Celebrating my 31st Birthday!

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Since honey is on vacation from working abroad, he was here with me when I celebrated my birthday. It’s been a while since I celebrated my birthday with him.

We planned of hearing mass at Antipolo Cathedral. But since he was tired and my daughter was still sleepy, we just decided to hear the 12Noon mass at EDSA Shrine. It doesn’t matter which church we will go, what matters is I was able to hear mass and received blessings on my birthday. :)

After the mass, we went to Robinson’s Galleria, so Nonet and Ikay can play at Tom’s World. We had an earlier plan of going to SM Mall of Asia, but due to a not so good weather that day, we decided to enjoy at Tom’s World instead. :)

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The kids enjoy playing at Tom’s World. Honey bought them ample of tokens. They also rode on the mini rides available there. Surely, the enjoyed the rides! Honey also bought us T-Shirt. :)

We left the mall mid-afternoon, so we will not be caught by the rush hours and the possible rain.

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At home, my mother cooked pansit, fried chicken and relyenong bangus. :) Honey also bought me a birthday cake. My sisters commented that relyenong bangus is always present on my birthday. :) You bet it’s my favorite! :)

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I am happy and thankful. Honey and I may have so many differences but maybe my prayers are now working. :)

Thank you Lord for another year and for many years to come! :)

Ciao! :)

At 31

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I celebrated my 31st birthday last June 4. Wow! I am 31. I have been blessed with 3 decades and a year of life and still counting. :) I am grateful to God for my life. For the countless blessings my family and I continues to receive everyday; for the many friends I have; for everything. I may not be where I am now and what I am now without our loving God.

I have a good job and I want to keep it for now. To be honest, I am not quite enjoying it but at least I have a job. I earned money from my job which I use to support my family and to provide for my daughter.

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At 31, I can say that I am successful. Success for me it’s not just about the amount of money you have, or the number of cars you own or the number of houses you have been built. I am successful as a daughter and the eldest of 3 siblings because, I am able to provide for my family even if my father is no longer around. I am successful as a sister because I was able to help my younger sisters to school and help them finished school. Since Pauline graduated this year, the three of us are now college graduates and professional. I am successful as a mother because, I am able to provide for my daughter. I am able to buy her maintenance medicine for her asthma. I am able to buy her clothes, shoes, books, toys and food. I am just glad that God has always been there for me so I can do all these things. :)

At 31, I know that I have done many mistakes and wrong decisions. Decisions I made, which had hurt me and other people. Mistakes that made me look bad. Mistakes that made me cry. I am only human. I may have done a lot of mistakes in the past but what is important is that I have learned from those mistakes. The wrong decisions I made in the past made me wiser. The hurt and the pain I had gone through made me stronger.

As I begin a new decade of my life, I hope to be a better person. I will always remember what my boss taught us; that in every situation you should be the better person.

I know that there will be lot of problems and challenges I have yet to face. There will be difficulties that will test my patience and faith. There will be troubles that would cause pain and heartaches.

Yet, I will not be afraid and will not worry too much. I believe that God will always be there for me, no matter what happen.

Looking forward to wonderful years ahead! Praise and thank you Lord!

Ciao! :)

Remembering Papa’s Birthday

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Tomorrow is the 20th day of May. There are different occasions which I remember on this day. First, my friend and my kumpare’s birthday, Don Glenn; Ney and I first anniversary as sweethearts; and of course, my father’s birthday.

If my father is still alive today, he would have been 59 years old. He died when he was 54. It has been five years since he died of cancer. Many would tell us that it is not important to remember his birthday anymore since he is dead already. What is important is to remember his death anniversary. But, to our family, we remember both.

I wasn’t able to provide papa the things that I have provided my family today. Or, I guess, he already appreciated the things I have done for him when he got sick. Due to complications, I needed to attend to all the things my mother should have done. But, since, no one’s going to take care of my little baby then, we decided that my sister, Patty and I will be the ones to attend whatever the hospital needed us to do for him.

