New born kittens with Tika

Tika’s first kitten is Baby Chi-Chi. We named him after Patty’s cat Chi-chi (Chichiriko). We had Chi-chi for about 9 years until he finally said goodbye to his mama Patty in March of 2010. He was confined at PAWS’ clinic and he must have died in his sleep. My sister and I really cried because of its death. Baby Chi-chi though is sweet unlike their uncle Chi-Chi. On the other hand, my cat Chaka had been with us for 8 years, until he breathed his last in February 2011.  Chaka was the nicest and politest cat we ever had. I really had a heartbreak when he died. Maybe that’s the reason why Tika’s first born got Chi-Chi’s looks and Chaka’s behavior. :) Baby Chi-chi was born on July 2, 2010.

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Tiki is Tika’s second kitten. She came a day after Baby Chi-Chi was born. We needed to massage Tika’s tummy and did a little push to help her give birth. I often call Tiki as “ate” since she is the eldest female kitten born. :) We thought that Tika will only have 2 kittens so we named Tiki after her mom. :)

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Baby Chi-Chi

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Tiki and Mama Cat Tika

Then few minutes later, the third kitten was born. :) We couldn’t think of any names when we remembered, Barbie’s cat’s name in her movie, The Three Musketeers. We named the third kitten as Miyette. :) Her nickname is Mimi. :)

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Happy 2nd birthday to you babies. In cat years they are already 25 years old. :)

Our neighbors may not understand our love for you but we will be here to fight for you. :)

We love you!

Ciao! :)

A Kitten behind the Wall

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I was very anxious when I heard the cries of a kitten inside our house. The cries seems to come from the roof but not quite. Its cries made me so worried for if we will not be able to find it, it may die of starvation. I went to my cousins’ apartment which is on a second floor. They have a window facing our roof. From there, I would be able to see if the said kitten is trapped somewhere. To may dismay, it isn’t there. :(

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I went back home and I told my aunt about it. We can still hear the loud cries from the kitten which slowly fading. I couldn’t do any chores because I worry about it. I know, one way or another it needs to be rescued. But how? Where could it be? In one corner of our house, we store Nonet’s stroller, our stuff toys, my collections of angels and other stuff. The cries came from there. I listened to the wall near it and I know that the kitten is behind it.

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So I prayed to God and asked St. Anthony de Padua and St. Francis of Assisi’s help; for us to find a way or ways on how to rescue the kitten. But, I knew then that we might need to bore a whole or cut a piece of wood from the wall to rescue it. But, God has helped me to find a way to rescue the poor kitten. I was checking the said wall and trying to trace which part we are going to cut. We need to be careful because the saw might harm the kitten. To my surprise, I found a piece of wood that has not been nailed properly. I know that I can pull it out and would be able to get the kitten. :) And so I did. :) Thank God! Thank you St. Anthony and St. Francis. :)

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The kitten was finally rescued. :) Her mother was patiently waiting on the roof above that wall. When I placed the kitten on her side, she recognized her kitten and brought it to their place. :)

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I was very happy and grateful.

Ciao! :)

God holds us Responsible for His creations

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This week is Nonet’s first periodical test. I made mock exams on bond papers for Reading and Mathematics. She was able to perfect the mock test and hopefully she did good in her real exams, too. Her other subjects include Science, Language and Christian Living. I decided to review her following the lessons in the books. My daughter loves and very interested in Christian Living. She appreciates God’s wonderful creation so much. Well, she herself is God’s wonderful creation. :)

Each lesson in her book has a passage taken from the Bible. One of the passages in the book says, “I put you in charge of all that I make (Genesis 1:28)”. This passage reminds us about our responsibility in all of God’s creations. When God created animals, plants, fish, mountains, seas, oceans, etc., He holds us responsible for taking good care of His creations. He made those wonderful things out of His love for us. In return, I believe, that it is our duty to value and take good care of those creations.

I live in an old apartment with my family in a compound. Most of my neighbors are the sons and daughters of our land lord. In a typical urban setting, even if the compound is owned privately, there are still tenants like my family, who are fond of having cats and dogs as pets. There are also stray cats that hang out in the “looban”. One of my neighbors who happened to be an active church servant gets very mad at those animals, especially the stray cats. She said that the cats just poop everywhere, and that they make the looban dirty. I heard her say one day that they have called Sanitation department of Pasig City to get rid of those poor animals. I learned from a friend that Pasig City doesn’t have any animal pound. If the Sanitation team will get the cats and dogs, what would they do to them then?

