Off to Beach?

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I don’t know when. :( We are now at the last leg of summer, and yet I have not gone to the beach yet. :( I am trying to apply for a vacation leave on my birthday but it has not been approved yet. I would like to go to the beach this weekend but I have errands to do on Friday. I just want to spend sometime in the beach with Nonet and honey. The last time the three of us went to the beach together was when Nonet is only 3 years old. I remember her running around the resort while wearing one of those Kangol hats available in the market. :)

I hope I would be able to dip into the blue sea and enjoy the relaxing water it offers. :)

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My sister Patty with our cousins, Cathy, April, Adette and our niece Ikay @ Tumagay Beach Resort

Ciao! :)

Mama is Off to Bora :)

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I received a text message from my cousin this morning about their planned trip to Boracay. He said that my mother will be coming with them. My mother is spending a week vacation in her birth town with her sisters, brothers and mother whom she has not seen in years. Boracay is just a ride a way from where she is. As what we have expected, they would really go there and enjoy the fine white sand of the island. :)

I am really happy for my mother. I am glad that we’re able to make a way and stretch a bit for her fare and pocket money. :)

In spite the fact that we can really feel her absence at home because my sisters and I need to do all the chores in the house, and taking turns in looking after my daughter; we all know that she is enjoying her vacation and that is what important. :)

I wonder how many stories she has to tell when she gets back on Monday. Hehehe! I believe that they would be staying overnight in the said island as they watch the dancing fire from an outdoor firepit, when the sun sets.

I cannot wait to see the pictures she has taken. I hope that she did not forget to charge the camera.

Well, this is the first time that our mother has been a way for a long time. And, I can feel even without saying it that we miss her already. :)

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Ciao! :)

A Trip to Laiya

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After the stressful week of staying at the hospital, I knew that I needed a break. I joined my previous team’s team building at Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. I asked my mother if I can join them, she said that I should. Once in a while, I needed to unwind. She said not to worry about Nonet, and she will closely monitor her.

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I really love the beach that’s why I also decided to come with them. The beach gave me a serene and calm feeling. Sometimes, I dreamt of being a mermaid so I can stay in the water for long. :) I have been to one of Laiya’s white beaches, when ney had a project in there.

It was a 5-hour drive from Manila! Well, that includes stop overs and grocery at SM Lipa. We arrived in Laiya at around 6PM. It was partly dark already but I didn’t mind. :) After I placed my bag to safety, I asked my girl friends, to accompany me at the beach. What a happy feeling! :)

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I rushed up to our room and changed my clothes. After eating dinner, my friends and I decided to walk by the beach. It was dark already. I still wore my glasses though, but Baby and Rox were so thoughtful to be my guide! :) We took pictures in the night, but the shots were good using my teammate’s camera. I didn’t bother to bring my camera for I knew that the team will be bringing their “high-end” cameras! :)

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I couldn’t help but plunging into the water even the sky was dark. I was accompanied by Ara who enjoyed the sea water as well. Our boss though asked us to leave the water for it was dangerous.

When the boys started to drink alcohol, I decided to go to our room and sleep. I joined Babylin who was already in deep sleep then. Both of us woke up at around 3:30AM. The boys and our other 2 girl friends were just preparing to go to bed. Baby and I chatted and chatted, til its time to cook breakfast.

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The team were awake already at around 7AM. After eating breakfast we took a walk going to the “stone” passing through La Luz Beach resort. We also enjoyed snorkeling afterwards.

I had a so much fun! My friends at Dell are one of the reasons why I love going to work. :)

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Ciao! :)

Lines like Tiger’s?

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My sisters and I were talking about going to the beach or a resort to celebrate Pau’s birthday. Pauline will turn 18 this month! :) Since, we do not have the money to throw a big party for her, we are thinking of just a small celebration with family and her closest friends. Patty suggested that we celebrate it in a resort. She said that we’ll take advantage of the occasion for our “annual” swimming gallore! :)

Then she said that she’s going to wear her “sexiest swimming outfit”! Hahaha!!! Well, if you would know my sister you would really laugh at that statement. :) Then, I asked her what is she going to do with her cellulites? Well, there are many people who worry about cellulites lines and cellulite cures. Cellulites are those dimpled appearance of the skin that can be found on hips, thighs, and buttocks. It has been said that cellulites are much more common in women than in men. The differences of the how the fat, muscle, and connective tissues distributed in men and women’s skin causes cellulites to appear commonly in women.

