Not Allergic to Cats, Thank God!

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I have been very busy working on my cases at work and I wasn’t able to find time to write on my online journal. My desktop at home is still down and I’m just taking advantage of the avail time I have in the office. :)

My last post was about Nonet’s recent hospitalization. Well, it was her third this year alone. Hopefully, its going to be her last. After she was discharged in the hospital, we went to her ever compassionate pediatrician for follow up. Nonet is doing well in her recent check up. But, I was asked by our doctor, that Nonet should have her skin test the soonest possible time. Well, I have been told about this since March of this year. :( I admit that it was my fault why the skin test has been delayed for so many months.

Nonet’s father is so worried that he sent enough money for the skin test to be performed. Last November 26, we had our appointment with her Allergy specialist and performed the skin test. There were around 27 samples of allergens that were injected to her skin. We waited for about 20 minutes for the results.

I have been an animal lover since I was a young girl. We used to own a dog. We had around 20 cats in our old house. Today, we have 5 cats at home. Since, my daughter is asthmatic, outer cats usually get the blame for it. My sisters and I have been asked many times to give up our cats. My mother even asked me to choose between my daughter and our cats. Our cats are just local cats, or what other people used to call “pusakal“. Nowadays, those cats are called as Puspin (or Pusang Pinoy). Though are cats are just ordinary cats, we love them dearly. It hurts me so much when Nonet is being hospitalized due to asthma. And, it hurts me too thinking that I might have to give up our cats, if Nonet’s skin test result will show that she is allergic to cats. :(

My younger sister, Patty, accompanied as to the doctor. Both of us were praying and hoping that Nonet is not allergic to cats. After about 20 minutes, the doctor told us the different things which Nonet is allergic to. Thank God, she is negative with cats! :) It was a relief!

Nonet is most allergic to pollens and grass. She is allergic to mango, too. She is allergic with dogs but not with cats. When she was a baby, she was so allergic to peanuts but the skin test shows negative to it. We told the doctor that we have been so vigilant in giving Nonet any food that may contain peanut. The doctor said that it is possible that peanut has become foreign to her body allergy that’s why it didn’t react to the test. But, she told us not to give peanuts to Nonet yet. She said that the “peanut test” will be conducted in her clinic.

When we got home, I showed the skin test result to my mother with my specialist’s signature, highlighting the items which Nonet is allergic to. She couldn’t believe that Nonet is allergic to dogs but not to cats. :)

I am just glad that we don’t need to give up our cats. But, I’m sad because Nonet loves dogs, too. In her father’s house in Quezon, they have number of dogs which she loves to play with. Little did I know that she is allergic to them.

She is now 6 years old and hopefully, she will outgrown asthma before she turns seven next year.

God bless her! :)

Ciao! :)

Another week @ the Hospital

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My daughter celebrated her 6th birthday last October 28. The same day that Nicholas Sparks held a book signing at The Podium. We’re lucky to have picked a “YES” from the lucky draw to get a signing pass. I know that it’s going to be a long wait, so I packed enough cookies and water for Nonet. I even brought a jacket for her and couple of toys. We ate at nearby McDonald’s so she can get a toy from the fast food’s Happy Meal. :)

We got home late then, but we both happy. She also got excited seeing one of my favorite authors.
Came Sunday, I treat her to a date. We went to Robinson’s Galleria and she enjoyed playing at Tom’s World. We also had lunch at McDo then. We had a good time and I really enjoyed our date.

What I didn’t realize was she got so tired, that another asthma attack made my mother rushed her to the hospital. It was actually my sister Pauline (who’s asthmatic, too) who noticed Nonet’s difficulty in breathing while she was sleeping. She told my mother that they needed to bring to the hospital already. Good thing, Joy was around to accompany them.

I requested my boss to go under time because of the said emergency. Gladly, Boss Armz understood and she allowed me to go early. When I saw Nonet at the ER, I couldn’t help but asked her why. Well, of course my daughter wouldn’t know the answer but she was so brave when the nurse put on her dextrose. The nurse said, she hoped that all children are like her. :)

Antoinette was confined for about a week. She had XRAY showing pneumonia. I still go to work at night and then stayed in the hospital from morning ‘til afternoon. I wish then that I have one of those Datawarehouse Designer Jobs where I can actually work from home, and in cases like that, from the hospital.

