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This morning, my team mate Jojo asked me if I know the song with lyrics that goes.. la la la la la la. He sang that part of the song only and I told him, that the song title is Bridges. He wouldn’t believe me at first then I sang parts of the song with the la la la la la la. He believed me then. Hehehe! :) He asked how I learned the song, I just told him that I just knew it.

Well, the truth is I have been humming that song also way back then. Like him, I only knew la la la la la  la then. Since, I like the song so much, I didn’t stop searching for it and even studied its notes.

Today, I have been singing Bridges in our karaoke and I love singing it. :)

Here’s the song and I hope you’ll enjoy it like I do. :)


La la la.. la la la la la.. la la la.. la la la la la
hmm hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm

I have crossed a thousand bridges
In my search for something real
There were great suspension bridges
Made of spiderwebs of steel

There were tiny wooden trestles
And there were bridges made of stone
I have always been a stranger
And I’ve always been alone

There’s a bridge to tomorrow
There’s a bridge from the past
There’s a bridge made of sorrow
That I pray would not last

There’s a bridge made of colors
In the sky high above
And I’m certain there must be
Bridges made out of love

I can see him in a distance
On the rivers of the shore
And his hands reach out in longing
As my own have done before

And I call across to tell him
Where I believe the bridge must lie
And I’ll find it, yes I’ll find it
If I search until I die

When the bridge is between us
We’ll have nothing to fear
We will run through the sunlight
And you’ll meet me halfway

There’s a bridge made of colors
In the sky high above
And I’m certain there must be
Bridges made out of love

La la la.. la la la la la.. la la la.. la la la la la
hmm hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm

To Sir With Love

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Since I am in the mood of checking on you tube with songs. Let me paste in here a song that I dedicate to a very good friend and my most loved boss ever. Boss Dan, thank you for all everything. I will always treasure the friendship and the love you have given me. I hope one day, I would be able to sing this song for you. Or maybe in our next team building?!? :)

Ciao! :)

Never Surrender

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I know I first heard this song when I was young. I just didn’t know what the title of this song then. But it really touch my heart whenever I hear this song. Lately, honey told me that he is going through some kind of a homesick. Well, honey it will just few months to go and you will be home soon. Be strong and be safe always.

This song is for you. I love you much. :)

Ciao! :)

You and I

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Lai and I had our breakfast at Mc Donald’s this morning. Well, it’s actually our office lunch break! :) I go to work at 3AM and my lunch break is scheduled at 6:30AM. Although, I usually take lunch at 7AM. I think 6:30AM is to early. :) Anyway, my meal card has run out of budget, Lai and I decided to have our meal at Mc Donald’s which is just across our building. For us it’s lunch but for most people eating in the diner it was breakfast. :)

When I was in college, one of my sidelines then was to sing on weddings. Oh yes, I was once a wedding singer. Believe me I have love being one. My friend pianist, Kiko, who is very talented by the way, used to play song as we rest a bit. In one of the weddings we sang at, he played the song You and I. I fell in love with the music and I asked him to teach me the song. He did. :) Since then, I started singing the song You and I. I have loved the music and its lyrics. When I finished college and started working, I wasn’t able to join them in their gigs anymore. My unusual work schedule prevented me so. :(

This morning at McDo, as Lai and I we enjoy eating our pancakes and chatting about life, the store is played the sweetest wedding song of all.  That was the first time I heard that song.  The same song that I have sang many times already. :)

When I got home, I immediately turned on my computer and started searching for the said song. Luckily I found it. It was one of the songs, in the movie, Goodbye Mr. Chips. It was actually a novel written by James Hilton.

I played the song over and over again. Gosh I love that song. :)

When I get married, I would definitely sing this song for my husband on our wedding day. :)

Ciao! :)

If I Could Only Hold You Now

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Hayss.. If only I could.. :(

If I Believe

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I will cherish this song for as long as I live..

Ciao! :)

I Will Still Love You

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It is the Wedding Month again, and last Sunday in ASAP Rocks, the sessionistas sang couple of songs that I can consider as wedding songs. While I was reading Safe Haven outside our house, I heard the sessionistas sang this song. I really went inside to watch their number because the song really captured me. I didn’t know what the title of the song, but I asked my cousin April to write the phrase, I will still love you.

When I got my chance to our computer today, I did a search for the said song and I was lucky to find it right away. :) I don’t know, but maybe, it’s not only me who was captivated by this song.

I believe that in spite of all the relationship issues our world faces today, one can still love someone so dearly. :)

Oh my I really miss singing in weddings. :) I miss my pianist friend Kiko and my singing partner, Richard.  Haven’t talk to you guys in a while. I hope that one day, we can sing together again like we used to.

