A Successful Surgery!

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I have been dealing with hoarseness since last 2 days of 2012. I didn’t mind it then because I was also suffering from flu then. I thought it was normal. After my shift last January 2, I decided to see a doctor; and then I started my long sick leave. :(

I was admitted to the hospital in the afternoon of January 24; a day before my scheduled surgery to remove the cyst found on the right side of my larynx.

I was really scared. I do not know what will happen after the surgery. I trust my doctor/surgeon. But, sometime, something goes wrong as well. I have been praying for a successful surgery and for my recovery from our Healer, and of course, I have prayed for Dr. Jarin and all the doctors and medical staff who will be with him as well.
The night before the operation, I asked my cousin to accompany me to the hospital’s chapel. I prayed and prayed and prayed until I felt God’s comforting peace assuring me that everything is going to be fine. And that He is in control.
I couldn’t sleep that night but I forced myself to. My operation was scheduled around 7AM. I slept wearing my hospital gown already. I woke up around 6AM the following day. I didn’t eat or even drink water since 11PM that night. I was on fast and was getting my nourishment on dextrose.

The OR staff fetch me from my room passed 7AM already. At the OR, I was welcomed by number of staff including my doctor. The staff nurse did a routine check on me first before I was moved to the designated room where the surgery will take place.

While waiting, I looked around the OR and saw number 7. Many of us know and believe that said number is associated with God. I know then that He is with me, and I will be fine. :)

Few minutes later, I was moved to the designated room. I was greeted by my anesthesiologist, Dr. Torres. From the stretcher used to fetch me in my room, I was transferred to the bed in the OR. I will be under general anesthesia but a needle was not used on me, thank God! I don’t know the medical term for it but I basically inhaled the anesthesia using a mask. That was the last thing I remembered.
When I woke up, I was still wearing a mask but it was for my oxygen. My heartbeat was still monitored as well as my blood pressure. I was already in the recovery room. There was no pain in my throat. I was just dizzy and sleepy. Praise the Lord, my surgery was a success!

As I leave the OR, I uttered a prayer of thanks to God, to Mama Mary, to my saints and to my angels. I didn’t forget to pray for the other people who will undergo and undergoing the surgery at the time. There are many people waiting outside the Operating Room. I know that there are people whose cases are worse than mine. I even heard one of the staff talking to another that the relatives of one of their patients’ are already in the conference. I just hope that everything goes well for that someone, too.

I stayed in the hospital for four days. I wanted to visit the chapel before going home but I couldn’t. I didn’t have someone to accompany me. My sister and my cousin were working on my discharge clearance.
I knew also that one of the hospital stall will accompany us going to the basement where we will be waiting for a cab. But, maybe God knows that I really wanted to visit the chapel before going home. My sister asked the staff nurse if it was okay to go down the basement without an attendant, and we were allowed. :)

From the 12th floor, we stopped by the second floor and I went to the chapel. I knelt and prayed to God.

Truly, God has always been with me. I know that my ordeal doesn’t end at my operation. I am in recovery stage and I am not talking still. I have not heard my voice yet since I underwent the surgery. I have been longing to talk and to sing. Well, I have been patient and continuously praying.

I believe that everything will be okay. I know God wanted me to do something different, I just don’t know what it is yet. :)

Ciao! :)

Not Allergic to Cats, Thank God!

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I have been very busy working on my cases at work and I wasn’t able to find time to write on my online journal. My desktop at home is still down and I’m just taking advantage of the avail time I have in the office. :)

My last post was about Nonet’s recent hospitalization. Well, it was her third this year alone. Hopefully, its going to be her last. After she was discharged in the hospital, we went to her ever compassionate pediatrician for follow up. Nonet is doing well in her recent check up. But, I was asked by our doctor, that Nonet should have her skin test the soonest possible time. Well, I have been told about this since March of this year. :( I admit that it was my fault why the skin test has been delayed for so many months.

Nonet’s father is so worried that he sent enough money for the skin test to be performed. Last November 26, we had our appointment with her Allergy specialist and performed the skin test. There were around 27 samples of allergens that were injected to her skin. We waited for about 20 minutes for the results.

