Nonet’s Seventh Birthday

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We couldn’t afford to throw Nonet a birthday party in fast food restaurants like a 7-year old birthday celebrant will wish for. Luckily, Nonet is not just an ordinary kiddo who would want a party like that. ? When she was asked then, she will say she wanted, that was because, she was persuaded by my sister Patty.

When I talked to her in private, she would just prefer to have a day of play with unlimited tokens at Tom’s World, and a shopping spree at Toys R Us! :)

My sisters and I, together with our cousins, Joy and April decided to have a surprise party for Nonet. Joy suggested that each of us should give Nonet 7 gifts. And, the surprise party will happen at 12AM of October 28, 2012. As part of the celebration, I decided to have an outing for our family in one of the resorts in Taytay, Rizal on her birthday itself. :)

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On the eve of Nonet’s birthday, my mother put her to bed early, while we prepare for her surprise party. My daughter loves Spongebob Square Pants so the decorations for her party including the banner, the banderitas, the balloons and cake design was Spongebob. :)

Our food for that night were tacos and nachos with beef, tomatoes, onions and cheese. Mama also made tuna spread and siomai. :)

When the clock strikes 12, we woke up Nonet and sang happy birthday to her. :)

She is very happy and she did enjoy the party. She was amazed with the number of gifts she received. We waited until she finished opening all her gifts.

We also had fun that day. We waited until each gift is opened and watched for Nonet’s reaction. We knew when she is truly with the gift she received or if she is just being nice and appreciative. We really had a good time inspite of the busy and tiring day we had.

On the same day, Nonet and I heard the 6:30AM mass to offer thanksgiving to the Lord and asked for continues blessings for her and for our family. :)

We love you anak.

Ciao! :)

A Graduation to Remember

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Last Tuesday, March 20, my daughter Antoinette graduated from Preparatory Class, batch 2011-2012 of Our Lady of the Rosary Learning Center. She graduated as second honor and was awarded as Most Diligent. We are so proud of her. :) When she accepted her certificate as graduate I let my mother accompany her. I owe her a lot; taking care of Nonet, preparing her for school, teaching her and studying with her. I wanted to make her feel that her hard work is much appreciated. :)

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When it is time to put on her medal, I asked mama to join me. She told me that it is my turn. It is my time. :) Setting modesty aside, I graduated as second honor from Kindergarten about 25 years ago. I was the first honor from grade 1 to 6 at Rosario Elementary School. I was an honor student at Rizal High School, too, when I finished high school. In other words, my mother had her own time of fame and putting on medals to me.

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As I put on Nonet’s model, I was really happy and proud. Now I know what my mother felt then. :) I told her about my feeling, and she said that it is the reason why she wanted me to be with Nonet alone. She wanted me to feel the same feeling she felt when I was still studying. Oh I love her. :)

Nonet is really happy and proud of her medal. She said that it is her first medal. I told her that should not be the last. I earned more than 20 medals while I was still in school and I challenged her. I told her to surpass the number of medals I was able to earn. :) I will be forever grateful to her teachers; Teacher Elhay, Teacher Evelyn, Teacher Nene and Teacher Christy. Thank you.

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Her father is so happy as well. I told ney that she could have been the first honor if not for her absences. Honey told me that Nonet got her “brains” from me, while her absences from him. Hehehe! Well, I told her that we have our own share of genes in Nonet. And, that Nonet is very lucky to have us, as her parents. :)

Nonet is just starting and she has a long way to go. I pray to God that she will be blessed with good health and that her talent, skills and intelligence will be nurtured. I also pray for my mother who will be taking care of Nonet as I go to work. That mama will have a good health and long life. I pray that God will bless ney and I with good health and good work, to support our daughter. I pray for my sisters who will be there to support me and Nonet, too. I also pray for Tabibe who has been there to support us since I was born.

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In spite of the complications we have in our relationship, ney and I are very thankful for having Nonet as our daughter. I may have committed mistakes in the past and may have hurt number of people, but God has always been good and loving to me. And, Mama Mary has always been praying for me.

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Thank you Lord, I love you. To You be the glory. :)

Ciao! :)

The Gardenia Aroma

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Last January 12 (2012), Nonet joined her classmates and friends in their school’s annual educational trip. Due to budget constrain, mama wasn’t able to join us in the trip. Only Nonet and I were able to come. The itinerary of the day includes visit to Gardenia, The Gourmet Farm and Enchanted Kingdom. We were aboard Milesmine bus and Tito Edward was our coach captain. Ate Ann was our tour guide. :)

We had different ice breakers and mini games inside the bus. Nonet and I actively participated and we got a limited edition bag tag and pin! You bet, those items are not available in any malls around. :P

Our first stop was Gardenia in Binan, Laguna. We’re able to see the plant but were not allowed to take pictures inside the plant. I bet there are surveillance cameras and baby monitors like equipment around the facility. As we know, production field is a company’s top secret. :) I was really amazed on how the baking process has been developed from pounding wheat to manually mixing the ingredients in making bread to an automatic process! Certainly, the end product is untouched by human hands.