Here is a video I found from youtube and I hope you enjoy you’ll like it the way I do. :)

Ciao! :)

Kahit na Anong Mangyari

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We had a videoke session on my birthday last Saturday. My sisters, cousins and I spent hours singing with our midi player. I have been looking for a certain song that I have sang to ney about 12 years ago. Yes that long. He was my first official boyfriend and my first love. When we had our relationship in 1999, many people were against it. My family and his family didn’t have any good relationship because of what happened to his elder brother and my cousin. In any case, since I love him, and I do not careless whatever people would say, I still went on with the relationship in spite of all the odds.

When ney and I were talking and having a sweet time together, I remember singing this song to him. I knew then that our relationship will go through a hard and rough road but I still went on.

Our relationship.. our love did go through a lot of hardships, and there are still certain things that we need to fix, yet we’re still together. And I believe, that our love would be able to stand the test of time. I have faith. And, I have prayed and continue praying to God for our love to last a lifetime. :)

For ney, I would still sing this song for you. It was a song from Gimik the Reunion and the lyrics really meant so much to me. Hope you enjoy this like I do. :)

Ciao! :)

Yahweh I Know You Are Near

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After my check up witn an ENT doctor at TMC last Friday, I heard the 12Noon mass held at the second floor of the said hospital. It was a blessing that I heard the mass. :)

Everyday, we face life challenges that test our faith.  Like many others, my family always experience financial difficulties. And now, my sister and I are sick and we cannot go to work. We do not have enough savings to support our everyday needs. I never lose faith in God. But, sometimes, you would really feel that God doesn’t seem to hear your pleas. :( But I know in my heart that it isn’t true. I have this big faith and belief that God can always hear our cries and He listens to our prayers. Maybe, it is not His time yet to answer our prayers.

Amidst the difficulties I am going through right now, I believe and I know that He is there and He loves me more than I ever know. :) When I heard the mass, the communion song was Yahweh, I know You are Near. I am not sure whether it was just a coincidence that the choir sang the song, but what I know God made me feel then that He is near…

He is near and we should not lose faith in Him. Praise be to God!

Ciao! :)

Summer Songs!

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When I get to spend my summer vacation in Quezon before, my sister Patty and I have these summer songs that we love listening to and singing. Singing these songs on the bus going to Quezon, makes the trip more fun and exciting! :)

The songs that we used to sing include, I can see clearly Now by Johnny Nash, which actually been a number 1 in Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1972; Walking on Sunshine by Aly and A.J. and Summer Holiday by Cliff Richards, which was a summer hit of 1963. (Oh boy! Our summer songs are very “classic”, yet great!)

I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash

Walking on Sunshine by Aly and A.J

Summer Holiday Cliff Richards

There are other summer songs that I love singing and listening to. These songs are Summer Sunshine by the Corrs, Cold Summer Night by the late Francis M., Our Last Summer by ABBA and Summer Day by Dar Williams. :)

Cold Summer Nights by Francis M.

Oh I can really feel the summer air! :) What’s your summer song then?

Ciao! :)


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I was at Mercury Drug-Medical City Branch when I first heard this song. It played continuously and I my heart is really touched. I don’t know the title of the song nor its singer. Its a good thing, I remember few of its lines and google helped me found the singer and the song itself. I played the song over and over and I never get tired listening to this. I heard a bossanova version though, but still the lyrics and the music cuts my heart deeply.

It is not a surprise that the song was sang by the greatest; Beegees and Dionne Warmick. Well, they are one of my favorite singers of all time. I may not live during their era but their songs and music has inspired me a lot.

I found this clip from youtube and I hope you’ll like it too..

Ciao! :)

Funny, Familiar Forgotten Feelings

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Every Sunday morning like today, my mother loves listening to the songs of the sixties, seventies and eighties. Sunday is the only day she gets to listens to those old songs, so she really take advantage of it. My daughter usually wakes up when my mother get up from bed as well. Then, she would continue sleeping on our couch. She enjoys listening to music. When she was a baby, we put her easily to sleep while playing a lullabye.

One day, while she is busy playing, we heard her singing lyrics of the song Funny, Familiar Forgotten feelings! It was song in the sixties made popular by Tom Jones! To prevent her being distracted, we held our laughs ’til she finished singing! :D

After her rendition, we just applauded that she sang the song beautifully but we didn’t comment that she was singing a song from the old days. Hehehe! :)

Well, this girl is really a keen observer and her memory is really sharp. We didn’t realize that she is already picking up the lines of the songs. For those who are not familiar with the song, here is goes!

Ciao! :)

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