Ney’s Service

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Ney sent a text message to me earlier today. He said that his father is planning to give him a service which he will use once their Mirant project starts. A car is a necessity for him, because he will be traveling back and forth from Pagbilao to Atimonan to manage two different projects. He said he wants a 4×4 pick up type service.

He said that he is thinking of getting an Isuzu DMAX. Well, I am not that “car literate”, so I browsed the net and look for information about Isuzu DMAX. I found it good for ney’s work and for his needs. But what really made me fell in love with it, is that one of its car parts is the Airbag. Ney’s safety is a big factor for me. So, I replied to his text that if his father asks him for a specific model, then he can go for DMAX.

Isuzu DMAX

Well, I told him that I and Nonet should be his first passengers. :)

Burned Baby from Poland: A hoax?!?

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Earlier this morning, I received an email from my immediate superior about a baby girl from Poland who was caught in fire and was seriously burned. Let me post here the exact email I received. It is entitled, “If you don’t forward this___you don’t have a heart!

Dear All,

Alexandra came out of a fire alive, but now has to fight for her life and a normal future. She is 14 months old and she has burnt skin all over her body, damage facial bones (as a result of very high temperature). She does not have half of her face. She is in hospital in Krakow – Poland and one of the best specialist is looking after her. However she still has to go through many surgeries and then long rehab. Unfortunately her parents do not have any more money

Therefore we are asking for your help. For each forwarded email her parents will get 3 cents. Please help them and forward that email to as many people as you can!


I am a mother of a 3-year old girl and I was really moved by that incident. With purest intention, I have forwarded that email to all my friends so that in my little way I may be able to help her.

Then, I searched on the net for her current condition and found out that the story really did happen but the 3 cents thing that they will get once the email is forwarded is a hoax. You may read the whole story here.

The incident happened about 3 years ago. Sometime in June, 2005, a 14-month-old Ola Kuczma of Poland was seriously injured in a fire in her parent’s wooden house. In the email, the girl was named as Alexandra. Alexandra in Poland is Ola. It was said that each time you forward the email, 3 cents will be received by Ola’s parents for her medication. But this “3 cents help” thing is false.

It occured in 2005 and it’s now 2008. The baby suffered so much and it is really painful to think that she is being exploited this way. I did not post the picture which came with the email anymore. I have emailed a Polish online radio to get the current condition of baby Ola and hopefully they will reply to my email and we could help her in a proper way. Baby Ola’s full recovery will really take a long process.

I will update this post as soon as I receive an email from that Polish site.

And, to all parents, especially to all mothers out there, please take good care of your little angels. They are God’s wonderful gifts to us!

Hanging on For Life

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My aunt asked me yesterday to search for a picture of Mama Mary holding a fetus that she will use for their badge. On the 30th day of November, Legion of Mary will hold its annual general reunion and usually a badge is made to represent a certain preasidium.

As I do my research I came accross with this picture which really strikes me. I hope that through this picture, a lot of woman will have a second thought of committing abortion. In the first place, though abortion may be legal in some countries, but hey! abortion is not legal and will never be in the laws of God.

I have found this Bible verses on what the Bible says about abortion.

Romans 1:16 (English Standard Version)
16For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

Romans 6:3-4
3Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? 4We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.

Romans 10:9-10
9because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.

Mark 16:16
16Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.

Acts 17:30
30 The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent,

Acts 2:38
38And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 22:16
16And now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins, calling on his name.


Pay a close attention on the encircled portion of the picture. See the little hand of a baby clinging on to the surgeon’s finger. That is baby Samuel Alexander Armas. He was born on December 2, 1999. To this day, he is already 8 years old.

I really having goosebumps while I’m looking at this picture.

Click here to read about the story behind this.

We should always remember that a child is not a choice. And a child or having a baby, is a wonderful gift from God that has to be loved and cared for.

Happy 3rd Birthday Anak!

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My princess celebrated her 3rd Birthday last October 28. She had a lot of fun that day! My mother told me that her Tita Anne greeted her in the morning of Oct. 28, but she said that it is not her birthday yet. When I arrived home that afternoon with a cake for her from Goldilocks, she told us that it’s her birthday already. She really excited on blowing her candle on the cake.  It’s just a regular mocha cake. I’d like to buy the triple delights flavor, but I remember Nonet wanted a cake with a “white” icing on it. Though, the one I bought has a “light brown” icing, triple delight actually has a “darker” color of icing.

