After Days of Work

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Everyday even if get wiser, we must admit that we are also getting older. Eventually, we will have to retire from work for our body will not be as efficient as we have been. Aside from that, we also wanted to enjoy the fruits of our hard work. :) There are different pension plans and life insurance out there, but it is good to know that there are companies that offer no medical exam life insurance. :)

Having a life insurance will not only secure what we have earned but also secure our loved ones in case something happened to us. :)

While we are young and strong, we must learn to save and earn for the future. We also need to keep a work-life balance living. :)

Ciao! :)

Run for A New Shoes!

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Milo’s recent project has benefited many children all over the Philippines. If you will participate in the said marathon, a child will get a pair of shoes! I hope they would provide men’s running shorts as well. :)

I would love to participate in the said marathon but I am worry about my asthma. :( One of the team managers I have known told me that I do not need to run all the time. I can actually walk if I wanted to. She said that it was really fun! You get to enjoy running with friends and meeting new friends, at the same time you are running for a cause! :)

Well, I am looking forward on their next marathon and I hope that I will be able to participate in it!

Ciao! :)

A Home Library?

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My sisters and I all love books. We love looking at our collections and reading them. Yesterday, I finished covering the new books that Patty bought with plastics. She got the series of Chronicles of Narnia. Well, she actually missed getting book 2 which is “Prince Caspian” but she was able to buy the other 5 books. Pauline bought the first book called, “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.”

We have a lot of books at home, from classic novels to romance pocket books to references! Sometime, we really don’t know how to position those books. We thought of getting book cabinets, or just U shaped desks to place our books and at the same time read those books on it. The only problem we have is that we do not have enough space at home anymore. :) We live in a small apartment and getting a new furniture will be impossible. :)

That’s why my sisters and I decided that we’ll start looking for a house and lot where we can set a room as our library! I always wanted to have a library at home! I believe that we’ll be able to buy a house and have a home library soon!

God bless us!

Ciao! :)

Time for a New Bed???

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The stainless bed that ney bought for Nonet and I is already 5 years old. When we had our room cleaning last Sunday, I noticed that one of the middle part of the bed is already bended. We tried to remedy it by placing a support underneath it. I just hope that the bed would be able to carry our weight! :)

I am thinking of retiring the stainless frame of the bed and get one of the log beds I have seen in the mall. We will just recycle the old foam that we have to use on the bed. I checked the price of the one that I like, and I think that I will not be able to get a replacement bed sooner! Hehehe!!! :)

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Well, I will be keeping the picture of the bed ‘til I have enough money to get one for me and my daughter! :)

Ciao! :)

Environment Friendly Tote

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I went to a popular supermarket over the weekends and it is good to know that they are being environment friendly! :) Customers are provided with promotional tote bags that they can use for their groceries instead of the traditional plastic bags. We are all aware of the harm that plastics can do to nature.

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When we had our team building in Los Banos, Laguna last April, I found that most of the stores there are using brown bags for their goods. I hope that the use of brown bags will be implemented in Manila as well. :)

The use of tote bags for groceries is a good start, too. We should also learn how to recycle the plastic bags that we have so that production of it will be minimized.

Let us always remember that we only have one earth. Let us love and take care of it! :)

Ciao! :)

Do Jeepneys Have Insurance?

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Jeepneys are the major means of transportation here in the Philippines. You may find a jeepney anywhere in the country! In the older days, kalesa used to be the popular carrier. Kalesa is a Spanish term that means horse-driven carriage. I have already experienced riding on a kalesa. :) It makes you enjoy the scenery. It is really fun to take a kalesa ride especially when you’re in the province, you can breathe fresh air! But, it the city, I don’t think so!

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On the other hand, jeepneys were originally made from US Military jeeps left over from World War II. The famous jeepney makers is Sarao Motors. I take a jeepney ride everyday when going to work and coming home. Jeepneys are “the masses” vehicles. :)

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When I was in college, I was able to ride in one of the jeepneys that take the route of SSS Village (in Marikina) to Stop and Shop (in Manila) and vise versa. Those jeepneys have been tagged as “patok”. I do not really know why those jeepneys are called patok but what I know is that the drivers of those jeepneys, really do drive fast. As in FAST!