Honestly, I don’t even want to entertain the thought that comes to my mind. :(

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Out of respect, I did not bother to confront her. I believe that as an active church servant, she may have the responsibility in honing the spiritual wellness of young people. Yet, she should know most of all, that we people are responsible for taking care of God’s creations.

I was talking to Ate Ness about this and she told me that there is nothing I can do to people like that. But, there is something I can do for those animals that I really care for.

We have five cats at home and as much as I want them free, I need to put them in a cage. Well, as long as my “goody good” neighbors will learn that these animals are God’s creation, too and we have the responsibility of taking care of them, our cats would remain in the cage as long as we’re in the said looban. :(

I know that the poor cats and dogs in our looban are just few of the many creations God has made, that we people should be responsible of.  My article wouldn’t be enough to cover all those wonderful things that God made for us. Beautiful creations that we tend to abuse and take for granted.

God loves us so much, and hopefully sooner or later, we should learn to value these creations before it’s too late.

On the lighter side, I am just glad, that at five years old, my daughter has a heart already for God’s little creatures such as abandoned kittens. My mother told me that the other day, that on their way to school, they saw a kitten which looked very weak. My daughter told my mother that she pity the poor kitten and she wanted to adopt it.

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I talked to my daughter and told her that at this time, we can only pray for the safety of those animals. But in God’s grace, someday, we’ll have our own house with enough space for those poor animals.

St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony de Padua pray for us and for God’s beloved animals.

Ciao! :)

A Memoire

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The angel of death visited our home two Saturdays ago. My faithful and dear cat, Chaka took the place of whoever is to be taken. :(

I noticed that night that he stopped eating and drinking water. I looked at him in his eyes and I knew that something’s going to happen. I didn’t mind if it was late at night already. I got an old cloth and cleaned my the old cat. I tried to feed him but he refused. The following day, I had him drunk some water through a syringe. I knew in my heart that Chaka is going to leave. He may not speak my language but as we stare at each other’s eyes, I knew that he was saying goodbye to mommy. :(

Chaka died on Sunday evening; it was the same evening evening that my daughter was admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia with bronchial asthma. :(

It was March 2003 when I found a kitten who had been beaten up and played around with children in our looban. I got so pity on him that I decided to adopt him inspite of its physical look. Since, it still needed to be fed with milk, I had him drink milk using the tip of a cotton bud. I didn’t know then that there is a special bottle with small nipple designed for kittens available in the market.

Chaka had experienced other illness that we thought would destroy him. But he was one tough cat. He may be tough but he was the sweetest cat we ever had. :)

Chaka will always be remembered and loved. I didn’t cry an ocean then, because I had a chance to make him feel that he is loved even the last moments of his life. In return, he really waited for me, before he breathe his last.

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I know that Chaka is in a better place now. For he may not be with me today, but I believe that he is on God’s lap now. I still cannot help but cry when I remember him. And, I love that feeling. I may be hurt but crying when I remember him, means that I am missing him. And I guess, I will always be.

Thank you Chaka for the many years you have given me love. People may say that you were lucky to be adopted in our family. But, little did they know that we are luckier to have you. I also knew that you have attempted to take papa’s place when the angel of death took him.

Mommy will always love and will always miss you..

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A World Out of Reach

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If we tried to invent the cruelest punishment for dogs, we probably couldn’t come up with anything worse than “solitary confinement.” Dogs are pack animals, so it’s important for them to be with others. Most people who chain dogs don’t realize how much scratches behind the ears, games of fetch, and time spent inside with their families mean to dogs. If you have an “outside dog,” here are 10 ways that you can improve your dog’s life.

1. Let your dog inside! Don’t kid yourself that dogs “get used tp” living outside. Unless you or other dogs are out there to share it with them, the back yard quickly loses its charm. Constant barking is really a cry for attention. If it has stopped, it’s not because your dog is content but because he or she has given up of hope of rescue. :(

2. Build a Fence. A 6-foot privacy fence is safest – it’s harder for dogs to escape and harder for hooligans to do bad things to your pup. if a fence is out of your budget, set up a running line so your dog can exercise without being tangled. use a harness instead of a collar so dogs can’t strangle or hang themselves.

