An Act of Sacrifice

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The world was surprised when Vatican City announced that Pope Benedict XVI will resign from his position as pope on February 28. There have been a lot of rumors and criticism why the Pope decided to abdicate his post. Is he resigning because of illness? Is he resigning because he cannot bear any longer the criticism stoned at him? Is he resigning because of this? Because of that? So much have been said about our dear pope’s decision to resign.

Pope Benedict is the second pope I have known (so far) in my lifetime. I was born in 1981 while Pope John Paul II was still the ruling head of Vatican City. When Pope John Paul II died, Pope Benedict XVI assumed his post at the age of 78. It was about 5 years ago. He is 83 now. When Pope Benedict was proclaimed as Pope, he was elected by the Conclave of Cardinals. He was elected through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Since, he was elected, I believe he has the right to resign if he feels like he will not be able to effectively perform his duties as the head of the church.

Resigning doesn’t mean losing his vocation as priest. Pope Benedict XVI will always be priest. Even the cardinals and the bishops will always be priest. Similarly, if a policeman was promoted to be a general, it doesn’t mean that he will not be a policeman anymore.

People would comment on his resignation that he shouldn’t be afraid because he is close to God; that he should not be worry about hell; that God will be there to protect him and to give him strenght. Yet, we people should realize that Pope Benedict is also human. Pope Benedict may be the Pope, but he is still human. He commit mistakes. He gets old. He gets tired. His decision to leave his post is an act of sacrifice for the good and well-being of the Roman Catholic Church. An act of sacrifice.

I really felt bad when I read my facebook wall last night about how people criticize the pope. That there are really people who doesn’t believe in God for Christ sake! But then again, I realize that this is a free country and we should learn to respect each others’ belief and point of view. (Yet, I say a prayer that the Holy Spirit will be upon Jepoy as he answer comments in the said post.)

Honey and I used to argue about faith. He often criticize my faith though he was baptized in the Catholic church. Nevertheless, I have prayed for him and continue praying for him. We seldom argue about faith now. :)

I believe in God. People may say that it is a cliche’ but truly, everything happens for a reason. Maybe God has a better plan for Pope Benedict. Maybe God has a better plan for Vatican City, for the Catholic believers, for the world.

Surely, God has His reasons and He has the best plans for each and everyone of us including Pope Benedict. We just have to pray, pray, pray and have faith. God loves all of us. So, lets just be good people and stop criticizing and questioning Pope Benedict’s reason for his resignation. Let’s just pray for Pope Benedict and trust in God’s plan for us. :)

Ciao! :)

A Successful Surgery!

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I have been dealing with hoarseness since last 2 days of 2012. I didn’t mind it then because I was also suffering from flu then. I thought it was normal. After my shift last January 2, I decided to see a doctor; and then I started my long sick leave. :(

I was admitted to the hospital in the afternoon of January 24; a day before my scheduled surgery to remove the cyst found on the right side of my larynx.

I was really scared. I do not know what will happen after the surgery. I trust my doctor/surgeon. But, sometime, something goes wrong as well. I have been praying for a successful surgery and for my recovery from our Healer, and of course, I have prayed for Dr. Jarin and all the doctors and medical staff who will be with him as well.
The night before the operation, I asked my cousin to accompany me to the hospital’s chapel. I prayed and prayed and prayed until I felt God’s comforting peace assuring me that everything is going to be fine. And that He is in control.
I couldn’t sleep that night but I forced myself to. My operation was scheduled around 7AM. I slept wearing my hospital gown already. I woke up around 6AM the following day. I didn’t eat or even drink water since 11PM that night. I was on fast and was getting my nourishment on dextrose.

The OR staff fetch me from my room passed 7AM already. At the OR, I was welcomed by number of staff including my doctor. The staff nurse did a routine check on me first before I was moved to the designated room where the surgery will take place.

