What to see in Quezon province

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My father was born in Atimonan, Quezon but they moved to Plaridel, Quezon during World War II. Plaridel (Siain) was then part of Atimonan. We visit the place during vacation when I was younger. But since I have to work to support my family and my little princess, I just go there to visit my grandmother during special occasions or when I have time and extra money.

Quezon played a big part in my being. Of course, my father was a quezonian. I usually spent my childhood vacation there and I met ney there.

Quezon province has to offer many beautiful places. Like other provinces in the Philippines, this province offers scenic spots which, tourists will definitely enjoy.

Quezon is divided into 4 Districts. It is currently head by Governor Raffy Nantes. Its capital city is Lucena City. Oh I have a lot of happy memories in Lucena. :)

I have selected my favorite spots in Quezon but let me tell you, this province has many sites you can go to. :)

Quezon national Forest Park and Zigzag road.

This is the zigzag road that cuts between the towns of Pagbilao and Atimonan, Quezon. It is also called “Bitukang Manok”. During the old times, provincial buses pass through this road. But due to safety concerns, a new diversion road was developed for buses. Only light vehicles are allowed to pass this. Though, there are still some hard headed bus drivers that pass this road specially on night trips. The trip is shorter is you’ll take this route compared to the use of diversion road. I really miss passing that road. It is kinda scary though, but you’ll really enjoy the view. I always pray when I pass that road. :)

Mermaid in Atimonan

This is the statue of a mermaid in Atimonan. During my visit to Siain, I always look out of the bus’ window and wait till we pass this statue. It is located along Maharlika highway, and you will really see her. Well, mermaid and siren stories really interest me. There were a lot of talks and hearsay about this mermaid. As of now, I really don’t know the real story why a statue of a mermaid has been built there. Though ney has his own version of the story of this mermaid thing. He said that not so many years ago, a fisherman caught a mermaid in the shores of Lamon Bay in Atimonan. A rich doctor from Atimonan, too, bought the mermaid and freed her. After that incident, the doctor became richer and really had a great fortune. Ney said that it really happened and he knows the family of the said doctor.

Tumagay Beach Resort

I am still thinking of what interesting spot our little town, Plaridel has to offer. Then I remember this beach. It is Tumagay beach resort. The water is clear and clean. Just a like ordinary resort. But the people are great here. Very accommodating.

Mount Banahaw

Mount Banahaw

Who will forget Mount Banahaw?  It is a mystic mountain. I have never been there though. But the mountain has a lot of secrets ready to unveil for those people who are “ready” to know it. They said that there is a certain falls in there, that the waters will clean your soul. There are also talks about a certain passage, that if your soul is not clean then you’ll not be able to pass it. I have found a site that talks about this moutain. You can read the full story here. The said moutain is in fact a volcano. But instead of lava and magma, it contains boiling water.  There are also hearsays that the trees at the top of the mountain is kneeling. Many devotees and faith healers visit the place especially on Tuedays and Fridays. I love to go there as well.  Hopefully, I will have my own story to tell with regard to my experience in going up the mountain.

Kamay ni Hesus

Kamay ni Hesus

This is Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban. It is a shrine dedicated to Jesus and it is about 325 steps if I am not mistaken. There is church at the foot of the hill and it is a healing center as well.

Villa Escudero

villa escudera

Villa Escudero can be found in Tiaong Quezon. You may check more information about it here.

Ancestral Houses in Sariaya

ancestral house

If you walk into Rizal Street in Sariaya, you’ll find old houses or ancestral houses. The one above is called the big house owned by Rodriguez-Gala family.

Minasawa Bird Sanctuary in Burdeos – The sanctuary is home to bird species such as the nutmeg imperial pigeon, black-naped oriole, rufous night heron, swifts.

Lighthouse in Macalelon – This century – old lighthouse was used as a watchtower fitted by a canon to protect the municipality from invaders during 1784 – 1854.

