Afternoon at the Parlor

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I am not having a good day yesterday, add to it is my bad hair day. :( I still have the money allotted for our electric bill and I decided to go to the parlor to have my hair done. I went to the two parlors near our place. I went first to Hortaleza Salon (in Rosario Pasig City along Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue). It was around 2PM then and it is really siesta time. I went inside the parlor and found the beauticians are sleeping. Two of the beauticians are having their siesta on the parlor chair, while the other one lay on the clients chair. I was only wearing short and t-shirt. When I entered, they just looked at me! I was stunned because, it seems that they don’t like a customer. Maybe because I don’t look like I have money to pay for their service. But then again, they are being paid to work and not to sleep. I was really disappointed. Although, few minutes later, one of them ask me how they can assist me. But, I just changed my mind. I just politely left.

I went to another parlor called Index Salon (Rosario Branch), the receptionist gladly welcomed me in their parlor and offered the different services they provide. They explained to me how one treatment differs from another. With that kind of service, I decided to have my hair treated in that parlor. The beautician who worked on my hair is very professional. I was very happy with the result and I had a good day. I had semi-rebond, cellophane wax and hair spa. I stayed in the parlor for almost 5 hours. But, it is worth my time. :)

I felt good after the treatment. I got my confidence back and I can now let my hair down. Truly, our hair is our crowning glory! :)

Ciao! :)

Few More Days..

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As we always do, ney and I always talk through chat. His contract will expire in few months and he will be home. He is very excited that he is already preparing for his homecoming. He showed me the things he bought, the clothes and the shoes he will be wearing when he comes back. I guess I might suggest him to get a humidor for his cigarettes as well. :)

Although his planned vacation is not sure yet because the company which he is working for is still awaiting for the new operators to arrive. In the last update he gave me, he said that the visa of those new operators  will be relaeased in July.

I have already applied for my vacation leaves when he arrives. Of course I am excited and it has been two years since we were together. I am not planning to get pregnant yet and I pray that God will hear it. Well, He knows why. :)

I miss honey and I cannot wait spending time with him again. See  you again soon, ‘ney. I love you.

Ciao! :)

Lunchtime with Friends

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We had an impromptu lunch at school with Teacher Ehlay and Teacher Nene while we were planning our outing. Since then, we have enjoyed eating together, as well as the rice provided by Aris. :) Each of us will bring something for lunch that we share with each other. Our food may not be as special as it is, but we really enjoy our lunch together. We chat with each other. We shared our family life and learned from each others’ life experiences. I may have went home late and sleep late in the afternoon after our lunch, but I really feel relax and happy. :)

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I know that the friendship we have will not stop at eating lunch. That we will be sharing more lunch times together, more outings and more “chit-chats”.

So happy to have known and build friendship with you guys. :)

Ciao! :)

Summer is here again!

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Summer in the Philippines usually starts in the month of April to May. It’s just kind of odd because it is raining outside as I write this article. :) When I was young, I almost look forward to summer vacation. Well, who wouldn’t love summer vacation?!? No school, no assignment to work on. No need to wake up early and I have lots of time to play, to sleep late at night, to read my pocket books, watch TV, go to the beach and go on vacation to Quezon. :) Quezon province is my father’s birthplace. My sister Patty and I always look forward to spending our summer vacation in Quezon. I love that place. I love to spend time with my cousins, chatting about anything and boys. Hehehe! I love going to the beach. Oh how I love the beach! :)

I enjoy going to different “sayawan” during barrio fiesta. I never seat on one of the chairs allotted for the “dalagas” but I remember dancing through the evening til the break of dawn with my cousins. Gosh, how can I forget those days! Hehehe!

Another reason why I love going to Quezon is because it is the only time, I get to see my first love. Who else, but ney. :) I am not sure if I have shared in my previous post that ney started courting me when I was in grade six. He is 4 years older than me. I was too young then so I didn’t really know how to be in a relationship. When I was in second year high school, I remember him giving me a letter which I did not accept for some reasons. Honestly, I couldn’t really remember why.