3. Provide lots of Exercise. Dogs need to run and sniff and explore. Go for long walks daily (it’s good for you too!). A “nopull” harness will painlessly save your dog’s neck — and your arm sockets! Bonus: Tired dogs are less likely to “misbehave”!

4. Bring joy with Toys.  Imagine being stuck outside, alone, with nothing to do but watch the mud dry. Even a knotted towel or a tennis ball can provide hours of entertainment. Dogs love to chew, so be sure they have plenty of safe things to gnaw on.

5. Take your dog “school”. If your dog has been put outside because of behaviour problems, confinement and isolation can only make them worse. A good dog-training class will teach you how to communicate with your dog, who just doesn’t understand what you expect. Plus, “teenage” dogs often settle down as they get older.

6. Protect your dog from “Old Man Winter”. In nature, dogs dig deep, cozy dens. Their fur, like your own winter coat, offers some protection, but they can still feel miserable in the cold. Puppies, elderly dogs, and small and short-haired breeds like pointers and Dobermans should never be left outside during cold snaps.

7. Help your dog beat the “dog days” of summer. Dogs are more susceptible to heat than humans. They can only cool themselves by panting and sweating through their paws. Short-nosed breeds like pugs and bulldogs are especially prone to heat stress. The same goes for Norhtern breeds like huskies, whose thick fur is designed for Alaskan winters, not Alabama summers. Let dogs inside during heat waves. At all other times, make sure they have access to shade. Plant trees: They can lower the ambient temperature by as much as 10 degrees!

In summer, when chained and penned dogs have no choice but to urinate and defecate right where they live (something they never do in the wild), the waste draws flies, which drive dogs crazy — flies will actually eat off the tips of dog’s ears! So clean up the area often — at least once a day.

8. Provide plenty of food and water. In winter, dogs need to eat almost double their summer rations to keep a layer of body fat for warmth. Water must be available at all times, especially during the summer when panting causes dehydration. Put bowls in the pen or at the end of the chain and inside a rubber tire to prevent tipping.

9. Visit the vet for regular checkups. Parvovirus, distemper, and other diseases can be prevented through vaccinations. Dogs must be wormed regularly — a dog with worms can lose vital body fat during winter. Heartworms are deadly — all dogs should be put on preventive medication, especially during mosquito season.

10. Spay or neuter your dog. An unneutered dog is like a frustrated lover and is more likely to be aggressive to your children. Neutering and spaying also prevent cancer of the reproductive organs, common in older dogs.

(Source: PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Ciao! :)

Playful Kittens

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Tika’s kittens are now a month old. Oh, how time flies so fast. The kittens interact already when we call their names. My favorite among the three is Miyette, she’s the youngest. Why? Well, she’s not as beautiful as the other 2 kittens! And my sisters always call her “panget” (ugly). Even my mother thought so. She’s my favorite because she was the first among the three who responded when called out by name. She became my favorite not because I pity her but I really like her. Nevertheless, I love all of them and we will keep them all! :)

Tika loss weight after giving birth and she’s always hungry! Who will not get hungry most of the time if you are feeding three kittens. Tika eat atleast 4 times a day. I tried to feed the kittens with formula milk but they didn’t like it much.  Well, I always see to it that Tika and Chaka have their favorite “ginanga” on stock.

I love our cats. We miss Chichi though and we just look at his old pictures and thought of the happy days he spent with us. Our family loves dogs as well. We have had three dogs that we loved so much. We cannot get a new dog because our landlady will not allow us to. I really don’t understand why there are people who doesn’t care about animals. :(

I hope you have a heart for animals. They may be depended on people for food and shelter but believe me; the love that they will give you in return is immeasurable. They would even give up their lives for their masters.