She said that she still has 2 weeks to work on it! There are a lot of creams and ointments available in the market that she can use to get rid of it! :)

Well, we are all excited about this occasion. I hope that our “planned” outing will push through. I also need some time to relax and energize! :)

Ciao! :)

New project in Catanauan

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I was on the phone with ney last night and we’re talking about his new assignments. He’s operating a backhoe loader and at the same time he’s in charge of their other operators in their new project. He said that he will be responsible in his work and hopefully, he will not be tempted to drink liquor in a while. Hopefully! :)

backhoe loader

Backhoe Loader

Anyway, I told him that I trust him and that there are moments that I almost lose my patience on him, I can still keep up with him for I do love him. Their new project is located in Catanauan, Quezon. It is more on road-widening I guess. I forgot to ask him what’s this new project is about. But more likely, it is something like that.

Catanauan is about  an hour and a half drive from our little town in Plaridel, Quezon. From Manila it would be around 7-8 hour-bus drive. Well, I have been there. In fact, the farthest part of Quezon I was able to visit is Gumaca, Quezon. :)


Ney said that Catanauan offers a wide range of white sand beaches. But then, those aren’t fully developed yet for tourist attractions for the town of Catanauan is not as wealthy like the towns of Sariaya and Lucban. But he said that if only, the local government of Catanauan will initiate in developing those said beaches, then the town will be one kind of a tourist spot! Hopefully one day. He said that the place is peaceful and very relaxing. :)

Ney had been in Boracay already and he said that Catanauan beach sand can be compared to those in Boracay already. Hmmm.. I told him that someday I would love to have a house by the sea. He said that there are a lot of land by the sea which are for sale in Catananuan. That if I wanted to own one, I can acquire one today. Well, I really didn’t buy that idea. Aside from the fact that Catanauan is quite far from Manila, I don’t have money to a buy a resort! Haller! :)

Well ney said that who knows, we can have one. I think I should start joining in some lottery games. :)

 Anyway, because of his new assignments, it would take again a month or 2 for ney and I to see each other again. :( Well, I see to it that we talk on the phone everyday and make sure that my love will be felt even though we’re miles away from each other.

Ciao! :)

A vacation to be?

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My bestfriend Daisy was able to read my post about Nonet and I’s quick vacation to Quezon. She asked me if I can take her there, ofcourse I can but maybe after she gave birth to her second baby. :)

I have not replied to her comment yet, but surely if our schedules will meet then I will definitely take her and her family with my own family. The place is quite far indeed, but then the place will surely paid the travel time.

I hope to offer her some free hotel stay so that they could really relax and enjoy the place. I am thinking of inviting our two other girlfriends, Pinky and Ime.

I actually miss them all already.

Ciao! :)

A day @ the Beach!

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When I visited our province last weekend to see honey, it was already in my itenerary to drop by the beach. You see, my little girl has skin asthma. I know that the sea water will somehow cure her skin asthma. The day after we arrived, I decided to spend the whole day at the beach. The three of us went to the beach around 10AM. The beach resort we stayed in is just one of the resorts you will see along Maharlika Highway in Atimonan, Quezon. It is just a simple resort. Enough to spend time with your family, relax, appreciate nature and enjoy the sea water. It does offers unique hotels to stay in. Something we call affordable.

It was Nonet’s first time in the beach and she was so excited! :) After the caretaker handed us the key to our room, Nonet, immediately took her shoes out and slipped on to her slippers and asked me to join her going to the shore.

I didn’t disappoint her. We left her father in our room who then fixed our things and I accompanied my daughter to the shore. She really loved it!

We swam through the salty water for about 30 minutes and then got back to our room. We took a bath and spent the rest of our day enjoying the view. Well, our little stay in the water somehow took away the “itch” and dryness to Nonet’s skin caused by asthma. I am planning to stay a little longer to the beach next time. Having skin asthma is really a nightmare.

sea water

The deep blue sea!

Nonet is amused by the sea that she can’t take her eyes out of it! :)

Villa Uregino

The front yard of Villa Uregino Beach Resort

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