The Mummy Marathon

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I intend to post this yestereday but wasn’t able to.  Anyway, I spent my rest day from work by watching the 3 chapters of The Mummy. I love movies such as this. It could be a fictional movie but with sense of history. Remember the character of Rachel Weisz in The Mummy Returns, yes she still played the role of Eve Carnahan-O’Conell, but in her past life, she was actually Nefertiri, the pharaoh’s daughter. If we can recall, there was once an Egyptian queen who was said to be the most beautiful queen of Egypt. Her name was Queen Nefertiti. I am not quite sure if Eve’s past life has something to do or was related to Nefertiti.

I watched the movie with my cousin who enjoyed the movie as well. I like this movie because of its location, Egypt. I have watched a couple of intriguing episodes about Egypt in National Geographic Chanel. One of the most remarkable and interesting “mummy” episode I had seen is about the discovery of the tomb of King Tut or Tutankhamun. He was laid to rest in the Valley of Kings some thousands of years ago, and was disturbed by Howard Carter in the early 1920′s.

Anyway, my cousin and I watched also the latest chapter of it, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which starred Jet Li as the Emperor.  I was surprised not to find Rachel Weisz portraying the role of Eve O’Connell. But Maria Bello was able to give justice to Eve’s character (except for the British accent! :) ) Out of curiosity, I searched over the net why, Rachel has not been part of the recent chapter of The Mummy. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the exact reason of Rachel. What the net says, Rachel didn’t like the script. Others, said she’s a big star already and her schedules didn’t allow her to accept the movie. Whatever reasons she had, I bet it was for her career’s own good.

I can’t wait for my off again. I am planning to do a “Charmed” marathon. :)

Ciao! :)

The Royal Engagement

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One of my favorite movies of all times is Disney’s Princess Diaries. Well, I believe that every girl in the world is a princess. I always tell my daughter that even if she’s not born with a silver spoon, being a princess is actually the good personality a person possesses.

As we watch, the part 2 of Princess Diaries, my little princess noticed the stud earrings that Princess Mia wears. How she admires the diamond pendant the princess is wearing. Then she asked me if she can have one of those. Of course with all confidence, I told her, “Yes baby, one day your prince will come and offer you those jewels as well as a three stone ring. He will then ask you to marry him. And, the two of you will live happily ever after.” Just like in fairy tales indeed. :)

But life, like a diamond has to go through thorough honing for it to be perfect and beautiful as it is.

Well, my little princess is only 2 years old. She has much to learn in life. Once, I told myself that if only I can spare her from all the pains that this world will bring her, then I would. On the second thought, I will be a selfish mother if I will not let Nonet face the different struggles in life which will sharpen her as person.

But like any mother in the world, I would like to my little princess to end up with a prince who will then give her a royal engagement. :)

How do you know he loves you?

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My daughter has finally got over with watching Shrek and Highschool Musical 2. What she’s into right now? Enchanted.. I found it very interesting and the soundtrack? I love it!


How does she know you love her?
How does she know she’s yours?

How does she know that you love her?

How do you show her you love her?

How does she know that you really, really, truely love her?
How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you love her?
How does she know that you really, really, truely love her?

It’s not enough to take the one you love for granted
You must remind her, or she’ll be inclined to say…
“How do I know he loves me?”
(How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you love her?)
“How do I know he’s mine?”
(How does she know that you really, really, truely love her?)

Well does he leave a little note to tell you you are on his mind?
Send you yellow flowers when the sky is grey? Heyy!
He’ll find a new way to show you, a little bit everyday
That’s how you know, that’s how you know!
He’s your love…

You’ve got to show her you need her
Don’t treat her like a mind reader
Each day do something to need her
To believe you love her

Everybody wants to live happily ever after
Everybody wants to know their true love is true…
How do you know he loves you?
(How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you need her?)
How do you know he’s yours?
(How does she know that you really, really, truely-)

Well does he take you out dancin’ just so he can hold you close?
Dedicate a song with words in
Just for you? Ohhh!

He’ll find his own way to tell you
With the little things he’ll do
That’s how you know
That’s how you know!

He’s your love
He’s your love…

That’s how you know
(la la la la la la la la)
He loves you
(la la la la la la la la)
That’s how you know
(la la la la la la la la)
It’s true
(la la la la la)

Because he’ll wear your favorite color
Just so he can match your eyes
Rent a private picnic
By the fires glow-oohh!

His heart will be yours forever
Something everyday will show
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know!

He’s your love…

That’s how she knows that you love her
That’s how you show her you love her

That’s how you know…
That’s how you know…
He’s your love…


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Last night, the Philippines set her eyes as TV primer, “Lobo” came to an end. The series starred Piolo Pascual as Noah Ortega/or Jayjay as what Lyka Raymundo(Ulay as little Noah used to call her) played by Angel Locsin used to call him.

The first time I learned about Lobo, I really get excited. It’s simply because I love watching series or stories that involve mythical characters. Then, Lobo came to picture. I didn’t like Angel Locsin at first. I found her “ingrata” for leaving the station which made her way to stardom. But after seeing her in Lobo, you bet, I love her now. I believe she really improved a lot as to her acting is concern. Piolo on the other hand is such an actor.