There are many more places that will interest you when you visit Quezon province. :)

The Lady of the Night

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It is just a few days to go before Halloween and I remember something that I wanted to share you. Well, this is not something to scare you but simply to inform you. I am not sure if you have seen a flower or the plant called Lady of the Night. It is a plant that has a thick leaves and it bears flowers once a month only.

But here’s the freaky part. The plant was called Lady of the Night for it flowers opens in full bloom when 12 midnight strikes. And, if you want to see its beauty and admire its scent, you really need to wait for 12AM. Why? For after 12, its beauty and scent will fade. The house we stayed in Taytay, Rizal had this plant. :)

Tales said that where these plants grow, there is a “lady” who takes care of it. Hmmm.. The place where we lived for 3 years in Rizal was said to be a “garbage pill” for salvaged people before it has been developed to a subdivision. My mother said that there are really unseen elements living in there. One of neighbors there said that Mr. Licauco has visited that place already and according to him, there is a barangay of unseen elements living there with people.

In the house we stayed, there is actually “something” there who is living with us. I guess up to this day they stay there. But my aunt and her family who now stays at that house doesn’t mind them anymore. Well I have my own creepy experience there, which happened about 7 years ago, I would just post it some other time.

As for now, let’s just admire the beauty of Lady of the Night. This is the picture of it, which I have found. :)

The Doña’s Flower

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When I was in grade school, we used to study different flowers and its parts. I remembered I often asked my mother to buy some flowers which I would bring to school for our experiment. Then, one of the flowers my mom brought home one day, is Doña Aurora. She said that the flower was named after the wife of President Quezon.

As I looked back the old days, I thought that if Doña Aurora was named after Aurora Aragon Quezon, then it is possible that there are other hybrids developed for other Philippine First ladies. Just as I thought, here they are:

Doña Hilaria

(Named after the first wife of Gen. Emilio Agoncillo, Hilaria del Rosario)

Doña Aurora

(Named after the wife of President Manuel Quezon, Aurora Aragon)

Doña Pacencia

(Named after the wife of President Jose P. Laurel, Pacencia Hidalgo)

Doña Esperanza

(Named after the second wife of President Sergio Osmeña, Esperanza Limjap)

Doña Trining

(Named after the wife of President Manuel Roxas, Trinidad de Leon)

Doña Alicia

(Named after the wife of President Elpidio Quirino, Alicia Syquia)

Doña Luz

(Named after the wife of President Ramon Magsaysay, Luz Banzon)

Doña Leonila

(Named after the wife of President Carlos P. Garcia, Leonila Dimataga)

Doña Evangelina

(Named after the second wife of President Diosdado Macapagal, Evangelina Macaraeg)

Doña Imelda

(Named after the wife of President Marcos, Imelda Romualdez)

Doña Cory

That flower was named after the first lady president of the Philippines, President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino. She’s the wife of the brave late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.

Doña Amelita

(Named after the wife of President Fidel V. Ramos, Amelita Martinez)

Looking at these flowers I wonder why there isn’t any “doña” named after the wife of the President Joseph Ejercito and the current president, Gloria Arroyo.. Hmmm, I really wonder why?!?

Well, next time you came across with any of the doñas above, you know now whom they were named after to. FYI! :)

Fantasy World

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When I was searching the net and looking for a certain chuch that we’d been during our trip to Tagaytay about few years ago, I came across this picture of a castle that I have seen when my family had an outing in one of the beaches in Nasugbu, Batangas. When my team captain, Grace, saw the picture she said that it’s something like a theme park. I searched about it and found out that it is called Fantsy World. It is located in located high above a mountain ridge in Barangay Mayasang, Lemery, Batangas.

I found out that this is one is actually a membership club. Only members who purchase shares will be able to enjoy its facilities. According to my research, a share will cost a buyer around Php 185,000.00. I tried to find their website but didn’t find any. 

Oh well, maybe we can just take a trip around it as perspective buyers. Who knows, I may own a share someday and enjoy its services and amenities. :)

Tagaytay City

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My friends Manoline, Arview, Khaki and Marez took a day off at Tagaytay City yesterday. I asked them to buy a Señorita banana for me when they get there. And, they were so thoughtful that they didn’t forget it. Though it’s kinda heavy :) Thanks guys!