While waiting, I looked around the OR and saw number 7. Many of us know and believe that said number is associated with God. I know then that He is with me, and I will be fine. :)

Few minutes later, I was moved to the designated room. I was greeted by my anesthesiologist, Dr. Torres. From the stretcher used to fetch me in my room, I was transferred to the bed in the OR. I will be under general anesthesia but a needle was not used on me, thank God! I don’t know the medical term for it but I basically inhaled the anesthesia using a mask. That was the last thing I remembered.
When I woke up, I was still wearing a mask but it was for my oxygen. My heartbeat was still monitored as well as my blood pressure. I was already in the recovery room. There was no pain in my throat. I was just dizzy and sleepy. Praise the Lord, my surgery was a success!

As I leave the OR, I uttered a prayer of thanks to God, to Mama Mary, to my saints and to my angels. I didn’t forget to pray for the other people who will undergo and undergoing the surgery at the time. There are many people waiting outside the Operating Room. I know that there are people whose cases are worse than mine. I even heard one of the staff talking to another that the relatives of one of their patients’ are already in the conference. I just hope that everything goes well for that someone, too.

I stayed in the hospital for four days. I wanted to visit the chapel before going home but I couldn’t. I didn’t have someone to accompany me. My sister and my cousin were working on my discharge clearance.
I knew also that one of the hospital stall will accompany us going to the basement where we will be waiting for a cab. But, maybe God knows that I really wanted to visit the chapel before going home. My sister asked the staff nurse if it was okay to go down the basement without an attendant, and we were allowed. :)

From the 12th floor, we stopped by the second floor and I went to the chapel. I knelt and prayed to God.

Truly, God has always been with me. I know that my ordeal doesn’t end at my operation. I am in recovery stage and I am not talking still. I have not heard my voice yet since I underwent the surgery. I have been longing to talk and to sing. Well, I have been patient and continuously praying.

I believe that everything will be okay. I know God wanted me to do something different, I just don’t know what it is yet. :)

Ciao! :)

God is in Control

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I went to MedCity today for a check up from my ENT doctor. It has been almost two weeks since my home confinement due to severe asthma attack and acute laryngitis. There is still hoarseness in my voice, although it has improved a lot. (Maybe the medications given to me are now taking effect). The doctor said that my throat has improved but still swollen. He is actually reluctant when I asked if I can report to work already. He said that if I really needed to go to work, then I should talk in a very low tone voice, slow pace, rest in between and drink a lot of water.

I know that if he is to ask, he would still recommend me to just stay at home and have a voice rest until I am completely well. He may not say it aloud though but the looks on his face tells me so. He knows that I am worried about my job, but I guess being a doctor, he is worried about my health. I appreciate it a lot.

When I leave the hospital, I decided to go to Galleria to pay for the books we have ordered for youngest sister little side-business. On my way to the mall, I prayed and prayed asking for God’s healing and guidance. I am truly worried about my job, and the thought of losing my voice completely is dreadful. I went to Globe center but found out that GCash is not available. I decided then to visit one of my favorite bookstores, Best Seller. I first checked the books currently on sale in the hopes that I would find some good buys. Visiting a bookstore is a therapy for me. (the other one, is visiting the holy sacrament). I found two interesting books to read. On my way headed to the cashier, I found another table with SALE signage over it. Of course, I would not miss that chance. I turned around going to the said table and passed the shelves that contain religious books. I saw Jesus face as cover on the many books on those shelves. When I reached the said SALE books, the first book that caught my attention was the book entitled. “Your Perfect Job” by Robert Bittner.

I usually just browsed through the pages of the book and read a line or two from it. Maybe God directed me to go to that side of the bookstore, so He could tell me what He wanted to tell me. My eyes were set on the line wherein the author mentioned a scene in Moses life. And I quote;

“.. God needed something to grab his attention and set him on the right track. Hence: The Burning Bush. If you are actively working to follow God in your life, chances are God isn’t going to need to grab you by the throat and give you a shake. You only need a visit from God if you are likely, to miss the miracle He has in store for you. All the same, if you do see a bush that’s burning without a charcoal, keep your eyes and ears open. Even if things have been great. Because, there’s one other reason why God might come right out and tell you it’s time to do something different. God may have something even better in store for you and your gifts. Something you can’t even begin to imagine right now..”

