Team Building Has been Set

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At long last, our team building will now push through on the 17th of this month. After weeks of search and planning the date and place has been set. I hope everything is well in the office. I wasn’t able to go to work for two days because of my daughter’s hospitalization. The last update I know is that we’re looking for a van that will carry at least 12 persons. I hope to find one before the said date. I hope that we’ll be lucky enough to get a good one. I believe it is a must that car owners get an insurance for their vehicles. Anyway, there are many companies that offer affordable car insurance today. Well, it is for their security, too.

I am really looking forward in our team building. :)

Ciao! :)

I was Late :(

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Well, last weeks misfortune didn’t end up with a dissat. I came in late to work last Thursday because of a road accident along the fly ove C5. It’s a good thing that there was a 24 hour towing near the area and the affected vehicles have been moved to safety. The traffic though wasn’t as heavy as C5 traffic but I was still late. :(

That was actually my second time being late since I work at Dell. The first time was after the typhoon Ondoy, where I needed to walk from Rosario to Eastwood. That was sometime in September. The second time was last Thursday. :(

Well, at the end of the week, God still blessed me with a good sale which made me met total solution’s weekly target. He blessed me a system sale! Thanks be to God! :)

My week just started and so far everything has been good. I hope and I pray that the good fortune will continue to come. Amen.

Ciao! :)

A Dissat

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Last week has not been that good for me. Well, I have been worrying about my sales revenue but I somehow overlooked the most important thing of all in my work. My manager told me last Friday that I received a survey with a neutral score. I really felt bad about it. I have been in the production floor almost 5 months now and this is the first time that I received a neutral score. We checked on the comment and the factors that affects customer’s dissatisfaction was the delay in shipping the parts and incomplete parts sent. I talked about this with my manager and he said that I can still catch up with my CE score since the month is just starting.

With that incident, I realized that the customer satisfaction is still the number priority in my work. I may not be a good seller though, but I know that I will be able to give our customer’s the best service that I can.

I hope and I pray that I would still be able to catch up with my CE score. I know that I can give an excellent customer service to our customers. Bless me God..Amen.

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Ciao! :)

Should I stay or Should I go?

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If my memory is right, last Wednesday night was my fifth one on one meeting with my Team Manager. I am glad that I was able to meet the metrics as a dependable technical support. I am happy with my CE score and I know that I am doing my job as a technical support. Although, there are still areas for improvement and I am really doing my best to meet my those targets. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and weighing things out. Should I stay or should I go? I don’t know yet.  I am happy with my job as a technical support. I am learning a lot of things and I feel fulfilled whenever I hear my customer’s happy voices and laughter when I fix their technical problems. It’s just that the sales part of our metrics is giving me second thought of staying. I feel happy whenever I make a sale, because it will help me meet my sales target. But sometimes, it really makes me feel sad that we tend to sacrifice customer’s satisfaction just to meet the target. Even though my boss and my coaches always, imply that CE is still the number 1 focus, that doesn’t sound right when start hearing them shouting and pinging “BENTA BENTA BENTA” or PUSH FOR MORE SALES! Oh my, that really makes me sad.  :(

I understand the reason behind this. I know that the site’s goal is to be self-funded site. I also understand why our coaches put pressure on us because they too are getting pressures from their bosses.  Our coaches are very very helpful and patient especially when we are closing a sale (Thanks so much Mishie! :) ).

I am happy with Dell because I am happy with the people around me. I have gained a lot of friends in the company and they are one reason why I am still there.  I am praying so hard everyday to God that He will bless me with good sales to meet my daily target. I am praying too that He will always grant me strength and patience. I hope that sooner or later I would be more comfortable creating a need for the customer without sacrificing their good experience with the company.

Well, I should be more diligent in closing sales, otherwise my dear TM will be forced to put me on a “program”. When that happens, then that would be the end of my Dell Story.

Ciao! :)

Thank you Lord

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It was last Tuesday when my TM Oneil asked to go on aux meeting. I have prepared myself on this day. I have arranged my things. I have kept those unnecessary things as well into my locker. I know where I stand as per my stats is concerned but unless, I signed a paper then I would be safe. I have prayed about this matter many times. I know that the Lord will not fail me. He gave me this job and I believe that He would want me to keep it.

As my team manager and I walked through the meeting room, I started joking around and asked him if I would need to log out from the phone. He was just laughing and told me that I can log out after we speak, anyway I would still be paid in full. :) I told myself that if I will be escorted out that night, then I will be able to accompany my friend who will need to bring her car to rv repair.

When we sat in the meeting room, I started feeling comfortable already. For if I would be escorted out of the office that night, then our area manager would be with us in the meeting. My TM started discussing my stats; the positive traits and the areas for improvements. So far, everything in the meeting went well. :)

I resigned from my previous job in August last year. I applied into different companies. As per Dell, I just dropped my resume into their data bank. I have not been successful with other companies due to salary reasons. Their offer is much lower than what I was receiving. I need to resign from my previous work because I am not happy anymore.

