An Act of Sacrifice

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The world was surprised when Vatican City announced that Pope Benedict XVI will resign from his position as pope on February 28. There have been a lot of rumors and criticism why the Pope decided to abdicate his post. Is he resigning because of illness? Is he resigning because he cannot bear any longer the criticism stoned at him? Is he resigning because of this? Because of that? So much have been said about our dear pope’s decision to resign.

Pope Benedict is the second pope I have known (so far) in my lifetime. I was born in 1981 while Pope John Paul II was still the ruling head of Vatican City. When Pope John Paul II died, Pope Benedict XVI assumed his post at the age of 78. It was about 5 years ago. He is 83 now. When Pope Benedict was proclaimed as Pope, he was elected by the Conclave of Cardinals. He was elected through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Since, he was elected, I believe he has the right to resign if he feels like he will not be able to effectively perform his duties as the head of the church.

Resigning doesn’t mean losing his vocation as priest. Pope Benedict XVI will always be priest. Even the cardinals and the bishops will always be priest. Similarly, if a policeman was promoted to be a general, it doesn’t mean that he will not be a policeman anymore.

People would comment on his resignation that he shouldn’t be afraid because he is close to God; that he should not be worry about hell; that God will be there to protect him and to give him strenght. Yet, we people should realize that Pope Benedict is also human. Pope Benedict may be the Pope, but he is still human. He commit mistakes. He gets old. He gets tired. His decision to leave his post is an act of sacrifice for the good and well-being of the Roman Catholic Church. An act of sacrifice.

I really felt bad when I read my facebook wall last night about how people criticize the pope. That there are really people who doesn’t believe in God for Christ sake! But then again, I realize that this is a free country and we should learn to respect each others’ belief and point of view. (Yet, I say a prayer that the Holy Spirit will be upon Jepoy as he answer comments in the said post.)

Honey and I used to argue about faith. He often criticize my faith though he was baptized in the Catholic church. Nevertheless, I have prayed for him and continue praying for him. We seldom argue about faith now. :)

I believe in God. People may say that it is a cliche’ but truly, everything happens for a reason. Maybe God has a better plan for Pope Benedict. Maybe God has a better plan for Vatican City, for the Catholic believers, for the world.

Surely, God has His reasons and He has the best plans for each and everyone of us including Pope Benedict. We just have to pray, pray, pray and have faith. God loves all of us. So, lets just be good people and stop criticizing and questioning Pope Benedict’s reason for his resignation. Let’s just pray for Pope Benedict and trust in God’s plan for us. :)

Ciao! :)

Pedro Calungsod: The Second Filipino Saint

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I have been away from my online journal for a while and I believe that it is a good way to start working on my blog again with the story of the second Filipino saint. Read on! :)

St. Pedro Calungsod was canonized as a Catholic Saint on October 21, 2012 by Pope Benedict at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Pedro Calungsod is the second Filipino saint (next to St. Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila). Filipinos all over the world gathered last Sunday to witness the canonization of the young saint. He was beatified by Blessed Pope John Paul II in March 5, 2000. It was a 12-year process. But it is worth the wait! :)

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St. Pedro Calungsod was a young catechist who was with a Jesuit priest Bl. Diego Luis San Vitores doing missionary work in Marianas when they were killed on April 2, 1672. Accounts said that young Pedro had the option to run away and save his life, but he opted to stay with Bl. Diego San Vitores.

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The notable miracle associated with the young saint happened on March 26, 2003. “A woman who was pronounced clinically dead by accredited physicians two hours after a heart attack, was revived when her doctor prayed for her through Pedro Calungsod’s intercession.” (Source:

At a young age, my daughter Nonet is already aware of the current celebration happening in the Catholic Church. Then she asked, was there a camera then and people were able to get a picture or portrait of St. Pedro Calungsod? Well, there could have been a camera then but a Pedro Calungsod might not had a chance to smile in front it.

The official portrait of St. Pedro Calungsod was modeled after a basketball player named  Ronald Tubid. Ronald was only 17 then. He is now 31 and is playing for the Barako Bull Energy Cola.

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My heart is truly filled with joy that our country has two saints who will be a model of faith to many Filipino Catholics most especially the youth.

God bless us all! :)

Ciao! :)

The Big Flood?