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Those words really hit me. As if God is talking to me right that very moment. I was stunned for a moment trying to hold my tears back. I closed the book and looked at the back cover. On the back cover of the book, the writing says, “So, what are you going to do now?”

Earlier that afternoon, while I was waiting for my turn to see the doctor, I was reading an anecdote of woman whose sick mother was in coma in a hospital. It was one of the stories in the said book entitled, “Angels. Miracles and Answered Prayers” (by Kelsey Tyler). While her old mother was in the ICU, a nurse accidentally given her a wrong medication and since then, her mother has been in coma. While she was tending her garden after visiting her mother that day, a man with a dog just appeared before her. In her accounts, she said that there was something unearthly on the said man and she started telling him what happened to her mother. The man said that she shouldn’t worry about her mother for God is in control

When I arrived home today, I tried to contemplate on the incidents that happened. I have been praying for God’s healing hands since the day I was advised to take a rest. Day and night I pray. Every hour I pray, and asked God’s forgiveness and healing.

God wanted me to realize and understand that amidst all my worries, He is in control. And that He may come right out and tell me that it’s time for me to do something different. That He may have something even better in store for me and my gifts. Something that I cannot even begin to imagine right now. I just need to trust and have faith. :)

Ciao! :)

Pedro Calungsod: The Second Filipino Saint

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I have been away from my online journal for a while and I believe that it is a good way to start working on my blog again with the story of the second Filipino saint. Read on! :)

St. Pedro Calungsod was canonized as a Catholic Saint on October 21, 2012 by Pope Benedict at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Pedro Calungsod is the second Filipino saint (next to St. Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila). Filipinos all over the world gathered last Sunday to witness the canonization of the young saint. He was beatified by Blessed Pope John Paul II in March 5, 2000. It was a 12-year process. But it is worth the wait! :)

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St. Pedro Calungsod was a young catechist who was with a Jesuit priest Bl. Diego Luis San Vitores doing missionary work in Marianas when they were killed on April 2, 1672. Accounts said that young Pedro had the option to run away and save his life, but he opted to stay with Bl. Diego San Vitores.

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The notable miracle associated with the young saint happened on March 26, 2003. “A woman who was pronounced clinically dead by accredited physicians two hours after a heart attack, was revived when her doctor prayed for her through Pedro Calungsod’s intercession.” (Source:

At a young age, my daughter Nonet is already aware of the current celebration happening in the Catholic Church. Then she asked, was there a camera then and people were able to get a picture or portrait of St. Pedro Calungsod? Well, there could have been a camera then but a Pedro Calungsod might not had a chance to smile in front it.

The official portrait of St. Pedro Calungsod was modeled after a basketball player named  Ronald Tubid. Ronald was only 17 then. He is now 31 and is playing for the Barako Bull Energy Cola.

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My heart is truly filled with joy that our country has two saints who will be a model of faith to many Filipino Catholics most especially the youth.

God bless us all! :)

Ciao! :)

Have a Little Faith

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I recently finished reading the book of Mitch Albom that was released internationally. I do not have a copy of this book yet. But, I will definitely get one. I know that many people will be benefited if I would get a copy. :) Besides, it will complete my Mitch Albom collection. :) I already have, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, For One More Day and Tuesdays With Morrie. Soon, I will get Have a Little Faith. :)

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The book was released in 2009. When I read the teaser of the book, it didn’t really interest me. But since, it was written by Mitch, I have this confidence that it is a good book. Something that is worthwhile reading. :)

My friend and colleague Ruth, lent me her copy. When I started reading the book, believe me, I couldn’t take my eyes from it anymore! I just need to convince myself to stop for a while and get a good sleep for I need to go to work in the evening. Sometimes, my mother will just turn off the light in our room so I would stop reading!

The book is about two leaders from different religion; opposing religions. One was a Jew rabbi and the other one was a Christian Pastor. Rabbi Albert Lewis was Mitch one and only rabbi. Mitch was asked by Rabbi Al to do his eulogy. Mitch didn’t know then that the rabbi had cancer. On the other hand, Mitch met Pastor Henry Covington in Detroit. He was the senior pastor at I Am My Brother’s Keeper. Mitch learned about the humanitarian activities led by the pastor in his church and Mitch wanted to extend some help.