I remember Nonet telling me that when we buy bread, it should be Gardenia, so we’ll be assured of its freshness! :) Gardenia was able to win a customer in my daughter. :)

We’re not able to take pictures at Gardenia grounds because of me. I bought some bread from the company’s store. The loaves of bread were placed in paper bag which was torn apart even before we got into the bus. I needed to go back to the store to get another bag.

Nevertheless, we really enjoyed the tour inside Gardenia’s plant. :)

Ciao! :)

A Game Console for Nonet

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Of course I cannot afford yet to give Nonet a game console. That is too much for me to buy for her (yet). Although, she has been requesting me for a PSP, my budget would still not permits it. Since her father is in Saudi, I told him that as a graduation gift, he can give his daughter a portable play station. Ney is contemplating whether to give her a PSP, a netbook or an XBOX so they can play together. He said that game consoles cost cheaper in there than here in the Philippines. Well, not only game consoles but other gadgets as well. :)

He thought of giving Nonet an XBOX because he is fascinated by the different xbox kinect available. He thought of giving her a netbook, so she can explore the wonders of the Internet; the learning that she can get in just one click. :) I want her to have a PSP because that is what she wanted. It is something that will make her happy. :)

It’s up to her father whatever he decided to give Nonet as a present. What is important is that he has something to give our daughter when he comes home in May, 2012.

We miss you ney. Be safe always.

Ciao! :)

Not Allergic to Cats, Thank God!

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I have been very busy working on my cases at work and I wasn’t able to find time to write on my online journal. My desktop at home is still down and I’m just taking advantage of the avail time I have in the office. :)

My last post was about Nonet’s recent hospitalization. Well, it was her third this year alone. Hopefully, its going to be her last. After she was discharged in the hospital, we went to her ever compassionate pediatrician for follow up. Nonet is doing well in her recent check up. But, I was asked by our doctor, that Nonet should have her skin test the soonest possible time. Well, I have been told about this since March of this year. :( I admit that it was my fault why the skin test has been delayed for so many months.

Nonet’s father is so worried that he sent enough money for the skin test to be performed. Last November 26, we had our appointment with her Allergy specialist and performed the skin test. There were around 27 samples of allergens that were injected to her skin. We waited for about 20 minutes for the results.

I have been an animal lover since I was a young girl. We used to own a dog. We had around 20 cats in our old house. Today, we have 5 cats at home. Since, my daughter is asthmatic, outer cats usually get the blame for it. My sisters and I have been asked many times to give up our cats. My mother even asked me to choose between my daughter and our cats. Our cats are just local cats, or what other people used to call “pusakal“. Nowadays, those cats are called as Puspin (or Pusang Pinoy). Though are cats are just ordinary cats, we love them dearly. It hurts me so much when Nonet is being hospitalized due to asthma. And, it hurts me too thinking that I might have to give up our cats, if Nonet’s skin test result will show that she is allergic to cats. :(

My younger sister, Patty, accompanied as to the doctor. Both of us were praying and hoping that Nonet is not allergic to cats. After about 20 minutes, the doctor told us the different things which Nonet is allergic to. Thank God, she is negative with cats! :) It was a relief!

Nonet is most allergic to pollens and grass. She is allergic to mango, too. She is allergic with dogs but not with cats. When she was a baby, she was so allergic to peanuts but the skin test shows negative to it. We told the doctor that we have been so vigilant in giving Nonet any food that may contain peanut. The doctor said that it is possible that peanut has become foreign to her body allergy that’s why it didn’t react to the test. But, she told us not to give peanuts to Nonet yet. She said that the “peanut test” will be conducted in her clinic.

When we got home, I showed the skin test result to my mother with my specialist’s signature, highlighting the items which Nonet is allergic to. She couldn’t believe that Nonet is allergic to dogs but not to cats. :)

I am just glad that we don’t need to give up our cats. But, I’m sad because Nonet loves dogs, too. In her father’s house in Quezon, they have number of dogs which she loves to play with. Little did I know that she is allergic to them.

She is now 6 years old and hopefully, she will outgrown asthma before she turns seven next year.

God bless her! :)

Ciao! :)

Nonet @ 6!

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I never realize how time flies so fast. Last October 28 my daughter, Antoinetter celebrated her 6th birthday. I didn’t throw her any birthday party but we have some extra food on our table and a cake to celebrate her birthday. :)

Before going home, I dropped by Saint Pio’s church and lighted three blessed candles for Nonet. I have been praying for her good health and that she will soon outgrow her asthma. As I pray before God, a thought came into me that I have been a mother for six years now, too. Yet, what made me wonder was, have I been a good mother to my daughter? I know that I have been working to support her needs but I know that being a mother doesn’t only mean providing your child or children with material needs but most importantly, making them feel that they are loved and cared for. That, material things are the least that you need to give them. And the first things in a mother’s list are love and attention.