One day, I received a text message from one of Dell’s HR officer inviting me for an interview. Honey was here then so I replied and asked if I can re-schedule the interview the following day. Gladly, they were able to approve it. To cut the long story short, I get hired and successfully pass the training and was sent to the production area. Oneil happened to be the RS of the team when I become part of the operations. When our team manager then went on maternity leave, eventually Oneil got promoted and took over the team officially. The whole team actually has no clue about his promotions. Prior to his promotion, I prayed then that I would not quit the job if ever he will be our official team manager. When he broke the news, about his promotions, I was very happy because he is very approachable and sensitive manager.

He handed me my regularization paper and I signed on it. I thank and praise the Lord for the blessing I just received. :) I am happy yet I am nervous. I know that they would expect a lot from me starting that day. I don’t want to fail my team manager as well. My prayer now is that, I hope I will be able to meet and exceed all my targets. It is quite challenging especially the sales part.

I pray that the Lord will continue to bless me.

Ciao! :)

Developing a Powerful Sales Personality

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I resigned in my previous company because of Sales. I never thought that I would end up another job that requires good selling skills as well. I received this email from my friend and hopefully you’ll be able to get some tips like I did. Read on.. :)

Becoming excellent in closing sales is an inside job. It begins within you. In sales, your personality is more important than your product knowledge. It is more important than your sales skills. It is more important than the product or service that you are selling. In fact, your personality determines fully 80 percent of your sales success.

Take Charge of Your Life
The biggest mistake you can make is to ever think that you work for anyone but yourself. From the time you take your first job until the day you retire, you are self employed. You are the president of your own entrepreneurial corporation, selling your services into the marketplace at the highest price possible. You have only one employee—yourself. Your job is to sell the highest quality and quantity of your services throughout your working life.

View Yourself as Self-Employed
In a study done in New York some years ago, researchers found that the top 3 percent of people in every field looked upon themselves as self-employed. They treated the company as if it belonged to them personally. They saw themselves as being in charge of every aspect of their lives. They took everything that happened to their company personally, exactly as if they owned 100 percent of the stock.

Winners Versus Losers
The difference between winners and losers is quite clear. Winners always accept responsibility for their actions. Losers never do but instead always have some kind of explanation for why they are doing poorly.

Don’t Waste Time
The average salesperson today wastes a fully 50 percent of his or her working time. According to research, he comes in a little later, works a little slower, and leaves a little earlier. He spends most of his working time in idle chitchat with coworkers, personal business, reading the paper, drinking coffee, and surfing the internet. Winners arrive a little earlier, work a little harder, and stay a little later.

Develop Empathy and Understanding
Top salespeople have high levels of empathy, i.e., they really care about their customers. Ambition, the desires to achieve, combined with empathy, the genuine caring for the well-being of your customers, are the twin keys to top sales performance. A person with empathy makes every effort to get inside the mind and heart of the customer and to understand his situation and needs.

Keep Your Word
Top-selling salespeople are impeccably honest with themselves and with others. There is no substitute for honesty in selling. Earl Nightingale once said, “If honesty did not exist, it would have to be invented as the surest way of getting rich.”

Do What you Love to Do
One of the secrets of success in selling is for you to do what you love to do. Top salespeople love what they are selling. They believe in it passionately. They will defend it and argue over it. They will talk about it day and night. When they go to bed, they think about their product. When they wake up in the morning, they can hardly wait to talk to prospects about it. Look at the top salespeople in the very best companies, and you’ll find that these people are fanatical, about their products and services.

Action Exercise
Resolve today, that you are going to become one of the hardest-working professional salespeople in your team; start earlier; work harder; stay later.

I hope that these “tips” will help up develop the sales person within us. On a personal note, I believe that empathy would make us a good seller. We should always put ourselves into our customer’s shoes and feel what they feel. Thanks Ime for this email. :)

Ciao! :)

Lucky charms

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Tonight is the start of the week for selling for our total solutions in the office. Total solutions is part of our metrics and we are asked to sell certain computer parts, extend the warranty or even offer a computer system for the customers. It’s sad to think to that the company focuses more on selling than troubleshooting and resolving customer’s computer problems. If you will not be able to meet your total solutions goal, then you will be placed in what they call performance enhancement camp. It does sound unfair, though; especially in our case, wherein we applied as technical support and not a sales agent.

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Different agents have their own lucky charms placed on the station. I have a string of Chinese coins hanging on my station. One of my teammates has Buddha on his station. You would find the Chinese cat (I don’t know how to call it) and the green frog with coin on its mouth on other stations. My team manager’s desktop wallpaper is different denominations of money.