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Due to the nonstop heavy rainfall causing the metro to be submerged in water, our company has raised BCRP. In other words, those agents who are already in the office and decided to stay in the office and will render work today will be provided with premium pay. For those who will have difficulty going to work and going back, were just advised to stay home and be safe. I am just 15 minutes away from the office through cab. I woke up the same time that I used when I will report to work. My mind is battling with itself whether I should go to work or not. I need money but I don’t want to compromise my safety. I checked the weather outside and the rain doesn’t stop. Well, I just decided to stay at home with my family.

I checked my fb account and chat with my friends who are online. Good thing, they are all fine. My attention was then caught by a picture of Noah’s Ark. Yesterday, August 7, 2012, the Philippines’ National Capital Region and nearby provinces are submerged in water due to the nonstop rainfall. There is no tropical storm though. But the rain is caused by the monsoon the country is experiencing.
August 7, 2012 or could also be written as 8-7-12.

Genesis 8:7-12 is about Noah’s Ark

(King James Version)
“7 And he sent forth a raven, which went forth to and fro , until the waters were dried up from off the earth. 8 Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground; 9 But the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot, and she returned unto him into the ark, for the waters were on the face of the whole earth: then he put forth his hand, and took her , and pulled her in unto him into the ark. 10 And he stayed yet other seven days; and again he sent forth the dove out of the ark; 11 And the dove came in to him in the evening ; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth. 12 And he stayed yet other seven days; and sent forth the dove; which returned not again unto him any more.”

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It was said that in Genesis Chapter 8, verse 7-12, the story of Noah, the Ark and the big flood is written. Some people may really find it freaky. Some may actually get goose bumps. How strange that the date we experienced heavy rains and big floods coincides with the chapter and verse in the Bible about the big flood that happened on earth thousands of years ago!

Honestly I really find it strange. But, I was not afraid. I always remember about the rainbow after the rain. Science may have a lot of explanation how we get to see a rainbow. But, for many believers, it is a reminder of God’s promise that He would never send the big flood again.

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For me, God has His reasons why we need to go through this. I believe that He is in control and we are not. I am just blessed enough that our house in Rosario does not experience any flood unless the rain is too much heavy that our drainage can no longer handle. Our family and our neighbours are blessed because we have electricity, we are near the market, there is no flood, and we are in the comfort of our own homes.

I only pray for the many families who are still in evacuation centers. I felt so bad for the children and the elderly. I believe that everything is going to be fine and we will have a sunny day again.

Pray and be safe everyone. God is in control.

Ciao! :)

Happy Independence Day!

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I miss school days because it is a holiday today in the Philippines to remember our Independence Day. I love going to work today because it is a double pay! :)

I hope that we Filipinos will always remember the heroism and sacrifices done by our forefather for us to achieve the freedom we have today.

Happy 114th Independence Day to all!

Ciao! :)

Be Thankful you go to School

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Last Saturday, I had a date with y family at Robinson’s Galleria. Thanks to Ate Ness for being kind to us. :) I got Nonet a pair of shoes and a dress that she will use on her graduation, next week. Our mother got a blouse for Pauline’s graduation. Patty and I got pairs of shoes as well. We are all happy and excited. :)

We arrived home at around 5PM already. I was really tired and sleepy. I ate a piece of Ensaymada and was gone to bed. Nonet slept beside me. She was tired and sleepy, too. I walked up at around 11PM. While Nonet walked up a little earlier. After eating our very late dinner, we decided to watch I-Witness replays on Philippine TV channel 11. They featured different stories. One episode, featured abused children. Another one on babies born inside a jail. Then, about having many wives of Islam. The last episode was entitled, Maestrang Bulod.

Maestrang Bulod was about teachers who come up to the mountain to teach grade school students. They need to travel a 3-hour boat ride on a river that connects Albay and Sorsogon. I admire those teachers.

The classrooms have rotten chairs to no chairs at all. The classroom can barely be called a classroom but more on a bodega. :( The teachers also stayed in the classroom where they teach. The classroom has very few cooking utensils and there is no LPG. They used do old fashioned cooking. The teachers also sleep in the said classroom. One of them brought folding bed but the others slept on the chairs; trying to get good sleep in the absence of bedroom vanity. To top it all, there is no electricity!
Some students are not able to go to school because their parents do not have money to buy them school supplies. :( Some children were not able to go to school because they need to help their parents work in the field.

As Nonet and I watched the documentary, I told her that she is so lucky that she goes to a good school. That she is given good school supplies and even if we are not rich, she still has comfortable life.