As I looked back, I believe I have been a loving and caring mom the best that I can be. Although, I know that there are a lot of things that I still need to work on, I believe I was able to make Nonet feel that she is loved not only by me but our family. :)

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So then, I prayed to God on Nonet’s birthday that He will bless me and guide me to become a better mother for Nonet. She is only six years old and I have a long way to go.
I have entrusted Nonet to the Lord and I know that I have nothing to worry about her. I believe that God loves my daughter as much as He loves me. :)

Happy birthday anak. Mommy and daddy loves you always. God bless you!

I found this song from Mamma Mia, and I hope that I wouldn’t be singing this song anytime soon.. :P

Ciao! :)

Halloween Party @ OLRLC

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The school where Nonet goes held their Halloween Party last October 26, 2011. Every student were asked to wear a costume and parents are requested to bring candies, chocolates and cookies for the children. I would like to wear Nonet a Cinderella gown and with a crown and a glass shoes (if we can find one). But, knowing my daughter, she wouldn’t wear it. My friend Manoline gave her a Wizard hat when she was around 3 years old. So, instead of Cinderella costume, we decided to make her a she-wizard! :) Which she really loved actually! :)

My aunt is a dressmaker so we didn’t have a hard time finding a costume for her. We searched EK’s wizard outfit in the Internet and showed it to my Tita Evelyn. My mother looked for a violet and a yellow “retaso” from my tita’s stuff. My mother cut out stars from the yellow cloth. Then she saw it on the wizard’s robe that my tita made. :)

The costume turned out to be outstanding. :) I also asked her to make a foot sock for Nonet but we ran out of cloth already. I bought Nonet a wand to complete the outfit. :)

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She didn’t win the best dress award though but she really did enjoy the party. :) This will be her last year in the said pre-school. I didn’t have any regret in sending her in Our Lady of the Rosary Learning Center for she learned a lot from it. Most of all, her Catholic faith is enriched and cultivated. :)

I would always be grateful to Teacher Elhay Guirnalda, Teacher Evelyn Santos, Teacher Nene Vitor and Teacher Christy Ramos.

God bless you all! :)

Ciao! :)

So help me God

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When  I became part of Sto. Rosario Parish choir about 12 years ago, I was able to use the gift of music which God gave me. I enjoyed singing in the choir. I felt that my talent in singing has been honed and developed further. The joy was different every after mass. I felt that I became closer to God for using His gift to praise Him. It was really a wonderful feeling. :)

While I was in the choir I learned different songs which can be sang in the mass; songs of praise; songs of faith and inspiration. When I was in college. I was assigned by our department head to organize a small choir who will sing in the mass offering to be held in the school. I also led the choir who sing in a first Friday mass offered in my previous company. I believe that I made God happy by sharing my talent. :) .

Last Saturday, my friend Victor and I attended the album launch of one of my two favorite choirs, Hangad (the other one is Bukas Palad Music Ministry). Both group originated from Ateneo de Manila. As I watch and listen to the songs offered in Hangad’s new album, I dream of sending my daughter, Antoinette, to ADMU, so she would have an opportunity of becoming the next generation member of either Hangad or Bukas Palad Music Ministry. Well, I wouldn’t have the means to do so but with God’s help I believe that I will. :)

Tonight, as I listen to the inspiring songs of Hangad choir, I realized that it doesn’t matter whether someone would be part of a famous choir or not. What matters is that when you becthome part of a ministry, you do it for God’s glory. :) What is important is that, you would able to use God’s gift to praise Him and to spread His love to other people.

I still have the dream of sending Antoinette to Ateneo, though. And to top it all, her third name happens to be Jesuita. :) She will just turn 6 years old in October. She has a long way to go. But, I believe that God has amazing plans for her, like He has for me. I just need to be faithful. :)

Here is one of my favorite songs by Hangad choir.

Ciao! :)

Another Hospital Visit

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Although Nonet is aware of her sickness, she still tend to forget that eating too much candy is bad for her. :( When they went to Taytay last Sunday, my sister noticed that she ate a lot of candies. The following day, she started coughing and sneezing. We knew then, that she was experiencing difficulty in breathing because of her cough. My mother nebulized her to make her feel better. She also bought cough syrup.

I knew that if we will not pay attention to her cough, it would trigger her asthma. Added to it is the kind of weather we have now.  Her last confinement due to bronchial asthma was only last June. And I do not want her to be hospitalized again. Yesterday, I brought her to the hospital to see a Pedia-Pulmonologist. Well, I remember that I have been asked by her pedia, Dr. Rabor to bring her to a Pulmonologist already.  She has been hospitalized twice this year already due to asthma.