When I was to turn 18, I finally said yes to the love he is offering. That is why our anniversary is May 21. It is Brgy. Duhat’s barrio fiesta. The patron saint is Mama Mary as Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. It was May 21, 1999 to be exact. Almost 13 years ago.. :)

But, things didn’t turn out the way we had hoped for then. We have had a lot of problems which make our relationship today complicated. My regret was, I had been too good, so good to others in expense of my own happiness; ‘ney and I’s happiness. When we got together in 2003 things were crazy. I couldn’t remember the number of times I has been scolded. I do not remember the pain I went through and the tears I shed. But, I believe, that we do really love each other because we are still together today, in spite of the many obstructions. :P And, I believe that God has been so merciful to me, to us.. in spite of it all.

How can I forget my summer vacation? :)

This year’s summer is most awaited too. ‘Ney will be coming home after his 2-year contract in Middle East for a vacation. I miss him so much.

Ciao! :)

Manufactured Houses?

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Most of us wanted to have our own house. A place we can really call our own. I know that most of us are getting tired of paying high monthly rentals. I have watch tv few days ago about houses made of container trucks and some of ready made walls and roof. The said manufactured homes are very affordable and I guess comfortable to live in. :)

Well, said houses are good enough to stay in while we wait for our dream house to be built. Oh, I hope soon we can have one. :)

Ciao! :)

Pregnant Again?!?

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Nah, I am not pregnant! My officemates and friends are teasing me though, that by June, I will be. :P

Ney is scheduled to arrive in few months from Saudi. He will be finishing his 2-year contract in there. I must say that I am so proud of him. Just recently, he showed me pictures of him being awarded as Best Operator. :)

Since, he’s been away for that long, my friends are thinking that I will really spend quality time with him. Hehehe!

Yesterday, while I am looking for Nonet’s toys, I found my maternity dresses which are actually plus size dresses. I have not seen those clothes in a while. :)

If God wanted to give me and ney another gift then I would receive him or her with a grateful heart. But, if God would ask me if I wanted another baby, I would answer yes, but not soon. He knows the reason why. I would like to fix the things that needed to fix first before another baby comes. In time I believe, that everything will be okay and I will be ready for another bundle of joy.

Oh God please bless me..

Ciao! :)

See you soon Honey!:)

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I had a good chat with honey last night. As much as possible, I tried to avoid anything that would trigger our fight. :) I don’t want to give him something that we will worry about. In spite of our indifference, I know in my heart that it would still be Thata. :)

Like him, Nonet and I are also excited about his arrival. I am so proud of him. He will be able to finish his 2-year contract this year. He was able to save money from his salary as well. Its a good thing that he send to his mother. Oh well, he feel more secure when he send his savings to his mom than to me. It’s alright with me. I can’t blame him. :P Hehehe!

He told me that they still have a cold weather in Saudi. I believe it’s still winter in there. He said that it is really pretty cold. I told him to get one of those columbia jackets on sale, it’s going to be helpful to him. Anyway, he will be in Saudi for few more months.

He is so excited that he showed me the things that he bought. I am glad to see that he was able to buy the things he wanted. Gadgets and jewelries that he was only dreaming before. I am glad that those things motivated him to work hard and He also told me that he was awarded as best operator.

He also asked me what I wanted. I can say that ney is lucky to have me in a way that I have a good job, too. That somehow, I can provide for myself and for Nonet, too. But, I asked him to buy Nonet a PlayStation Portable. Nonet has always wanted to have one. He is planning to give her a netbook though, but I told ney that Nonet will be happier if she has a PlayStation. :)

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As for me, I have requested for Lacoste Touch of Pink and Ferragamo Incanto Shine. Hehehe! I believe these perfume cost cheaper there because there is no tax.

