Christmas Forest @ Eastwood City

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When we were kids, our father and mother used to bring us in Araneta Center in Cubao to watch the lighting of the biggest Christmas Tree. They would also bring us to watch COD (Christmas on Display). COD used to be set up on a veranda where Save More in Cubao now stood. I remember my father used to carry us on his shoulder for us to get a view of the show. Today, Christmas On Display is now seen every Christmas season at Greenhills Shopping Center.

Last Christmas (2012) we didn’t get to see COD and we were not able to visit Meralco’s Liwanag Park due to our busy schedule. Instead we decided to visit Christmas Forest in Eastwood City. We decided to go there because it is near our place. There are number of restaurants we can go for dinner. There is tiangge. There is a little park where Nonet can play.

Eastwood City is just 10-minutes away from where we live via jeepney, if there is no traffic. If there is a moderate traffic jam, the travel may take about 20 minutes. We arrived there at around 6PM. We thought that it was quite early for dinner. We decided to go directly to their Christmas Forest which was setup in City Walk. I am familiar with Eastwood since I have been working there since 2003. :)

Nonet loves animals and she enjoyed taking a lot of pictures with them. We also loved the idea of snow in the forest. :) The tall Christmas trees of different shade looked alive with the bright colors. The little cottage with a deer in front of it was an attraction, too. It was really fun! :)

After enjoying our stay at Christmas Forest, we crossed the street going to Eastwood Mall. There Nonet found different kiddie rides that she’d like to try. She settled on riding a little horse which she can move around the park. It was really like she’s riding a horse! :) She enjoyed it so much! We stayed a bit in the park to watch the dancing fountain, too.

At around 8PM we ate our dinner at Pancake House. I really love their fried chicken! Pau, Nonet and I enjoyed their fried chicken while Patty and mama enjoyed Pesto and Carbonara, respectively. :)

We all enjoyed our family’s Christmas date. Papa may not be physically around to join us in our date, but I believe that he is with us, in our hearts. :)

Ciao! :)

Nonet’s Seventh Birthday

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We couldn’t afford to throw Nonet a birthday party in fast food restaurants like a 7-year old birthday celebrant will wish for. Luckily, Nonet is not just an ordinary kiddo who would want a party like that. ? When she was asked then, she will say she wanted, that was because, she was persuaded by my sister Patty.

When I talked to her in private, she would just prefer to have a day of play with unlimited tokens at Tom’s World, and a shopping spree at Toys R Us! :)

My sisters and I, together with our cousins, Joy and April decided to have a surprise party for Nonet. Joy suggested that each of us should give Nonet 7 gifts. And, the surprise party will happen at 12AM of October 28, 2012. As part of the celebration, I decided to have an outing for our family in one of the resorts in Taytay, Rizal on her birthday itself. :)

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On the eve of Nonet’s birthday, my mother put her to bed early, while we prepare for her surprise party. My daughter loves Spongebob Square Pants so the decorations for her party including the banner, the banderitas, the balloons and cake design was Spongebob. :)

Our food for that night were tacos and nachos with beef, tomatoes, onions and cheese. Mama also made tuna spread and siomai. :)

When the clock strikes 12, we woke up Nonet and sang happy birthday to her. :)

She is very happy and she did enjoy the party. She was amazed with the number of gifts she received. We waited until she finished opening all her gifts.

We also had fun that day. We waited until each gift is opened and watched for Nonet’s reaction. We knew when she is truly with the gift she received or if she is just being nice and appreciative. We really had a good time inspite of the busy and tiring day we had.

On the same day, Nonet and I heard the 6:30AM mass to offer thanksgiving to the Lord and asked for continues blessings for her and for our family. :)

We love you anak.

Ciao! :)

Pizza for Lunch

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Last Sunday, my mother, sisters and Nonet went to hear mass and didn’t leave the key to our house. So, I stayed in my cousins’ house which is just 2 doors away from ours. :) It was a fine day. The sun was up and finally got a rest from the rainy week. Well, I just thought so.

After an hour, my family arrived. My sister and Nonet went to our cousins’ house as well and we chat for a while. Then, we decided to order pizza for lunch. :)

Pizza Hut’s promo is that your pizza is free is they don’t deliver it on time. After placing our order, one of the customer service representatives called me to confirm our order and was told that the pizza will be delivered at 1:05 PM. And, so we waited.