As I watch Lobo, I wonder if “taong lobo” really do exist. I have heard stories about “aswang” but I don’t think I can consider Lobo as aswang. It’s the same question I’ve asked myself as to whether mermaids or sirens and other beings exist.

Having wikipedia and Mr. Google on hand, I checked on wolf or ware wolf. I didn’t do such a deep research on this but what I learned was the character of Remus (played Geoffrey Eigenmann) was the twin brother of the founder of Rome, Romulus.

I tried to search any accounts about human transforming to a ware wolf during full moon, but didn’t find any. I tried to check any relations of Remus to “taong lobo” but there was none.  So, if there’s someone there who can give me any information about them, please let me know and I would reallt appreciate it.

Going back to Lobo’s last episode, it seems that the whole story didn’t really revolve on what “taong lobo” is. But more on the great love shared by the two protagonist. Amidst all the hardship and obstacles, they have gone through, their love still prevailed.

The story also shows that great love really do conquer all. Love for friends and family which will keep help us and inspire to keep going. Lobo reminds me of this great Bible verse: “Now, these 3 remains, Faith, Hope and Love. And the greatest of them is Love.”

The story taught us that respect for one another goes a long long way. If we people will only learn to respect one another, then, I think there would be no more crimes and no economic difficulties. Respect not only for another human being but for all living things.

Congratulations to the whole cast of Lobo! From the actors, the director, the staff and crews. All you guys deserve a pat on a back for a job well done and for making Lobo a huge success.

Untold Pinoy Stories?

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It’s Independence Day in the US and so we’re not getting much calls to assist US peeps with their technical difficulties. To prevent myself from sleeping, i decided to search on “showbiz” things. Our TV is experiencing technical problems lately and have not the time yet to call for a TV techician. Then, I came across this article about “Untold Pinoy’s Stories”. It’s quite interesting. So I decided to post it here. I dunno if these so called Untold pinoy stories are true and where it came from but just enjoy reading it!

Untold Pinoy Story No. 1

Beyond Sibling Rivalry

If your siblings are married to huge celebrities andyou’ve just lost your chance of marrying one, wouldyou still strive to surpass their feat?

But how could you beat being married to an award-winning actress whose mother is a beautiful actress and whose father is the original Agent X-44 of Philipine movies?

Or being the wife of Mr. Pure Energy?

Or being Mr. Megastar?

Now, aren’t you glad that you’re not among thePangilinan siblings?

Former Penthouse Live co-host and newspaper columnist Anthony Pangilinan married Maricel Laxa, an excellentactress who is the lovechild of circa 60s actress Imelda Ilanan and action star Tony Ferrer. She is also the half-sister of 1990 Miss Asia runner-up Mutya Crisostomo Laxa.

Anthony’s brother, Senator Francis Pangilinan, was a campus figure in UP Diliman. He was the chairman of the UP Student Council in 1986. He married no less than the megastar, Sharon Cuneta.

Their sister, Angeli Pangilinan, was a campus beauty and brain while she was a student at the UP School of Economics in Diliman. Angeli married Mr.Pure Energy himself, Gary Valenciano.


In the early 80s, teenager Edgardo Jose Martin Santiago Valenciano or Gary V. to most of us, fell deeply in love with a teenage girl who eventually became his girlfriend. Gary’s true love, they said. And they really looked perfect together.Their friends said that they were truly meant for each other. They were the picture of pure bliss. But not for long. Few weeks before Gary’s first major concert in 1984, a female singer became pregnant. And Gary was the alleged father. Gary did not deny it. At 19, Gary joined the growing list of unwed teenage fathers. Gary’s former girlfriend was shocked upon hearing about Gary’s indiscretion. She felt betrayed by Gary and the female singer. Gary’s former girlfriend was devastated.The pregnant singer who bore Gary’s child was a former Camay girl who joined the ultra exclusive league of several generations of Camay beauties from the first Camay girl Paquita Roces to her two daughters, Maritess Revilla (Ang lahat ay napapalingon¦ At muling napapalingon) and Rosie Revilla to actress Rosa Rosal’s daughter Toni Rose Gayda (Kutis porcelana) to concert pianist Ingrid Sala Santamaria’s daughter Crispy Santamaria to a few others. The female singer indeed looked devastatingly beautiful in her memorable Camay TV commercial. But there was a teeny weeny objection among his friends: She was too old for the teenage and vibrant Gary whose popularity was just beginning to zoom up. Everybody knows that the female singer who became pregnant with Gary’s child was Maria Anna Elizabeth Nepomuceno Pangilinan. In 1985, Gary exchanged vows with the female singer who is more popularly known by her nickname: Angeli. Angeli retired from her singing group, Music and Magic. Angeli sacrificed her flourishing singing career and leftbehind her fellow Music and Magic members led by jeepney driver’s daughter-turned-nurse-turned-singer Kuh Ledesma, tenor singer-turned-Music and Magic co-founder-turned-musical director Jet Montelibano and singer-turned-comedian-turned TNT-turned- bogus political asylum seeker-turned-Michael Garfinkel endorser Fe de los Reyes. Angeli decided to become a full-time wife to Gary, baby Paolo’s Mom and Gary’s talent manager. Meanwhile, the pain of losing Gary has left Gary’s former girlfriend in deep shock. Gary and his new bride tried to comfort her but Gary’s former girlfriend was inconsolable.


