While I am Silent

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I really didn’t know how I got an acute laryngitis. I have been in a voice rest for almost a week now, and I am not fully recovered yet. :( I still carry my little white board with me. I need to write whatever I need to say. I cannot get angry, for I cannot shout. Hehehe! I cannot scold my daughter if she did something wrong. How can you scold someone if you’re not supposed to talk? I guess my voice box just needed a little rest after being in the call center for more than seven years. I am not sure if this is a sign that I needed to be on another industry and leave call center. I am afraid to lose my voice completely. I am afraid that I may not be able to sing again. :(

While I am on an absolute voice rest, I thought of the voiceless people; those who were born mute and those who have voice but their voices are unheard. :(

It is so hard. To be honest, I feel miserable already. My colleagues envy me because I am on a “vacation.” It may sound fun, but it isn’t. :(

While I am silent, I learned to listen well. Maybe this is one way of God’s teaching me how to listen and not just hear. Often times, I tend to talk and talk and I would simply overhear what other people are saying. Sometimes I really forget to listen. While I am not talking, I learned the value of listening. Not only listening to my family, to my friends, to my daughter, but most importantly, listening to God. Since I am silent, I was able to hear other people’s voices instead of my own voice. And in silence and in listening, you get to understand and internalize the things that are happening around you and in your own life. Most importantly, I learned the value of my voice. How I should have used it to speak of something essential, something that would do good to our neighbors and not curse them, and most of all, use it to give praise to God.

I am hoping and praying that I will get well soon. I need to go work already. I have used up all my sick leaves already. And, I miss talking and singing already. :)

Ciao! :)


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Today is my third day of voice rest. Well, according to the physician who checked on my condition last Monday from Maxicare, I should have at least 3 days voice rest. In the medical certificate she made for me, she indicated that my fit to work is effective May 20. But in the case that I didn’t get well, or my voice didn’t return to its normal tone and sound, then I will be seeing her again for follow up and she may have to refer me to a specialist already.

At first, I thought that I would be able to rest well. I have been longing to take a break from work but I never thought it would be like this. Honestly, I feel miserable already. I am at home, right, but then, I cannot relax fully. I cannot speak with my family. When I wanted to say something, I need to write it down on a small white board I bought. :( I cannot relax. I am thinking about work. I am thinking about my condition. :(

One needed his voice to work in a call center industry. How can I work effectively if I have a hoarse voice? I was advised to speak very very soft and effortless. I feel like there is a lump which begins to grow in my throat. :( Although I do not experience any difficulty or pain while swallowing, I am still afraid that I will not get better. :(

I am afraid that I may not be able to be part of Call Center industry anymore and worst, I can no longer sing. Tomorrow, I will be reporting back to work and I am just hoping that I’ll get better soon. I really feel so bad about this.

Of course, I never get tired of praying that our Ultimate Healer will turn His face on me and will get pity on my situation. Oh please Lord, heal me. Amen.


Schedule Reshuffle

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This week is my last week on a 10:30PM shift. Next week, my shift will start at 3AM Manila time already. :) I will have a considerable “weekend” off. :) At first, I didn’t really like my schedule, but then I realized that with my new schedule I will be able to complete the triduum prayer on Holy week. I haven’t had the chance to complete the triduum prayer since I started working. I feel so blessed and I hope that my new schedule would inspire me to work harder. :)

One of my rest days fall on a Sunday, and my sister asked me to join a group aerobics on Sunday morning. I just hope that would shape me up again. I get so tired using the different pull up bars available in a little gym I enrolled into. I used to be Small to Medium size. Oh, please don’t ask my size now! Hehehe! :)

I will be reporting to work for 6 days straight this week, then I will be reporting to my new team on Tuesday next week. :)

I hope I would be find new friends in my new team. I am looking forward to be inspired to go to work everyday! :)

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Ciao! :)

Another day @ Work!

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My day went smoothly at work today. Oh, thank God! Stress from work is normal and I am getting used to it. Anyway, I have been working for how many years now.  Somehow, I have learned how to balance my life. There are really times that, you get tired of working and you just wanted to take a break. Well, that’s exactly why we are entitled with vacation leaves. :) I used most of my vacation leaves before ney left. I really made sure that we’ll be able to spend more time and make the most out of it. He will be away for two years to work overseas. I only got 3 vacation leaves left and I have plotted my remaining leaves already. One will be the day after the barangay fiesta. I have really planned for it because definitely my very “respectful” neighbors will be drinking and singing and playing poker all night ‘til morning. I know that there is nothing we can do for the moment but to be patient. :)

I plotted my other two vacation leaves for my daughter’s birthday. I am not going to throw any party for her. We’ll just eat out and let her play at Tom’s World as much as she wanted. :)

I have learned to appreciate my work especially if I see other people’s work. My work as a customer care, technical support and sales rep all rolled into one, can be very tiring. However, all the hard work and stress will be paid off by a simple thank you and a appreciation from a happy customer. You cannot please all the customers but as long as you are doing, what you need to do and even giving extra effort to help them is something that you can be proud of yourself.