We went to Maxicare office and get Letter of Authorization for her consultation under Dr. Sua. We got to the hospital too early but Nonet didn’t bother anyway. We both enjoyed looking at the scrubs uniforms worn by the different medical staff. :)

When Dr. Sua arrived, she noticed right away Nonet’s dry skin. She said that my daughter is really asthmatic. Though she is not under attack when we went there, which is good news actually. :)

Dr. Sua requested Nonet to undergo a PPD test just to rule out primary complex. We went back to Maxicare office where the said test was performed.

On Saturday we’ll go back to the hospital for follow up check up.

Although Nonet is aware of her sickness, sometimes, I really cannot blame her for eating candies. Well, she has a sweet tooth. She loves chocolate especially Cadbury. :)

I pity her at times, but I just explained to her that one day, she would be able to outgrown her asthma and she would be able to eat as much as chocolate and candies as she want. But, for now, she needs to control herself from eating too much sweets. I know she understands it but she’s a child who is really tempted with colorful candies! :)

I am really praying for her good health. I believe that the Lord can hear me, and in His sweet time, Nonet will be free from asthma. Amen!

God bless you, anak. Mommy loves you so much.

Ciao! :)

A Gift for the Graduate

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After the ceremony, Nonet was very excited to go home. After giving her graduation presents to her friends, Maverick and Audrey, she asked us to go home right away. She wanted to open her own graduation gifts. :) She opened my presents first then, her Tita Anne’s and Tita Joy’s the last. I gave her a pair of shorts and a pair of sun-glasses. Her Ta Anne gave her coloring book, while her Ta Joy got her a 64-piece crayon! Tabibe gave her two cute coin purses. :)

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Her father promised her a netbook, but due to the current middle-east crisis, the said gift has to be delayed for a while. I talked to her about it and I thought that she has forgotten about it. Yesterday, I told her that I had a chat with her daddy and showed him her graduation pictures. I told her that daddy is very proud of her. Then, all of sudden she asked about the gaming computers her father has promised! :)

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I explained to her that daddy will keep his promise but she has to wait a while. I told her that she can use our desktop as she waits for her own computer. She already knows how to shut down the computer properly. I haven’t teach her how to turn it on and how to login to Windows yet. :)

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I am really hoping that ney would keep his promise. Otherwise, I may have to get a netbook for Nonet myself.

Ciao! :)

Most Obedient Student

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I attended my daughter’s Graduation/Recognition last March 23. I am happy because my vacation leave was approved at the last minute. Thank God! :) I am not very excited though. Hehehe! The ceremony was around 9:30AM. I woke up around 5AM that day! :) I ironed my blouse and took a bath early. Nonet woke up at around 6:30AM. She ate her breakfast and was very excited about her graduation. Well, excited about our gifts for her! :)

She was one of the students who came early in the venue. We had the opportunity to take picture with her Teacher Ehlay and other teachers namely; Teacher Evelyn, Teacher Christy and Teacher Nene. :)

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Nonet is enjoying her summer vacation and we are doing our best to help her improve her health. This coming June, she would be a prep student. She would still be going to the same school where she finished Kindergarten. I am contented and satisfied with the curriculum prepared by the school for their students.

I know that Nonet has a long way to go. But with God’s help and blessings, I believe that she would finish college and would have a good job. :)

The Nursery, Kinder and prep students showcased their talents in declamation, singing and dancing! :) My mother, my two sisters and our Tabibe were all there to witness Nonet’s big day!

I was really happy and proud. She was awarded as Kinder’s Most Obedient Student. She may not be the outstanding one, but I believe that Nonet is a bright girl. :) I am just praying that she will have a better health.

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God bless you anak! Mommy loves you very much!

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Ciao! :)

I have a good singing voice, too!

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Antoinette just arrived from school. After changing from school uniform to her pambahay, my mother reminded her of something, she would tell me. She then whispered into my ears, “Mommy sabi ni Teacher Ella ang galing ko raw kumanta.” (Mommy, my teacher told me that I have a good singing voice). Then, she said, ”Mana kase ako sa’yo!”.  I was laughing at this because, she was able to appreciates God’s gift of singing to me. One of the presentations that they will do on their graduation day is a singing of the song Yesterday’s Dream in unison.

Antoinette is already familiar with the said song, because she hear it often in one of the CDs she has. One day, she came home happy and told us that they will be singing the said song. While she was confined in the hospital, my sister Patty and I used to sing it to her until she learned the lyrics and can sing the whole song alone. :)

Well,  God blessed her with the gift of music, too. She can hit the note well. And, she can really sing. :P

I cannot wait for their performance next week. I pray that my vacation leave will be approved, otherwise I will really have to be absent.

Ciao! :)

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