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It’s lumpiang Shanghai actually. :) My mother and I went to the wet market this morning to buy food for one week. I usually being accompanied by my cousin April by she needs to do the laundry today. I slept late last night and I wasn’t able to join my daughter in her weekend biking at the park, so my mother went with her. When they arrived, I asked my mom if she can go with me the market. After resting for a while we set off to Pasig City Mega Market. :)

We got home at around 12 noon. We decided to cook lumpiang shanghai with a kick. Well, the kicker is the cheese. :) I have watched a demo cooking in one of the grocery stores along Ortigas Avenue, and I learned this lumpiang shanghai with cheese dish. The woman who did the demo, put on slices of cheese when she rolled the mixture into the wrapper. I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I had a better idea. We still have Quezo de Bola left over in the fridge and I think that it would really taste good if we used it in our lumpia. :)

Instead of using the cheese as toppings while wrapping the mixture, I chopped the cheese and mixed it with the shanghai mixture!  :)

I prepared the pan and deep fried lumpiang shanghai. I do not exactly know how you call it in English, some says it is called, Filipino Egg Roll. :) Well, it taste really good! Oh am I drooling?!?

Well, you can try it and I guarantee that it really taste superb! You can find different versions of lumpiang shanghai’s recipe on the web, choose whatever you feel like doing just add cheese in the mixture. :)

Happy Eating! :)

Ciao! :)

Birthday Treat!

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Antoinette will turn 3 years old this coming October 28. Though we’re not going to hold any party for her, a fine dinner with family members will be enough for this special occasion. I am planning to cook, of course with my mother’s assistance something new and special for that day.

Thanks to Kitchenomics for they provide, healthy yet delicious meals and recipes. I have searched for certain meals that will really delight her and the whole family. :)


You will Need:

200 g DEL MONTE Spaghetti, cooked
200 g chicken breast fillet, cut into large strips
1/2 tsp iodized fine salt (or ½ tbsp iodized rock salt)
1/8 tsp pepper
2 tbsp margarine
4 cloves garlic, crushed
1 pc medium onion, diced
1/3 cup canned button mushrooms, each piece cut into 4 wedges
1 pc medium red bell pepper, diced
10 pc black pitted olives, sliced thinly
1/4 cup water
1 pouch (250 g) DEL MONTE Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce
salt to taste
1/2 pc star anise (optional)
1/3 cup coarsely grated quickmelt cheese

Here’s How:

1. SEASON chicken with salt and pepper. Heat pan with margarine. Pan-grill chicken until brown on both sides. Set aside.

2. IN the same pan sauté garlic, onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, and olives for 5 minutes. Add water, DEL MONTE Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce, chicken, salt, and star anise. Simmer for 5-10 minutes.

3. ADD cheese. Pour over cooked DEL MONTE Spaghetti. Top with extra cheese if desired.

Serves 5
Rich in Vitamin A – for good eyesight


You  will Need

1/2 kg chicken, cut-up
2 tbsp curry powder
6 cloves garlic, crushed
1 pc medium onion, sliced
1 pc (50 g) ginger, sliced and lightly pounded
2-3 tbsp patis
1 can (234 g) DEL MONTE Fresh Cut Pineapple Chunks, drained (reserve syrup)
1-1/2 cups thin coconut milk
1 tbsp evaporated milk
2 pc medium potatoes, cut into chunks
1 pc medium red bell pepper, cut into strips

Here’s How

1. RUB chicken with curry powder. Let stand for 15 minutes. Set aside.

2. HEAT pan with 3 tbsp oil. Sauté garlic, ginger and onion. Add chicken and patis to taste. Cook for 5 minutes, with constant stirring. Add pineapple syrup and coconut milk. Simmer for 20 minutes or until chicken is cooked.

3. ADD milk and potatoes then cook for another 10 minutes. Add bell pepper and DEL MONTE Fresh Cut Pineapple Chunks. Simmer once.

Serves 8
Rich in Niacin – promotes normal digestion and healthy skin.


You will need

1/2 kg pork kasim, cut into chunks
8 cloves garlic, crushed
1/2 cup water
3 tbsp soy sauce
3-1/2 tbsp brown sugar
1/8 tsp dried oregano (optional)
2 tbsp DEL MONTE Red Cane Vinegar
1 pc laurel leaf
3 tbsp tausi
1 can (234 g) DEL MONTE Fresh Cut Pineapple Chunks, drained (reserve syrup)

Here’s How

1 COMBINE pineapple syrup with other ingredients except pineapple chunks. Cover and simmer over low heat for 40 minutes or until pork is tender. Remove the cover and continue simmering until sauce has slightly evaporated.