Thanks to mami Grace for exchanging my “dollars” to peso. :) I was able to buy some food for Nonet’s birthday which our family indulged in. My mother cooked pansit (of course, that is always present in our table when someone celebrates her birthday :) ) relyenong bangus, and shanghai rolls. She also made some delicious gelatine for desert.  

Her father wasn’t able to join her on that day for he has to work in the province. But he spent quality time with us about 3 days before Nonet’s big day.

Nonet by her cake. Picture picture first befor blowing the candles. :)

Very cute! This picture really makes me hungry! 

Blowing her candle with Ninang Owie’s help! :)

With her new tiger stuff toy given by her Tita Ti and doggy from Ta Joy. :)

I love my daughter so much. Even though she’s very restless and sometimes stubborn, she is still sweet and adorable. She often say I love you mama to my mother and I love you mommy to me. Then, to her daddy, what she would do is to call him through my mobile phone and tell her father, I love you. :)

Three years and counting

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Last October 28, I celebrated my 3rd year of being a mother. As I look back, I think about the many things that happened in the last 3 years. I remembered the day I learned I am pregnant.

I was in Lucena City then, where ney and I will meet. Though I have a feeling already that I am pregnant, but I wasn’t really sure about it. One thing I remember that made me think I am was, frequent urination.  I researched about it and found out that it was one of the “obvious” signs that someone is pregnant.

When I arrived in Lucena that was sometime in March, 2005, I bought a pregnancy kit from a drugstore and headed my way to the hotel. I tested my urine sample and voila! It was positive. I did not feel any sadness or fear when I learned that I have a growing baby in my womb. I even uttered, “Oh well, so I am real woman!”. :)

The first person I phoned in to share that happy moment was my bestfriend, Daisy. She was actually 6 months pregnant then. I was laughing when I spilled out the news. When ney, arrived at the hotel, I showed him the preg test results  and he couldn’t believe it. In fact he bought 3 more pregnancy test kits of different brands. Of course, it only gave the same “positive” results. :)

Since, I will be on a long travel when I go back to Manila, we went to St. Anne hospital there and had a check up. The doctor prescribed a certain medicine (which I don’t remember anymore :) ) which will keep the baby in tack.

I have not told my mother about it until my tummy is already 3 months. But then, mothers are mothers and they have this “motherly instinct”. Hehehe!!! She noticed that I no longer wear tight pants which I normally wear when I go to work. I always vomit at night (maybe because I was in gy shift then, so it’s like “morning” when I vomit before going to work), and I wasn’t able to clean my mess thoroughly for I really felt weak after throwing up. One more thing, she noticed that there were pieces of garlic which hanged in the window near my bed. :) You see, in Philippine mythical creatures, there are tales about “aswang” who will try to get your baby from your tummy and eat it. They do it by sucking their long tongue into the expectant mother’s womb. Stories says that fetus in the womb smells very good for those creatures. And, garlic for them are stinky. My grandmother told me once that every “aswang” is accompanied of a “tiktik”. A ”tiktik” is actually a bird that gives signal to people. She said that when you hear the sound of “tiktik” loud, that means “aswang” is still away and it actually gives you a warning of an upcoming danger. But if you hear tiktik sound quite low, or seems like it came from a distant, that means aswang is just around the corner.

Before I thought, ”tiktik” are  aswang’s “side kick”. But then, it is actually a friend to people. She said that tiktiks are true though she has not seen one in her entire life, though. But she heard its sound many times already.

When I had my first ultrasound, I asked my cousin to accompany me to the doctor. Of course my mother really felt bad about it. I remember she told me once, that she’ll not take care of my baby. Oh well, she loves my baby more than she loves me.. :)

I really cannot explain the feelings I felt when I first saw my baby’s heartbeat as the doctor performed the ultrasound.

Like any other pregnant woman, I had my own difficulties during pregnancy. I experienced frequent contraction. In fact, I was advised by my OB to have a month bed rest for I had a pre-mature labor when my baby was 8 months then.