At a young age, I want her to be aware that she has to value education and the things we give her and the things we do for her. I told her that not all children are lucky to be sent to a school. I told her that there are many children who wanted to go to school but not all are given the opportunity.

I am thankful that God has blessed me with an intelligent daughter. She is just quiet as we watched the documentary and while I am giving her “lectures.” At the end of the episode, she told me that she will study hard and will be good at school. :)

I know she would. She will graduate as second honor this March. If not for her many absences (due to constant asthma), she could have been the 1st honor. But, it’s okay. I am proud of my daughter and I am really happy for her achievement. :)

What is important to me is that, she realized that we are doing our best to send her to good schools and that we work hard to provide for her and give her a comfortable life.

Well, I owe it all to God. I know that I may not be able to provide for Nonet and to my family without Him. Thank you Lord and please continue to shower us with your love and blessings.

Ciao! :)

Have a Little Faith

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I recently finished reading the book of Mitch Albom that was released internationally. I do not have a copy of this book yet. But, I will definitely get one. I know that many people will be benefited if I would get a copy. :) Besides, it will complete my Mitch Albom collection. :) I already have, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, For One More Day and Tuesdays With Morrie. Soon, I will get Have a Little Faith. :)

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The book was released in 2009. When I read the teaser of the book, it didn’t really interest me. But since, it was written by Mitch, I have this confidence that it is a good book. Something that is worthwhile reading. :)

My friend and colleague Ruth, lent me her copy. When I started reading the book, believe me, I couldn’t take my eyes from it anymore! I just need to convince myself to stop for a while and get a good sleep for I need to go to work in the evening. Sometimes, my mother will just turn off the light in our room so I would stop reading!

The book is about two leaders from different religion; opposing religions. One was a Jew rabbi and the other one was a Christian Pastor. Rabbi Albert Lewis was Mitch one and only rabbi. Mitch was asked by Rabbi Al to do his eulogy. Mitch didn’t know then that the rabbi had cancer. On the other hand, Mitch met Pastor Henry Covington in Detroit. He was the senior pastor at I Am My Brother’s Keeper. Mitch learned about the humanitarian activities led by the pastor in his church and Mitch wanted to extend some help.

The two church leaders may have different beliefs, follow different traditions and may have been raised differently, but both taught us to be kind and be a accountable for one another. :)

I am Christian, a Catholic. Yet, I admired the late rabbi of Mitch. I learned a lot from him by simply reading the book. On the other hand, Pastor Henry taught us that each one of us was given a chance not only once but God is patiently giving us chance after another to renew our faith and turn back to Him. Pastor Henry made us realize how forgiving our God is. He also reminded us that in the end of our life, we will still be judged by what we have done.

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Mitch with Rabbi Albert Lewis

The book only states that Rabbi Al passed away and Mitch also wrote his eulogy for Rabbi Al. He also kept his promise to his Rabbi, that the Reb will not die a second death. Second death: which the rabbi said as being forgotten. He also mentioned the help that was extended to Pastor Henry’s church in Detroit.

As I finished reading the book, I prayed to Rabbi Al. I believe that we may have different faith, nor he wouldn’t know, I believe that he is now happy and rejoicing with God. :)

On the other hand, I searched over the Internet about what has become of Pastor Henry. I was able to find his church website and learned about the hole in the roof of their church. And, the memorial concert for his foundation.

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Pastor Henry Covington

I was really surprised when I learned that Pastor Henry has passed away as well. He passed away peacefully on bed while sleeping in one of the hotels in New York in December, 2010. He and Mitch attended in an interview earlier that day. :( Upon learning about his death, I immediately offered a prayer for the late pastor.

Rabbi Al and Pastor Henry taught us that even if we came from different faith, there is only one God. We may call our god differently, we may have different traditions and festivals to commemorate our faith, at the end of the day, we still worship one and only God. And, whatever congregation or religion we belong, we are taught to love, care, respect and be accountable for our neighbors. :)

I believe that Rabbi Al and Pastor Henry are both with God now. Both are happy. Both are content. Both are lucky that in their lifetime, they have met a good friend in Mitch; who made a way for them not to die a second death. Truly, both Rabbi Al and Pastor Henry will always be remembered.