Her pediatrician, the very caring, Dr. Rabor, advised us to go home late in the afternoon about 2 Saturdays ago. I thought I didn’t have a problem with the billing because Nonet has a health card and she is my dependent in Philhealth. But, God, sometimes tried to kid us around and played a little joke on us. Nonet was given with another maintenance medicine and it needs to have baby haler. The baby haler cost around Php2400, and it was included in the bill! I only have 300pesos then. While the billing staff verified the said haler from Maxicare, I prayed to God, to Mama Mary and to all God’s saints that Maxicare would cover it. In the end, I only paid for P25 for a medicine tray which was given to us before we leave our room.

Praise and thanks be to God! :)

In spite of the health card, I still hope that Nonet will not be using it anymore. She’ll be undergoing a skin test soon and hopefully, our money would be enough to find a different house with better environment.
I believe that God will take good care of us, especially my daughter. :)

Ciao! :)

Another Hospital Visit

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Although Nonet is aware of her sickness, she still tend to forget that eating too much candy is bad for her. :( When they went to Taytay last Sunday, my sister noticed that she ate a lot of candies. The following day, she started coughing and sneezing. We knew then, that she was experiencing difficulty in breathing because of her cough. My mother nebulized her to make her feel better. She also bought cough syrup.

I knew that if we will not pay attention to her cough, it would trigger her asthma. Added to it is the kind of weather we have now.  Her last confinement due to bronchial asthma was only last June. And I do not want her to be hospitalized again. Yesterday, I brought her to the hospital to see a Pedia-Pulmonologist. Well, I remember that I have been asked by her pedia, Dr. Rabor to bring her to a Pulmonologist already.  She has been hospitalized twice this year already due to asthma.

We went to Maxicare office and get Letter of Authorization for her consultation under Dr. Sua. We got to the hospital too early but Nonet didn’t bother anyway. We both enjoyed looking at the scrubs uniforms worn by the different medical staff. :)

When Dr. Sua arrived, she noticed right away Nonet’s dry skin. She said that my daughter is really asthmatic. Though she is not under attack when we went there, which is good news actually. :)

Dr. Sua requested Nonet to undergo a PPD test just to rule out primary complex. We went back to Maxicare office where the said test was performed.

On Saturday we’ll go back to the hospital for follow up check up.

Although Nonet is aware of her sickness, sometimes, I really cannot blame her for eating candies. Well, she has a sweet tooth. She loves chocolate especially Cadbury. :)

I pity her at times, but I just explained to her that one day, she would be able to outgrown her asthma and she would be able to eat as much as chocolate and candies as she want. But, for now, she needs to control herself from eating too much sweets. I know she understands it but she’s a child who is really tempted with colorful candies! :)

I am really praying for her good health. I believe that the Lord can hear me, and in His sweet time, Nonet will be free from asthma. Amen!

God bless you, anak. Mommy loves you so much.

Ciao! :)

Another visit to TMC

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As I have mentioned in my previous blog, Antoinette was once again been admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia with bronchial asthma. It started out as a simple cough, then we noticed that she’s having difficulty in breathing already. Since she is aware of her asthma, she asked my mother for nebulization already. We nebulized her with salbutamol every hour for three hours then we decided to bring her to the hospital. With her condition, the ER staff of Medical City, attached Oxymeter to her and we learned that her oxygen level is below normal.

She had 3 nebulizations every 15 minutes but her breathing and oxygen level didn’t stabilize. The resident doctor of TMC told us that she needs to be admitted. :(

We spent five days in the hospital again. It’s a good thing I have her as my dependent in my health card and my Philhealth. The nurses who attended to her were all kind. They really deserve to be in healthcare jobs! :) But the nurse who really stand out was Nurse Kristin Marie Español or simply Nurse Tin. :) . She’s kind and she is very approachable. I also wanted to commend Antoinette’s pediatrician, Dr. Ardea Rabor. Dr. Rabor is always compassionate and very caring.