When I was younger, I was so idealistic about life. I want my first born to be a boy. Oh well, that was before I got pregnant. When I was pregnant, I really don’t care whether my baby is a boy or a girl as long as the the baby is healthy and beautiful. But ney wanted to have a baby girl. We bought baby dresses and things which were mostly colored pink. We didn’t know yet the gender of our baby then. 

A day after we bought the baby items, I had my ultrasound and found out that it is indeed a baby girl. Ney was very happy. I am happy, too.

In the early mornings of October 27, 2005, I woke up for I felt like peeing. Before I can jump out of the bed, I pee. So I thought I did. But it was actually my water bag.

Ney and I went to the hospital that morning at around 8AM. I had my labor for 8 hours. At around, 5:55PM I gave birth to a beautiful baby who is a wonderful gift from God.

As the years pass so fast, my princess is now 3 years old. For the last 3 years, I reflected on how i have  been a mother  to my baby. I know that I am not a perfect mother, but I am doing my best to be fine mother to her. I know that motherhood is a tough job. A priceless job yet the most fulfilling of all jobs. Thanks to my mom who’s always been there to guide me. :)

There was a time that I once told myself, if only I could spare her from all pains and difficulties this world might give her, then I would. But then, I would be very selfish if I would do that. I know that she may need to go through a lot of pain and undertakings for her to be strong and to be a wise person as she continues her journey in this life.

For whatever happens, I will always be her mother who will love her and take care of her. Even if she will have her own family in the future, I will always be here for her. :)  


Fifteen Traits of the Healthy Family

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Every one of us is dreaming and wanting to have a healthy family. A family whom we can turn to during the dark hours of our lives, and to share what we have achieved in life. A family that will always be there for us no matter what happens.

So then, Psychologist Dolores Curran conducted a survey of 551 professionals who are involved with family matters. She came up with the following fifteen common traits of families who tend to be happy and harmonious:

The Healthy Family:

  1. Communicates and listens
  2. Affirms and supports one another
  3. Teaches respect for others
  4. Develops a sense of trust
  5. Has a sense of play and humor
  6. Exhibits a sense of shared responsibility
  7. Teaches a sense of right and wrong
  8. Has a strong sense of family in which rituals and traditions abound
  9. Has a balance of interaction among members
  10. Has a shared religious core
  11. Respects the privacy of one another
  12. Values service to others
  13. Fosters family table time and conversation
  14. Shares leisure time
  15. Admits to and seek help from one another


Peace Ideas
No. 18, December 1996

Miley Cyrus and The Disappearance of Childhood

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Earlier this morning, Gege sent me an article through email for me to blog on. He said that I can just post the whole article into my blog. I went through the article and read it very carefully. The article is entitled Miley Cyrus and the Disappearance of Childhood. To be honest, I don’t know even know who Miley Cyrus is. I searched on the Internet about Miley Cyrus and I learned that she’s actually Hannah Montana of Disney channel! What surprised me more is to know that she’s only 15 years old. When I saw her picture in her official website, I thought that she’s already around 18 years old. The way she dresses up, her make up and her sensual photos. Who would have thought that she’s only 15! I remember when I was 15, I didn’t even know how to use lip gloss. Believe me, I was still playing Chinese garter then with my classmates. And so the issue of the disappearing childhood comes in.

In the article, Today’s Wall Street Journal  put the story this way, “The photo showing Miley draped in a sheet, back bared, hair tousled, with a come-hither smile upset countless parents who immediately grasped the photo’s essential vulgarity.”

The irony is that Miley is portraying a character put up by Disney to be a role model of young girls yet we’ll see her that way. We all know, the legacy of Walt Disney is to protect innocent childhood in our lives.

Another character stated in the said article is the late professor of New York University, Neil Postman.
The late Professor of Communications at New York University wrote numerous books that are worthy of reading, but one in particular is important for this story. In The Disappearance of Childhood Postman saw the erosion of morals in the dress of little girls as an indication that our society as a whole is not taking care of our own children. He wrote that our image-based society is drunk on sensuality and the cameras have turned on our children robbing them of childhood.

It is very alarming knowing that these reflections of Postman are true. With all the technologies we have right now, the different fashions styles, and innovations that eat up the childhood of our children. Today’s youth who said to be the future of our world.

