Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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I just replied to one of the comments I received from this site. The comment was posted in my of post; Growing Old With You. I believe you all have seen The Wedding Singer and the song Growing Old With You has become very popular. If I am not mistaken, I was in college when this song became a hip.

If I get married, this song is one of the songs that I wanted to be played or sang in my wedding. In fact, I want my groom to sing this song for me. :) Well, I guess every couple, especially the married couple, wanted to grow old with each other, ‘til death do they part. :) It is very sweet! Although, that doesn’t happen all the time. :(

My reader commented that “he used to sing that song to her” but then everything has ended. I know how painful it is. I have been there. I’ve gone through a lot of heartaches and headaches, too; and breaking up is really hard to do. However, would you rather have the “short term pain” or the “long term pain”?

Sometimes, because of the fear we have, of losing the person we love even if it is not working out anymore, we tend to hold on and be blinded by our fears. We just keep the relationship and make believe that everything is okay. I am really proud of those who are brave enough to get out of a relationship that is not working anymore. They may still love and care for each other but they have accepted the fact that they are really not meant to be.  :(

Breaking up is really hard to do but we must have that courage to let go of relationship that is not working anymore. Let us remember that a relationship should always be a two-way street. As we all know, it takes two to tango. Both parties, should be working together to make a relationship a success.

Besides, let us not forget, that God has prepared someone special for us. How can we be with the person He prepared for us if, we will not learn to let go of the person who was used to teach us to be strong and wiser. ? We might have been in many “failed” relationships, who knows those experiences are actually preparations made for us. Until, the day we are ready to be in a happy and blessed relationship. :)

We shouldn’t lose faith in love. Believe that God has prepared someone special for us to be with for the rest of our lives. He will send him or her, in His own sweet time!

Smile God loves us all!

Ciao! :)

On Letting Go

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If you found your friend crying before you or on your shoulder because someone has dumped him or her, we always try to comfort him or her by saying let go. Let go. We know that it is easy for us to say but hard for them to do. If we put ourselves into their shoes, can we still say the words “let go” to ourselves?

It would be very easy for us to say if we’re not the one who is hurting. Many people will remark that most of the time, the pain we feel is self-inflicted. Self-inflicted in a sense that we try to get a hold of something or person that we know can never be ours. I believe that each one of us have gone through this incident. One way or another, I know that everyone has gone through the process of letting go.
I remember a song entitled The Art of Letting Go. I guess it is. You cannot just tell someone to let go. He or she will go through a process until one day, he or she will just wake up free from that pain; because, he or she finally freed himself.

Holding on to someone or something we can never have is like keeping ourselves imprisoned by it. That’s why we are hurting. We know that it is a fact; we are just being hardheaded to accept that fact. That’s why, the first step in letting go is ACCEPTANCE.

If we will learn to accept the truth, then we would learn to let go. It may not be easy to do but it is possible.

Ciao! :)

Keeping Fit, While Daddy is Away

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Last week has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. There had been happy and sad days. In my fb status line; I said that “Behind the cheerful smiles is a lonely heart.” Well, asking the current status of my heart I still feel sad and missing honey so much. I have cried 3 days because of the pain I felt when he left to work over seas. :(

Last May 25, Nonet and I bid farewell to ney who has a 2-year contract abroad. My daughter saw me cry and tried to ease my feeling by telling me that daddy .

I must admit that ney and I had a lot of misunderstandings. We are not a perfect couple and you bet we often argue even if we don’t live together. But I guess, it is true that you would only realize how important a person is, on his absence.

I wrote him a letter before he left. I told him to read the letter on the plane and when he misses us. I entitled the letter I made for him, Our Love Story. In my letter, I stated my own “point of view” about how our relationship started; the obstacles that our love went through and thewill work so he can buy her many toys. That when she would turn 7 years old, her daddy will come back again promise that I would wait and be faithful to him during the time that he is away. One of this days, I will share that love story with you. :)

I told him that while he is away I will keep myself busy by doing productive and meaningful things. I needed to wait few days after he left to ensure that I wasn’t pregnant before I start my diet. Hehehe! Although ney doesn’t mind my weight, I would still wanted to look good and feel good especially during these days. I know that if I lose just a little weight then that would add my to the confidence I have. A little help from elliptical machines will do the trick. :)

It may sound expensive but we made sure that we talk over the phone atleast once a day. He had set his number to roaming so I can send him text messages as often as I can. I told him about my diet plan and he said that it was a good idea. He also said that I continue working on my cross-stitch which I started when I was in 2nd year college. Hahaha!!! That was about 10 years ago! :)

Well, I pray and I hope that ney will be safe there. I always pray to God that He would keep ney away from all harm and temptation. He is many miles away and the only thing I can do for him is to keep the love we have for each other and to pray so hard for him and for us.