Señorita Banana

My last visit to Tagaytay was about 3-4 years ago. I don’t really remember. But it was in May. My sister who is a member of CFCA had a birthday outing then. She was born on May 28 and so she was one of the birthday celebrants of the month. My mother used to be an assistant coordinator. I actually wasn’t part of the trip but, mama told me to dress up and have my bag ready for something like a “chance passenger”. If not all celebrants will come then I will have a spot. Luckily, I was able to join them.

We took C5 road then to Alabang so the trip is shorter than an hour. Tagaytay City is part of Cavite province. It is famous not only because of its cool climate but because, there lies the smallest volcano in the world, Taal Volcano. It has been said that the “volcano” which is visible to the human’s eye is actually the creater of a big volcano which is submerged within the Taal Lake. There are some who call it a volcano within a volcano.

Taal Volcano

My mother had a countless visits there and she that she never had a clear view of the volcano until our visit there. She said that I was lucky to see the volcano in clear view.  :)

On our way to Tagaytay we passed by a church which I forgot the name. I’m not sure if it’s the Calaruega but I doubt it. It is just a small church but the ambiance is very solemn. I even told myself then that I would like to get married there. :)

We first went to People’s Park in the Sky. It used to be called Palace in the Sky.  Stories said that it was built for the Marcoses during President Marcos regime as their rest house.

People’s Park in the Sky

The park overlooks Tagaytay city. It was very relaxing there and you can really spend time for “emote” moments. :)

Our next stop then was Picnic Grove, for we had our lunch there. :)

Picnic Grove

I even volunteered in grilling the chicken and tilapia so the celebrants can enjoy the place. 

When it was time to go home, we dropped by the Pink Sisters convent. Since, it was my first time to be there, I uttered a prayer and my wishes. I don’t even remember what my wishes are. But Pau told me that her wishes came true. :) 

Inside the Pink Sister’s Convent Chapel

We also went to Christ the King seminary which is just beside the convent. My Tito Nonoy used to be a seminarian and he had a lot of unforgettable memories there.

I really enjoyed my visit there. Special thanks to Ma’am Aliw and Kuya Nelson for allowing me to join the trip.

Well, I would definitely go back there. This time it will be with my little girl and her daddy. :)

Zebras in the Philippines

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When talking about zebras, giraffes, elephants and other wild animals, we only thought of finding them in the plains of Africa. But who would have thought, that these animals can also find a home here in the Philippines.

While checking my newspaper clippings last night, I stumbled on a picture of a Zebra with a title, “Zebras in Calauit”. I read the caption underneath it and that picture was taken in a sanctuary located in Palawan. This morning, I checked on the Internet to know more about Calauit Game Reservation and Sanctuary. Well,  Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Busuanga in the northern Calamianes Islands in Palawan. It is home to exotic and endemic species of animals that roam freely in its verdant hills and plains. Animals that can usually find in the grasslands of Africa.

Calauit is not only home to exotic and indigenous animals but since it is an island, it is also home to different marine animals. Antoinette is fond of animals and when I have enough budget I would definitely bring her there. :)








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Last night, the Philippines set her eyes as TV primer, “Lobo” came to an end. The series starred Piolo Pascual as Noah Ortega/or Jayjay as what Lyka Raymundo(Ulay as little Noah used to call her) played by Angel Locsin used to call him.

The first time I learned about Lobo, I really get excited. It’s simply because I love watching series or stories that involve mythical characters. Then, Lobo came to picture. I didn’t like Angel Locsin at first. I found her “ingrata” for leaving the station which made her way to stardom. But after seeing her in Lobo, you bet, I love her now. I believe she really improved a lot as to her acting is concern. Piolo on the other hand is such an actor.

As I watch Lobo, I wonder if “taong lobo” really do exist. I have heard stories about “aswang” but I don’t think I can consider Lobo as aswang. It’s the same question I’ve asked myself as to whether mermaids or sirens and other beings exist.