Gary Valenciano’s most inspired and most popular composition was first heard as the theme song of a Vilma Santos movie before it became the title of an Aga Muhlach-Lea Salonga flick and later, the title of a Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson TV soap opera.The haunting melody and melancholy lyrics of this beautiful song make one wonder where Gary drew the passion and longing for lost love which every line of this song clearly evokes.


Sana maulit muli

Ang mga oras nating nakaraan

Bakit nagkaganito

Naglaho na ba ang pag-ibig mo?

Sana’y maulit muli

Sana bigyan pansin ang himig ko

Kahapon, bukas, ngayon

Tanging wala ng ibang mahal

Kung kaya kong iwanan ka’

Di na sana aasa pa

Kung kaya kong umiwas na’

Di na sana lalapit pa

Kung kaya ko sana

Ibalik ang kahapon

Sandaling ‘di mapapantayan

Huwag sana nating itapon

Pagmamahalna tapat

Kung ako’y nagkamali minsan

Di na ba mapagbibigyan

O giliw, dinggin mo ang nais ko, oooh…

Kung kaya kong iwanan ka

Di na sana aasa paKung kaya kong umiwas na

Di na sana lalapit paKung kaya ko sana

Ito ang tanging nais ko

Ang ating kahapon sana maulit muli

Kung kaya kong iwanan ka

Di na sana aasa pa

Mahal pa rin kita

O giliw, o giliw ko, oooh…

This song was originally written by Gary in English.

Ironically, the one who translated it to Tagalog was Gary’s wife, Angeli.


Now, Gary has three grown-up children with Angeli. On the other hand, Gary’s former girlfriend is now known as Mrs. Buizon. She occasionally hosts a show on TV.The pain has eased. Somehow. Even if the former lovers get to see each other regularly. They meet at her Mom’s house during important occasions: Christmas. New Year. Birthday of Mrs. Buizon’s mother. Mrs. Buizon’sbirthday. Gary’s birthday. Holidays. Easter Sunday. Every Sunday, in fact.Gary’s equally famous in-laws were witnesses to the former lovers’ meetings. But they do not mind at all.Gary’s wife, Angeli, does not make a fuss over it. Even the family matriarch, retired public school teacher Mommy Emma, is not bothered by it.But the truth is, they could not prevent the formerlovers from seeing each other. Because Gary’s former girlfriend has to join hermother, siblings and in-laws during important family occasions.And because Gary’s former girlfriend was FelichiBuizon.And because before she got married, Gary’s formergirlfriend was known as Felichi Pangilinan.And yes, because Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon is the younger sister of Angeli Pangilinan-Valenciano.And none of us would probably ever know the rest of this intriguing triangle’s story.

Untold Pinoy Story No.2

It Could Happen Only in the Movies

These two women move in different circles but they seem to lead parallel lives. Barbara C. Gonzales is the great-granddaughter of national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Her great-grandmother is Dr. Jose Rizal’s elder sister, Maria, a liberated woman who was separated from her husband Daniel. Barbara is more popularly known by her nickname, Tweetums. She once appeared in a Del Monte tomato sauce TV commercial featuring three generations of women in the kitchen. Yes, that was Tweetums with her daughter, Panjee, and Tweetum’s mother whom they fondly called Mamu. Tweetums was married to Ramon Tapales, a successful businessman. Their daughter, Panjee Tapales ( a.k.a. singerPanjee Gonzales), was co-host of ABS-CBN’s daily morning show, Alas Singko Y Media (now Magandang Umaga Pilipinas) and its defunct Sunday morning game show with Roderick Paulate and Eric Quizon. Panjee soon became the second wife of ABS-CBN chairman, Gabby Lopez. (But that’s another story). Tweetums writes about art and culture in her column for the Philippine Star. She has published a couple of books consisting of collections of her essays from her newspaper column. She remains a highly-respected media personality, being the president of a major advertising company.Socorro Alicia R. Quirino is the granddaughter of former president Elpidio Quirino. More popularly known by her nickname, Cory, she hosts a lifestyle show on TV. Her kidnapping ordeal a few years ago was made into a movie entitled, The Cory Quirino Kidnap, which was directed by massacre king Carlo J. Caparas. Cory was married to Roman Cruz, Jr. who was the president of Philippine Airlines and head of Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). Cory writes a regular column on fitness and health for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. She also published a series of health, beauty and inspirational books. She remains a highly visible media personality with her radio and TV programs. While Tweetums and Cory were both successful in their respective careers, their personal lives were not as rosy. Tweetums Gonzales and her husband, Ramon Tapales, eventually decided to lead separate lives. Likewise, Cory Quirino and her husband, Roman Cruz, Jr., soon parted ways. Indeed, Tweetums and Cory seem to lead parallel lives.Then, in a strange twist of fate, the unthinkable happened. While geometry teaches us that parallel lines can never intersect, the parallel lives of Tweetums and Cory did intersect. Tweetums Gonzales got married to Cory’s former husband, Roman Cruz, Jr. Meanwhile, Cory Quirino got married to Tweetum’s former husband, Ramon Tapales. Just like in the movies. And you know the rest of their story.

