At the Gourmet Farm

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Our next stop was the Gourmet Farm. On our way to the said farm, we were able to pass through and admire the beauty of the world’s smallest volcano, Taal Volcano. From the distance, it looks so harmless and quiet. But, the said volcano is still active even to these days.

Nonet and I were able to enjoy the beauty of nature as we headed to Gourmet farm. As expected, Gourmet farm houses “farm” of culinary herb. Rosemary, basil, oregano and many more. I wasn’t able to write down the different herbs around the farm. They also offer fresh lettuce and other veggies that you can find in a garden salad. Their products include salad dressings and sauces. I believe that the children were able to enjoy that visit. The parents did, too. The farm’s landscape is fantastic. The fresh air that blows our hair is very relaxing and calming. It was really time to unwind and to energize. (We would need a lot of energy going to our next stop).

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I learned that Gourmet farm’s prime product is coffee. I am a coffee person but I wasn’t able to buy one from their store. The available coffee on their shelf needs a coffee maker. I don’t have a coffee maker yet at home.

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We had our lunch in Gourmet farm. They served us a very delicious iced tea. :)

Hope to come back there again.

Ciao! :)

Healthy Thinking: “Man, I am Happy I have a job!”

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I slept late at night for whatever reasons. My shift is 3AM and I need to get up from bed at around 2AM the latest, yet I was still wide awake at 11PM. :( I was praying hard enough that God would bless me with a good sleep so I would be prepared mentally and physically when I go to work.

I took a cab going to work because, I will be late already if I didn’t. God knew that we will not be taking a lot of calls today, because US is celebrating their Memorial Day! :) I took advantage of the avail time to “clean up” my Outlook. I have been out for almost two weeks and my outlook has reached its maximum capacity. While doing the clean up, I bumped into an email sent by one of our coaches, Valerie. Everyday, she sent ”Happy Thoughts” Email. One of the email she sent says;

Sick thinking: “I hate my job!”
Healthy thinking: “Man, I’m happy I have a job!”

Honestly, not all working men and women are happy with their job. Only few have been blessed with a job that they really love doing. I may say that recently, I am feel that I am not happy with what I do anymore. Well, I still love troubleshooting computer issues, but I just don’t want to take in calls anymore. In the last few weeks, I only go to work because I need to not because I want to. :(

When I was advised to have a voice rest for few days, I felt relieved. I guess I was just tired taking in calls for the last seven years! I believe I needed a break. While I was on voice rest, I really felt relieved. I felt like I have been free after many years. :)

But, then to be honest, I missed going to work. Whether I admit it or not, I cannot bear not to have any work for a long time. Aside from the obligations and responsibilities I need to attend to, I miss being at work.

Although, there are really moments (well, many times) that I feel so lazy going to work, I am still thankful for I have blessed with a good paying job. Millions are jobless out there. Millions are thinking where to get money for food, clothing and for shelter. So, I believe, everyday when we  go to work, let us start the day with a healthy thinking. That we should be happy that we have a job.. :)  

Ciao! :)

Cleansing Herb

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Alright people so much of the emo-mode today. Hehehe! Let’s talk about health and being fit. I know many of you suffer the same problem that my sisters and I have. Yeah right! Personally, I often find it hard to find a shirt or a blouse that will hide my “baby fats”. My mother has been telling me a million times to manage the amount of food that I eat because I am getting bigger and bigger! I tried to go through a diet but ah, it is difficult for me to resist luscious foods! :)

In my own opinion, there is nothing wrong in eating good foods. One just needs to watch his weight because he might be getting overweight. Aside from that, we should also eat or take in foods or herbs that help cleanse our body especially our digestive system. Fruits and vegetables should always be present in our meals. I also found an herb that acts as a weight control agent and prevents spread of chronic disease. This herb is called Glucomannan which is taken from Konnyaku root. To know more about this herb you can drop by

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It is not good to deprive ourselves from eating delicious foods. Food is one of my comfort zones especially when I am hurt. Hence, we should also be responsible about our health!

Happy Eating!


Antoinette’s First Day of School

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Last Wednesday was my daughter’s first day of school. We were all excited about this. My sister Patty filed a leave from her work so she can take video and pictures of Antoinette’s first day in school. Sending a child to school is a milestone for me as a parent. Stepping her feet on the school ground for the first time is a milestone for my daughter.

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I left work earlier than usual because I wanted to send Nonet to school on her first day. I was joined by my mother and my sister. She left the house in Sunday dress because she doesn’t have any school uniform yet. When we arrived in her school, there were already students and parents. We saw the shock in her face but we told her that it is going to be fine. Most of the students are wearing school uniforms already. I went ahead to the school office and asked if a uniform is available already. Her uniform size is available so I got one for her. We changed her clothes from Sunday dress to school uniform and I know that she felt more confident this time.

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Since it is not regular classes yet, the school time is shortened. We decided to wait for her in the school’s waiting area. I chose, Our Lady of the Rosary Learning Center because the tuition fee is reasonable and most of all, I personally know the teachers and the owner of the school. Since this is Antoinette’s first school experience, I wanted to make sure that it will be a good experience.

An hour passed so fast and their teacher guided their way out of the room. She played with her new found friends and enjoyed the slide in the school ground. I see the happiness in her face and I know that she will be enjoying school.

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God bless her.

Ciao! :)

By the Mango tree

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When we are at my Tita Lyn’s place, she showed me two Indian mango trees which are seated on her backyard. I remember when I was younger, my cousins and I used to climb those mango trees. During summer which happens to be mango season as well, we used to get good harvest of Indian mangoes. Sometimes, we even eat directly from the tree! :) We didn’t mind those big ants crawling on the tree’s branches and trunks. Often times, we used a box cutter to get those mouth-watering mangoes!