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Then the fine weather that I thought will last was turned to a gloomy rainy afternoon. The heavy rain fell at around 12:45PM. I waited near the entrance of our compound for the pizza delivery but it didn’t arrive at 1:05. We called the customer service at around 1:22PM and was told that the pizza will absolutely be free of charge. Then a minute later, my mother called us because the pizza has arrived. I told the delivery man that since he is 20 minutes late, then the pizza should be free. Well, I pity the man because I know that it will affect him. We just decided to take his offer for a free family size pan pizza yet we would still pay the first 2 pizzas we have ordered. For us it is still a win-win situation.
Good thing, we are greedy and our family has a kind heart.

We really enjoyed eating our lunch! Of course, we best drink to pair it with, Coca Cola! :)

Ciao! :)

A Date @ Galleria

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I went to DFA last Friday for my passport appointment. At the same time, honey went to the agency who will send him off to Qatar for his medical schedule. As much as possible honey just wanted to go to nearby country or down under to Australia and New Zealand or up in the north, Canada. However, maybe it isn’t the right time yet. He doesn’t want to go back to Saudi Arabia so he accepted the offer going to Qatar.

After fulfilling our own appointments that day, we met at Robinson’s Galleria for lunch. We had lunch in Chowking and stroll around the mall for a while. :)

We learned then that Side A band will have a mall show that day at 6PM. I have always like Side A and their songs. I have grown up with their songs. Singing their songs in videoke machine and playing their songs in my playlist. :)

It was just 2 o’clock in the afternoon then. We decided to go home to rest for a while. Nonet’s classes were suspended that day due to the bad weather, but we found it blessing in disguise because we can bring Nonet with us. :)

We left our house at around 5:30 in the afternoon. Galleria is just about 15 minutes away from Rosario if there’s no traffic. :) We arrived at the mall just in time. The show is just starting and we found a good position at the mall’s third floor facing the activity area.

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We really enjoy the show. Side A’s lead vocalist Joey G has never lost his charm. His voice still captures the heart of the fans. Truly, Side A’s songs are immortal. :)

After the show, we let Nonet play at Tom’s World. Honey and I also had fun playing in there. ? We had our dinner at Bacolod’s Chicken Inasal where Nonet and I satiate our hunger with chicken inasal and pork barbecue. Honey enjoyed the Sinigang Salmon Belly which he ordered. :)

Since it is already past rush hour, we didn’t have difficulty going home.  It was a really a fun day for us. Honey will be leaving soon to work overseas again and we try to enjoy every moment that we are together. God bless our family. :)

Ciao! :)

Swimming in the Rain!

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It is our rainy season already. Yet, we spent an overnight stay in a resort in Taytay, Rizal for a swimming and another family bonding. :)

Ney had their family car, overhauled and for a break-in, he used it when he visited me and Nonet about two weeks ago. Honey is not familiar with the different places around the Metro, so he had her uncle drive for him. Our house is small and there is no place for kuya Jojo to sleep, that’s why we decided to stay in a resort.

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We stayed a Villa Valera in Taytay Rizal. We occupied one of the rooms. We will be staying for a day. My youngest sister Pauline came with us. While my mother, followed in the afternoon.

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Pau, Nonet and mama enjoyed the pool so much. It was drizzling when we arrived and the cool wind blows but the water in the pool in warm. That’s why they enjoyed swimming. I didn’t get to enjoy the pool so much because I took care of honey. When he is in Quezon, he tends to drink wine and beer all the time. Of course, I hated it.

Even though, I was not able to enjoy the warm pool, I just took advantage of our stay there to relax. I took advantage of the time I spent with honey. :)

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Ciao! :)

Family Bonding @ the North

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Honey bought a new printer for himself. It’s a Canon printer. Canon has a promo that if you buy a certain printer model and an ink, you will either get a bag (which I forgot the brand) and an Esprit watch. :) The said items can be redeemed at Canon outlet in Megamall or in SM North EDSA.

