Chronicles of Narnia, Stories for Children?

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I just finished reading the first book in Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I have decided to finish the7 books in the said chronicle; it’s my recent project right now. Hehehe!!! I watched the movie-tied in first then I decided to read the books. :) My sister Patty was able to find a copy of its book 2, Prince Caspian from a second-hand bookstore. We love going to bookstore like that! :) I am into reading again and sleeping late than usual. It’s good to know that we have anti acne cream in the medicine box. :)

Anyway, while we were on our way to the market yesterday morning, we talked about The Chronicles of Narnia and C.S. Lewis called it stories for children. I told her that the story doesn’t look like it’s a story that a child in primary school may understand. I told her that even I sometimes find it difficult to understand the situation, then how come a child may be able to understand the story?

As I think about it this morning, I realized that a child’s mind is full of imagination and wondering. They are as truthful as can be; unlike grown ups like you and me, who often find proof to believe on something.

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Maybe that is the reason why C.S. Lewis called the said book as stories for children. It is a fairy tale indeed: a fairy tale yet with full of Christian values. :)

Ciao! :)

Just Live Life

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I am sure that many of you have read the book or have seen the movie, Tuck Everlasting. It is a story of a family who found a water that made them live forever. They didn’t know that the water from the well they found by the tree will make stuck them in their age and would live forever. They do not grow old and they bound to live forever. The family’s last name is Tuck.

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It is a good story. Many of us doesn’t want to grow old. If the Fountain of Youth did exist, I believe that it already ran out of water, because many people would drink from it no matter what it takes.

When Jessie, the youngest son of the family fell in love with Winifred and revealed their family’s secret to her, Winnie has to decide whether she would drink from the well, to be with Jessie forever. Jessie’s father, Tuck invited Winnie on a boat ride. That part of the book or scene in the movie is my favorite.

Tuck told Winnie, that they are like rocks on the street that are stuck in there. He told Winnie that she doesn’t need to live forever, she just have to live life…

That message goes for all of us. We do not have to be immortals and live forever. We just have to live the life that we have. I guess my question is, how do we live our life? Do we live a quality life?

As for Winnie, did she drink from the well and live forever with Jessie? Or, did she realize what Tuck told her? Well, it’s for me to know and for you to find out… :)

Enjoy life! It’s God’s gracious gift to all of us. :)

Ciao! :)

Help Me be Good

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I received a text message from my Grolier agent that they have a new product called Help Me Be Good. It is a 29-volume book, which is all about good moral and right conduct. I checked on the Grolier’s website and the new book is very interesting. My agent also told me that they will be giving free set of book and CDs if I get Help Me Be Good. The cash price is Php 13800! I can get the said book for installment basis, too.

Well, now is not the right for me to get Antoinette the new book. But, I would definitely get her one!

Grolier always offers good books and learning materials for our children. The price of their items may be high, but the knowledge and information our children will get from their books are priceless! :)

Aside from it, Grolier also offers other educational information not only for students but for teachers and parents as well. Information that one can be used as lsat prep. :)

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Ciao! :)

New Moon at South Mall

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As part of our bonding session, Daisy, Ime and I decided to watch New Moon. Oh how I love to see the movie. I have the 4 books already but I can’t help watching New Moon on big screen. I found Robert Pattinson who played Edward, very good looking! :) I like the chemistry between him and Kristen Stewart who played Bella. :)

We arrived at SM South Mall 20 minutes before the next viewing schedule. After buying our tickets, we went ahead and bought popcorn from Chef Tony’s. Then we headed our way to cinema 3. Daisy and I bought sodas while Ime settled for mineral water. We’re just in time to get into the cinema. After settling on our chosen seat, we prepared ourselves in watching New Moon. :)

As what promised, the Twilight Saga’s New Moon movie has been loyal to the book. Oh how loved the way they showed how Jacob and the rest of the Quilette’s boys shifted into a huge wolves. I loved the Italy scene where Bella is about to save Edward from making a scene. Oh, I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about! :) I can’t wait ‘til June, 2010 when Eclipse will be shown. :)

After the movie, I asked if Daisy enjoyed watching it. She said that if we didn’t tell her the story of Twilight, she would not be able to appreciate New Moon. But since we’re able to do some story telling before watching the movie, she was able to enjoy watching New Moon.

We had some pictures taken before Edward, Jacob and Bella’s posters! We also stroll around the mall for a while. We also passed by a sports house and found a Kettlebell very useful for workout. :)

I really enjoyed the time spent with my friends. Oh how I miss them so much. Our other friend Pinky said to schedule another get together before Christmas. We asked Ime to file another vacation leave, because the 3 of us have common rest days, Saturday and Sunday.

Ciao! :)

A Hardy Boys Fan

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The past weeks has been so stressful for me. I had been on out of town trips but not to have some good vacations. How I wish ney would take me to some place where I can really relax and enjoy. :) Maybe in a place where we can play like detectives! How about that!?! :)

Well, I have always been a Hardy Boys fan. I started reading their books when I was in grade school. There was one point in my life that I have wanted to be a detective :) . The first book which I have read about Hardy Boys is one of  The (original) Hardy Boys Mystery Stories which was published between 1927–1979, of course written by the great author Franklin Dixon. It was my uncle’s book and I fell inlove right away with. It was number 11 of the said mystery stories, While the Clock Ticked.

While the Clock Ticked

Since then, I started buying Hardy Boys mystery books. I saved some from daily allowance in school. During Christmas, when my god parents gave me money as Christmas presents, I used the money to buy some books, too.

Since I wasn’t born in a well-to-do family, the money I earned from my allowance has to be spent on more important things. Though I was a scholar since grade school to college, my collection has been put on hold. :(

When I finished college in 2003 and landed with a good job, I started looking around for some Hardy Boys series. There were paperbacks of the recently written stories but not the one I am looking for. Then one day, while I am one of my favorite bookstores, Fullybooked, I stumbled on a shelf for teenage readers. There I found the books I am looking for all those years! I bought right away book 1 to 5 of the Hardy Boys Mystery Series! These stories are:

1. The Tower Treasure
2. The House on the Cliff
3. The Secret of the Old Mill
4. The Missing Chums
5. Hunting for Hidden Gold

Though, it cost me much but having those books are priceless! :)

I have yet to start reading my new books sooner or later!

Ciao! :)

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