Untold Pinoy Story No. 3

Her Mother’s Joy

Her mother has always been proud of her. Mighty proud. And rightly so. In the spring of 1991, Julia Roberts graced the cover of People Magazine’s special issue featuring its annual list of The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. Together with Julia Roberts in this ultimate list of the most beautiful people were Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Madonna, Mel Gibson, Whitney Houston, Michelle Pfeiffer, Isabella Rossellini, supermodels Claudia Schiffer & Naomi Campbell and oops!..a Filipina? Yes, People Magazine’s 1991 list of The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World included a true-blooded Filipina who was born, raised and educated in the Philippines.Unlike most beautiful Filipinas who were the products of mixed marriages and who have therefore acquired foreign physical features, this Filipina was born to a Filipina mother and a Filipino father. It is no wonder that she does not typify a beautiful woman by any standards: She is short, standing only 5?2. She has a huge and deep acne scar on her forehead. She has that distinct Asian nose (read: flat). She uses only Avon cosmetics (gasp!) and applies makeup by herself. During her pre-Inno Sotto days, her clothes were not made by known couturiers: They were lovingly sewn at home by her mother who is a dressmaker. She does not even have the right genes to inherit beauty from: Her mother was plain, even stern-looking. Her father was a dark-skinned guy with the tough facial features of a hardened military man. Although both the first names of her mother and father means happy in two different languages, their union was not as joyous. Her mother and father were never married, making her and her only brother illegitimate children. In the mistress hierarchy, her mother was not even her father’s second woman. Her father had a first mistress who ranked above her mother. She and her brother only belong to their father’s third family. And yes, the gay club performer who once appeared on national television was indeed her half-brother. She couldn’t therefore be faulted for not talking about her father. In contrast, too much has been known about her mother. Her mother was always visible, too visible for comfort. Her mother gave her the name Carmen and raised her in a province north of Manila. However, when it was time for her to go to school, her overprotective mother brought her and her brother to Manila to give them the best education. Carmen studied in Preciosa Soliven’s Operation Brotherhood Montessori in Greenhills where she emerged as the school’s valedictorian. However, Carmen’s academic rival protested the school’s decision to award Carmen the school’s highest honors, claiming that she had better grades than Carmen. Carmen’s rival even revealed that the school’s owner, Mrs.Soliven, was only fond of Carmen because she always performed in school programs which gave Carmen an edge in extra-curricular activities. But academically, Carmen reportedly did not really rise above her rival. Lured into show business, Carmen became part of German Moreno’s inane daily afternoon TV show, That’s Entertainment, where she got paired with comedian and now Quezon City Vice Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista. (Somesay that Vice Mayor Bautista was soenamored with Carmen that he later refused to marry his partner despite their having a child). As one of the countless stars of Kuya Germ’s That’s Entertainment, Carmen’s talent was overshadowed by the ridiculous mass appeal of the triumvirate of Sheryl Cruz, Manilyn Reynes and Tina Paner. Later, Carmen made a couple of forgettable filmswhich were big flops. Unsuccessful in local show business, Carmen enrolled as a BS Biology student in Ateneo de Manila, hoping to become a doctor. However, the lure of fame and fortune shattered her medical ambition. She followed her other dream and landed in a Dreamland! Yes, instead of comforting innocent and fresh-smelling babies in a hospital, she ended up entertaining horny, sweaty and foul-smelling drunken men in seedy bars. When Carmen was a little girl, a local manghuhula predicted that she would be crowned MissUniverse. Her mother, legally known as Miss Imutan, was ecstatic upon hearing this. Sadly, the prophecy did not come true. However,when Carmen was 18 years old, she bagged a beauty title. But it was farfetched from a Miss Universe crown. Carmen became Miss Saigon. Yes, the only true-blooded Filipina who was included in People Magazine’s The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1991 is Feliciano Salonga and Ligaya “Joy” Imutan’s only daughter: Carmen Lea Imutan Salonga. Most of us know her simply as Lea Salonga.