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For a change, we decided to claim our gifts at SM North EDSA. Honey and the kids also wanted an MRT ride, too. From Rosario, we took a cab going to MRT-EDSA Shaw station. We waited for the train going to North EDSA station. We were standing at first. Nonet and Ikay were able to seat from Ortigas Station. It was a comfortable ride. The air-con is cold and there are no traffic. We also enjoyed sight seeing. :)

We got off at North EDSA station. We crossed Trinoma Mall going to SM North EDSA. We claimed first our gift from Canon, which is an Esprit watch then had our lunch at Jolibee. I wanted to eat in a restaurant but the kids wanted Jolibee. :)

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After lunch, we let them played at Candy Factory. Surely they enjoyed the 30-minute play in this huge playground. Nonet wanted to try the tall slide but she is not allowed yet. She’s only six. The staff only allows children seven years and above. She just settled going through the obstacles and playing with the plastic balls. Her cousin Ikay was lucky enough to having tried the giant slide. I am glad that Nonet and Ikay enjoyed it.

Ney and I just sat on the bench near it while we wait for the kids. When the 30-minute time is over, we decided to go home. We passed Trinoma again going to MRT. We had a donut (and a cup of coffee for me) at Mister Donut for snacks. :)

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From North EDSA station we got off at EDSA Shaw station. We went to Shangri-La’s taxi bay and took a cab going home.

It was an amazing day. I know that Nonet and Ikay enjoyed our pasyal. I know also that Ikay will treasure that day in her heart. Well, I am looking forward to more family bonding. When honey leaves for abroad again, it would be another 2-year contract. So we are spending quality time with each other as many hours as we can.

Ciao! :)

A Family Day

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It’s been almost three weeks since ney arrived from Saudi. He stayed with Nonet and I for three days, and then I let him go to Quezon to be with his parents. Well, I need to go to work, too. :) Since he only visit during my rest day, we tend to do go out most to attend to “work-related” stuff. Though, we already spent a day with Nonet, he feels like our daughter is being left out from our lakad. :)

That’s why, two Fridays ago, he decided to take Nonet on a date. Nonet loves going to Mall of Asia, because of the grounds by the bay and the different kiddie rides available. After spending 60 tokens in Tom’s World at Robinson’s Galleria, we headed our way to Mall of Asia. :)

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Since we had a late breakfast at home, we just grabbed burgers, fries and ice cream from Burger King. We technically ate our snacks in the bus bound to Baclaran. :) The aroma of the burgers spread across the bus, which makes (I believe) people to drool. :P

When we arrived in MOA, we went first to department store and bought t-shirts. I also checked available anniversary gifts for men which I can give to honey. Then, we headed to the grounds at the back of MOA. We really enjoyed it! :) Nonet took advantage of the different rides available for children. We then took a ride to the big and tall ferris wheel in there. In my view, it is much smaller than The Wheel of Fate in EK, but I cannot confirm. :)

We decided to eat our dinner at the Aristocrat Restaurant. But before going there, we let our eyes enjoyed the beautiful fireworks display. Too bad, our camera ran out of charge. :(

It was really a happy day for me and Nonet, and I believe to honey, too. We still have a lot of things needed to address in our relationship. But, I hope that in God’s grace and love, everything will be put in order.

God bless us!

Ciao! :)

Pau Graduated as Magna Cum Laude

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Last May 11, 2012 our youngest sister Pauline finished the degree of Bachelor in Broadcast Communications with flying colors. She graduated Magna Cum Laude. She really did enjoy her course and she excelled in it. We are three sisters in the family, and she’s the one who enjoyed her course very much. :)

I have always wanted to be an Accountant. But being the eldest in the family, I need to get a course that will provide a lot of opportunities when I graduated. During my time, computer is very in demand (well I guess even today). That is why I ended up getting Computer Engineering. With God’s help and mercy, I was able to finish the said course on time and landed a job, 2 days after graduation. My younger sister Patty, have always wanted to be a Physical Therapist or a Medical Technologist. But due to budget constraint, she ended up taking Psychology, which she eventually enjoyed. Patty is 8 years older than Pau. That’s why, when Pau enrolled to college, both of us are already working. We were able to support and provide for her school needs.

Pau also did her part to finish college. She was a consistent scholar and president’s lister. My mother and our Tabibe helped in giving her allowance and money for school projects. :)

It was my second time to accompany our mother in escorting a sister during graduation day. First was with Patty, since our father died few months before her graduation. Second, was with Pauline’s. Although, Pauline’s graduation was different. My mother and I were seated in the front row, and we got the chance to shake hands with their speaker, Congressman Juan Edgardo Angara of Aurora province. My mother was very happy as we walked on the stage for Pau’s medal. :) It was like a walk on the clouds. I bet Pau was happier. :) We are all proud of her.

