New Washing Machine for Mother :)

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Our old National Washing machine has retired after being in service for almost 15 years. Last week, it just stopped working and we didn’t try to repair it anymore. Well, it has served us so much and we believe that it is time for it to take a rest. :)

My sister Patty and my mother are the ones who do the our laundry. I really hate doing laundry. When I wash my clothes, I am not confident that it is clean. :( I always depend on them for washing our clothes. In fairness to me, I am the marketer. Hehehe! I am the one who goes to Pasig Mega Market and search for low priced goods without sacrificing quality. :)

When the old washing machine stopped working, my sister decided to get a new one. Abenson offered a good deal and we asked favor from my mom’s godmother so we can buy a new washing machine. Last Friday, I went to Galleria and got a new Samsung Fully Automatic Washing machine. :) It was delivered the next day, but they waited for me to arrive to have it setup. My sister is lazy to read the manual.

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After taking a rest, I started reading the manual and how to install the water source into the machine. Since, there is available direct faucet that can be installed to the washing, I did a work around instead. I used a water hose and I bought another faucet which will be connected to the washing machine hose. It really took me a while working on it. My mother is already losing her patience and blamed us for getting a fully automatic machine instead of getting a regular twin tub machine. She already wanted to get someone to do the installation for us. I told her that I can do it. She doesn’t know that I am already praying to have it all hooked up.

Finally, God listened to my pleas and we’re able to make the washing machine work. It is really fully automatic! I taught my mom how to operate the machine using two buttons only. The power button and the start button! :)

She was able to appreciate the new machine afterwards, for when she took the laundry out of the tub, she will just need to hang the clothes up. It was really a convenience on her part. :)

That’s the reason why my sister got this washing machine. Well, they can already ask me to do the laundry this time. :P

Ciao! :)

Fruit of his Labor

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Well, even if we are experiencing issues lately, I am still happy to hear that ney can now afford to buy different gadgets that he wanted to have then. Although, sometimes, I am having difficulty asking for assistance our daughter’s finances, it’s still happy to know that he can now get the things he wanted. :)

Last night he called me to let me know that he already got one of those high-end flip cameras available in Saudi Arabia today. :) About two years ago, I bought a Sony video cam for my sister, Pauline. Well, her course requires a lot of video shoot and video recordings. Sometimes, she cannot pass her assignment on time because she doesn’t have one. It may sound costly but I neeeded to get her one.

When ney saw the video cam, he also wanted to have one. He loves taking pictures and recording video while he plays the drum. (He’s a great drummer!) :) When he told me that he got a video camera for himself, I really felt happy for him. I know he’s happy that’s why I am happy, too. I am happy because he is enjoying the fruit of his hard work.

Ciao! :)

How important is GPS?

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When we’re on our way going back to Manila, we had experienced an almost zero visibility because of the heavy rains and the fog. It’s a good thing that my team mate who was driving the car has drive through that road many times already and he is familiar with the turns.

I was really praying for our safety and for the safety of the people in the van behind us. I wonder how trucks pass that narrow and stiff road. Then I realized how important to  buy truck gps for their safety.

It may cost the truck owner few bucks, though. But that would definitely save lives and prevent any unwanted accidents if their trucks have one.

Ciao! :)

Technology makes life easier

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When I go to the mall, I usually go to the gadgets and computer sections of it. I may not be buying anything, but being in the IT industry, I believe that I should be familiar of newly developed gadgets and computer peripherals available.

It is so amazing that people get to develop different tools to make our life easier. The effects of technology are much visible in huge companies. Nowadays, manufacturing sectors use automated machines for bigger productions. Inventories made easy by using bluetooth barcode scanner. Emails are easily retrieved through wi-fi phone and the latest is through Blackberry. :)

When I was younger, communication is too primitive. However, it still gives me a different kind of happiness when I receive letters and cards through snail mail. :)

The Lord blessed us today with this kind of devices which our forefathers never had. I know that more and more automated devices will be invented in the near future. I just pray that we will use them to make our life easier, to spread goodness and to prevent any form of destruction and inhumane acts.

Ciao! :)

ICE Numbers

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While working on my sister’s study table, I found  a planner that was a given to her by Oui on her 18th birthday.  I stopped writing for a while and browsed through it pages. That planner wasn’t just a planner! It provides different coupons that a woman would really enjoy. Aside from that, it contains very interesting articles. One of the articles that really caught my attention is the article about In case of emergency.

Let’s admit it, that our world isn’t as safe as it was. Accidents and emergencies happen everywhere. It is always good to know that we are ready in case of those emergencies.

One of the tips given is to add the letters I-C-E to important contacts in  your mobile’s phonebook. I have always added ICE infront of the names of my two sisters in my phonebook. So, in case of emergency, people would know who to contact. I also assigned a speed dial number to said contacts.

Another safety precaution that we people often forget, is to inform a friend or a relative the plate number of a cab that we take. Those people would have a clue on how to find us just in case. It would also be helpful to have a pepper spray in our pocket!

Take care and be careful all the time!

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Ciao! :)

Tekki Friends

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Last August 21, my friend Pinky celebrated her birthday and she treated I, Daisy and Ime to Ice Berg. We had a lot of talk, for we really missed each other. We talked about the different gadgets that we own, our work and of course our love relationships. Like the 3 of us, Daisy owns a TV, DVD player, video recorder and devices which can be controlled using a remote controller. Then she thought of using a universal remote control that she can use to control all her devices. She said that being a working mom, it’s practical to have a single device to control everything you need. Hmmm, that sounds good! Well, Ime and Pinky being music lovers enjoyed their music and media files through their network media player. Wow! It’s really amazing how we are today, as we thought the good old college years.

As for me, I would love to have an online backup service to ensure the safety of my files for my blogging! ? We all enjoyed the day and certainly, we are going to do it again. :)

Sending Emails via Wifi using Cingular 8125

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If you’re having problems sending Emails on your pocket PC like Cingular 8135, make sure that the outgoing mail server is properly configured to the required address set by your provider. Here’s the catch. Say for example you are subscribed to a cable provider, then when you can send email through Outlook in your computer. When you check the outgoing mail server of your Outlook and in your pocket PC it is the same. Bu then you wonder why you can’t send email in your wi-fi phone. Your phone is connected to the Internet and you can receive email through your connection to GPRS, yet you’re unable to send email.

It is because most cable providers will not allow you to send email from their servers if you are not connected to their cable date line. Since you are using a cell network,  you are not using the cable for data and can’t use their outgoing server.  

You may try setting the outgoing mail server of your phone to and see if that works. :)


Hope this help! :)

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