Being in the hospital can really be tiring and stressful. Yet, with the kind of care and compassion my daughter received from the nurses and our pediatrician, made me feel relaxed somehow. :)

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to all the staff, nurses and doctors of TMC. Above all, I thank the God for taking care of my daughter and giving her healing. I would like to say thank you as well to Mama Mary, to all the saints (St. Pio, St. Anthony, St. Francis, St. Therese and St. Clare) and Nonet’s guardian angels who prayed with me; and to all the people who prayed for my daughter’s quick recovery. :)

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I hope Nonet will soon outgrown her asthma. Lord, hear our prayers…

Ciao! :)

Nonet at the Hospital

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My daughter has been diagnose with asthma when she was a baby. Her asthma’s trigger is weather and temperature changes. Animal fur and dust are not much of a trigger for we have cats at home and she doesn’t seem affected by it. But, if the weather is too cold or too hot that when she got  a very bad asthma attack. I also notice that sudden change of weather caused asthma attack.

Last Friday, when Manila was hit by a temperature of around 36 degrees celcius, she was rushed at the Medical City due to acute Bronchial Asthma with difficulty in breathing. :(   Before going to work, that night, I instructed my mother what to do in case she will be rushed to the hospital. We do have nebulizer at home, and we nebulized her every 3 hours. But that didn’t do it. My shift starts at 9PM but we had a team meeting. I left my phone in my bag. After our one-hour meeting, I checked my phone and I had 8 missed calls from my sister and 10 new messages. I knew then that something happened. I called my sister right away and learned that they were in the hospital already and my daughter was advised to be confined due to difficulty in breathing. I informed my manager about it and he asked me to live the office. When I called my sister again, I learned that they were in the private room already.

I decided not to leave the office for my daughter was in good hands already. I decided to finish the shift and prayed that she will be alright.

I went to the hospital directly coming from the office. When I arrived in the hospital, she had oxygen mask. This view was not new to me. She has been confined in the hospital more than thrice already. But then, it really hurts me seeing my daughter suffers. :( If only I can take her asthma away.

We were discharged after about 3 days. I was very tired. I wasn’t able to report for work yesterday because I was really not feeling well. My sister’s recommendation is for us to get an ac unit. It has been a plan since Antoinette was still a baby. But because, the apartment we’re renting is an old unit already, installing an aircon will not be possible to do.

The only option we have is to move into a more ventilated and better place. Well, I am already looking into that. I just pray that while we’re here, Antoinette will be okay. :) God bless her. Amen.

Ciao! :)

Removing Triggers from Your Home

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Since I learned that I have asthma, too, I have read different pamphlets on how I can prevent getting an asthma attack. Actually I have been reading different materials to help my daughter as well. I admit that one of the triggers of asthma is the allergen from pets. But, not all people who has asthma can be affected with the same allergen. That is why I am also studying the different triggers, which could cause asthma attack. I got this information from a pamphlet given from Medical City and I hope this would help a lot of asthmatic out there.

Here are some common triggers and some ways to help control them at home.  (Source: The Medical City)

Tobacco Smoke – Smoking should not be allowed in the home. Ask family members and friends to smoke outdoors. Ask your Lung Association how you can help.

Wood Smoke – Wood smoke is a problem for children and adults with asthma and allergies. Avoid wood stoves and fireplaces.

Pets – Almost all pets can cause allergies, including dogs, cats, and small animals like birds, hamsters, and guinea pigs. All pets should be removed from home if they trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. Pet allergen may stay in the home for months after the pet is gone because it remains in house dust. Allergy and asthma symptoms may take some time to get better.

If pet stays in the home, keep it out of the bedroom of anyone with asthma or allergies, weekly pet baths may help cut down the amount of pet saliva and dander in the home.

Sometimes you hear that certain cats or dogs are “non-allergenic.” There is no such thing as a “non-allergenic” furry pet. Tropical fish may be a good substitute.

Cockroaches – Cockroaches can be a big problem for some people with asthma. Tiny pieces of dead roaches and roach droppings end up in house dust and the air you breathe.

Like people, roaches need food and water a place to live. Help keep your home roach-free by storing food in sealable containers and keeping crumbs, dirty dishes and other sources of food waste cleaned up; fixing leaks and wiping up standing water; cleaning up clutter where roaches find shelter. If you still have a problem and you choose to use a pesticide, be sure to use it safely, and as directed on the label. Baits are less likely than sprays or foggers to harm your lungs.

Mold and Mildew – When moisture in the air is high, mold and mildew can be a problem in bathrooms, kitchens and basements. Make sure there areas have good air circulation and are cleaned often. The basement in particular may need a fan or a dehumidifier. Remember – the water that collects in the dehumidifier must be emptied and the container cleaned often to prevent growing mildew.