The two church leaders may have different beliefs, follow different traditions and may have been raised differently, but both taught us to be kind and be a accountable for one another. :)

I am Christian, a Catholic. Yet, I admired the late rabbi of Mitch. I learned a lot from him by simply reading the book. On the other hand, Pastor Henry taught us that each one of us was given a chance not only once but God is patiently giving us chance after another to renew our faith and turn back to Him. Pastor Henry made us realize how forgiving our God is. He also reminded us that in the end of our life, we will still be judged by what we have done.

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Mitch with Rabbi Albert Lewis

The book only states that Rabbi Al passed away and Mitch also wrote his eulogy for Rabbi Al. He also kept his promise to his Rabbi, that the Reb will not die a second death. Second death: which the rabbi said as being forgotten. He also mentioned the help that was extended to Pastor Henry’s church in Detroit.

As I finished reading the book, I prayed to Rabbi Al. I believe that we may have different faith, nor he wouldn’t know, I believe that he is now happy and rejoicing with God. :)

On the other hand, I searched over the Internet about what has become of Pastor Henry. I was able to find his church website and learned about the hole in the roof of their church. And, the memorial concert for his foundation.

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Pastor Henry Covington

I was really surprised when I learned that Pastor Henry has passed away as well. He passed away peacefully on bed while sleeping in one of the hotels in New York in December, 2010. He and Mitch attended in an interview earlier that day. :( Upon learning about his death, I immediately offered a prayer for the late pastor.

Rabbi Al and Pastor Henry taught us that even if we came from different faith, there is only one God. We may call our god differently, we may have different traditions and festivals to commemorate our faith, at the end of the day, we still worship one and only God. And, whatever congregation or religion we belong, we are taught to love, care, respect and be accountable for our neighbors. :)

I believe that Rabbi Al and Pastor Henry are both with God now. Both are happy. Both are content. Both are lucky that in their lifetime, they have met a good friend in Mitch; who made a way for them not to die a second death. Truly, both Rabbi Al and Pastor Henry will always be remembered.

I recommend that you get a copy of this great and inspiring book. :)

Ciao! :)

Is Sto. Niño a saint, too?

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The follow up question there was, “Is Jesus a saint, too?” :) Those were the questions that Nonet asked me as we watch the parade last January 15 (2012) to commemorate the Feast of Sto. Niño. In the Catholic calendar the feast of the Sto. Niño is celebrated every third Sunday of January.

In our parish, the parade was held after the 6:30AM high mass. I used to participate in this feast when I was younger. Well, I don’t remember anymore the last time I joined the said feast. It was either when I was still in high school or a freshman college student. When my sisters and I were younger, our mother used to take us to the altar of Sto. Niño in the Immaculate Conception church in Pasig during our birthday. We lit candles and pray before little Jesus. We also whisper our wishes to him. :) Happy memories of childhood. :)

Since, we’re not able to participate in the parade; we just brought with us our little Sto. Niño. As we wait for parade to pass by our “looban”, Nonet asked if Sto. Niño is a saint too. I said no. I told her that Sto. Niño is Jesus in a child form. I guess, she still didn’t quite get it, so she asked again; “Is Jesus a saint, too?” I told her that Jesus is God. Since He is a god, He is holy even when He is a child. I told her that in Spanish, a little boy is called a niño and since he is holy, we call Him in our native language as Santo. Thus, Sto. Niño means holy child. I bet she understood my explanation, because she asked me how a little girl in Spanish is called. I told her, it was niña. She smiled to me and said; “I am Niña Nonet.” :)

As the parade passed us, we enjoyed music from the marching bands. Nonet loves watching the kids play the drums for the parade. She also wanted to have a kids drum set. Well, maybe soon. Hehehe! :) We danced our own Niño as we watched other statues of Niño danced and dressed in different costumes. :)

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The feast of the Sto. Niño is celebrated in different parts of the country. The two famous celebrations of Sto. Niño are Sinulog Festival in Cebu and Dinagyang Festival in Ilo-Ilo City. There are lots of street dancing, music, food and colorful costumes. People from all over the Philippines and even from other parts of the world flock to these cities to join the festival. I have not been to any but I hope one day, I would. :)

I don’t see anything wrong in celebrating feast and festivals like this. For me it is a celebration of faith, of what we believe in. But, I just hope that above the beauty and fun that these festivals brought us, we shouldn’t forget the reason behind these celebrations.