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There is another request I have asked for. But, it is up to honey to buy for me or not. I just wanted to have it. I didn’t ask for any new cellphone because my old N73 is still good and working. It may not be a touchscreen phone but I love it. :) What I have asked for honey is an IPOD. I want the classic one only. :) I told him that it’s up to him if he will buy me one. If he did, then thank you ney. If he didn’t, it’s fine with me. :)

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What is important is that ney will be home soon safe and sound. :) God bless you ney! See you soon! I love you.

Ciao! :)

MOA Date with Girl Friends!

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Daisy, Pinky, Ime and I have been friends, best friends since college years. We have our own lives now and we seldom see each other, but we see to it that we get together at least once a year. We started planning our get together on my birthday, which was in June. Then, due to schedule conflict, it was moved to Pinky’s birthday in August. But, August just passed by. Come November, is Daisy’s birth month. Still due to work schedules, our date was moved to December. Finally, last December 4 our date was fulfilled. :)

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It was a rainy Sunday morning and we decided to meet each other at SM Mall of Asia. Daisy lives in Cavite, so we meet half way. :) We agreed to see each other at around 10AM, when the mall opens. Daisy arrived first, followed by Ime. I came in third and Pinky last. She brought her son, Johan, with her.

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Since, it was almost lunch time when we were completed; we decided to eat lunch at Shakey’s, courtesy of Daisy. Our lunch took about almost two hours because of the chickas over the meals. We had a lot of catching up to do. :) We text each other, but it is really different when friends talk personally and over meals. :)

After a bountiful meal, we started to do window shopping while still talking. I checked out the new womens boots on display. We also checked different stuff for Christmas. :)

We decided to see a movie which starred Sara Geronimo and Gerald Anderson. It was a feel good movie and we all enjoyed it. Pinky had to leave early because she needed to.

After the movie, Ime treated Daisy and I to Starbucks for an afternoon snack. There are two Starbucks outlet inside MOA but both were full. We decided to leave the mall and went to a nearby building where we found another Starbucks outlet.

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As we enjoyed our coffee and doughnut, the three of us talked about life, our relationships, our work, Daisy and my life as mothers. We talked about a lot of things; anything under the sun. We watched as the sun sets on the horizon. :) I know in my heart that we are going to be friend for as long as we live. They are not only my friends but they are my sisters. We have witnessed each others ups and downs. We may not be physically near each other, but we all know that we would be there for each other in times of trouble.

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We parted our ways at around 8:30 in the evening. I really enjoyed that day. I am looking forward to seeing them again; maybe on Ime’s birthday in January. :)

Ciao! :)

Cale’s 1st Birthday: A Reunion

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I was invited to attend the first birthday party of my friend Manoline’s son, Cale. I didn’t have any second thought of attending the said party. I knew that it is going to be a reunion of old friends from Link2Support. Besides, I also miss the friends I gained for the seven-year stay in the said company.

We arrived early because Manok borrowed our video camera. She said that Cale may not be able to remember that day. But, she wanted him to watch something afterwards. :)

Just like what I thought, friends arrived one after another. We were so happy to see each other. Most of them still work at Link2 (Concentrix) while the others like me found a new home. I handed the video cam to Manoline because I started chatting with all the friends I miss. :)

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There were more adults guests than children. Manok said that she already anticipated that since most of the guests are her and Aris’ friends. My daughter Nonet also enjoyed the different parlor games. She won a lot of prizes from the bring me game. Thanks to Tito Arvie, who practically has everything being asked for.

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It was really a day of fun and laughter and re-uniting with old friends; Friends whom I will treasure for the rest of my life. I hope to see again guys! :)

Ciao! :)

Another week @ the Hospital

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My daughter celebrated her 6th birthday last October 28. The same day that Nicholas Sparks held a book signing at The Podium. We’re lucky to have picked a “YES” from the lucky draw to get a signing pass. I know that it’s going to be a long wait, so I packed enough cookies and water for Nonet. I even brought a jacket for her and couple of toys. We ate at nearby McDonald’s so she can get a toy from the fast food’s Happy Meal. :)

We got home late then, but we both happy. She also got excited seeing one of my favorite authors.
Came Sunday, I treat her to a date. We went to Robinson’s Galleria and she enjoyed playing at Tom’s World. We also had lunch at McDo then. We had a good time and I really enjoyed our date.