I have been an animal lover since I was a young girl. We used to own a dog. We had around 20 cats in our old house. Today, we have 5 cats at home. Since, my daughter is asthmatic, outer cats usually get the blame for it. My sisters and I have been asked many times to give up our cats. My mother even asked me to choose between my daughter and our cats. Our cats are just local cats, or what other people used to call “pusakal“. Nowadays, those cats are called as Puspin (or Pusang Pinoy). Though are cats are just ordinary cats, we love them dearly. It hurts me so much when Nonet is being hospitalized due to asthma. And, it hurts me too thinking that I might have to give up our cats, if Nonet’s skin test result will show that she is allergic to cats. :(

My younger sister, Patty, accompanied as to the doctor. Both of us were praying and hoping that Nonet is not allergic to cats. After about 20 minutes, the doctor told us the different things which Nonet is allergic to. Thank God, she is negative with cats! :) It was a relief!

Nonet is most allergic to pollens and grass. She is allergic to mango, too. She is allergic with dogs but not with cats. When she was a baby, she was so allergic to peanuts but the skin test shows negative to it. We told the doctor that we have been so vigilant in giving Nonet any food that may contain peanut. The doctor said that it is possible that peanut has become foreign to her body allergy that’s why it didn’t react to the test. But, she told us not to give peanuts to Nonet yet. She said that the “peanut test” will be conducted in her clinic.

When we got home, I showed the skin test result to my mother with my specialist’s signature, highlighting the items which Nonet is allergic to. She couldn’t believe that Nonet is allergic to dogs but not to cats. :)

I am just glad that we don’t need to give up our cats. But, I’m sad because Nonet loves dogs, too. In her father’s house in Quezon, they have number of dogs which she loves to play with. Little did I know that she is allergic to them.

She is now 6 years old and hopefully, she will outgrown asthma before she turns seven next year.

God bless her! :)

Ciao! :)

Water Spa with Mom

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It is generous of my sister to treat our mother and I to ACE Water Spa. It was her gift to her. She actually purchased two vouchers to use. The original plan was, she will accompany our mother to the spa. But, since she’d been there already, she decided to give the other voucher for me to experience it, too. Maybe, she sensed that I needed a relaxation and a spa would be great. :)

We went to ACE water spa last Sunday. It is a must that one would wear a swimsuit with no underwear. At first, I felt uncomfortable with it but I found a lot woman in the locker room wearing 1-piece or 2-piece swimsuit. And, they do not care whether you have the curves not. Like what my sister, Patty, told us, “walang pakialaman dun”. :)

After taking a shower, we headed to the pool area. Since, my vision are worst that my mother’s, she actually acted as my guide.

Well, I really enjoyed the different massages offered in the spa. The water is lukewarm and there are different water massages designed to a specific part of your body. There is waist jet massage; buttocks massage, chest massage, head and shoulder massage (which mama enjoyed the most). There are many more kinds of massages that I don’t remember the name. What I enjoyed the most are the dry sauna, the Rainfall Acupuncture and the hydro-buoyancy massage. :)

I almost fell asleep on while I was on the Rainfall Acupuncture. The rainfall was really like needles pricking the whole body but it was really good! :) The dry sauna offered relaxation to the tired body as it absorbs the heat. Then the hydro-buoyancy massage makes you float without an effort. It was really fun! :)

I also tried the herbal sauna bath for few minutes. Mama is not allowed in that area because of her heart illness.

I thought of bringing Antoinette there, too. She will not feel cold because the water is warm. She would definitely enjoy the number of water fountains around the pool area.

There is also a buffet restaurant in the building. The spa will actually make you hungry. The buffet cost Php499 while the entrance to the water spa is Php550. A thousand peso will not hurt your packet if you want to treat yourself once in awhile. It is still good to relax after days of work. :)

I would definitely come back to ACE water spa. :)

Ciao! :)

Going back to Gym

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I signed up for membership in a nearby gym last March, not to build muscle but to tone a bit. I know that I have been gaining a lot and a little tone down would not do any harm. Like one of the instructors in there always tell us, that it would take a lot of patience and hard work to obtain our desire weight. I used to go to the gym with my new found friends. They are the mothers of my daughter’s classmates. We eagerly go to the gym, until Judith found out that she is pregnant.