I recommend that you get a copy of this great and inspiring book. :)

Ciao! :)

An Outreach @ Gabihan

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When my sister Pauline was working on her thesis entitled; “I Survived; The Phenomenology of Ondoy Survivors, she was able to meet people who were greatly affected of the said typhoon. Typhoon Ondoy hit Metro Manila and its nearby provinces on September 26, 2009. In the news, we learned that many people lost their lives especially those who live in Providence Village in Marikina City. In my sister and her team’s research, they found out, that there were more unreported casualties in Tanay, Rizal. That paved way in finding the relocation site in Gabihan, Tandang Kutyo, Tanay Rizal.

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Instead of having a Christmas party, the praesidium (Legion of Mary) in which Pau, my cousin and our Tita Evelyn belong to, they decided to do an outreach program for the residence of Gabihan. They got donations from kind hearted people and from our barangay council. Most of the groceries were out of pocket expenses.

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Pauline and April re-packed the goods and used clothes into 40 bags. The following day, Tita Evelyn brought in more goods so while they are preparing for their trip, I helped Sis. Nida and Sis. Lori re-packed the rest of the groceries and rice. When I learned that they were only six women to go there, I decided to join them.

With God’s blessings and Mama Mary’s help, we didn’t have a hard time finding an empty jeepney which will take us to Tanay. The trip lasted for almost two hours. When we reached Barangay Tandang Kutyo, the barangay officials let us used their service going to Gabihan.

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The relocation site is being managed by Gawad Kalinga. The housing project is being helped by Teleperformance. There are certain categories before a family can truly own the house they are occupying and turn it into a concrete one.

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The houses that were provided to people affected by Ondoy are made of sawali wall and stainless roof.

The life there is simple yet, you know that people are having a hard time living. Most of the families in the area do not have any means of living. There are few who works in town, but most of them depend only for whatever help that will come from someone or from the government. I was really moved by how the people and the children look. It was Sunday morning, and yet you may not think that they came from sleeping. The children were deprived from food, from clothes, toys and shoes. Looking at them, I remember my daughter Antoinette, who in spite of paternal family issues, was never deprived of any of those things. Nonet has always food on her table. She has plenty of cookies in her jar. She has number of pairs of shoes and slippers; plenty of clothes to wear and toys. How grateful I am to the Lord. I realized that I shouldn’t be that extravagant anymore when it comes to buying Nonet clothes, toys and shoes. For there are so many children, who couldn’t even afford to have at least a pair. :(

There are around 250 registered families and we only got 40 grocery bags. We were able to add 20 little pales with 2 kilos of rice in each. That made a total of 60 goods to be given. Since, it is still not enough, we decided to have the goodies be raffled off.

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We know that the goods we gave them will not be enough for a week, at least, they would have something to eat for more than a day. We were told by the barangay secretary that what we have given is more than enough.

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It was tiring day yet we were all fulfilled. I learned to appreciate my life, my work, my family and everything that I have, more after that visit. :)

Ciao! :)

A Day with Nicholas Sparks!

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The most awaited day for all Nicholas Sparks fans has arrived. Last October 28, he had a book launching and book signing at The Podium in Ortigas Center. In my previous post, I told you that I was able to get a copy of his new book, called The Best of Me. My friend and officemate, Babylyn and Ann decided to go to the mall even before it opens. Like what we have been thinking, they may have arrived at 9AM but there were more than 50 fans waiting already. They intend to be part of the 50 early birds but were not able to. Luckily they were able to get a “YES” from the lucky draw which gave them a signing pass.

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I sent a text message to her at 11AM and was told that the line was already up to the 5th floor of the said mall. Since, it was Nonet’s birthday, I may not be able to come early because Nonet and I will hear mass at 12Noon. We heard mass in our parish and the mass ended passed 1PM. My sister Pauline who introduced me to Nicholas novels, met us at the parish. We only have 1 chance to get a signing pass and its pass 1PM already. We both know that we may not get the chance anymore but we decided to take our chance still.

We took an FX to Podium. There were only few people on the line when we arrived. I prayed to God that He will bless me to pick a YES for a signing pass. I also told Nonet that hopefully, she will be my lucky charm. When it was my turn to pick from the box, I was really happy to find a YES on the piece of paper I picked! I was really excited and happy to get one.

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The actual program will start at 5PM and it was only around 2PM. I thought of sending Nonet home but we decided to stay instead. I bought Nonet a meal from McDonald’s. Good thing she brought a toy with her that kept her busy. I was able to get a chair as well (with Nonet’s help, too).