Untold Pinoy Story No. 4

At a tender age of 17, Marcial was a war correspondent for The Manila Times. Marcial’s war experience provided him with a treasure chest of stories which inspired him to write a movie screenplay.His screenplay was made into a movie, starring Jaime de la Rosa and a 16 year old actress named Dorothy. Helmed by renowned director Lamberto Avellana, the movie was a huge success. During the first FAMAS award ceremony in 1952, Dorothy received the first FAMAS trophy for best supporting actress for her role in the movie.The only child of a US soldier and a Filipina, Dorothy was also a semi-finalist in the 1952 Miss Philippines beautycontest. It was therefore not surprising that Marcial got so enamored with Dorothy that he did everything to court her. Marcial even carried Dorothy’s make-up kit during movie shootings. Marcial became Dorothy’s dakilang alalay.Dorothy studied pre-Law at the University of Santo Tomas but her booming movie career made it impossible for her tocontinue. Likewise, Marcial took up Law at the University ofthe Philippines but the lure of journalism ended hisdream of becoming a lawyer.Marcial became known for his gift of gab and political skill. This led to his victory as a town mayor at a young age of 22. Meanwhile, Dorothy became popular for her actingprowess and dancing skill. This led to her victory in several acting derbies.Marcial’s younger sister was the director of the movie which won for Dorothy her last FAMAS best supporting actress award.But while Philippine politics and show business naturally intertwine, political kingpin Marcial and movie queen Dorothy were not destined to be together.Dorothy married a man named Victorino who fathered her only daughter. But their union did not last. After a seriesof unsuccessful relationships, Dorothy finally tied the knot again with an American B-movie actor-singer. In contrast, Marcial remained faithfully married all his life to an American-educated woman who bore his only son and fourdaughters.But while Marcial survived the Korean War which he covered,he did not survive the war on the home front. Likewise, Dorothy did not survive her own war at home.Both Marcial and Dorothy suffered violent deaths.Marcial was shot. Dorothy was stabbed several times.Committed 18 years apart, the separate murders ofMarcial and Dorothy made headlines several years ago. However, both murders remained unsolved to this day. Some say that identifying their killers is not the issue because everyone, except the authorities,seems to know the identity of their respective killers. Rumors even abound that the masterminds in the murders of Marcial and Dorothy were related to them by affinity. But the real mystery lies in the fact that the perpetrators of these high-profile crimes remainscot-free to this day, despite the enormous clout which the victims’ respective family wields.Some say thatMarcial’s death was a result of hisbeing branded a communist by the government. This is ironicbecause the screenplay which Marcial wrote and which won for Dorothy her first FAMAS trophy was the second in a trilogy of anti-communist movies which were produced by LVN Pictures in support of the government’s efforts to fight communism.Dorothy’s shocking death led to embarrassing revelations about her painful personal battle. Marcial’s equally shocking death led to well-deserved recognition of his heroic political battle.Dorothy was killed amid rows of cars in the coveredand dark parking lot of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) building. Despite his escorts, Marcial was killed amid rows of airplanes in a wide open space in broad daylight while descending down the tarmac of what was then known as the ManilaInternational Airport (MIA).Of course, we all knowDorothy as Dolphy’s TV wife,Marsha.And we all know Marcial as Cory’s real-life husband,Ninoy.Yes, Dorothy Jones was the real name of Nida Blanca.And yes, Marcial Bonifacio was the fictitious nameon the passport of Benigno Aquino, Jr. on the day that he was murdered.And you know the rest of their stories.

Untold Pinoy Story No. 5

She was born on the day of hearts, February 14. But her parents did not name her Valentina. Not even Venus or Aphrodite. They opted for the holy-sounding Kristina Bernadette. But she did not turn out to be a saint. Being the youngest, Kristina Bernadette captured the heart of her father. Father and daughter were inseparable. Until tragedy struck. Kristina Bernadette’s father was sent to prison. His heart ailment grew worse there. On February 14, 1974, Valentine’s Day, Kristina Bernadette celebrated her third birthday with her father in prison. On the same day, a man was exchanging hearts with a southern belle in nearby San Juan church. Nine years later, on August 21, the man who got married in San Juan church was celebrating his birthday with his basketball buddies. On the same day, Kristina Bernadette’s father was killed. Kristina Bernadette and the married man never kneweach other. They lived very different lives. But in 1994, Kristina Bernadette and the married man met at work. Their first meeting blossomed into deep friendship. Some said that she longed for a father figure. But the friendship blossomed into romance which went beyondcontrol. Kristina Bernadette used her heart, not her head. She decided to live with the married man. Kristina Bernadette’s mother was furious at the relationship. How could Kristina Bernadette’s mother like a man who celebrates his birthday every year on the death anniversary of her murdered husband? But more than this was the fact that the man’s heart already belonged to someone else. In fact, he has a grown-up daughter in New York who was nearly Kristina Bernadette’s age. Despite her religious mother’s efforts to put an end to Kristina Bernadette’s adulterous affair with the man, Kristina Bernadette had her way. It didn’t matter to Kristina Bernadette that her decision prevented her from receiving church communion because she was openly living in sin. It did not take long before Kristina Bernadette gave birth to her love child who was the spitting image of her live-in partner. But Kristina Bernadette’s son was born with Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder. Her son’s birth softened the heart of Kristina Bernadette’s mother who announced that Kristina Bernadette’s son was her favorite grandson. When Kristina Bernadette first planned to have a liposuction, her mother tried to stop her, warning Kristina Bernadette that she (the mother) was too old to take care of Kristina Bernadette’s son if something happened to her during her surgery. But as in the past, Kristina Bernadette had her way. She went on with her liposuction. But Kristina Bernadette’s relationship with her live-in partner was not meant to last. In her Ateneo accent, Kristina Bernadette would always correct her live-in partner’s grammatical lapses. Her live-in partner also got annoyed whenever Kristina Bernadette would hand him a stick of Milagrosa candle every time he used the bathroom. According to Kristina Bernadette, the candle helped drive away the stinking smell of her live-in partner’s crap. Kristina Bernadette confessed that she learned this trick from her mother. And when Kristina Bernadette’s live-in partner stopped pursuing his petition for the annulment of his first marriage in San Juan church, Kristina Bernadette began to express doubt about her live-in partner’s sincerity in marrying her. Kristina Bernadette’s heart was hurt. Their relationship turned for the worse. Kristina Bernadette finally realized that her live-in partner could never be her savior. She decided to leave the father of her son and her live-in partner for many years: Philip Salvador. Yes, Kristina Bernadette is the youngest daughter of President Corazon (means heart in Spanish) Aquino and the late Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. And yes, Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino is the full name of Kris Aquino. And everyone knows the heart of her story.