It’s good news for us but the gym session subsides eventually. :(

When we’re at the gym, I noticed the different posters of men and women who has this bulk muscle built! I dared to ask one of the instructors on how these people got those muscles and I was told once again that they took them a lot of patience, hard work and discipline. He also added that a little help from protein builders like pro complex did the job. :)

Well, I do not aim for those muscles but I wanted to lose some pounds and lose some inches on my waist line!

I know that it would take me a lot of patience, hard work and discipline to achieve it. :)

And I would start going back to the gym, very very soon. Wish me luck!

Ciao! :)


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Today is my third day of voice rest. Well, according to the physician who checked on my condition last Monday from Maxicare, I should have at least 3 days voice rest. In the medical certificate she made for me, she indicated that my fit to work is effective May 20. But in the case that I didn’t get well, or my voice didn’t return to its normal tone and sound, then I will be seeing her again for follow up and she may have to refer me to a specialist already.

At first, I thought that I would be able to rest well. I have been longing to take a break from work but I never thought it would be like this. Honestly, I feel miserable already. I am at home, right, but then, I cannot relax fully. I cannot speak with my family. When I wanted to say something, I need to write it down on a small white board I bought. :( I cannot relax. I am thinking about work. I am thinking about my condition. :(

One needed his voice to work in a call center industry. How can I work effectively if I have a hoarse voice? I was advised to speak very very soft and effortless. I feel like there is a lump which begins to grow in my throat. :( Although I do not experience any difficulty or pain while swallowing, I am still afraid that I will not get better. :(

I am afraid that I may not be able to be part of Call Center industry anymore and worst, I can no longer sing. Tomorrow, I will be reporting back to work and I am just hoping that I’ll get better soon. I really feel so bad about this.

Of course, I never get tired of praying that our Ultimate Healer will turn His face on me and will get pity on my situation. Oh please Lord, heal me. Amen.



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I went to gym and tried doing some work out plan  provided by the instructor. I know that I have been gaining weight already and its to  time to lose some. :) Well, my “gym” adventure didn’t last that long for one of my “gym-mates” got pregnant. Maybe I am  not that dedicated at all, because if I really wanted to lose weight then I really have to sweat for it.

The  gym instructor once told me that losing weight and shaping up is not an overnight deal. One should really be dedicated and disciplined enough. Too bad, I wasted much time for not being dedicated to my losing weight goal. :(  I know that there are no shortcuts at this but, there maybe some medicine that could help like OxyElite Pro. I still need to read more reviews about it but so far, reviews about it are great. :)

Well, I hope I would be able to lose weight just in time for the event I am going to attend to. :)

Ciao! :)

Acne Problems?

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Before I park my computer down to take a rest and go to bed, I came across  with this website that would definitely help with the acne problems you have. Check the  said  website and click here!

Acne has been a problem not only by women but by men, too. There are different  ways to cure and to prevent getting an acne all over the Internet but I believe that  the best way still is to live clean and to stay clean. Anyway, check the site and you learn and a lot from it!  :)

Ciao! :)

AVON @ 125!

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I have been an AVON lady for the last 3 years. AVON has been the top-direct selling company of beauty products and more in the Philippines. Their top of the lines best anti wrinkle cream to fragrant perfumes are really hitting the market. :) I went to visit a nearby AVON outlet about few days ago to pick up some orders, and I noticed a new catalogue for March 1-15, 2011 already available. I got one of the catalogues on stock and browsed through it. There are products on sale that would really interest customers and new line of items up for grab. :) Well, it is typical for an Avon catalogue to have exciting deals. What surprised me was the cover, it says 125 on it! :)

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I didn’t know that Avon has been around for 125 years. I did a little research and hopefully my sources are accurate. :)

Avon was once a line of business of California Perfume Company founded by David H. McConnell in the mid-1880s. McConnell was a door-to-door salesman who offered small samples of perfumes to housewives. He named the product line of perfume with “Little Dot Perfume Set” which consisted of five scents: white rose, violet, lily of the valley, heliotrope, and hyacinth. Hence, the birth of the California Perfume Company. The first Avon Lady was Mrs. P.F.E. Albee of Winchester, New Hampshire. She was a wife of a U.S. senator.