Ciao! :)

My Dear Chaka :)

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I adopted Chaka in April 2003. I rescued him from the bad children who tried to beat him up. He was just a kitten then. Though I was able to rescue him, he already suffered physical damages that made his back feet crippled. I thouht he will not be able to walk anymore but God seen the love I gave him and he was able to walk straight again. :)

I remember before Nonet came in the picture, Chaka used to sleep beside me. :) He was my baby until I got pregnant in 2005. Chaka is around 49 Cat years old already. One of veterinarian at PAWS that Chaka’s age is already old.

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I believe that this is the first time I post something about him. When I was pregnant with Antoinette, Chaka was lost. I was told that it was cat’s mating season then. I waited for days that turned into weeks but he didn’t come home. I decided to find him myself. My mother accompanied me when we go from street to another. We used to go in at night because cats are usually asleep during the day. I was about to lose hope already.

One day, while I was browing the net, I came across with a website called, Overcomeproblems. I browsed the website, and found St. Anthony of Padua’s prayer. It has been said that St. Anthony is a patron of missing articles. I uttered the prayer hoping that St. Anthony will guide Chaka home.

After 3 days, while I was at the mall buying baby stuff, I received a text message from my sister that Chaka is finally home.

I was overwhelmed with what happened and offered thanksgiving and praised to God. I got my daughter’s first name from St. Anthony. :)

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My daughter Antoinette and my elder baby Chaka

I love Chaka very much and as long as he is still with me, I would see to it that he would feel loved and important.

I hope you guys will learn to love animals, too. It doesn’t matter whether the animal baby you have is a pure breed or not. Because both animals would still give you the same level of love and affection. :)

Ciao! :)

Our baby is now a Mommy (to be!)

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I wonder if Ro will be a mommy to be too if she didn’t leave that soon. Well, her sister Tika was able to make it this far and hopefully she will be with us for many more years. :) Tika was adopted sometime in October, 2009. She was a cute kitten. I know she felt sad when Ro passed away. She is a lucky kitten because even my mother loves her. :)

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Days passed so fast and we just realized that she’s ready to be a mom. Our friend Ate Ness, told her to bring to the vet for spaying. We thought that Tika is too young for that. And, getting “in heat” is part of animals nature. My sisters and I decided Tika to be free and let her explore “her world”. :)

Days later we noticed that her tummy has grown unusually big. Hehehe!!! Then we knew that our baby is soon to be a mom.. :)

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This morning we let her inside the house and we noticed that she went to the different corners of the house. She went under the tables and cabinets. We know that her natal day will be sooner than we have anticipated. We have had cats before which tried to hide to their kittens for us not to touch them.

I arranged a good stack of old clothes and mats in her cage and let her in. Hopefully, Tika will have a good delivery. We are very excited about the beautiful kittens.. :)

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Ciao! :)

Bits and Pieces about Cats

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Talking about cats, I found a magazine from our shelf about cats. I scanned through it’s pages and read fascinating facts about cats. I only hope I have a scanner so I can share those lovely cats. :) Well, hope you enjoy these bits and pieces about our beloved felines. :)

  • Evidence suggests that cats were companions to human as early as 4500 years ago. The Egyptian people were the first humans to realize the exceptional value of cats.
  • As far as your cat is concerned, history has demanded that the feline be the most pampered of all species.
  • Gone are the days when women were often persecuted for having pet cats.
  • Not so in the 14th century, when the cats are busy killing the rats that spread the dreaded Black Death (bubonic plague).
  • The cats has emerged from the hunted to the hunter since the Middle Ages.
  • One thing that absolutely crucial for your cat’s health is the availability of fresh, cool water at all times. Every cat needs a clean bowl with fresh water at all times.
  • The history books tell us that cats were domesticated mainly for the ability to hunt granary-ravaging rats.
  • Greenery is good for a cat’s digestion. Just make sure that the grass you cat nibbles on has not been treated with lawn chemicals.
  • When you take the cat into the shower, make sure that the shampoo you will use on your cat is veterinarian-approved. Be very careful not to get it in your cat’s eyes, nose, ears, or mouth. The cat’s head should be kept dry during the bath.
  • Cats scratch for a variety of reasons, including scent marking, shedding their outer claws, and for exercise.
  • Cats and kittens love colorful toys shaped like mice.
  • Cats can’t resist stringy toys they can leap for and chase.
  • Taking time to play with your cat every day will relieve tension in both you and your feline. (This is very true to me. :) ) (Source: CATS Quarterly YB127)

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I also noticed that a witch is always associated with a cat (Well, I know for sure that I am not one. :) )

Ciao! :)

A Day with the Cats

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I mentioned in my previous post that I signed up as PAWS volunteer. I filed a vacation leave last Monday and spent the rest of my afternoon in PAWS. I decided to go there after lunch because there is no nearby cafeteria where I can eat lunch. I arrived in PAWS at around 2PM. It was not as busy as Saturday, but there were visitors and other volunteers, too.