Untold Pinoy Story No. 6

The Story of the Muslim Princess

Suppose that there was a Muslim princess from the flood capital of the Philippines, Malabon, who has just finished her degree in Mass Communications from the University of the Philippines with Latin honors (cum laude). Suppose that she decided to work for Discorama. Remember the Saturday afternoon show on GMA Channel7 with former Senator Tito Sotto, his brother Vic Sotto and comedian Joey de Leon as hosts? The Muslim princess was assigned to host the Tough Hits segment of the show. As Tough Hits girl, she did the weekly countdown of popular songs with bastardized lyrics to elicit cheap laughs. Her mother, who was an executive at the Philippine National Bank in Escolta, just shrugged her shoulders whenever her colleagues would ask about her favorite daughter’s TV show. Soon, a female newscaster of a major TV network introduced the Muslim princess to her brother, a flight steward. After a whirlwind courtship, the Muslim princess married the flight steward who used to be a child actor whose only claim to fame was playing the role of a toddler Bongbong Marcos in a Marcos bio-flick. After a couple of months, the Muslim princess and the flight steward quietly separated. But career-wise, lady luck smiled at the Muslim princess when she was given a big break by the major TV network. She bagged the plum assignment of delivering the evening news while at the same time hosting a successful TV magazine program which was pitted against a similar program in a rival TV network hosted by her former UP professor. However, the Muslim princess was such a perfectionist that it was reportedly not uncommon to see objects flying whenever she was unsatisfied with her TV staff’s work. Later, the Muslim princess got married again, this time to a well-known local politician from a province south ofManila. The name sake of her father, her politician husband had grown-up children close to the Muslim princess’ age and it was being talked about that his first wife lived in the same condominium building where the Muslim princess and her new husband occupied the penthouse. TheMuslim princess’ husband also reportedly decided to become a Muslim so that he could have more than one wife. They were blessed with two sons. The Muslim princess’ husband soon retired from politics and became contented with being a magician and a human toothpaste applier for his Muslim princess’ toothbrush. (Incidentally, the Muslim princess once appeared in a Close-Up Toothpaste TV commercial.) Now, the Muslim princess and her magician husband (He couldmake a bigCoke bottle disappear before your eyes) are happily separated. Later, the Muslim princess’ husband was accused of being responsible for the disappearance of his close friend. The Story of the Black Nazarene Devotee Suppose that there was a Black Nazarene devotee from the tamaraw capital of the Philippines who claimed to have graduated with a business degree from the University of the East despite his critics’ contention that he just bought his college diploma from the sidewalk of C. M. Recto Avenue. He worked as a radio reporter for a major radio and TV network. With perseverance, he was given a Sunday morning radio show. Later, he would occasionally pinch-hit for announcers whenever they would not show up for their radio program. He also hosted a daily radio serialization of movies for a program dubbed as Sineradyo. His biggest TV break came when a TV network hired him for atop-ratedshowbiz-oriented TV show called See-Tru. Theshow was hosted by gossip queen, Lourdes Jimenez-Carvajal who was more popularly known as Inday Badiday or Ate Luds to her legions of fans. The Black Nazarene devotee’s appearance was only through voice-over (and he was never really seen by the TV audience) and it was always preceded by his usual line: “Ate Luds, may phone-in question po tayo rito galing kay…”. Yes, his job involved reading TV audience’s phone-in questions to Inday Badiday’s movie star guests. However, despite the TV show’s enormous popularity, it was immediately cancelled after one of the show’s female guests hurled an ashtray at another female guest. Later, the Black Nazarene devotee married a lady executive of the radio and TV network where he had moved up to become the host of its early morning radio show. They adopted a girl and had a younger son later. Never The Twain Shall Meet Suppose that the Muslim princess and the Black Nazarene devotee met in the same office where they both work. Suppose also that the Black Nazarene devotee personally chose the Muslim princess as one of the principal sponsors for his adopted daughter’s wedding to one of the members of the staff of his widely popular TV program. Suppose further that both the Muslim princess andthe Black Nazarene devotee became elected government officials and they both decided to run for the same government office on the same year.They both run for say, the presidency of the Philippines. No, that’s being too ambitious. Okay, suppose that they both run for the position of Vice President under opposing political parties. Who would you vote for? The Muslim princess or the Black Nazarene devotee?If you would vote for the Muslim princess, you just wasted your vote. If you would vote for the Black Nazarene devotee, you are good at spotting a winner (but it does not mean that you did not also waste your vote). Because the honorary Muslim princess is former Senator Loren Legarda who lost her bid for the Vice Presidency of the Philippines in the2002 national elections. And yes, the Black Nazarene devotee who helps carry the replica of the Black Nazarene image barefoot and wearing only a white undershirt (sans bullet-proof vest) during the annual Quiapo procession as part of his religious devotion (yes, he still does it up to this day) is Noli de Castro, current Vice President of the Philippines.

