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About 3 weeks ago, my mother, 2 sisters and my little Antoinette paid visit to our grandmother who lives in Quezon. They went to Brgy. Duhat, Plaridel, Quezon to be exact. My father was born in Atimonan, Quezon but his family moved to Plaridel, Quezon during the Japanese occupation. My grandfather was a member of guerilla.

Duhat is one of the 9 barangays of Plaridel, Quezon.  Plaridel was once part of Atimonan. It is situated between the municipalities of Atimonan and Gumaca. It was once a wealthy municipality. I believed I have read its history and it was once the center of copra trading.  I don’t know what happened, but it is now belongs to a 5th class municipality. Ney who where once a municipal councilor said that their municipality is a poor municipality. He even said that our barangay hall(Rosario) is much better that their municipal hall. Yet, ney’s family is one of the well to do families in Plaridel. They own a contracting company which was rated triple A by DPWH.

Along with Brgy Duhat, are barangays, Concepcion, Ilaya, Ilosong (which is kust a walking distance from Duhat), Tanauan, Central (Pob.), Paang Bundok (Pob.), Paaralan (Pob.) and M. L. Tumagay. Brgy. Tumagay used to be Remas Mabuton, but it was named after Plaridel’s Assembly man, Manuel Tumagay. He is the father of the current vice-mayor, Bernardo Tumagay.

I have collected pictures of their trip from my cousins camera. Well, I really asked her to capture pictures… :)

This is part of the Lamon Bay. You’ll see this at the left side of Maharlika highway going to Bicol. Oh, how I love looking at it!

Wearing the pink shirt is my younger sister. She’s with my cousin Anne and our nieces, Ykay and Yvette, enjoying the rain.

Here is my sister, Patty with our pamangkins, Ykay and Yves.

She’s my cousin Anne. This was taken at their rice field.

My youngest sister Pau doing her own pose at the field.

Picture picture so, early in the morning! Pau and Nonet. Picture was taken at Brgy. Duhat’s basketball court.

This the court. The one pointed by the yellow arrow is the “Bahay Nayon”.

See Nonet(middle) enjoying the morning breeze. My mom said she’s running back and forth in the court with cousins, Ykay and Yves.

Cge Antoinette takbo pa! :)

They’re actually stepping on a railroad. At night, there are still cargo trains that passes that rail road. When I was younger,  I used to play there.. :)

This was taken at “Paradahan”. This used to be a train terminal.

This is at Tita Lyn’s house.

See the smile on Antoinette’s lips? She really did enjoy her 3-day vacation. I’ll visit the place soon. I’ll go there once I have time and money :)

All about Quezon Province

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My daughter Antoinette, together with my Mom and my two younger sisters, went to Quezon to pay visit to our paternal grandmother. She’s 89 but still has a good appetite. Well, I would like to share here my father’s province,  Quezon.

Quezon province is part of Region 1VA called CaLaBaRZon(Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon). Executive Order No. 246, dated October 28, 2003, designated Calamba City as the regional center of CALABARZON.


 I found a brief history of Quezon from It says:

The province formerly known as Tayabas, was explored by the Spaniards in 1571 and 1572 when Juan de Salcedo visited and explored upon the order of the first Spanish Governor General of the Philippines, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. They passed through the central portion of Tayabas in his march across Laguna Province to Paracale. The following years, Salcedo led his famous expeditions around the northern coast of Luzon. He visited the “CONTRACOSTA” towns of Casiguran, Baler and Infanta.

In 1574, Father Diego de Oropesa, who found a group of native barangays with their own culture and government, founded the municipality of Gumaca, then called Bumaka.

The territory which now constitutes the province of Tayabas was at one time under the jurisdiction of various provinces. The southern and central portions, for example, were in 1585 under the jurisdiction of the province of Bonbon, sometimes called Balayan (now Batangas). the northern portion was divided between Laguna and Nueva Ecija, while the other portion was divided into the provinces of Mindoro, Marinduque and Camarines.

In 1591, Tayabas was created into a province under the name of Kalilayan. Its capital was the ancient town of Tayabas, now a barrio in the town of Unisan where ancient tombs and artifacts can be found. However, by the middle of the 18th century the provincial capital was moved to what is now the municipality of Tayabas.

The year 1595 marked the spiritual birth of Quezon Province with its incorporation into the Diocess of Nueva Caceres. The first Catholic Bishop of the province was Fray Francisco Ortiga, an Agustinian Friar, while its first Alcalde Mayor was Don Simeon Alvarez, who served from 1625 to 1655.

In September 7, 1946, President Manuel A. Roxas, by virtue of Republic Act No. 14 renamed the province to Quezon, in honor of the late President Manuel L. Quezon, the most illustrious son of Baler, formerly part of Quezon.

The present seat of provincial government is Lucena City, the province’s capital.

 My father was born in one of the Quezon’s town, Atimonan. Then, during World War II, when Atimonan was conquered by the Japanese, they relocated to Plaridel(Siain). The town is surrounded by mountains and then virgin forests which made it hard for the Japanese to occupy it. 

I used to spend my summer vacation there when I was a kid. I love Quezon for I found the love of my life from there. Tell you more about him in different post.

 Quezon is comprised of 39 municipalities and 1 city, Lucena City which is also the province’s capital. The province is subdivided into 4 Districts.  The municipalities are Agdangan, Buenavista, Catanauan, General Luna, Macalelon, Mulanay, Padre Burgos, Pitogo, San Andres, San Francisco, San Narciso, Unisan, Alabat, Atimonan, Calauag, Guinayangan, Gumaca, Lopez, Perez, Plaridel, Quezon, Tagkawayan, Burdeos, General Nakar, Infanta, Jamalig, Lucban, Mauban, Pagbilao, Panukulan, Patnanungan, Polillo, Real, Sampaloc, Tayabas, Candelaria, Dolores, San Antonio, Sariaya, Tiaong.

Each town has its own tourist spots to offer as well as very interesting history.

Known Filipino personalities from Quezon are Ran Danseco (Calauag). He is a Sports Editor of (Bagong Tiktik). Aiza Seguerra (Calauag), who would not know Aiza. She’s a former child superstar. Now a very renowned singer. Manoling Morato (Calauag), PCSO Official. Gil Portes (Pagbilao), movie director.


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