In this feast and festival, we remember Jesus as a child. It may be said easier than done, but the feast reminds us to imitate the characteristics of Jesus, when He was still a child and as He became a man and redeemed the world from sin. It is okay to be a devotee of Sto. Niño, but we shouldn’t forget that Sto. Niño and Jesus is one. And that He is part of the Holy Trinity of a one and only God. :)

God bless us all!

Ciao! :)

So help me God

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When  I became part of Sto. Rosario Parish choir about 12 years ago, I was able to use the gift of music which God gave me. I enjoyed singing in the choir. I felt that my talent in singing has been honed and developed further. The joy was different every after mass. I felt that I became closer to God for using His gift to praise Him. It was really a wonderful feeling. :)

While I was in the choir I learned different songs which can be sang in the mass; songs of praise; songs of faith and inspiration. When I was in college. I was assigned by our department head to organize a small choir who will sing in the mass offering to be held in the school. I also led the choir who sing in a first Friday mass offered in my previous company. I believe that I made God happy by sharing my talent. :) .

Last Saturday, my friend Victor and I attended the album launch of one of my two favorite choirs, Hangad (the other one is Bukas Palad Music Ministry). Both group originated from Ateneo de Manila. As I watch and listen to the songs offered in Hangad’s new album, I dream of sending my daughter, Antoinette, to ADMU, so she would have an opportunity of becoming the next generation member of either Hangad or Bukas Palad Music Ministry. Well, I wouldn’t have the means to do so but with God’s help I believe that I will. :)

Tonight, as I listen to the inspiring songs of Hangad choir, I realized that it doesn’t matter whether someone would be part of a famous choir or not. What matters is that when you becthome part of a ministry, you do it for God’s glory. :) What is important is that, you would able to use God’s gift to praise Him and to spread His love to other people.

I still have the dream of sending Antoinette to Ateneo, though. And to top it all, her third name happens to be Jesuita. :) She will just turn 6 years old in October. She has a long way to go. But, I believe that God has amazing plans for her, like He has for me. I just need to be faithful. :)

Here is one of my favorite songs by Hangad choir.

Ciao! :)

Who is Jesus for me?

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Last week’s gospel talked about the identity of Jesus. How His apostles know Him. My family and I heard the 11AM in our church. During the homily the priest then asked the faithful, if we are to ask who Jesus is, what would we answer? We may be Catholic believers and we know Jesus as one true God, one of the persons in the Holy trinity. These are all being taught to us by our religion teachers. But who is Jesus in our lives?

In my life, Jesus is my God, my Savior, my confident and my friend. In my prayers after the Holy Communion, I told him that He is the only one I can turn to especially during the very low moments of my life.

The mystery of the Holy Trinity is so deep to understand when you think about it. But if you have faith, then faith will lead you to understand the profound vagueness of the Holy Trinity. :)

I hope that we not only call unto Jesus during when we have problems. I believe that He would also love to hear our thanksgiving and praise as well as the happy moments we have in life. :)

Ciao! :)

Prayer for the Priests

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I heard the 8pm mass last Sunday in our parish. I preferred that schedule because, the mass goers are fewer compared to the early schedules. The priest who presides the mass is the parish guest priest, Father Mico. I remember in one of his homilies, he told the masses that even when we are participating in the homily mass, the devil does not stop tempting people. Father Mico said that the devil will try to take our attention from hearing the homily, that it may cause us to feel sleepy and many other things. Father Mico said that even he is not an exemption.