Sometimes I wonder, do those jeepneys have insurance, too? Well, I hope the operators will get their jeepneys insurance. There a lot of insurance companies out there and maybe they can take advantage of discount auto insurance. Therefore, if something unexpected happened, the jeepneys will have insurance to cover for the damage.

Ciao! :)

Start with the Parts! :)

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I passed by my one of colleagues station last night, and I saw his collections of little Ferrari cars. One of the gasoline stations here had a promo, and motorists took advantage of collecting miniature Ferrari’s. :) It is so lovely to look at! :D

To my amazement, I browsed the website and found one of the latest models of Ferrari. They call it the 2010 Ferrari F450 . I didn’t bother to check how much it would cost. Hehehe! :D

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Well, maybe I can own a one someday. Maybe I can start with collecting Ferrari parts, don’t you think? :P

Ciao! :)

A Netbook or A Cellphone??

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I talked to ney the other day and he asked me what he should buy first. He is planning to get a laptop so that we would be able to chat with each other anytime he can. He gave me different specifications of a certain brand he is eyeing to get. He said that he is thinking whether to get a regular portable or just a netbook. He also considering getting another mobile phone, so he can use his roaming and local sim there at the same time. He said that sometimes, he feels inconvenient switching from one sim to another. I told him to read some netbook reviews for him to get an idea.

I told him that it is best if he can get both. But, since he is still in the “earning stage”, I advised him that it would be practical to get another mobile phone first. He said that the gadgets and appliances there, like LCD TVs are very affordable. :)

Well, since he will not be home anytime soon, I asked him to just earn first. I told him to buy those things he wanted when he is coming home already. Oh well, it’s going to be 21 months more before he arrives.

God bless him there… :)

Ciao! :)

Remembering E-Heads!

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I was fixing my boxes of “abubot” last weekend and I found some old concert tickets of Eraserheads. I was not a die hard fan of E-heads but my friend, Malou. :)

We’re in college then we went to different E-heads concerts. My sister, Patty is a fan, too. I guess, like her, Malou misses E-heads much. Well, I believe that Eraserheads was the most successful Filipino band ever. Their reunion concert was a hit! Too bad, Ely got very ill then. :(

I decided to keep the tickets which are about 10 years already! It reminds of me of my college days and a friend who is dearly missed. :)

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Ciao! :)

Chicken Heads @ The Medical City?

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The Medical City hospital is one of the prime hospitals in the Metro. It is located along Ortigas Avenue and near Meralco’s head office. If you go to Medical City you would expect outstanding services and dependable doctors. Just think of the amount you will pay for consultations, one would really expects exceptional service. If you are one of the doctors in a prime hospital how would you feel if a foreigner will call you “Chicken Heads?”

I took Antoinette to Medical City two weeks ago for a check up. Due to the weather, Nonet suffered cough and colds. She had fever but it was only for a day. Her pediatrician was in a convention that day and her secretary advised us to go to Emergency Room’s OPD. She was the only patient in the ER that’s why all the doctors there were on us. Then the patients started to arrive. As usual the doctors, checked her breathing, her temperature and blood pressure. We were told that her lungs are clear and she just needs to nebulize with NSS for the phlegm to liquefy. She was asked to nebulize there with NSS. While waiting for the result and prescription, a foreigner and his came in. The father said that his son fell on a glass table and suffered a cut on his head. He said that the incident happened in April. Then they brought his son to Medical City’s ER and the cut was sutured by a surgeon name Dr. Cabrera.

I was able to witness how the doctors decline to take responsibility of that certain Dr. Cabrera. I understand where the father is coming from. I am a parent too, and I have seen how they were declined with any service. The doctors keep telling them that they will be referred to a surgeon but no one did. I understand why the father told whomever it was he was speaking to the phone then that they are surrounded with Chicken Heads! I would definitely feel the same way if my daughter would be treated that way.