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Well, we are Free People living in a free country and we have different beliefs on how to meet our sales target and perform well in our chosen career.

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The greatest charm that I have (aside from the Chinese coin and the new 5-pesos coin on my keyboard) is God. I never forget to pray before Him to bless me a good sales and a productive shift. I just hope that He will never get tired of listening to my prayers; even if I always pray the same thing when going to work. :) I feel safe and secured whenever I pray especially when I live the house. I believe that praying is still our best armor and charm. :)

Ciao! :)


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My teammates Pam, Paolo, Enrico and Paul received a good news from our team manager last Friday. They are now regular employees of Dell. Congratulations!!! With this, they treated the whole team to a luscious meal and drinking session at Seafood Island, which is just across our building in Eastwood. We had our team building on an instant! :)

We had lots of food, drinks and fun. Oh my! I will be needing one of the best weight loss supplements out there! My mother said, I need to cut down on my carbs. :(

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Well! Kudos to my teammates. Hopefully, I will also receive a good news as such, two weeks from now! :)

Ciao! :)

Team building at Red Box

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Last Saturday, we had our team building at Red Box in Trinoma. Our acting team manager, Oneil, took advantage of the 12NN-3PM schedule with unlimited food. :) I arrived at around 1:25PM for I attended to other personal things. Anyway, they are already singing and eating when I came.

The fun is just starting at around 3PM and so we decided to extend up until 7PM! :) . Of course, I took advantage of the videoke. Hehehe!!! I never seen our tm and rs so “kulit”. I was laughing my heart out! :) I really enjoyed last Saturday’s team building. It was my first team building at Dell and hopefully not the last.

We had 2 bottles of Jose Cuervo and 4 buckets of beer! Oh yeah, I was drunk! Hihihi! Nevertheless, I was able to go home safely. Thank God! :)

After out time is up at Red Box, we had coffee at the nearby Starbucks. Oh I really needed coffee then. I was leaning to kuya Ron already for I was sleepy, tipsy and tired. Kuya Ron has always been so nice to me. He is the brother I’ve always wanted to have. God bless him and his family. :)

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I am really hoping and praying that this would not be the last team building I will be attending at Dell. :) I really enjoyed the company of my teammates and was able to get to know them better. That was really a team building! :)

Ciao! :)

Moving On

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The last news I told you about was that we would not be reporting for work on Christmas Day and on New Year’s Eve. However, as of this writing, we have not received any email confirmation yet with regard to it. I hope that that news is true because I would really want to spend New Year’s Eve with my family. :)

Last Friday news surprised our team. All the tenured agents will be moved to our Pay as You Need department. All the agents left are new hires and that includes me. All those agents have been working with Dell for at least 3 years. I don’t know what’s going to happen to our team. I don’t know if it is going to be dissolved and we will be transferred to different teams. I really don’t know.

Our team manager is on maternal leave and our RS is running our team. I am hoping that everything is going to be fine tonight. Tonight would be the first day with all our “seniors” gone. As what kuya Ron told me last Friday, we would be on our own. :( Roman said that we are already tenured agents. He believed that we’ll be okay.

Well, I have been with the team for one and a half months only. There are many things yet to learn. I don’t consider myself as a tenured agent as per my employment with Dell is concerned. I am hoping that our team would survive and I wish our seniors a good luck in their new endeavors.

Ciao! :)

Good News!

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I am really not feeling well when I arrived in the office tonight. I have a terrible headache. :( I took medicine before leaving home and I prayed that I will be able to perform well at work inspite of what I am feeling. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t caught in jam going to Eastwood. I arrived at the office 10 minutes before my shift. :)

We had team huddle at 10PM so I had enough time to drink coffee and relax for a while. Tomorrow is US’s Thanksgiving Day so hopefully there would be not much calls today. :) Anyway, the good news that I received today which really made my day is that we do will not be reporting for work on December 25 and 31! Yehey!!! Our 3S coach informed us about it during the team’s huddle but we’re still waiting for CCO’s email to confirm it.

Hopefully, that news is true for I really wanted to stay home on New Year’s Eve. Of course, I want to welcome the new year with my family. But aside from it, I do not want to be on the street with lots of fire crackers on the side. :)

Ciao! :)

Work on Sunday

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Went to the office today to work on my timekeeping. I wasn’t able to prepare it last Friday. I brought Nonet to the hospital because of colds. We also noticed that her eyes are swollen. In the hospital, we found out that she’s already suffering from allergy. Her swolen eyes are the indication. I informed my immediate superior then that I will not be able to report for work because of my daughter’s condition. He has been so kind and understanding. Well, he’s a parent, too.

I need to go to the office today to check on my open cases and file my leave of absence. I am praying that Nonet will be okay and that I will be fine at work as well. Dell is very strict when it comes to attendance. I hope that I will have a better career in here.

Ciao! :)

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