My Computer got a Virus!

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Now I’d understand how a customer feels whenever they call our line for support. My computer was infected with a virus last Sunday and I needed to format my computer. :( I connected my USB flush drive because I need to copy a file. I cannot open the drive and it is showing a folder icon from My Computers. When I ran a scan, my anti-virus found a file but didn’t regard it as a harmful file. I still unable to open my flush drive. I tried rebooting my computer in safe mode but it wouldn’t get into safemode when I hit on DEL, ESC or even F8. I hated it! I then went to msconfig and selected Safemode with Networking from Boot. When I restarted the computer I started getting BSOD! I tried to do an OS repair but that didn’t help. I needed to format the C drive and reinstall Windows. :( My youngest sister was very upset. Well, it’s a good thing that she was able to back up her important files into our second drive. :)

Yet I still owe her a Nicholas Sparks’ book. I am just glad that I have secured all the CDs I received when I purchased my computer about 3 years ago. :) Reinstalling Windows was just a piece of cake as they say. And, good thing I did a backed up on all the pictures and videos of my daughter. It took me a while to download and install antivirus software and other applications such as Adobe reader. The dark circles around eyes are very visible the next day.  :( At least, I got our computer up and running again! :)

Ciao! :)

Being Online

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When I am online and focus, my mother always asked if I am blogging. She knew very well that I love to write and express my ideas. I told her that I enjoy sharing my personal experiences to other people, hoping that they would somehow learn from my undertakings. My mother ask me one time if I would get tired of browsing and blogging, I told her, I don’t think so. :) She just grinned at me. Hehehe!!! Even my younger sisters and my daughter are PC and Internet fanatics! Well, my daughter just love playing Plants vs Zombies. :) My mother told us not to complain when we receive our monthly electric bill!

Well, it’s Patty who paid the electric bill so I won’t mind. Hehehe!!! :) As a write this article, mama then said that I should be part of some kind of internet affiliate program for being a net devotee! :)

I love browsing and surfing the net. Not only because I need to manage my online journal but, if you use the Internet the right way, then it you would really learn a lot of things. You can go from one place to another. One can shop, study and even work while at home using the Internet. The best of all, one can share his or her thoughts and insights about God. :)

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I hope that you spend your time for online surfing and browsing effectively and productively. :)

Ciao! :)

An IT Career

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When I was younger, I have always wanted to be an accountant. I love Mathematics so much! If Math is the waterloo of most students, it is actually my favorite subject along with Physics. :) That’s why when I was in grade school and if I were asked what course I will take in College, I always answer Accounting.

When I was in high school, I thought of another career to push through. I wanted to be an Engineer, a Civil Engineer to be exact. How I admire the engineers who built buildings, roads and flyovers. :) My love for Math grew deeper then. When I graduated from high school, computer industry has began to grow. The need for computer specialists began to boom as well. I ended up taking Computer Engineering in college. Well, my dream of becoming an Engineer was fulfilled. :)

I am glad though that I finished a course that is inline with computer technologies. I have been in the call center industry for years but the good thing about my work is that I am a technical support. My first support was Networking devices and now with a well known computer manufacturer. :)

Computer Engineers didn’t have any board exams because of the fast phases in Information Technology and Computer Industry. It’s a good thing though that there is a university that offers online degree for Information Technology that will enhance my knowledge and skills.

Western Governors Online University offers a good deal with regard to different programs which are very affordable and it is accredited. I have checked the courses they offer and I am planning to enroll in one of their online IT degree. I am actually thinking of enrolling in M.S. Information Security and Assurance.

I hope that I will be able to earn enough money so I can enroll very soon. Of course I would want to have a Master’s degree. :)

Ciao! :)

Netbooks for Me

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While my mother and I were at the mall, about 2 Saturdays ago, I check on the new project I would like to have. Well, my videocam and Nonet’s encyclopedia are both due in March next year so I would have enough space for a new device I am planning to get for myself. :)

I have always wanted a gadget that is compact and useful. I am actually planning to get a portable next week. A 13-inch portable is good but I am eying on one of the netbooks that the company I am working for has. I have seen a net book that has a huge amount of hard drive and wi-fi ready which I need for my blogging. :)

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Inspiron 910

I am still looking for a netbook that has an optical drive. For the ones I have seen do not have a DVD/CD drive.

Hopefully, next year I would be able to get one of those pretty little gadgets! :)

Ciao! :)

Lighting Pen for Me

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After our call certification, we had our practical exams last September 15. We identified different computer parts and issues. Then, we actually diagnosed and tried resolving a certain computer problem. With God’s help, I was able to answer the questions and diagnosed the given computer problem. :) I wasn’t able to get a perfect score because I missed 2 correct answers from parts identification which is okay.