When you go to The Medical City’s Emergency rooms, most of the doctors who attend to the patients are interns only. Then they consult to resident doctors. My stand in that situation is, people go to the hospital to be cured, and to get necessary medication. Even if they are not the said “Dr. Cabrera”, they are still part of The Medical City and they still carry the name of the said hospital. I believe that they should take responsibility and should have done something for the boy. But they didn’t. :(

It was really disappointing. I really felt for the father and I do cannot blame him for being so pissed off.

I hope that the said incident will not happen again. I am a Filipino and I really felt bad when our doctors were called Chicken Heads! Well, I guess ER doctors of TMC should do something to prove that they are not Chicken Heads and money makers. I hope that the other patients will not experience what the poor boy had. :(


Where is Harry Potter?!?

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Last weekend, we had a Harry Potter movie marathon. I was in my fourth year in high school when the Harry Potter mania boomed like a star. To be honest, I wasn’t interested about it then. Everybody was going crazy buying the books, part after part.

I admit that I am kinda “late bloomer” with Harry Potter. I have not read any of the books yet but I have seen the movies. :) And I loved it! Actually we all love it. Even my 4-year old daughter is interested about it. She wasn’t able to understand it well yet but she knows how the story flows. She knows who Harry Potter is and his friends. :) Her favorite Harry Potter spell is Wingardium Leviosa! It is a levitation charm and she is fond of pointing her pencil at us while casting that spell! :)

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Daniel Radcliffe

My youngest sister Pauline is actually saving money so she can buy the complete hard bound series of Harry Potter. She wanted the set in a chest box. We saw one online and it cost around PhP 8500. She said that it will be her gift to herself when she graduates in college. She’s in 3rd year college now, and she has this strong will to get that set.

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Harry Potter Books

I am really curious about what have become of Harry Potter now. I have seen Robert Pattinson in The Goblet of Fire and he is now the famous, Edward of Twilight. We thought that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince would be the last to film in the Harry Potter Books. But, November 19, 2010 is the US and UK release of the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 while Part 2 would be released in 2011.

Daniel Radcliffe who is widely known as Harry Potter is currently filming the part 2 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He is currently filming some parts of The Journey is the Destination movie which will be released in 2011, too.

For those who can afford and for those who are an avid fan of Harry Potter books and movies, then I believe that you would definitely find your way to visit Universal’s new theme park called “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” in Orlando, Florida.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I hope that one day we would be able to visit and explore the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Ciao! :)

Sunday Dancing

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It has been a while since I have updated my online journal. The past week had been very interesting. There had been fun, sadness and heartaches. But I guess all those are part of our lives that would make us stronger, wiser and better person.

I woke early today. Well, I am starving that’s why! :) I wasn’t able to eat dinner last night for I was very sleepy. Oh yeah very sleepy. I guess I was sleeping from 4:30PM yesterday then I woke up at around 11PM only to pee. ? Then I slept again from 11PM to 5:30AM today. The weather is very hot. We even rolled up the curtains and open the bedroom windows but we’re still perspiring. The apartment we live in is old and the owner will not allow us to install an a/c unit. :)

I was the first one to wake up. I cooked the rice and sauté the canned tuna we have on stock. I ate breakfast at around 6AM. My hunger is satiated! :)

Then, I turned on the radio and played my CD of Dance. Oh well, I am not a good dancer like my younger sisters but I love to dance! Hehehe!!! My mother told me that it’s about time that I start losing weight. She said that I get bigger and bigger. Hmmm, guess she’s right. I am not sure if I would be able to go back to the same size I was before getting pregnant and giving birth. Gosh, I really gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant!

I danced to the tunes of 80’s dance. I am familiar anymore with the latest grooves today. I love dancing Cha-cha and Swing. It’s tiring and I was sweating but I loved it! :)

Ciao! :)

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