Oh how I love those eating those mangoes! Well, those are just memories from my younger days. :) Almost all of my cousins have kids of their own.

One day, I know that I would see my daughter and her cousins climbing the same trees which their parents used to climb! :)

indian mango

Ciao! :)

Enjoying Bermuda

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Since ney and I don’t live together, there are really times that he misses our daughter and I. He lives in the province where he attends to their business. They are contractor which mostly deals with road widening and power plant construction. Recently, I need to go to Quezon to check on him for he’s kinda losing “out of his way”. He said that he wanted to be with us but he can’t. To ease that kind of longing, he just spent his time drinking beer and the like. But, he’s being out of control.

Anyway, last Thursday, Nonet and I had a night trip to Quezon. It was our first time to go there alone. I mean just being with each other. We went to Jac Liner bus station in Cubao to get a ride going to Lucena. There aren’t much aircon buses that will pass directly our town in Quezon unless you’ll take the bus bound to Bicol. So, we just had a cutting trip to Lucena and then another bus ride to our town. It took us around 5 and a half hour to reach our town. It was already 10:30 PM when we arrived. My aunt Lyn fetch us from the town proper and then we took a tricycle ride to their house.

It was really our plan to stay at ney’s house but he’s drank :(   I don’t want to compromise my daughter so we opt to stay at my aunt’s house. I just sent ney a text message that we arrived already and that we’ll just see each other the following day.

Nonet slept soundly maybe because of the long hours of travel. She was really tired. We woke up early the following day, and she really enjoyed the lawn of my aunt. Nice bermuda grasses are growing beautifully at her backyard. I felft a very calm and relaxing feeling :)

Our little town in Quezon is a place where you’ll experience the “province ambience” thing. Fresh air, green scenery, moutains, seas. Peace and quiet place. It is a place where you could really rest your mind from the busy surrounding of the city! :)


Nonet and Tita Lyn at the backyard.


See the thick bermuda grasses?!? :)


Nonet still in her pj’s. Goodmorning anak!

Another Call Center Day

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I went home early today from work for I was able to finish all my “calls” on time. I thank God for everyday blessings and guidance. I went home with a happy heart. Well, maybe because I learned to accept and appreciate my job more. God always help me in resolving my client’s technical difficulties.

Sometimes I really get upset when some people underestimate call center agents. They would never know how difficult it is being in a call center specially if you are a technical support. It is true that there are call centers that uses “cheat sheets”, but not everything is in those “things”. A technical support agent specially needs to think and learn the art of isolation to determine what really the problem is. We are like network or computer doctors! :)

Let say a certain laptop is running slow. We need to check its component to find out what keeps it running slow. It is possible that the laptop has virus or spyware in it. We have to check as well, laptop memory for possible upgrade to make it work faster.

I mean there are several steps to do to resolve a certain technical or computer problem. Meaning, technical support agents like other call center agents, “think” and needs to have technical expertise. To top it all, an agent must have a keen knowledge on spoken English. :)

Well, just another day in a call center and I am really looking forward for more calls tomorrow.

Ciao! :)

A prayer

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New Seven Wonders of the World Finalist

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I was talking to my team leader Jennet  this morning about the Philippines Seven wonders nominees. We get sad when we didn’t find Palawan’s Subterranean River as one of the Finalist of New Seven Wonders of the World. As we checked on the said finalist, all of which are man-made. Then I came accross with a link from  called New Seven Wonders of Nature  and I realized that Seven Wonders of the World is different from Seven Wonders of Nature.  The Philippines nominees for Seven Wonders of Nature are Palawan’s Subterranean River, Chocolate Hills, Mayon Volcano and Tabuttaha Reef. I have a different post for them.

Well, since I’m in the site already,  I checked on the The New Seven Wonders of the World Finalist. I got the pictures of the finalist from the website and you can just click on the names of the said finalist to know more about it.

The Acropolis of Athens






Statue of Easter Island


The Eiffel Tower


Hagia Sophia

Kiyomizu Temple


 The Kremlin and Red Square


Neuschwanstein Castle


The Pyramids of Giza


The Statue of Liberty




Sydney Opera House




…let’s sing

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Love Makes no Promises  (candi) 

There was a moment when i look in your eyes
I saw heaven and a place to die
Like no other guy you came to me
With the gift of love to set me free
Funny how the summer tend to fall
But now I feel the wind just chilled
Funny how the beauty of it all
As slipped away and fall away and got away

Cause love makes no promises
There’s nothing I can do
I’m letting go of you
Love makes no promises
There’s nothing I can do
I’m letting go of you
And if you never, never, never been in love
It makes no promises
It makes no promises

Another day is dawning
On a cold and winding morning dawn
And on this lonely morning
I’m looking for you
Are you coming back home ?

Ooh, but the summer tend to fall
I feel the wind just chilled
And how the beauty of it all
As slipped away and fall away and got away

It makes no promises
Love makes no promise

Cause love makes no promises
There’s nothing I can do
I’ letting go of you
Love makes no promises
There’s nothing I can do
I’m letting go of you
Love makes no promises
There’s nothing I can do
I’m letting go of you
Love makes no promises
There’s nothing I can do
I’m letting go of you
And if you never, never, never been in love
It makes no promises
It makes no promises
It makes no promises
Love makes no promises
Oooh – ooh
Makes no promises
No promises
Promises More Love Makes no Promises




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