Patience is a Virtue

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Today, I learned a very valuable lesson. Being a technical support is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of patience. Seriously.

I have been a technical support agent for 6 years now and I belived that I am patient enough to be in this kind of work for that long. Earlier this morning I had call wherein the client has Netgear Cable gateway which is connected to an Apple Time Capsule. He has one IMAC running on wireless that has Internet connectivity through the Time Capsule. He wanted to print from an HP printer which is connected to a Linksys Printserver.  That was really a challenge!

I almost give up on that call. It is because, I cannot find the feature I am looking for in the Time Capsule that will make the configuration of the Linksys printserver easy. Another headache that I had was the remote support tool that I am using keeps on disconnecting. Well, what do you expect from a freeware. We have an official tool to use, but only the 8 team leaders and our 2 supervisors have account setup for it. Well, we are more than 20 in a shift. It was like a first come first serve thing. Meaning, if all the logins are used already, then you really have to use the other tool.

To make the long story short,  I prayed to God to help me finish my call. Well, He answered my prayer and I was able to resolve the problem. :) He also sent an “angel” to pacify my anger and irritation (because of our utilities) through my team lead, Jennet.

Another incident which tested my patience happened when I went to another company I applied in. I have an exam at 2PM and was asked to go to 22nd floor. It was 10 minutes before 2PM when I arrived there. Then, the receptionist asked me to register on the 31st floor before going to the exam room. I waited for roughly 15 minutes for the elevator to come. There is only elevator which was designed to reach the 31st floor. Alright,  I was able to register and then was asked to go back to 22nd floor. Well, it took around 20 minutes before the elevator came to 31st floor.

When I arrived on 22nd floor, I was just given a briefing and was asked to come back at 4PM for the exam. Whew!

I tried to calm myself and keep my composure.

It had been a long day and I believed I have exerted a lot of patience. Hopefully, tomorrrow I will be able to manage my anger and irritation.

Ciao! :)


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He had no servants yet they called Him Master

NO Degrees – yet they called Him Teacher.

NO Medicine – yet they called Him Healer.

NO Army, yet kings feared Him

He won NO military battles, yet He conquered the world.

He committed NO crime, yet they crucified Him.

He was buried in tombs, yet He lives today!

Something to think about..

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I was blog hopping early today, and I decided to check on my bestfriend’s blog. Her site is getting interesting everytime I visit it! :) I read some of her posts which keeps me updated on her life, though we’re not seeing each other that often.
My eyes set on one of her posts about what she learned on their Sunday church last March 1, 2009. It really strike me and made me appreciate my work more than ever. She is right, no matter what pressure I experience in everyday work, I should be thankful for this God’s wonderful blessing.
I paste the whole article here.
We as a grown ups spend much of our time in the work place.  5 days a week are spent at work and some have 6 working days.  Do you go to work just to earn money?  How do you to treat your boss, co-employees and people under you? What do you think God wants us to do in the work place?

After the service it come to my realization that I should value my job so much , it is God’s blessing to me. Now a days there were a lot of lay offs everywhere and I should be thankful that I do have a good stable job. I should show respect and obedience to my boss since God put him there for a reason.

We should be good steward, use our job for God’s glory.  Change our focus, instead of thinking that you are working for your boss, look at it as you were working for God.  Since God gave us this job then we should know how to cultivate it.  Do not be hypocrites by doing your job well when your boss or someone is looking at you.  We should be doing our best at all time and always remember that there is God who sees all our hardwork.
As good christian we should have integrity.  We should have integrity in our private life and in the work place as well.  Having this we will gain trust and respect from our co-employess , our boss and the company.  Most of all God will be glorified because we are doing the right thing.
In short, we should be different and everybody would see that we are exceptional.  It is because we are working for God and not for men.
Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”
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