Ciao! :)

Honey’s Going Abroad :(

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I woke up this afternoon because of numerous phone calls I received from ney. He is at a District LTO office in Quezon to request for LTO Certification for Red Ribbon in DFA. He will be working abroad as a heavy equipment operator. He applied for a passport last year (around August 2009 if I am not mistaken) because he really wanted to work abroad. His father and elder brother were both “ex-abroads” as he often calls them. He would want to work abroad, to prove that he can also be like his father and brother. They have their own construction company. But unlike other people who would want to work abroad for financial reasons, he just wanted a stamp on his passport and be an “ex-abroad” as well. :)

I have not done any red ribbon processing yet, that’s why I am not familiar with the process. I went online to check for the steps and told ney about it. His agency has been calling him already to get an update, because it is the only document that he needs to submit then he will leave. His visa arrived already, and as soon as he submits the LTO authenticated form, then he will leave. His tentative flight is next week. :(

Ney and I have been together for almost 6 years now. He is my first love and first boyfriend. We were separated in 1999 for some personal reasons and back on each other arms in 2004. We had gone through a lot of ups and downs. This may sound a cliche but our relationship has been a roller coaster ride. We do not live together because of work. We only see each other once or twice a month. This is the first time that he will go out of the country and we will not be seeing each other for 2 years. Oh, I will truly miss him. We have a lot of misunderstandings but when I think about him leaving and going abroad, I really tend to cry. :( My heart really aches. I wonder where I can get a protective clothing that I can have him bring.

I told ney to trust me and we will always keep in touch. I told him that I will write him letters. Send him text messages as often as I can. I told him to be careful always and be friendly. I talked to the agency staff and I was informed that he will be with Filipino colleagues. I hope and pray that he will be okay. I believe that God will take care of him.

Oh, I can feel the pain in my heart. But, I know that I need to be strong for him and for our relationship. Oh oh, I am crying… :(

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Some lessons are best learned through pain. Sometimes our visions become clear only after our eyes are washed with tears. Sometimes we have to be broken, so we can be whole again. If God meant the day to be perfect, He wouldn’t have invented tomorrow.. whatever your heart feels, trust God for it.

I am going through a hard time right now. I am not sure whether I should wallow or just keep the shield I am trying to use to protect myself from being hurt. I don’t want to go through the same pain again. But if I should, I know that I will be able to get through it. I’ve been there before, and with God by my side I know that there’s nothing I should be afraid off..

On Marriage!

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This is cute and inspiring! Read on.. :)


There was once a man and woman who had been married for more than 60 years. They had shared everything. They had talked about everything. They kept no secrets from each other except that the old woman had a shoebox in the top of her closet that she cautioned
her husband never to open or ask her about.

For all of these years, he had never thought about the box, but one day the little old woman got very sick and the doctor said she would not recover. In trying to sort out their affairs, the
little old man took down the shoebox and took it to his wife’s bedside.

She agreed that it was time that he should know what was in the box. When he opened it, he found two crocheted doilies and a stack of money totaling $25,000. He asked her about the contents. “When we were to be married, she said, “my grandmother told me the secret of a happy marriage was to never argue. She told me that if I ever got angry with you, I should just keep quiet and crochet a doily.”

The little old man was so moved, he had to fight back tears. Only two precious doilies were in the box. She had only been angry with him two times in all those years of living and loving. He
almost burst with happiness. “Honey,” he said “that explains the doilies, but what about
all of this money? Where did it come from?” “Oh,” she said, “that’s the money I made from selling the doilies. 