2 ADD DEL MONTE Fresh Cut Pineapple Chunks. Allow to simmer.

Serves 6
Excellent source of Vitamin B1 – prevents beriberi.


You will Need

2 tbsp sugar
1/2 cup ground cashew nuts
3 pc egg whites
1/3 cup sugar

3 pc egg whites
1/3 cup sugar
1 can (439 g) DEL MONTE Fiesta Fruit Cocktail, drained
3/4 cup butter, cut into cubes and chilled

Here’s How:

1. PREHEAT oven to 280ºF. Grease and flour the back of two jelly roll pans or metal utility pans. Set aside.

2. CRUST: Mix the first sugar and cashew nuts. Set aside. Beat the egg whites and remaining sugar to stiff peak. Using wire whisk, gradually fold in cashew nut mixture. Divide into 3. Spread/pipe into prepared pans to form into 7”x7” squares, 1/4 cm thick. Bake for 40 minutes or until light brown. Using spatula, loosen from the pan while still hot and slide onto wire rack. Trim sides to even out . Cool. Crush trimmings to make into crumbs.

3. CREAM Filling: Combine sugar and egg whites in a bowl and place over simmering water. Heat with constant whipping for 4 minutes. Remove from heat and beat at high speed until slightly cooled. Add butter and beat until spreading consistency is reached. Combine 3/4 cup of this mixture with DEL MONTE Fiesta Fruit Cocktail. Chill cream filling and fruit cocktail mixture for 1 hour. Divide fruit mixture into two.

4. TO assemble: Layer the first crust with half of the fruit mixture. Cover with the second crust then the fruit mixture. Top with half of cream filling then another layer crust. Cover top of cake with remaining cream filling. Chill for 3 hours. Sprinkle with crust crumbs. Garnish if desired.

Serves 8
Rich in Vitamin C- helps fight common infection.

Hope Nonet will enjoy her special day! :)

Filipino Style Spareribs

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You will need:

½ kg pork back ribs, cut up
1 tbsp cornstarch, dissolved in 1 tbsp water


1 pouch 250 g Del Monte Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce
1 tbsp Del Monte Red Cane Vinegar
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp + 1 tsp brown sugar
¼ tsp pepper
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp prepared mustard

Here’s how:

1. Marinate pork ribs for at least 30 minutes.
2. Cover and simmer in marinade over low heat for 45 minutes or until tender. Add cornstarch mixture and simmer until thick.

Asado Adobo with Roasted Garlic

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1 cup whole garlic cloves, roasted
½ kilo pork liempo, cubed
½ kilo chicken thighs, quartered
½ cup garlic, chopped
1/3 cup vinegar
2 bay leaves
1 tsp. whole black peppercorns
1 tbsp. Lea and Perrins Worchestershire Sauce
3 tbsps. Sugar to taste
Salt or fish sauce to taste
1/3 cup garlic ships, fried
1/3 cup shallots, fried
1 doz quail eggs, boiled


Peel garlic cloves and brush with olive oil, salt and pepper. Bake in the oven until golden brown. Set aside.

Wash in the pork and chicken pieces. Heat a heavy saucepan and brown pork pieces. Set aside. In the same saucepan, brown the chicken pieces. Set aside. Put the pork pieces back into the pan and add the chopped and roasted garlic.

Add the vinegar and scrape the brown bits from the bottom of the pan. Add the bay leaves, whole peppercorns, Lea and Perrins Worchestershire Sauce and sugar. Add 2 cups of water and simmer the mixture. If the pork pieces are half done, add the chicken and the remaining stock and continue cooking until the pork pieces are tender and the chicken thighs are cooked through. More stock may be added until the desired tenderness is achieved. However, the trick is adding just a little water or stock at a time so that the flavor of the stew is not lost.

Season it to taste with salt or fish sauce. Add the quail eggs. Chopped parsley. Slice garlic and shallots thinly. Heat up oil in a frying pan. When the oil is hot, fry the garlic chips then the shallots until golden brown. (Fry the garlic and shallots separately as their cooking vary). Drain on paper towels and serve with adobo.

Happy Eating! :)

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