At the end of the day, I still give thanks and praise to God for giving me a good work; for blessing me with talents and for sharing it not only with the people I love and I care for but especially those who are most in need. :)

Ciao! :)

Love the company that provides you Bread and Butter!

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True. However, I believe that it would be more appropriate to love and enjoy the field and the type of work you have chosen. Our team had a brown bag session with our HR Generalist last night. I never thought that Miss Roch would be as gentle as she was last night. She said that the reason my we are holding the brown bag session is because she heard about mass resignation from our team. Personally, I thought of resigning early next year if my tbr would continue to treat me like an idiot. However, our Generalist was able to enlighten us of being part of the company where we at right now. She made me realize not be blinded by the amount of salary being offered but look at the salary and the benefits as a package. She admitted that, there could be a better company than, our company elsewhere. But, before leaving our current employer, check first if the new company will be able to provide growth and development in our career.

I was enlightened with our session with Miss Roch. She made me realized a lot of things. She made me love my work more than before. :) I am looking forward with another brown bag with you Miss Roch.

Ciao! :)

Good Morning Sunshine!!!

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I will be saying good morning sunshine next week. We had a schedule rotation and our team will be on the morning shift. I have been in the graveyard shift for more than a year and I kinda got used to it. :)

It was a mixed emotion when I learned that our team would be in the morning shift already. I’m kinda sad because I will not be able to take advantage of the night differential for more than two months. :( And, I will not be able to see my other friends very often anymore because we’ll be in “scattered” schedules. I would definitely miss my previous team. My boss Oneil then asked me to join their team building. I said, I do not want to go. :( To be honest, I wanted to join and have fun with them because I miss them so much. I miss my friends and the “singing voice” of my boss then. :D But since we’ll be in different shifts and different rest days, I cannot join them anymore. So sad. :(

Well, there is always a positive side in every situation. :D Since I will be reporting to work at 5AM, I will be able to take advantage of sleeping at night. How healthy! I can minimize drinking coffee (I hope! :P ). I will be able to spend more quality time with my daughter and I will be able to do more things than when I’m in the evening shift. :)

I am excited of reporting to work next Tuesday since our new off would be Sunday and Monday. Yet, starting that week, I have to be more thrift, because I know that there would be a cut in my salary since the hours allotted to get the night differential would be less. That’s fine. :)

And, I would definitely be able to update you guys with different things since I will have more time in my hands! :D

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Ciao! :)

Sleepless Nights!

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Well it is expected that I have sleepless nights because I work at night! Hehehe! Even if the company would have 24/7 support, and my previous team will have a fine schedule, I would stay in the night shift because of the additional support I would have. If only I can go back to my old team. :( Well, I’ll tell you about the transfer on another post. I really felt bitterness about it. Anyway, since my work sked is at night then I have to bear the noise and the hot weather of the morning. Sometimes, I really find it hard to get a good sleep in the morning. :(

When I bought my daughter a medicine, I found a pretty good sleeping pills that I can take if ever I experience difficulty in sleeping. I haven’t ask how much it would cost but I believe I can buy it even without prescription. Well, I hope so! I have not asked the pharmacist about it. :)

I know that I shouldn’t be dependent on pills. But if I believe that I can take one especially when I am in great need of good sleep. :)

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Ciao! :)

A Whole New World

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First week on the production floor has been so tiring and stressful. I almost gave up and thought of applying somewhere else. Some of my batchmates have decided to let go of Dell and find a greener pasture. I ought to check on it, too, this week. But I would like to give myself sometime to feel the new world I am into.

Last Friday, I had 3 coaching sessions with my team manager. She is firm and strict. But I guess she is just doing her job. I thought I wouldn’t like her but she is like that because she wanted me to learn. Well, I am learning a lot. My team mate said that I should not be putting too much pressure on myself. It is fine to commit mistakes. There is always room for improvement. :)

I hope I would be able to have a better career in here. I know that it would need a lot of hardwork and patience. I know God has a better plan for me why I ended up working at Dell. I know that with God’s help I would be able to make it here! :)

Ciao! :)

The Journey Begins

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It’s been a while since I have updated you guys about the current beautiful things that happened in my life. I have been busy this past few days and finally got the time to talk about my current endeavor. Well, last Monday, August 10 was my 1st day at Dell. The orientation was held at around 1PM. I arrived in the office 30 minutes before the call time. :) I met my new colleagues, chat a bit and the orientation started. The office treated us for a dinner at Pancake house at around 6PM. Wow! I was really full! I really had a good dinner. :)

The orientation lasted for 9 hours, so I arrived home at around 10:30PM. I am happy. I thanked the Lord for that blessing and I prayed that I would have a better life in my new work.