My father liked pancit than spaghetti. On his birthday, he would often ask my mother to cook pancit for him. I don’t remember buying him a cake on his birthday. But I guess I bought an ice cream for him once. :)

This year (just like the past five years), we will offer a mass for his soul. If it does not rain tomorrow, then we might visit his remains in the cemetery.

If he would have survived today, I supposed, I would be getting one of those Bar Gifts for Men ! :)

He must have gone physically, but his love for us and his memories still linger. He may not be the perfect father in the world, but he would still be the best for us.

We love you papa and we miss you. Happy Birthday!

Ciao! :)

Nonet @ Five

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I took a 3-day vacation leave from work to spend quality time with my daughter. You bet, we really had a lot of fun! :) Since daddy is not here to celebrate with us, Antoinette’s 5th birthday, I see to it that my daughter will really enjoy her special day. :)

I am thankful to God for sending me “human angels” that made Antoinette’s birthday a special one. Their last day at school before the semestral break was October 27. Her birthday is October 28. We had a little treat for her classmates on the 27th. Then in the afternoon, we visited St. Pio’s Chapel in Libis Quezon City where we offered prayer, flowers and lit candles.

The following day, she accompanied me in buying her birthday cake. I told my mom to cook spaghetti late in the afternoon. I decided to celebrate the birthday feast in the evening for dinner already. :)

At noon, we heard mass at Edsa Shrine. The church is air-conditioned and the mass was really solemn, that my daughter almost fell asleep. Hehehe! We had our lunch at KFC then we headed to Tom’s World. I let her play every game she wanted to. I really wanted the day to be unforgettable for her. :)

I don’t remember how much tokens we have used. When I felt that she’s tired, I took her to Austin Land to relax. Austin Land is part of Tom’s World in Galleria as well. :)

When Auntie Tina arrived, we shopped for Nonet’s clothes and shoes and few toys. She really enjoyed her day! :)

In the evening, Antoinette blew her birthday cake’s candles. Our family enjoyed the extra food we have on our table and wishes Antoinette good health and bright future ahead. I love you anak. :)

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Happy Birthday Day Antoinette!

Antoinette, may have come to me in an unexpected time. I may not have been prepared to have a baby then, but I am thankful to God for giving me my daughter. She really turned my world around. With God’s help, I believe that I will be able to raise her as a fine lady. :)

God bless you anak!

Ciao! :)

Cousins Day

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After the side trip we had at Rizal Shrine we went ahead to Catherine’s place. It was about 15-minute tricycle ride from the plaza. The guests were eating when we arrived. Jeboy have blown his birthday cake’s candle already as well.

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Antoinette and Jeboy

I knew that Cathy was very happy to see us. We gave our birthday presents to Jeboy and we enjoyed the food they prepared for his birthday. My daughter and her cousins Jeboy and JC started playing around after eating. I let her play with her cousins and Jeboy’s classmates. :) It’s really happy to see them play and enjoy each other’s company. They are the family’s next generation children. :)

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With JC and Jeboy

While the kids are playing, we enjoy the videoke! :) Our family loves to sing. I am grateful to God for blessing me with a singing voice. My sisters and my cousins can hit the notes of a song well, too. :) We sang and sang until the microphone died on us. Oh well, my cousin April stepped on the cord and pulled the microphone out of the videoke machine! Great!

Like Antoinette, Jeboy and JC, my paternal cousins and I are also close to each other. We are not only cousins but we are friends. I remember the times when we were younger and single! My father’s brother used to get angry always when we go home late at night. He would always say how sorry he was for having nieces and not nephews! Hahaha! :) My paternal grandparents have 11 grandchildren. There are 8 girls! Our ages are very close to each other that’s why we really enjoy hanging out with each other. :)

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Enjoying the Videoke Machine!!!