We patiently waited for Nicholas. When he arrived, everybody became so excited and happy. I was screaming for joy! I needed to carry Nonet so she can get a good view of Nicholas. When she saw him, she started screaming too. She became excited as well. She whispered to me, that Nicholas Sparks is good looking. :)

Our signing pass is number 532. Nonet got tired after the program and she asked me to go home. I decided to leave my signing pass to my sister Pauline. I know that she likes Nicholas as much as I do. Besides, she was the one who introduced me to the wonderful works of Nicholas. Her favorite Nicholas book is A Walk to Remember, while mine is The Notebook. Since, she will have a close encounter with Nicholas, I told her to have my favorite book be signed. Good thing, she did.

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It was really fun. Something that we will never forget for the rest of our lives. I know that Nonet will be a Nicholas Sparks fan in the making, too. My plan now is to complete all his 17 works. We only have 7 novels right now but I will be getting the 10 other novels and his novels yet to write. :)

Good luck and more power Nicholas Sparks. Please come back to the Philippines.

God bless you!

Ciao! :)

The Best of Me

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Since the time I learned that Nicholas Sparks will be visiting Manila to promote his new book entitled, The Best of Me, I have marked my calendar so I can find ways to be part of that event. Luckily, his book signing is scheduled on the same day that my daughter will celebrate her 6th birthday. I have filed for a vacation leave for that day like 2 months ago. Glad to know that it has been approved.

According to updates, the new book will come with a registration paper that will enable you to be part of a lucky draw. Yet the said paper is not a guaranteed signing pass. I told myself that I will still take a chance.

When I had my grocery last Tuesday, I asked auntie if we can drop by Bestseller to buy the said book. I told her about Nicholas Sparks and she was delighted. I told her that buying the book is not a guaranteed signing pass, but I’ll take my chance. :)

So, with the help of Auntie, I was able to buy The Best of Me. I was able to buy, Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie as well. :)

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“Everyone wanted to believe that endless love was possible. She’d believed in it once, too, back when she was eighteen…” – Nicholas Sparks (THE BEST OF ME)

I am really excited to read the book. In one of his interviews, Nicholas said that it is pretty much like, The Notebook. I like The Notebook so much. And, so far, it is my Nicholas Sparks’ favorite book. My sister Pau has been asking me to cover the book with plastic so she can read it. I’ll tell you more about the book signing on another post. I am really excited about it. :)

Ciao! :)

A child needs a mother

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I just finished reading news about a 13-year old who hanged himself because he felt neglected and unloved by his own mother. This incident is just one of the many suicidal incidents we heard over the news or read on news paper. It is very alarming. :(

I become a mother at the age of 24. I am already working and people would think that I am at the peak of my career when I got pregnant. I got pregnant out of wedlock. I knew then that many people would criticize me, will question about my pregnancy and all. But I didn’t think about them. What I thought of was the interest of my baby to be. I thought about the baby’s future and how I would be able to give birth safely. I was lucky that Tata didn’t leave me. He supported me all the way and he was there when I gave birth. :)

I did not come from wealthy family. But God blessed me with a good job that I was able to support and provide enough for my daughter. Her father provide something for her, too especially when he has extra money. When Nonet is sick, I often get absent from work. Although she has my mother, mama still wanted me around when Nonet is sick. I remember one time, when I decided to go to work instead of staying at home, my mother and my sister rushed her to the hospital during the wee hours of the morning. Due to high fever and asthma, my daughter’s toes are turning violet already. My mother was so nervous, then. Since then, as much as possible, she wanted me to be around when our baby is sick.
I have been absent for two days now because Nonet has high fever. Gladly, she is not having any asthma attack. Otherwise, she would be confined at the hospital by now.

Since, I wanted to provide Nonet the best that I can give her, I have considered of working overseas. I believe that I would be able to earn thrice or even four times what I am getting now. But for some reasons, I am not able to own a passport. It’s not that my name is blacklisted or something, but every time I attempt to get a passport, something would happen which prevents me from getting one. Maybe, when my purpose of getting a passport is for travel and leisure only; maybe then I would be able to get one. :)

The news about the 13-year old boy hanging himself to death caught me because I am a mother. In the reports, the boy felt unloved and was longing so much for his mother. He needed maternal care and attention. He needed the love of his mother. He needed his mother.