Untold Pinoy Story No. 7

Pure Innuendoes.

They were the best of friends. They were always seen together around the University of the Philippines (UP) campus in Diliman: one was undoubtedly a very good-looking guy and the other was unquestionably a plain-looking guy. Opposites really attract. Hey, but they’re both brilliant students. Well, birds of the same featheralso flock together. Indeed, they were very close to eachother. Unusually close. They were the perfect tandem. Like suman and ripe mango. Or nuts and bolts. Peg and a hole. They were both protégées of then UP Student Councilchairman Chito Gascon. Soon, the good-looking guy took the helm as UP Student Council chairman. But the best friends seem to follow each other’s path. The plain-looking guy also ran for the same position with the all-out support of his good-looking friend. He won, of course. The good-looking guy was the crush ng bayan of theiskolars ng bayan. During lunchtime, students of all persuasions flocked to the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)cafeteria to catch a glimpse of the good-looking guy. Even singer-actress Regine Velasquez later admitted on national television that she had a big crush on the good-looking guy. But loveless Regine’s daring admission did not earn her even just a movie date invitation from the good-looking guy; instead, the good-looking guy merely flashed a demure smile in response to desperate Regine’s thinly-veiled date invitation. But after finishing college, the best friends went their separate ways. (Or so it seemed). The plain-looking guypursued his law studies and later taught law courses. The good-looking guy delivered the evening news on TV, hosted a TV quiz show and wrote analytical articles on pop culture. His good looks, intelligence and impeccable manner endeared him to televiewers.Despite their divergent career choices, the good-looking guy and the plain-looking guy really seemed to followeachother’s path. But this time, their path led to a nice little apartment near the Ateneo de Manila campus. And they shared that nice little apartment. Just the two of them.Yes, the plain-looking guy and the good-looking guy lived together. Those gifted with wild imagination got titillated at the mere thought of these two young men sharing a lovely apartment. The moralists out there shook their heads at the mere thought of the goings-on beyond that innocent-looking apartment door amid rows of middle-class houses in Loyola Heights in Quezon City.But the pair would not budge from their nest. Nor would they yield to any pressure. Not even from the plain-looking guy’s bible-reading siblings who berated him for living with another guy. The plain-looking guy’s own family started to cast doubt about his masculinity. All telltale signs which have accumulated all those years could no longer be ignored. People started talking openly about the two guys. Speculations about the true nature of the pair’s friendship became a daily fodder for gossip mongers. The academic freedom which alma mater UP’s oblation symbolizes seemed to have gone beyond the duo’s lust for knowledge. In order to prove to his family that he was not what they thought he was, the plain-looking guy suddenly announced that he was getting married. His family jumped with joy.But the plain-looking guy’s marriage did not dispel wild speculations about his sexuality; instead, it only succeeded in erasing any remaining doubt about his alleged agenda of using his wife to finally succeed in his failed initial crack at pursuing his lifelong dream. And it was well worth his efforts. Because thisformer loser’s desperate act finally triumphed. Thanks to his wife.However, the plain-looking guy’s deep friendship with his good-looking friend took a backseat as a result of the former’s new civil status. The plain-looking guy did not want to hurt his new wife’s flourishing career nor spoil his newfound success. That’s why he played his role as a good family man to thehilt. However, he had not forgotten his good-looking best friend at all. As a token of their undying friendship, the good-looking guy stood as one of the godfathers of the plain-looking guy’s first baby, together with Edu Manzano, Cesar Montano, Cherie Gil, Ciara Sotto, Angeli Valenciano, Fanny Serrano and a host of other household names. Of course, the plain-looking guy’s wife was clueless about her husband’s past. But the plain-looking guy’s wife had her share of dark past. She is a single mother who parted ways with hergood-looking “first husband” after she discovered that her good-looking “first husband” was already married to another woman when she hastily married him after she got pregnant at a young age. This meant that her marriage to her good-looking “first husband” was not legally binding after all.Now, the plain-looking guy was her knight-in-shining-armor who rescued her from the stigma of being an unmarried mother. Ironically, while her non-binding marriage with hergood-looking “first husband” was solemnized by several high-ranking priests at the cavernous Manila Cathedral amid countless clicking cameras and thousands of shrieking admirers several years ago, her supposedly legitimate marriage with the plain-looking guy was officiated not by a Catholic priest but by a pastor in a cramped living room, with only few relatives and friends as witnesses. Later, the good-looking guy reportedly got married also without fanfare. They said that his bride was a creative consultant for ABS-CBN Interactive. However, some women still believe and hope that he is still unmarried to this day. The good-looking guy soon rose to become ABS-CBNNews Channel’s ANC) Director for Current Affairs. He has been circling the globe as host of ANC’s weekly travel show, Executive Class.Yes, the good-looking guy is David Celdran. And the plain-looking guy is megastar Sharon Cuneta’s husband, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan.