What I didn’t realize was she got so tired, that another asthma attack made my mother rushed her to the hospital. It was actually my sister Pauline (who’s asthmatic, too) who noticed Nonet’s difficulty in breathing while she was sleeping. She told my mother that they needed to bring to the hospital already. Good thing, Joy was around to accompany them.

I requested my boss to go under time because of the said emergency. Gladly, Boss Armz understood and she allowed me to go early. When I saw Nonet at the ER, I couldn’t help but asked her why. Well, of course my daughter wouldn’t know the answer but she was so brave when the nurse put on her dextrose. The nurse said, she hoped that all children are like her. :)

Antoinette was confined for about a week. She had XRAY showing pneumonia. I still go to work at night and then stayed in the hospital from morning ‘til afternoon. I wish then that I have one of those Datawarehouse Designer Jobs where I can actually work from home, and in cases like that, from the hospital.

Her pediatrician, the very caring, Dr. Rabor, advised us to go home late in the afternoon about 2 Saturdays ago. I thought I didn’t have a problem with the billing because Nonet has a health card and she is my dependent in Philhealth. But, God, sometimes tried to kid us around and played a little joke on us. Nonet was given with another maintenance medicine and it needs to have baby haler. The baby haler cost around Php2400, and it was included in the bill! I only have 300pesos then. While the billing staff verified the said haler from Maxicare, I prayed to God, to Mama Mary and to all God’s saints that Maxicare would cover it. In the end, I only paid for P25 for a medicine tray which was given to us before we leave our room.

Praise and thanks be to God! :)

In spite of the health card, I still hope that Nonet will not be using it anymore. She’ll be undergoing a skin test soon and hopefully, our money would be enough to find a different house with better environment.
I believe that God will take good care of us, especially my daughter. :)

Ciao! :)

A Visit to Papa

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October 31 was declared a Special Non-Working holiday in lieu of All Saints Day, my sister Patty and my cousin April decided to go to Quezon for the holidays. They actually had a 4-day vacation then.
My father died in 2007 and he is buried to a public cemetery. Well, we do not have money to pay for a lot. His remains were buried in a cemetery apartment. The good thing is, papa has a lot of “neighbors.”

We usually pay visit on November 1, although November 2 is the feast of the souls. But, of course, in our hearts and in our prayers, we hope that papa is now one of the saints in God’s court. :)

My mother couldn’t come with us because she looked after my daughter who was having an asthma attack then. Only my youngest sister Pauline, our cousin Joy and I went to the cemetery. We lit three vigil candles for papa and we brought him flowers. We actually stayed there for less than an hour for we really didn’t have a place to actually stay or to even sit down. After saying a prayer for papa’s soul, we left.
We didn’t really leave the cemetery yet. We stayed quite a bit longer roaming around the cemetery. I really get intrigued with people who died at a young age, especially the babies. I really felt sad about for their parents. Another thing that we really enjoyed the most are the plenty food carts scattered in and outside the cemetery. :)  We really enjoyed the street food!

We arrived home maybe around 3PM in the afternoon and we’re all very thirsty! Though we ate a lot in the cemetery, we didn’t really buy and drinks there not even a soda.

We just rented the apartment slot where papa’s remains are currently buried. We only have five-year contract with for it. After five years (it’s going to be next year, 2012), we need to transfer our father’s remain to his final resting place. Patty wanted to transfer the remains in Quezon, where papa can join his parents and elder brothers’ remains. Well, Patty’s argument is not at all selfless; she wanted to have a “reason” to go to Quezon as often as she could. On the other hand, my mother wanted the remains to be near us. Patty said that it doesn’t matter where papa’s remains would lie, what is important is that, we always remember papa and we never forget to pray for his soul.