Nice… What do I do when I get mad with honey? Well, I just sing and read books! :)

Ciao! :)  

Wonderful Journey

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I attended the wedding of my old friend Dwight last Sunday (December 20). Since I am with kuya Ritchie, who accompanied me in singing At the Beginning, we decided not to attend the wedding ceremony at the church and headed our way to the reception. The reception was held at the Grand Terrace, along Commonwealth Avenue. We took a cab from Rosario to Commonwealth. It was a Sunday so there was no traffic.

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We arrived at the reception hall just in time to rehearse and to test our cd. I really prayed hard that the CD would be read by the reception’s music system. I am glad that it did! :)

The program started at around 5:30PM. We shared our table with my college friends, Farrah, Mynheer and Bryan. It was a happy feeling to meet my old friends. :) We chat a while and then came the couple of the day. I was happy seeing my friend, Dwight, settling down and happy. :)

Kuya and I were able to enjoy the food they have served for the guest. After drinking a glass of water, the host gave the cue for our number. Thank God, I was able to sing well. It has been a while since I sing in a wedding. This was my gift to the newly wed. :)

I wasn’t able to stay in the reception long, because kuya has other plans to do. I just sent Dwight a text message that I need to leave early.

My best friend Daisy, asked me once if I volunteered then to sing in his wedding. I remember when we were still in college (it was 7 years ago), I used to sing while we were hanging out. Then, Dwight told me then that when he gets married, he would want me to sing there. I said yes and told him that it would be for free. :) I never thought that he took it seriously. He first informed me about this wedding since January of this year. He also told me that he’s been looking for me in Friendster (Friendster was still the hip then) and was very happy when we’re able to get in touch with each other.

Well, I pray that Dwight and Ria will have a successful marriage and many children. Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Ciao! :)

Thank you for your comment!

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While waiting for my officemate/friend Judy, I decided to check my blog and update it somehow. I received a pretty nice comment from my post That’s why we have Commitment. It’s so nice that I cannot help myself but share it to you. Thank you Jhun for this wonderful comment. I just wanted to clear though, that I am not married yet but I am working on it! :)

although you’re technically single, you’re still bound by the union with your half, i mean your husband. you’re created as one by the Lord through the sacraments of marriage… “ang pinagsama ng Diyos ay huwag papaghiwalayin ng tao”. Although i don’t know much about your situation, i find you loyal and God- fearing. and the fact that temptations came along the way, you still did not entertained the thought of it. you’ve just turn away and that was the right thing to do because complications would lead to another heartaches and frustrations. and everything will crumble and you will find yourself alone again.

just be brave and have a lot of faith with our God. He can turn things positively through prayers and faith. you just have to do your share..

Have a good days ahead of you….

Ciao! :)

That’s why we have Commitment

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While downloading the needed files for my self-assessment, I posted a status update on my facebook. I never thought I would have a facebook account. ? I needed to create one for I am looking for a long lost friend whom I cannot find through Friendster. ?

These past few days, I kinda observe different people and the situation they are in. I ponder on the idea of Commitment. Somehow, I consider being “technically single” a good thing. At least, I still have an option to get out of a “mess”.

Everyday, whether at work or somewhere, people find themselves attracted to someone and would dwell on the idea, “Bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa buhay ko? Kung kailan hindi ka na pwede. Kung kailan hindi na’ko pwede?”. I know that many people, if not going through, have gone through this situation. ?

That could be reason why we have the word Commitment. I remember my priest friend asked me once, what do I think is the most difficult vow of a priest to follow; vow of poverty, vow of chastity or vow of obedience. I stopped and thought of those vows for a while. Then I told him, I believe it would be the vow of obedience. Because if you will be able to keep that vow, then everything follows.

The same goes for married couple. When they pledge their love (either in the church or through civil marriage), I believe that the most difficult to keep is the vow of Commitment.

Mr. Webster defines “Commitment” as something one is bound to do or forebear. Just like an obligation for someone to fulfill. Maybe that’s the reason why the song “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” was written. :)

There is the word commitment to protect family and the children in that family. There could be a number of exceptions to this word. But generally speaking, we have the word commitment so that we would be obliged to be faithful and honest to our partners and to children; to our work; to our company; and most of all to ourselves.