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I thought the name AVON was an acronym, but it isn’t. California Perfume Company first products was Avon’s line of business which started to have a toothbrush, cleanser, and vanity set. The name Avon was inspired by the area around the Suffern lab, which McConnell thought resembled William Shakespeare’s home in Stratford-on-Avon, England.

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The California Perfume Company was renamed Avon Products because of the product line’s immense popularity and success in 1939. The current CEO and chairman of Avon Products, Inc. is Andrea Jung. While the General Manager of Avon Philippines is Mike Gudgin.

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Avon Foundation Honorary Chairman Reese Witherspoon with CEO Andrea Jung

Be an Avon lady today! :)

Ciao! :)

A Day for Myself

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I have planning on for a while to set a day for myself. The stress at work and at home makes me feel so tired and I feel that I am aging faster than I should. :( I thought of going to a spa and have some fine massage. I am planning to have a detox treatment
! I know that there are many detoxifying creams available but I wanted a cleansing session to detoxify not only the skin but do cleansing inside the body as well.

I have been reading different cleansing steps and most of the sites I have visited always end saying, that the best practice to be toxic free is to eat right and live right! :)

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Ciao! :)

Cleansing Herb

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Alright people so much of the emo-mode today. Hehehe! Let’s talk about health and being fit. I know many of you suffer the same problem that my sisters and I have. Yeah right! Personally, I often find it hard to find a shirt or a blouse that will hide my “baby fats”. My mother has been telling me a million times to manage the amount of food that I eat because I am getting bigger and bigger! I tried to go through a diet but ah, it is difficult for me to resist luscious foods! :)

In my own opinion, there is nothing wrong in eating good foods. One just needs to watch his weight because he might be getting overweight. Aside from that, we should also eat or take in foods or herbs that help cleanse our body especially our digestive system. Fruits and vegetables should always be present in our meals. I also found an herb that acts as a weight control agent and prevents spread of chronic disease. This herb is called Glucomannan which is taken from Konnyaku root. To know more about this herb you can drop by glucomannan.net.

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It is not good to deprive ourselves from eating delicious foods. Food is one of my comfort zones especially when I am hurt. Hence, we should also be responsible about our health!

Happy Eating!


Sometime for Myself

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With all the stresses work and life’s challenges bring, we tend to forget that we have to take care of ourselves as well. I was looking at the mirror this morning and I told my mom that I wanted to have facial and manicure and pedicure. Or go to a spa for a fine massage and therapy. :)

We have an electronic foot massager at home that I use to relax my feet. We also have some acne scar cream in our kikay box to clear those marks away. We have a beautician who goes to our house for our weekly manicure and pedicure (sometimes, bi-monthly :) ).
Somehow, I am able to give some relaxation for myself.

I think what I miss is the fresh and relaxing ambiance of province. When ney is here, we often go to the beach or spend time in Lucena to relax. I think I would plan of visiting Quezon one of October’s weekends. I just hope that I would have enough budgets then.

Hopefully! :)

Ciao! :)

Avoid Using Mothballs??

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Mothballs, according to the book 1001 Ways to Save the Planet, are made from chemicals that are highly toxic if swallowed. Chemicals such as 1,4 dichlorobenzene, Para dichlorobenzene or naphthalene composed mothballs. Studies have found cancers caused by these substances in laboratory animals. Long-term exposure can cause kidney and liver damage. Using mothballs means that you spread the vapors and particles of this chemical through your clothes continuously.

Try lavender bags as a safer and cheaper substitute. Lavender plants belong to the mint family and their leaves have a fragrant scent.

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Also make sure that you wash your clothes thoroughly and keep them clean, to stop buildup of moth eggs. :)

Hope this helps!

Ciao! :)

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