I know that we need to decide soon, because papa’s contract in the cemetery will expire in January, 2012. I understand both of them and I actually respect my mother’s opinion. In the end, I know that they are just waiting for my decision so the talk will be over. Honestly, right now I don’t know. I cannot tell yet if it would be best for the remains to be transferred to Quezon or just find a small slot for papa’s remains in Pasig Cemetery. I really don’t know yet. Sooner or later, I need to decide.

Papa will always be remembered and loved.

Ciao! :)

A child needs a mother

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I just finished reading news about a 13-year old who hanged himself because he felt neglected and unloved by his own mother. This incident is just one of the many suicidal incidents we heard over the news or read on news paper. It is very alarming. :(

I become a mother at the age of 24. I am already working and people would think that I am at the peak of my career when I got pregnant. I got pregnant out of wedlock. I knew then that many people would criticize me, will question about my pregnancy and all. But I didn’t think about them. What I thought of was the interest of my baby to be. I thought about the baby’s future and how I would be able to give birth safely. I was lucky that Tata didn’t leave me. He supported me all the way and he was there when I gave birth. :)

I did not come from wealthy family. But God blessed me with a good job that I was able to support and provide enough for my daughter. Her father provide something for her, too especially when he has extra money. When Nonet is sick, I often get absent from work. Although she has my mother, mama still wanted me around when Nonet is sick. I remember one time, when I decided to go to work instead of staying at home, my mother and my sister rushed her to the hospital during the wee hours of the morning. Due to high fever and asthma, my daughter’s toes are turning violet already. My mother was so nervous, then. Since then, as much as possible, she wanted me to be around when our baby is sick.
I have been absent for two days now because Nonet has high fever. Gladly, she is not having any asthma attack. Otherwise, she would be confined at the hospital by now.

Since, I wanted to provide Nonet the best that I can give her, I have considered of working overseas. I believe that I would be able to earn thrice or even four times what I am getting now. But for some reasons, I am not able to own a passport. It’s not that my name is blacklisted or something, but every time I attempt to get a passport, something would happen which prevents me from getting one. Maybe, when my purpose of getting a passport is for travel and leisure only; maybe then I would be able to get one. :)

The news about the 13-year old boy hanging himself to death caught me because I am a mother. In the reports, the boy felt unloved and was longing so much for his mother. He needed maternal care and attention. He needed the love of his mother. He needed his mother.

His mother was away because she needs to work for her family. The child was a product of a broken family. If he had a father to take care of them and to provide for them, his mother wouldn’t need to work and be away from her children. But the mother didn’t have any choice. :(

I realized that in spite of the material things that a child receives from his or her parents; the most important gift that a child receives from his parents are still love and care.

Today, many parents are working and children are left under the care of their grandparents or nannies. I do not deny the fact that my daughter is also left under the care of my mother because I need to go to work to provide for her. Yet, I see to it that at least once or twice a month or whenever our budget allows, Nonet and I go on a date. I make a point to spend quality time with her at the mall. We eat at her favorite fast food. We play at amusement park. We go a little shopping. I buy her a toy, a book or new clothes. Sometimes, she requests for a movie disc. :)

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At home, when I am reading book, she also grabs her own book and she reads beside me. When she is tired of reading, she would ask me to read a story from her Children’s Bible. She loves that book so much. :) If I am being lazy reading or telling her story, I will just ask her to draw something. Sometimes, we play chess. You bet, she knows how to play chess. She even enjoys playing chess in computer. I don’t know how to play chess. She just teaches me how to move the pins. :P These are just few of the many things, that parents can do to spend quality time with their children. Things which will make their children feel loved and cared for.

I am aware that many parents need to do a lot of sacrifices leaving their children behind to work far away to provide for them, too. But the point is, our children needs love, care and attention above all material things.

Holy Family, bless the Filipino Families and all the families in the world! Amen.

Ciao! :)

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