Is it already late for us to do something about it? I don’t think so. We still have time to protect our children from the sick society we have now and let them re-build the society of the forgotten past.

As a mother of a 2-year old girl, I will do my best to protect her childhood. I wanted her to have a happy childhood that will make her a good person when she grows up. I wanted her to be a God-fearing person and a good Christian indeed. I remember Luke 18:15-16, ESV says that, “Now they were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them. And when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God”

The innovations in technology we have at our disposal. They can be used for good, but images of human beings in provocative poses do not help any of us. They always hurt the weakest. Usually children, especially girls, are the ones to suffer. As the morals of women are undermined, then the soul of our nation becomes sick. Unless there is a realization that this is so, with repentance in our hearts, then eventually this sickness leads to death.

As Christians we must, bring our children to Christ. Teach them how to pray. And let us all pray for our children. Let us do our best to guard our little ones from the merchants of ungodliness and unhealthy society.

Postman was right. Jesus invented “childhood” as a protected time of innocence in which little ones must be guarded, trained, and loved, not abused nor led to sin. According to Jesus, the kingdom of God itself is like unto children, therefore to remove childhood, as Jesus taught it, is to remove the motif of the presence of the kingdom of God in our midst. Postman’s prophetic Disappearance of Childhood creates a culture where there is a simultaneous disappearance of the Kingdom of God.

Let’s Help Tara Senticeles

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My friend Jenni forwarded an email earlier today about Tara. I don’t know her personally but as a mother, I was moved upon learning what happened to her. This is least thing I can do for her. Let’s help her..


Word spreads around fast and almost everyone has already heard about what happened to our dear friend, Tara Santelices (Assumption Antipolo’s Batch 2003 and Ateneo de Manila University’s Class of 2007, AB Political Science).

On the eve of her 23rd birthday, Tara was shot in the head during a hold-up while riding a jeepney along Imelda Avenue, Cainta, Rizal. Joee Mejias, who was with her at that time, rushed her to Amang Rodriguez Memorial Hospital in Marikina City. The parents of Tara and Joee arrived at the hospital shortly thereafter. When morning came, Tara’s parents finally decided to transfer her to the Medical City, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. Since 8:00am of August 6, Tara has been in the ICU fighting for her dear life. Her parents have decided not to push through with the operation.

Although it might seem that there is nothing else that we can do but wait for Tara to wake up from this horrific nightmare, we, the friends of Tara, have decided to raise funds for Tara’s hospital bills. This is the least we can do to ease the unbearable pain her family is going through. We have been given the go-signal from Tara’s dad, Tito Larry, and here are the details:

The temporary bank account is under Anne Marie F. Santelices, Banco de Oro, SA 2140-062201. For direct cash donations, please proceed to the ICU Waiting Room of the Medical City (Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City). Please look for Joee Mejias or Lila Santelices.

Any amount will be gratefully accepted. Anonymous donations are also welcome. Please spread the word. Forward this to your family, friends and even to everyone else you know. Please post this on Friendster, Multiply, Facebook and wherever else you can think of. Please send group messages on Yahoo Messenger. This will mean so much to us, her friends.

Please continue praying for Tara, for Joee and for both of their families. If you want to come see Tara, visiting hours at the ICU are at 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Thank you so much for your time and kind consideration.

For inquiries, please contact Joee Mejias (09228154987) for calls and Jac Ledonio (09167243071) or Myka Francisco (0916369514 for text messages


My daughter is confined right now at The Medical City also due to Asthma. I will try to visit Tara this afternoon but I wll not forget to pray for her quick recovery.

The Mother in ME

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Motherhood starts on the day you conceived your baby. It’s not just when you give birth to your child. It’s been three years since I become a mother. Three years and still counting:)!

I went to Megamall last Monday and bought a stainless mug for me. I don’t know but I really can’t help not to buy something for my little girl I bought her 3 pairs of pajamas.

Antoinette will turn 3 this coming October 28. Sometimes, I just smiled thinking how time passes by so fast. I remember the time I learned that I was pregnant. My family didn’t learn about it until my tummy is around 3 months. But of course and as always, my mother has been suspicious and has a thought that I am conceiving. Why? She noticed that I am not wearing tight jeans which I used to. I’m not wearing body fit shirts, and I prefer to wear sandals instead of my boots and stilettos!