Having wikipedia and Mr. Google on hand, I checked on wolf or ware wolf. I didn’t do such a deep research on this but what I learned was the character of Remus (played Geoffrey Eigenmann) was the twin brother of the founder of Rome, Romulus.

I tried to search any accounts about human transforming to a ware wolf during full moon, but didn’t find any. I tried to check any relations of Remus to “taong lobo” but there was none.  So, if there’s someone there who can give me any information about them, please let me know and I would reallt appreciate it.

Going back to Lobo’s last episode, it seems that the whole story didn’t really revolve on what “taong lobo” is. But more on the great love shared by the two protagonist. Amidst all the hardship and obstacles, they have gone through, their love still prevailed.

The story also shows that great love really do conquer all. Love for friends and family which will keep help us and inspire to keep going. Lobo reminds me of this great Bible verse: “Now, these 3 remains, Faith, Hope and Love. And the greatest of them is Love.”

The story taught us that respect for one another goes a long long way. If we people will only learn to respect one another, then, I think there would be no more crimes and no economic difficulties. Respect not only for another human being but for all living things.

Congratulations to the whole cast of Lobo! From the actors, the director, the staff and crews. All you guys deserve a pat on a back for a job well done and for making Lobo a huge success.

Philippines’ New Seven Wonders of Nature nominees

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This morning, I visited www.new7wonders.com to check the rank of the Puerto Princesa’s  Subterranean River which is nominated to be one of New Seven Wonders of Nature. As of this writing, it is rank 5. My friend Kristine was able to visit the place already when she went to Palawan last year(I think..). She said that it is really a wonder of nature.

Got these pictures from Kristine’s friendster. She said that she really enjoyed the trip.


That is Tin and Neil.


 She said this is the entrance to the Underground river.

This is the only stalactite she was able to take a shot. It is called Puso ng Saging.


 On their way out.


They also met there this resident bayawak.

 Aside from Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River, the Philippines has other nominees for New Seven Wonders of Nature.

CHOCOLATE HILLS in BOHOL is also a nominee. It is rank 4, currently.


The Chocolate Hills during summer. Looks like Kisses! It is spread over the municipalities of Carmen, Sagbayan and Batuan, the Chocolate Hills is the province’s signature attraction. It consists of approximately 1,268 hay cock hills with heights ranging from 40 to 120 meters. Formed centuries ago by tidal movements, the hills are considered as a National Geologic Movement.  Two of the highest hills have been developed and provided with facilities such as a restaurant, hostel and view deck.

Another pride of the Philppines is the TUBBATAHA REEF.

It’s current ranking is 2. It is an atoll coral reef  located in the Sulu Sea. The name ‘Tubbataha’ is the Samal word for “long reef exposed at low tide”. Samals are seafaring people of the Sulu Sea and are one of the few people who have accessed the Park in early1980′s. Cagayanen people who are more geographically associated with Tubbataha Reefs referred the Park as ‘gusong’.




I found these pictures from the www.tubbataha.org which is the official website of tubbataha reefs.

MAYON VOLCANO which is said to be a perfect cone is also a nominee of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. It is currently rank 9. It is located in the Legazpi, Albay.


 My mother was able to visit the Cagsawa church ruins. She said that in the pictures, the Cagsawa tower seems too close to the volcano, but it’s actually kilometers (even miles) away from the volcano.

  A shot taken during Mayon Volcano’s eruption.

I found this very old photograph of the then Cagsawa Church before the volcano’s eruption some decades ago.


These are the Philippines pride in the New Seven Wonders of Nature. I think the above natural wonders are not the only wonders that our counrty has. If we’ll tour around our country, you’ll find out that the above nominees are just a few of the beautiful sites our coutry is being proud of. I believe that we Filipinos are responsible in keeping these natural wonders stay as they are.

The votings for the nominees is until December 31, 2008. Just click here to vote for our prides.

Happy Voting!  

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