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Above all, we are all grateful to God. He has always been there for our family. I know that God loves us so much. :)

Pau’s graduation is just at the beginning of her career. I know that there are a lot of good things in store for her. God bless her and our family! :)

Ciao! :)

Remembering Papa

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Papa should have turned 60 today and should have received his Senior Citizens identification card. Well, it’s just that he passed away five years ago. He died before he turned 55 years old. My father like any fathers was not a perfect. My sister Patty even learned from him that “promises are made to be broken”. :P He may not be a perfect husband to our mother and a perfect father to us his children, but I remember him being a loving and sweet father to us and grandfather to Nonet. Nonet being the first grandchild has a very special place in his heart.

My sisters, our mother and I have been talking about papa. In some ways, we feel good about the thought that papa is in a better place now. That we will not feel so worried when he is not home or when he is “wandering” around. :P On the other hand, we felt bad because, he is no longer around when my two younger sisters’ graduated from college. He is not here to see Pauline graduate from college as Magna Cum Laude. He is not here to sing in our videoke with our LCD TV. He was not able to play through our computer. He dreamt of having a computer. He is not here to see Nonet received her second honor medal.  

He may not be physically around now, but we believe that somewhere up there, he can see us and we know that he is happy with what we have achieved. I know that even up to this day, he is still protecting us, especially his beloved grand-daughter. :)

Up to this day, I can still remember the sacrifices and the pain he and our family went through. I remember the day when I told him that he has a stage 4 cancer. I remember the day when we fought, which was 2 days before he died.

Honey always told me that papa has been very proud of me and that he loved me so much, he loved us so much.

We will always miss papa. I believe that you are in God’s care now and you are happy looking on us from up there. Happy and proud.

We love you papa. Happy 60th birthday!

Ciao! :)

Graduating with Flying Colors

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It was a happy today. We finally learned that our youngest sister Pau will be graduating with flying colors. She just received a message that she will be graduating as Magna Cum Laude. We are all very thankful for this. That paid off all of her hard work and sleepless nights; praying to God with Mama Mary and all the saints know to men.

We are all very proud of her. Finally, it is now officially. I am so proud because, I am one of those people who sent her to college. My mother, our Tabibe, Tisha, her scholarship grants and all the people who helped her along the way, all contributed to this. Since papa is no longer with us, mama and I will be attending her graduation. But since, ney might arrive this weekend, Tisha will be the one to join them.

It’s just feel good that I am part of this happy moment. Congrats Pau. But, remember that this is only the beginning. You have a long way to go. Good luck in your career.

Ciao! :)

Getting Closer

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It will be just a month away when honey will be coming home for vacation. He will be finishing his 2-year contract in Saudi very soon. I am really excited. I miss him a lot. :)

Before he left, we said to each other that 2 years will just pass very fast. It will just be two hot summer. And two cold winters, when he would wear heated vest to keep him warm. :)

I have filed my vacation leaves for his arrival, too. Nonet and I are very excited. We are really looking forward to fetching our daddy in the airport and spending quality time with him.

Ney and I may not have a perfect relationship, but the love we have for each other, and the struggles we went through for that love, will be enough to keep us together. And I pray to God, that He will bless this relationship and help us straighten things that hinder us to get married. I believe that one day; everything will fall on their places. I will see you soon honey. I love you.

God bless us! Mama Mary pray for us!

Ciao! :)

Family Day on Easter Sunday

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In celebrating Easter Sunday, Ticia treated our family to a lunch at Max’s Restaurant. It was really a bountiful lunch! I really enjoyed our lunch together. :)

Ticia also bought Nonet some toys for being an angel. As you know, Nonet didn’t really want to be one. But, because of the price she would get from her Tati once she agreed to be an angel, she was convinced. :)

She was actually asking for a bike, but it cost too much. So she just settled for a shopping cart toy and a barbecue grill. :)

We also went to department store, and did a little shopping. I bought Nonet a red Angry Bird shirt. While, Pauline bought a shirt, too.

We also got some video discs from Astro Vision. We love to watch movies you know. :P

Before the afternoon ends, we had our monthly grocery at Megamall’s Supermarket.

It was really an amazing day. Well, good luck to us on May 28th. Hehehe. When Patty’s credit card bill is due. :P

Well, it doesn’t matter I guess. What is important is the time our family spent with each other.

Ciao! :)

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