Evan Almighty

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I arrived  home this afternoon from work, and was surprised to see my daughter watching Evan Almighty. She usually watches, Shrek. Yah you read it right. She loves Shrek 1, 2 and 3. Anyway, knowing my daughter is fond of animals, I found her enjoying the movie. I personally love this movie. It is full of moral and if we will only internalize the message this movie gives well, “we can change the world.”

I’m not going to do a movie review about this film, for I want you my good readers to see it. Maybe you’ve seen the movie, maybe not. But you’ll definitely enjoy it!

Problems and difficulties are part of our everyday life. Often times we ask God to give us strength, to give us peace of mind, to give us courage, etc. And  often times, we thought that God doesn’t listen to our pleas. Yet, we didn’t realize, that God does! He does! He doesn’t actually gives us courage when we ask for it, but He gives us oppurtunity to be courageous. When we ask our family to be close to each other, He gives us the oppurtunity to be close with our family. Sometime, it is really hard to understand God’s way of giving us what we needs. Yet, we should never lose our trust and faith in Him.  God loves us more than we could imagine. I know, He will never leave us in vain.

The story also told us that if we want to change the world, then one Act of Random Kindness will do the trick. See that? ARK? That’s what Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) made. Try to look for the rainbow when the flood is over.

 See the pictures:



hmmm, giving instructions to Evan?


So cute!

 A giraffe!

Oh so thirsty!

Taking a break after a tiring work..

We’ll if you haven’t seen this one, then grab a copy now and watch it. Enjoy and learn!


While You We’re Sleeping

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This is one of my favorite movies. I have a copy of this one and I never get tired watching it. It gives a deeper meaning everytime I watch it. I remember my English teacher in highschool told us about The Little Prince by French aviator Antoine de Saint Exupéry. As you grow up, and read the story it will give you a deeper meaning.

 Well, what do I love about the movie?  The characters played by Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman are really interesting. The movie itself taught about life, family, love and being true to yourself.

Lucy Ellenore Moderatz was played by Sandra. She works as a fare collector on the Chicago elevated railway.  Everyday, she saw this man, Peter Callaghan (played by Peter Gallagher), pass by her window for token to the train. She has a secret crush on him. One Christmas Day, she saw her being mugged and pushed onto the rail tracks. She rescued him and brought to the hospital, where he’d been in coma. A nurse overheard her saying, “I was going to marry him”. The nurse thought that she was Peter’s fiancee. 

The family learned about what happened to Peter and so they rushed to the hospital where he’s confined. Lucy was then introduced to Peter’s family as his fiacee. She was captivated by the Callaghan family. She was invited to have a dinner with the family for them to get to know their son’s wife-to-be. Sandra didn’t meet the younger brother of Peter during dinner. He’s a hard working guy and arrives home late. Lucy got the chance to meet Jack(played by Bill Pullman) the next day. He was so suspicious about Lucy being the fiancee of his brother. He knows that Lucy is not the type of girl Peter will settle down with. She’s his type… 

Better watch the movie and feel inlove.. =)

I have found these pictures on the net and I really love looking at ’em:

This is Jack Callaghan. He so cute..


 It’s slippery that’s why they held on to each other..

 See.. they slipped!  


They kissed under the misletoe! It was a tradition that when a man and a woman are under a mistletoe at the same time, they should kiss each other. For good luck in love, I guess..

The snowball showing the City of Florence, Italy. Lucy wanted to have a Europe stamp on her passport. She wanted to visit Florence. On the night before Lucy’s wedding to Peter, Jack went to see her and give his wedding present. It was the snowball. Then, Lucy asked him to give her one reason why she shouldn’t marry his brother. Jack just said none. Then he left angrily. Oh, this part of the movie is really a heart-breaking one.


This is part where Lucy is about to marry Peter. Lucy objects to her own marriage and so, Jack. I always cry when I watch this part. This is where Lucy tells the whole family, who she is and how she learned about Peter.

In the last part of the story, you will see Lucy in her booth again spending her last day as a fare collector. Then suddenly, Jack threw an engagement ring to the booth’s window. The whole Callaghan family was there and witnessed Lucy said yes to Jack’s marriage proposal.

And so they got married and live happily ever after.. this is really a wonderful story!  I remember Lucy said, sometime life turned out not the way you have planned it..yet it is for the better, something like a fortunate accident..hmmmn is it SERENDIPITY!?!

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