Mold may grow on foam pillow when you perspire. Wash pillow cases every week, dry thoroughly and make sure to change it every week. You may change to a fiber-filled pillow. Mold also grow in the soil of houseplants, so check them often. You may have to keep all plants outdoors.

Dust Mites – Dust mites are tiny, microscopic animals usually found in house dust. Several thousand mites can be found in a pinch of dust. Mites are one of the major triggers for people with allergies and asthma. They are one of the most difficult triggers to get rid of.

Hope this helps!

Ciao! :)

I Am Asthmatic, too :(

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I mentioned in my previous post that I wasn’t able to report for work for 4 days last week. I experienced difficulty in breathing and I usually end up catching my breath especially when climbing up a staircase or a footbrigde. I went to see a pulmonary doctor last Wednesday and he advised me to undergo Pulmonary Function Test. I went to Medical City last Sunday to undergo the test.

Well, the test has not been that easy. :( The following day, I went back to my doctor and he explained to me the result. He said that I am asthmatic, too. Anyway, asthma runs in our family. He said that I have it all along, I just ignore or I was able to tolerate it then. I told him that I volunteered in PAWS and we have cats at home. He said that he will not stop me from volunteering and from taking care of my pets, because he can that those are my happiness. The catch there is, I will be on medication for 3 months. Every month he will re-assess me.

I am just praying that I will not have any serious attack. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Ciao! :)

Asthma in the Family

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I wasn’t able to come to work for the last 3 days for I need to take care of Nonet and myself. Due to the dry weather brought about by El Niño, Nonet has experienced dermatitis. Well, Nonet is an asthmatic girl. Aside from bronchial asthma, she has skin asthma, too. She was diagnosed to have asthma when she was only 4 months old. She doesn’t have any maintenance medicine though, but she has a maintenance lotion (which makes my pocket cry..).

On the same day, I had difficulty in breathing so I decided to see a doctor as well. The doctor didn’t hear any abnormalities in my heart beat. The prognosis was I am asthmatic, too. :(

Asthma runs in my paternal family’s blood. My father’s two older brothers died because of asthma. His maternal aunt also died of asthma. My two sisters, Patty and Pau are asthmatic, too. Pauline actually has maintenance for her asthma. While Patty occasionally has an attack especially when she is exposed to dust and fur. She said that it is really possible that I too have an asthma.

We know that cat’s fur and saliva are triggers of asthma. But, because we really love cats (and dogs actually), we cannot help not to have one. We also know that prevention is better than cure. We love our pets that much, and we will just do all the necessary precautions to prevent any asthma attacks.

Tonight I will be reporting to work. I just hope that my team manager will not be mad at me. Hopefully.. :)

Ciao! :)

Once more at TMC

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I wasn’t able to report for work last Friday because I needed to bring Antoinette to the hospital. She is suffering from colds and she is having difficulty in breathing already. Aside from that, we noticed that her eyes are swollen. We thought that it is just normal because she has bad colds. When we arrived at the hospital, the pediatrician told us that she is already suffering from allergic conjunctivitis that’s why her eyes are swollen.

I informed my immediate superior about her condition and he thoughtfully understood it. Since we know that, the cool breeze brought about by December will trigger asthma and other respiratory related illness, we have prepared enough medicine for her. We see to it that even if an asthma attack happens in the wee hours of the day, we have enough medicine to use.

I always pray and wish for Nonet to overcome asthma before she reaches 7 years old. I pray to God to bless her always with good health and to keep her away from sickness.

Ciao! :)

Nebulizer to the Rescue

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Asthma ran in our family. It’s not surprising when Antoinette has acquired it. Earlier this year she has been confined to the hospital due to Pneumonia with Bronchial Asthma.

The other day, she again experienced difficulty in breathing and her Asthma in on the lose again. It’s a good thing that we have bought her a nebulizer. Otherwise, we’ll be in the hospital again.

Her father and I brought her an Apex Mini-Plus Nebulizer, in one of the medical supplies stores in Bambang Street in the City of Manila. It’s so small that my mother brought it along when they went to Quezon to visit our grandmother and Antoinette’s great-grand mom. Its mall price is around PhP 2500.00 to 3500.00. We only got it for only, PhP 1700.00!

Nebulizer is a necessity for asthmatic people.

APEX Mini Plus Nebulizer

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