His mother was away because she needs to work for her family. The child was a product of a broken family. If he had a father to take care of them and to provide for them, his mother wouldn’t need to work and be away from her children. But the mother didn’t have any choice. :(

I realized that in spite of the material things that a child receives from his or her parents; the most important gift that a child receives from his parents are still love and care.

Today, many parents are working and children are left under the care of their grandparents or nannies. I do not deny the fact that my daughter is also left under the care of my mother because I need to go to work to provide for her. Yet, I see to it that at least once or twice a month or whenever our budget allows, Nonet and I go on a date. I make a point to spend quality time with her at the mall. We eat at her favorite fast food. We play at amusement park. We go a little shopping. I buy her a toy, a book or new clothes. Sometimes, she requests for a movie disc. :)

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At home, when I am reading book, she also grabs her own book and she reads beside me. When she is tired of reading, she would ask me to read a story from her Children’s Bible. She loves that book so much. :) If I am being lazy reading or telling her story, I will just ask her to draw something. Sometimes, we play chess. You bet, she knows how to play chess. She even enjoys playing chess in computer. I don’t know how to play chess. She just teaches me how to move the pins. :P These are just few of the many things, that parents can do to spend quality time with their children. Things which will make their children feel loved and cared for.

I am aware that many parents need to do a lot of sacrifices leaving their children behind to work far away to provide for them, too. But the point is, our children needs love, care and attention above all material things.

Holy Family, bless the Filipino Families and all the families in the world! Amen.

Ciao! :)

Typhoon Pedring hits the Metro

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I am taking advantage of the time while I wait for my colleagues Vic and Loui to finish their reports. Luzon is again hit by a typhoon. It’s been 2 years since the hundreds of lives were lost due to typhoon Ondoy. The weather bureau said that Pedring is similar to Ondoy. I can see from the office window, how the wind blows and how strong the rain pours. It may be scary especially to those people who were affected badly by typhoon Ondoy. I can feel the trauma and the nightmare that day brought them. :(

Storm signal number 2 is raised in Metro Manila and the classes are suspended. My daughter hates it when there is no classes. She just love going to school. I admire her for that. :) I hope that she will continue to be interested in studying until she finished college. :)

I am just praying that no one will get hurt or affected with the recent typhoon that hits the country. I believe that we are more prepared now compared to what happened with Ondoy then.

Inspite of the scare brought about the strong typhoon, I still find a positive thing out of it. Well, for me only I guess. My neighbors will not be hanging around outside our window and wouldn’t make any noise. I always question myself if those peole have been taught what respect is about. Or if they even know the word repect exists.

In any case, they are lucky for the the word patience exists in me. Hehehe! :D I know that I would have a goodnight sleep this afternoon. I will be able to go to work as fresh as I can. I will be able to pamper myself using my sister’s dermorganic beauty products. Ofcourse, I use it. Like I always tell her, there are things that I buy for our family. There are also things that she buy. Hehehe!

Please be careful people. I believe that God will not let us get harm. God bless us all!

Ciao! :)

P-Noy reports to Pinoys

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When I was still studying, SONA would always be part of our homework in English, Social Studies, and Journalism. Honestly, I didn’t understand those SONA’s before up until I become socially aware. Well, kinda! :) Though, I do not write down everything that a president would say in the SONA or criticize him or her if the plans mentioned in the SONA was not accomplished, I still observe if there has been a change in people’s life.

When I vote for President Noynoy to be president, I have this trust and faith in him that he would make a difference in our country. A difference that will start with “cleaning the messy goverment” we currently have.

I really admired him when he chose to use Filipino in his SONA or to his report to the Filipinos. He was able to reach out and connect even to the poor. I didn’t find any detailed economic plan in his report, but his plans for having a clean government is serious.

I believe that once we achieved the kind of government we have been dreaming to have, everything we follow. :)

I feel sorry for those people who depend on P-Noy alone for them to have a better life. Well, we tend to put all the blame on our leaders, not only to P-Noy now but even in the past, if our life didn’t progress. Yet, have we ever ask ourself even once, if we have done something to improve our life? Or do we just whine and blame our president?

Well, nothing will really happen if we are not going to do anything at all. P-Noy is here to lead us, but we cannot ask him to do all the work for us. He will lead us and together we will do our part; we should and we will work hand in hand in making a difference in our country and in our life. :)

Ciao! :)

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