First, I joined Cha in touring the guests around the PARC. She asked me to join her so next time I will be able to accompany visitors around the shelter. After the tour, I left my bag in the office and arrange some office furniture then I started working.  Most of the volunteers that are present last Monday attended the Dog Runs and gave some of the dogs a bath. Since they were attending the canine, I decided to spend the day with the cats. I was able to meet some of the adorable cats for adoptions. Some of them have name tags but others just lost theirs.

The shelter currently houses aroun 256 cats and kittens, and around 55 dogs. I spent an hour in the Kittenery first. Actually that room is for kittens, but since cats number have grown, the kittens there have grown into cats and were not transferred to Catery anymore. I checked the cats eyes and hold each one of them. Each cats has their own unique personalities. There are very sweet. There are some who will just ignore you. Some will also leave scents on you. I swept the floor in the kittenery then went to catery which is just in beside it. I checked on each of the cats. Swept the floor and map the room. I was finished already at around 4PM. Then while taking a break in the office, Cha asked if I can attend the Sick Bay.

There were like 20 cats and kittens in the Sick Bay. I gave each of them the necessary medicine and made sure that they’re okay.

I left PAWS at around 8PM. It was very tiring though but I was very happy. It was fulfilling. I’ll be coming back there, soon.. :)

Ciao! :)

A Tribute to ChiChi

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It has been a 3 days now since our beloved cat Chi-Chi passed away. Some may say that it’s only a cat, why do you need to grieve on it. To us, especially to my sister Patty, Chi-Chi was not just a cat. He was a family.

Our family is an animal lover ever since. There were some instances though that we needed to give up our pets and brought them to the province. We just rent an apartment and there is not much space for pets. Added to it are the “non-animal-lover” land lords/ladies. It was about 9 nine years ago when my sister rescued a kitten along Ortigas Avenue Extension in Taytay, Rizal. We used to live in one of the subdivisions there. She brought home this helpless kitten. My mother disapproved her taking home the kitten because the house we’re living then isn’t ours. Well, Patty didn’t give up on the said kitten. She fed it and named him Chichiriko, Chi-Chi for short. Chi-chi was a very playful kitten. He actually grew up in the companion of our dog, Tico, which we gave up because of my not so kind Ninong Jonas (Grrrrr!). When Chi-Chi was about few months old, he was catnapped by one of the caretakers in the subdivisions. Patty cried so hard then. We even post a “missing” notice in the guard house of the subdivision. We eventually found him as we went from one house to another. I remember how Chi-Chi loved eating dog food! Oh, he loved it!

When we moved to a new home in Pasig, we brought Chi-Chi along. We did not allow him to leave the house because he is not familiar with the place yet. There was a time when we had to bring Chi-Chi to the vet for he didn’t want to eat. Fortunately, he was able survive it.

We called Chi-Chi a tough guy because he was really “sungit”. He was not like other cats, which are cuddly and sweet. Well, Chi-Chi has grown older and he preferred to be alone. Of course, Patty didn’t mind being scratched by Chi-Chi. If she wanted to cuddle him, she will do so even though Chichi would resist.

We started forced feeding him, Monday last week. He got so week and our friends from PAWS advised us to bring him there before it’s too late. We brought Chi-Chi to PAWS last Wednesday and we we’re accompanied by one of the shelter’s directors. Chi-Chi was attended by Doc Marifi. She is the most compassionate vet I have met so far. She immediately put dextrose on Chi-chi because he is badly dehydrated. When we told her his age, she warned us already about the worst case that might happen. The thought made me cry so I decided to step out of the clinic. When I get back to the clinic, blood sample is being extracted from him. Ate Heidi wanted to have Chi-chi’s blood examined for possible kidney and liver problems.