But the most remarkable thing I did which gave my mother a confirmation that her thoughts are correct, was when she found pieces of garlic hanging on the window beside my bed! As we know, garlic drives away bad creatures who will try to “steal” your baby, even when it is still inside you.

I remember Mama told me that she’s not going to take care of my baby. Because I got pregnant out of wed lock. Well, she loves Antoinette now more than she loves me. How did I know? She told me ?!

Have I been a good and responsible mother to Antoinette? Being a first time mother, it was quite difficult. But I believe that I have been a good and responsible mother. With the help of my own mom, I learned to be more patient and responsible. I have sacrificed a lot for her, too. I love my daughter very much. I thank my own mother for being a role model to me.

Antoinette is growing up as a smart and adventurous girl. At her age, she can differentiate a cheetah from leopard, a toad from a frog and a crocodile from alligator. She first learned about animals instead of ABC’s. She can identify colors, too. She can count 1 to 15, but she finds ABC a bit boring. I’m not an expert mother though. But through books and experiences, I learned .

Some tips to share? Well, during your pregnancy, be happy :) ! A baby is a bundle of joy and a special gift from God. Avoid getting stress for your baby will feel the same. Don’t deprive yourself from eating, but be responsible on what you eat. It’s not only you who should be satisfied but the baby as well. Get enough rest and sleep. Visit your OB and drink only advised medicines.

Talk to your baby, while touching your tummy. Believe me, your baby hears you. Listen to soothing music. Some says, it is good to listen to classical music for baby’s intellectual being. Well, I just listened to the CD of Lea Salonga which was given by my kumpare Bonnie. If I know the lyrics, I sing to my baby. When the baby is about 5 months, you will feel him/her moving. The baby responds to you.

When the baby is hungry and you’re depriving yourself from eating, you will feel your baby kicking as if asking you to eat. Well. I had that experience. I prefer to sleep rather that eat. And so when Antoinette was inside my tummy, she kept moving and kicking that made me uncomfortable to sleep. When I eat and feel that my baby’s hunger has been satisfied, she was silent and I think she’s fast asleep.

Always make your baby feel that they love. Everyday, I tell Nonet, “I love you.” Then I kiss and hug her. When she was still a baby, and I tell her I love her, she’ll smile. But now, when I say I love you to her. She will reply back with “I love you, mommy” or “mahal kita, mommy”. It is so sweet of her.

Motherhood is a gift from God. Babies are little angels who lift our spirit, who inspire and motivate us. Oftentimes, I felt sad for babies and children being aborted or abandoned. Who would know, that those unborn children would become an extraordinary people of our century.


Legalizing Abortion in the Philippines?

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I was on my way home the other day with my sister when I heard the news about House Bill 4110 or Reproductive Heath Bill being discussed in the lower house. I have not read or seen the bill but what alarmed me is that, part of the said bill is legalizing abortion in the Philippines. I heard one of the bill’s authors said that they stated abortion being legal for we have to think about the rape victims who got pregnant.

I understand that rape victims do not want to have a child out of that traumatic experience. But come to think of it. If abortion will be legalized then a lot will take advantage of it.

We know that abortion is being practiced by some. But what more if it become legal? It is sinful and the one who undergo abortion is actually taking the life of an innocent child. Some may even contest that, the conceived egg is only a mass of blood and has no form yet, but it has a life already.

What about responsibility and obligation? If ever a woman gets pregnant but she’s not ready to take the responsibility of being a mother yet, then she has the option to commit abortion. How many babies will never be born?  Every minute, there could be a thousand babies who will never see the world, if this bill will turn into law.

If a survey will be conducted about this, I will strongly disagree. I remember a sign painted on one of the buildings along Shaw Boulevard going to Quiapo. It shows a picture of Jesus holding a tiny baby on His hand. There is message underneath it which says, “THIS IS CHILD NOT A CHOICE.”

I really get affected when I hear a news about babies being abandoned. Babies being left in a pile of garbage. Being thrown out of the building or a taxi. I don’t know how their mothers bear in their conscience such act.

Being a mother, I only want to give the best for my baby. I will protect her up to my last breath. I hope and pray that this part of the said bill will never turn into law.

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