As we grow older, we have had a lot of misunderstandings that made the bond we had loosened up. :( It was sad though. The trip we had in Laguna, made me realize that whatever differences we have and whatever misunderstandings we had in the past should be a closed story already. I feel that the happy moments and the friendship my cousins and I shared are stronger than any differences we have. To top it all, we have the same blood running in our veins. :) With that, we are planning to have a reunion in Summer next year! :)

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Enjoying Sinigang na Hipon before going back to Manila

Ciao! :)

Sam’s 7th Birthday

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I mentioned in my previous post, I bought a Fairy Tale book for Sam as a gift for her 7th birthday. The party has started already when I arrived. My sister Patty, Sam’s godmother was the host of the party. They were doing a parlor game when I arrived. I am glad to hear that my daughter actively participated in the different games. She really enjoyed the company of Sam and Simoune. Her friends and classmates attended Sam’s party.

In every party, one always expects good foods. Well, I would like to commend my kumare, Che-Che, who cooked all the food and baked Sam’s cake. They served the food after the parlor games. I joined my daughter and Simoune on their table and we enjoyed eating spaghetti and fried chicken and hotdog on stick. :) My sister was a bit pissed of me because I didn’t help in serving the food. Hehehe! I came from work that day and I was starving. I didn’t bother myself to help serve the food to the other guests. I ate with my daughter. :) I was really full and satisfied. :)

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Samantha @ 7

After the delicious food, they enjoyed the pabitin which Sam prepared for her guests. She also gave loot bags with exciting goodies inside. :)

My daughter will turn five years old this October. Well, I do not have any plans of throwing a party for her. But if her father will provide enough budget, why not?!? Hehehe!

Ciao! :)

Nonet @ Four

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Last October 28 (2009), my daughter celebrated her 4th birthday. Wow! I cannot imagine how time passed so fast! ? I remember the day when I learned that I was pregnant. The first person I called to break the news about my pregnancy was my best friend. I was in Lucena then to meet ney when I had my pregnancy test. It’s so nice to look back and reminisce the things I went through before I gave birth to Nonet.

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On her 4th birthday, I bought her cake from Goldilocks. I brought her along when I bought the cake. My mother cooked spaghetti, fried chicken and lumpiang shanghai. We didn’t have any party at all. It was just a small feast with family. Antoinette was so happy especially when she blew her cake. ?

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I wish and pray that my daughter will grow up healthy and strong. I pray that she would grow up a fine woman, and would finish school. I do not come from a wealthy family, I do not have much money to give her when I’m gone, but I would see to it that she would survive life’s challenges when the time comes for me to leave her.

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Ciao! :)

A Happy Birthday

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I know I owe you many stories since I have not been updating my journal lately. Please forgive me I am still adjusting myself into the “night shift” schedule for work. Well, it has been 3 weeks already since I have been in the gy shift but I am still not used to it. :( I do not even have a “life” when I am in gy because I am sleeping the whole day when I have a work. Anyway, I know that I will get used to it soon. :)

I told you last week that I would be going to Quezon to spend sometime with ney and to celebrate his birthday. Though, I was very sleepy before I set off, I made sure that everything I need to attend to while I am away would be taken cared off. :)

I told my daughter that I would be visiting her father but she cannot go with me. I told her that I would buy her something when I get home. Well, she was disappointed because she would really love to go. She loves her father so much and she misses him. I told her that I would bring her along next time.

I left the house at around 2PM last Saturday. It was a good thing, that there is a bus stop for provincial buses already in EDSA across Robinson’s Galleria. Before those provincial buses need to take the fly over in there, so commuters going to the province, need to go directly to the bus terminals.

It took about 30minutes before I was able to go onboard the JAM Liner going to Lucena. It would take about 4 hours to get there. After I paid my fare, I sent ney a text message that I am on the bus already and I am on my way. Since I came from a gy shift and did not have any sleep yet, I slept during the ride. I got awaken occasionally when the bus needs to stop to load and unload passengers.