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After 6 weeks of being in the new hire training, I was able to get the highest score and as a prize, our trainers gave me a Dell Pen, which has a light! :) Yehey! Very cool pen. I showed it to Nonet and of course, she asked for it. I told her that it is mine and I will keep it as a souvenir. I used it though sometime. :)

That pen will inspire me to do well during our transition queue. It will be 4 quick weeks of calls. I hope and I pray that all of us, batch 11, will be able to pass tq. Like me, I know that my co-trainees would like to make our trainers, Rina and Peejay, proud of us. :)

Ciao! :)

Having a Laptop

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Working at Dell, exposes me to different desktops and portables that the company offers. I am learning a lot about the different technologies that Dell products have. As Dell technicians, we have the opportunity to tear down even a portable. You bet, troubleshooting a portable is easier than a desktop! :)

It is so amazing how technology changes with a wink of an eye! How ddram and sdram evolves. How Blu-Ray technology slowly phases out DVDs. Before it was only Intel Pentium 1 now we have Quad Core! These are only some of the things to describe how computer technology has gone so far. :)

When I walked through our street couple of weeks ago, I found my neighbors boasting around with their new portables! Wow! Then, I asked my colleagues if my neighbors’ portables compete with Dell’s. Oh well, I found out that those are like “sub-standard” as compared to Dell’s high-class standard. :) I don’t want to brand bash. It is just like, these neighbors of mine feels “high and mighty” because they own a portable. You wouldn’t believe those people! They don’t even have Internet service at home!

I also found out that my video camera is more expensive than their portables! :) It’s not that I envy them. It’s just that, they are too conceited and feels like on top of the world by just having a portable. If you see them, you’ll get very irritated.

Anyway, one day, I saw them again bragging about their notebooks. I just passed them by smiling. I told myself, “wait ‘til you see my XPS or my Vostro!” :)

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Ciao! :)

a Thank YOU note

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It’s been a while since I am doing my online journal. My cyber diary helps me express my feelings and my thoughts. I am able to share my experiences and hopefully other people may learn from those experiences. :)

Since I am having problems with my Internet connectivity at home, I need to save my documents and pictures which I will have to upload, into a memory stick. I need it so badly then, but I do not have any cash to buy one.

Thanks to my friend MotMot who lend me enough to get a stick. :)

The “Tekki” World

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As the world’s technology grows, every minute different devices and gadgets are developed and created. Even appliances that are being manufactured today are usually controlled by remote control. With these, certain companies have developed a tool which can control almost all our remote controlled appliances and machines. Logiteh company developed a Universal Remote control.

This amusing tool can actually control and is compatible to almost all the devices we have at home. And, once our regular remote control is worn out, we don’t need to worry about looking for a replacement of the broken remote but instead configure that device to be controlled by that. One of their popular remote is the Harmony One. Gadget Advisor can actually gives us insights not only about Logitech other devices that we need as we trek in this tekki world! :)

Even your computer can be controlled by it! As for computers, I believe that almost every household owns a computer. There could even be a network of computers. These are computers share files and applications within the network. As for that, having a network media player could be one of the network members. As the growing technology requires data that needs security, having an online back up services can be a big help. These back up services are not only practical for personal use but specially for business use.
Well, sometimes I really can’t help but be amazed on how the world have become today. But, in spite of all these technologies that we have on our hands, we should never forget that God gave us all these for our own righteousness. :)

Google at 10!

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Today celebrates their 10th year birthday as Google Inc.  Although the domain was registered as a domain in on September 15, 1997, Google has been an incorporated on September 4, 1998. Google started as a research project of Larry Page and then eventually joined by Serjey Brin both from Stanford University in California. The search engine’s name “Google” should have been googol which means 1 followed by a hundred zeros. It was said that the word “googol” was mispelled on the pay checks of the creators and was set to “Google”.

What ever the story was, what is important is the ease of searching Google has been giving people for the last decade.

Happy Birthday Google!

Saving Computer Repairs

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It is better for a computer circuit to be turned on and let on for the day than turned off many times. Each time you turn on a computer you have a surge of power going through it. So, the fewer turn-ons the better.

Windows Manipulation Keys

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In a computer world that we are today, there are still plenty of people who belongs to the beginners group. These are simple tips for windows which can be a lot of help for you :) .

Windows can be arranged on the desktop through the taskbar shortcut menu. To reach this menu, use this sequence of keys. CTRL+ECS, ESC, TAB, SHIFT+F10. The following options are on the shortcut menu and may be reached using arrow keys. Cascade Windows, Tile Windows Horizontally, Tile Window Vertically, Minimize All Windows. Undo Minimize All, and Properties.

To move a window, choose the Move command from the Program menu on the left of the title bar (use ALT+SPACEBAR to open the Program menu). Use arrow keys to move the window followed by ENTER to accept or ECS to cancel. To resize a window, choose the Size command form the Program Menu, then use an arrow key to choose which window border you want to move, then move it with the appropriate arrow keys, and then press ENTER to accept ESC to cancel.

ALT + F4  -  Closes the active application window. (You can choose th close command from the Program menu of the active application)

ALT + SPACEBAR  – Opens the Program menu from the leftmost icon on the title bar of the active window. The Program Menu typically contains the following commands. Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize and Close.

ALT + TAB –  Switches to the most recently used application window. To select an application from a list, continue to hold ALT down and press TAB more than once to move through the list. Add SHIFT to reverse direction through the list.

ALT + ESC –  Switches keyboard focus to next application window, including minimized windows on the taskbar. Press ESC more than once to switch through successive windows and add SHIFT to reverse the direction.

ALT + ENTER –  Switches an MS DOS based application between full- screen and windowed modes.

PRINTSCREEN –  Copies an image of the active window to the Windows Clipboard.

Hope this helps :) !

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