Then, Tuesday morning I went to Concentrix for my clearance. Anna of HR conducted my exit interview. To be honest, I really felt sad during the interview. I have been with them for 6 years and I would really miss the place. Well, I told Anna that it is really time for me to go and to start a new life.

In the evening, I had my first day of training. Again, I arrived in the office 20 minutes before the scheduled time. Well, I don’t want to be late anymore. Hopefully!:)

I was impressed that they are serving free coffee. :) And not just coffee but brewed flavored coffee. :) Oh, I should start reading different diet pills review for their concessionaire offers good food as well! :)

My journey with Dell begins and I would want to start it the right way. I pray that God will continue to guide me and help me with the challenge I have.

Ciao! :)

What a day!

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My interviews didn’t go well today. My first interview was 6AM this morning. My interviewers are 3 Engineers from the company I applied in. As expected, of course they asked me technical questions. Hmmm, I was able to answer some questions but not everything. They said that I am technically equipped but it’s from a different field. Which is true! In fact, I was getting whiplash as they asked me questions about the things that I should do when they hire me. I don’t want to pretend that I know what they asked me. I applied for level 2 so they’re expecting me to be better than their level 1 technicians. But how can be better than their level 1′s if I don’t even have the basic knowledge of what they do. They said that they can recommend me for level 1 for they know that I will be a good tech for their support. I just need to have some good foundations. Hmmm, I like the idea except for the salary.

I went to another interview and they’re impressed though with my technical skills. The problem is that they cannot give me my asking salary. They told me that for “freshmen” in their company they offer a specific amount only which is actually much lower than my current basic pay.

I guess I still need to try my luck somewhere. My sister who is a senior recruitment specialist from a certain office in Makati, asked me to send her my resume and she will just forward it to her “connections”. :)

Hopefully, her connections will be able to help me. :)

Ciao! :)

Greener Pasture

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I have worked in the company I am currently employed for 6 years now. I have been a technical support engineer and if I don’t love the kind of work I am in, maybe I have shifted to a different type of work which is related to my degree. Being an all-in-one technician is a tough job. I have no any complaints about it because, I know that I can do the job. It’s just that being an “all-in-one” agent, means being a sales agent, too. Well, that’s the part I didn’t like. Everyday, I handle different kinds of computer related problems. I deal with different networking devices irregardless of what brand it is. I know I am technically equipped. My college course and work experience have taught me a lot to be confident enough in the kind of work that I have now. In the current support that I am in now, technical knowledge is okay but sales skills is more important. I must admit that I am not that good in selling. I am confident in selling myself as technician but there are a lot of factors that affect my selling skills. My other colleagues, though, excel in selling but not me. :(

I never thought, that I would be looking for a greener pasture this early. I have informed my team leader about it and she told me that I just need to practice selling and eventually I will be able to meet the daily sales target. I have been practicing and exerting a lot of effort in selling, its just that, most of the clients I am dealing with do not want to pay. :(   Meeting the sales target means a lot to our monthly kpi grade. Of course, it affects my salary, too.

I know that my technical skills will help me move into a greener pasture. I have a lot of responsibilities and obligations to attend to. My daughter will be going to school next year and I need to earn for that. I know that her father will help me but I don’t want to depend on him, especially when I know that I can stand on my own.

I have already submitted my cv to different companies and I got 3 invitations for interview this week. I heard mass last night, and I prayed before God to help me in my interviews. Hopefully, I will be able to pass the interviews and get hired. I’m crossing my fingers hard and begging God to be with me as I take another step in my career.  Hopefully, everything will go well this week. :)


Ciao! :)


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Many times I have attempted to resign from the company I am working on right now. But then, moving to another company needs a lot of factors to be considered. I love my work as a technical support. I have been in this field for around 6 years now. If I don’t love what I am doing, I will not last that long in this kind of job.

Everyday, I learned different things as per my support is concerned. I feel fulfilled everytime I resolve a certain problem. I feel happy when my client is happy.

It’s just that recently, in the account I am with, I am really disappointed with the policy they’re implementing. Everybody in our team is striving for…for what? I don’t know! Those in the position don’t seem to get satisfied and they’re being greedy for money! I understand that business is business. But then, was it our fault if those in-charge in the marketing then, didn’t do what they opt to do?

I just felt horrible yesterday. Come to think of this, one of the features that our support package offers is remote assistance. Our clients count on it. We more than 20 agents on a shift and guess what?!? We are only allowed to use 5 remote assistance tool at the same time!

I really cried to myself and prayed to Jesus to help me feel better. Those people are like asbestos causing mesothelioma to us agents! :(

Well, God is good all the time. While I am on my head praying to give me strenght, I received a text message from my friend. It was a very comforting message especially on that moment. It says:

The soul that has sufficient faith accepts all the events of life as gifts from God, in the serene assurance that God knows best.

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