We left PAWS then at around 4:30PM. I never had any sleep yet then. Before we leave, we told Chi-Chi to fight. That night, I received a phone call from Doc Marifi that Chi-Chi’s condition is on guard. The blood test showed that Chi-chi has a high values in the kidney. I didn’t really understand what that means. All I know is that Chi-chi has severe kidney problems. Patty and I decided to visit him the following day. Patty carried Chi-chi on her arms during our stay. She kept on kissing him and telling him to hold on. Before we leave, I carried Chi-Chi and told him to get well soon for his brother, Chaka and sister Tika are waiting for him. Patty placed him gently on the cage, then Chi-chi with all his effort raised his head and stared at my sister for like 15 seconds then he laid his head on the towel again. I was really surprised by that gesture. I told Chi-chi to keep fighting so we can go home. Although, at the back of my mind there was a thought that I do not want to entertain about Chi-Chi’s gesture. ?

Patty went to office last Friday. Since it was our payday as well, I decided to treat myself in one of the restaurants in Eastwood. As I eat with my colleague, I received a phone call from Patty. She was crying on the other end and I knew then that Chi-Chi is gone. ? She said that she called PAWS that morning and Cha (who is the secretary) told her about the bad news. She told her that when they do their rounds that morning, they found Chi-Chi’s lifeless body already. Patty said that she couldn’t afford to see her dead cat’s body. She asked me to go to PAWS and attend to Chi-Chi’s burial.

It was painful. I wasn’t able to finish my meal and I started crying. I decided to go home first before going to PAWS. When I arrived home, I carried my own cat Chaka and whispered that his kuya Chi-Chi is gone. I knew that Chaka can feel it, he answered a meow and there is loneliness in his eyes. Chi-chi’s death made me appreciate and love my own cat (who is 7 years old) more.

I went to PAWS that afternoon and saw Chi-chi’s body. I cried and cried again until the caretakers buried him.

I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to PAWS staff (Heidi, Gwen, Cha, Anna and caretakers) and to the vets(Doc Marifi and Doc Will) who attended to Chi-Chi. His death made Patty and I value our own pets and care for abandoned and helpless pets more. In fact, we signed up as PAWS volunteers already.

I know that Chi-chi have crossed the Rainbow bridge. I know that he was welcomed by his fur siblings (Ro, Tico, Chinchin, Haiti, Tom and all our beloved pets). ChiChi will always be loved and missed.

Thank you Chi-Chi for the 9 happy years that you have spent with us. Until we meet again..


Ro met an accident

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Before going to work last September 9, I prepared food for our newly adopted kitten, I noticed that she does not have that energy to eat. I know that she’s hungry because she will smell and tried tasting the food but to my surprise she cannot eat. I took her out of the cage that she shared with my big cat, Chaka, and checked on her. I checked on her mouth and looked if a food was stuck in it but there was none. What I seen was her front teeth were loosen. :(

I told my sister about it and asked her to forced feed Ro using a syringe (without the needle of course). While at work, my sister sent me a text message that Ro’s jaw was broken. Uh oh. It’s as if, she had been kicked into the cage’s wall. Well, I guess she was. It was my fault to put her in the same cage with my cat. :(

Chaka has been kind to her. In fact, he allowed her to cling to him like her own “mother” during the cold weather. But, Chaka often experience epileptic attacks. I’m thinking that it is possible that one of those attacks, he accidentally kicked Ro.

I cannot blame Chaka for that for I know that he did not intend it to happen. I actually blamed myself for what had happened to Ro. When I arrived home from work the following day, I brought home a baby food, Cerelac. I prepared some for Ro and she liked it! :) She was able to eat Cerelac. I know she’s in pain but I cannot give her any pain relievers.

I decided to bring her to Animal Clinic. The vet checked on her and she has fever during the check up. The vet injected her with antibiotic and gave me the prescription for take home medicine. I bought the medicine from the clinic, too. Well, my sister Patty shared the expenses with me so, it wasn’t really that pain on my purse. :)

To this day, we can still see the trace of the kick. It could have been a strong kick, poor Ro. However, Ro is slowly recovering from it and she is again a very playful and active kitten. :)

Ciao! :)

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