When the bus entered the premises of Lucena City, I sent ney a text message again and told him that I am in Lucena already. We decided to meet each other at SM Lucena. I was there at 7:30PM. Of course, ney was wearing a red shirt! :) It’s his birthday remember?! :)

I greeted ney and handed him my birthday present. It was a book, well, some sort of English to Portuguese dictionary and phrases. Remember I told you before that he would be leaving soon for work abroad. The language that Angolans in West Africa uses is Portuguese. I believe that, people in Madagascar speak the same language.

Well, ney and I really had a good time. My adventure in Lucena continues in my next posts! :)

Ciao! :)

Turning 28..

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Yesterday, I celebrated my 28th birthday. Wow! I am 28 years old already and yet I still don’t find myself as a successful person.

I woke up early in the morning yesterday and I thanked God for another year of my life. I thanked God for all the blessings He has given me and for plenty of blessings more that are yet to come. As I uttered my morning prayer, I reflected on how success is being measured.

When I was younger, I have been so idealistic about life. But as I become mature each year, I see things different from before. As I looked back, I realized that success is not really measured on how much money you have in the bank. It is not measured on the position you have in your work. But, success is when you stand and continue fighting each time you fall.

I had experience a lot of downfall in my life. I stumbled often for I am weak. But what matters most is that I have God who always picks me up and carry me in His loving arms.

Happy Birthday to me! :) (Belated happy birthday to my younger sister Patty last June 2!) 

HAPPY BIRTHDAT!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Ciao! :)

Fun Day with Friends

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I just got home from one of my friends post birthday celebration. Well, it was a good thing I went to attend the celebration after a long day of work. The food was great! :) I was really starving when I arrived there.

Of course, I didn’t miss singing in their videoke. :) It will not be me if I’m not going to sing. :P My friends and I had some bottles of beer. But, it was just part of the celebration. We all have to report for work tomorrow. :)

I guess this is one day that I have not think about my diet. Anyway there are lots of diet pills available if ever I would be needing one someday! :)

All of us went home with a full stomach. I certainly enjoyed it! :)

Ciao! :)

Happy 3rd Birthday Anak!

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My princess celebrated her 3rd Birthday last October 28. She had a lot of fun that day! My mother told me that her Tita Anne greeted her in the morning of Oct. 28, but she said that it is not her birthday yet. When I arrived home that afternoon with a cake for her from Goldilocks, she told us that it’s her birthday already. She really excited on blowing her candle on the cake.  It’s just a regular mocha cake. I’d like to buy the triple delights flavor, but I remember Nonet wanted a cake with a “white” icing on it. Though, the one I bought has a “light brown” icing, triple delight actually has a “darker” color of icing.

Thanks to mami Grace for exchanging my “dollars” to peso. :) I was able to buy some food for Nonet’s birthday which our family indulged in. My mother cooked pansit (of course, that is always present in our table when someone celebrates her birthday :) ) relyenong bangus, and shanghai rolls. She also made some delicious gelatine for desert.  

Her father wasn’t able to join her on that day for he has to work in the province. But he spent quality time with us about 3 days before Nonet’s big day.

Nonet by her cake. Picture picture first befor blowing the candles. :)

Very cute! This picture really makes me hungry! 

Blowing her candle with Ninang Owie’s help! :)

With her new tiger stuff toy given by her Tita Ti and doggy from Ta Joy. :)

I love my daughter so much. Even though she’s very restless and sometimes stubborn, she is still sweet and adorable. She often say I love you mama to my mother and I love you mommy to me. Then, to her daddy, what she would do is to call him through my mobile phone and tell her father, I love you. :)

Happy Birthday Mama!

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I just like to take a break from my usual stories to greet a wonderful, patient, thoughtful, loving and caring mother in the whole universe! :)

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I love you and thank you for everything..

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