I know how hard it would be to keep the vow of commitment. I believe that if you feel something that would lead you into the “wrong way”, try to ignore the thought. It would make your heart bleeds, though, but that would save you from bigger problems. And, never forget to pray. God will always be there to keep us strong. I know that we are only human. We are weak and bound to temptation, but we have God to protect us.

I assure you prayers never fail in any condition or situation you may be.

Ciao! )

Secrets of a Successful Marriage

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Secrets of a Successful Marriage
(Chris Gallatin)

  • Having a wonderful partner
  • Communicating
  • Being intimately involved in one another’s life. (Open, honest, touching together. The closer you are, the more secure you will feel.)
  • Being happy as individuals. (And bringing good things to the relationship from both directions.)
  • Reaching out for dreams together.
  • Always being there for one another. (Always)
  • Overlooking the few flaws. (But cherishing the thousands of things that are so wonderful.)
  • Remembering that rainbow follow rain
  • Always sharing (Friends, families, dreams, desires. Weaving together the fabric of your lives.)
  • And always caring. (Always loving one another, and being as happy and as giving and as thankful as any two people could be.)

Hope these “secrets” will be spread out to many couples for a successful marriage life!

Ciao! :)

Singing for a Friend

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One of my dear friends will be getting married this December. I was happy to learn that he has not forgotten what I told them when we were in college. God has blessed with a singing voice. I remember, during our one of our breaks in college, I was practicing a song that I will sing in a competition; Dwight said that I have the talent. In response to that, I told them that when they get married, I will sing for them, for free! :)

I was really happy when I received a message from him early this year. He said that he’s getting married and he wanted me to sing in his wedding. I received that message in January and the wedding is on this coming December.

I sent a message for him about 3 days ago to confirm whether or not I will still sing for them and he said yes. He said that their wedding invitations will be given out few weeks before the wedding.

The wedding will fall on a Sunday (December 20), which is good. I don’t need to plot a vacation leave for that day. He requested me to sing a couple songs. He requested for At the Beginning, If I Never Knew You and there is one more which I forgot the title. Those 3 songs are all duets! Hopefully, one of our classmates, Ron, will be able to come home just in time for the wedding. I believe he’s working overseas.

Anyway, I know that it would not only be a wedding but a reunion of good friends. :)

I am really excited about it and I know that I should start practicing the songs because I want to sing well for a dear friend’s special day! :)

Ciao! :)

A Happy Birthday

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I know I owe you many stories since I have not been updating my journal lately. Please forgive me I am still adjusting myself into the “night shift” schedule for work. Well, it has been 3 weeks already since I have been in the gy shift but I am still not used to it. :( I do not even have a “life” when I am in gy because I am sleeping the whole day when I have a work. Anyway, I know that I will get used to it soon. :)

I told you last week that I would be going to Quezon to spend sometime with ney and to celebrate his birthday. Though, I was very sleepy before I set off, I made sure that everything I need to attend to while I am away would be taken cared off. :)

I told my daughter that I would be visiting her father but she cannot go with me. I told her that I would buy her something when I get home. Well, she was disappointed because she would really love to go. She loves her father so much and she misses him. I told her that I would bring her along next time.

I left the house at around 2PM last Saturday. It was a good thing, that there is a bus stop for provincial buses already in EDSA across Robinson’s Galleria. Before those provincial buses need to take the fly over in there, so commuters going to the province, need to go directly to the bus terminals.

It took about 30minutes before I was able to go onboard the JAM Liner going to Lucena. It would take about 4 hours to get there. After I paid my fare, I sent ney a text message that I am on the bus already and I am on my way. Since I came from a gy shift and did not have any sleep yet, I slept during the ride. I got awaken occasionally when the bus needs to stop to load and unload passengers.

When the bus entered the premises of Lucena City, I sent ney a text message again and told him that I am in Lucena already. We decided to meet each other at SM Lucena. I was there at 7:30PM. Of course, ney was wearing a red shirt! :) It’s his birthday remember?! :)

I greeted ney and handed him my birthday present. It was a book, well, some sort of English to Portuguese dictionary and phrases. Remember I told you before that he would be leaving soon for work abroad. The language that Angolans in West Africa uses is Portuguese. I believe that, people in Madagascar speak the same language.

Well, ney and I really had a good time. My adventure in Lucena continues in my next posts! :)

Ciao! :)

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