I remembered that homily, because last Sunday, after the consecration of the holy Eucharist, the prayer that Father Mico prayed was for the consecration! I was stunned realizing that maybe, a “bad thing” made it to happen. I felt bad because maybe, we people were not praying and concentrating enough, that our priest was attacked by satan. :(

While I was arranging my stuff, I found a program which was used in one of Acies I participated in, during my Legion days. At the back of the program I found a simple prayer for our priest. I believe that we should always pray for our priests. They are fragile to every temptation just like us. They pray for their people and in return we should pray for them, too.

Here’s the prayer for the priest which I like to share with you.

O Jesus, our great High Priest, Hear my humble prayers on behalf of your priest, Father. Give him a deep faith, a bright and firm hope and a burning love which will ever increase in the course of his priestly life.In his loneliness, comfort him In his sorrows, strengthen him In his frustrations, point out to him that it is through suffering that the soul is purified, and show him that he is needed by the Church, he is needed by souls, he is needed for the work of redemption. O loving Mother Mary, Mother of Priests, take to your heart your son who is close to you because of his priestly ordination, and because of the power which he has received to carry on the work of Christ in a world which needs him so much. Be his comfort, be his joy, be his strength, and especially help him to live and to defend the ideals of consecrated celibacy. Amen.

God bless our priests.

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Ciao! :)

The Frontliners!

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Since we are reminiscing the people power victory in 1986, I couldn’t help but wonder where the frontliners of the said revolution have gone. I am getting goosebumps while writing this article. I have little tears gently running from my eyes when I remember the brave nuns who were the front liners of the people power revolution. They didn’t mind the big tankers, the military with high powered guns and armours that they would face if there would be a bloody revolution. All they carried with them was a rosary, a flower and a big faith in God.

I was lucky enough to find an article about the unsung heroes of the EDSA revolution. In the picture we could see a nun who leads the people in praying the rosary. In my research, I learned that the said nun is Sister Teresita “Terry” Burias while her companion nun is Sister Porferia “Pingping” Ocariza. They were both Paulinian nuns of Daughters of St. Paul. In the article, featured in the Philippine STAR which was written by Edu Punay, Sister Terry admitted that there was fear in her hearts but the she didn’t care dying anymore as long as she would die with the people.

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I was really crying while reading the said article. I definitely believe that there was a divine interventions then. How lucky they were, for I know that while they lead the people in praying the holy rosary, the Blessed Mother was praying with them.

In the said interview, Sister Pingping shared that when they were citing the Sorrowful mystery, there was a helicopter that appeared. Little did she know that the said helicopter was there to disperse them. Sister Pingping said that the Air Force Officers who were manning the helicopter told them that from the sky, the people formed the shape of the cross. On another account, Sister Terry said many told them that they saw a woman with a beautiful face praying with in front of the Marine trucks.

The article was published in 2006. In that account, it was said that the Sister Terry is in a convent in Baguio City while Sister Pingping is in Davao City.

I hope that I would have a chance to meet them in person. The courage and faith that the two nuns showed are really remarkable. Click this link to read the full article.

God bless the nuns. God bless the Filipino people.

Ciao! :)

Miracles do Happen!

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After a little picnic in her school to celebrate her 5th birthday, I took my daughter and my mother to St. Pio’s chapel in Libis, Quezon City. I have told you about this chapel in my previous post. As you all know, my daughter is suffering from asthma. My mother on the other hand, has rheumatic heart disease. I believe in miracles and I have faith that God will heal my dear child and mother from the health problems they have. It may not be a drastic or on the spot healing, but I believe that miracles do happen. They do happen. :)

I prayed before God and asked St. Pio’s intercession for the pleas i have in my heart. I have a lot to pray for but I don’t forget to say thank you. Maybe it is a good practice to praise the Lord and thank Him for all the blessing He is giving us. The solemnity and serenity of the place really gave me a relax and happy feeling. I can stay there for hours just staring at the life size statues of Mama Mary, St. Joseph, Jesus and St. Pio. I will never get bored praying. If you think about it. There are a lot of things we need to pray for. No only for our personal needs but for the welfare of the people around us as well. :)

I let mama write her petitions and gave her time to pray, while I look after my daughter. I wasn’t able to tour the chapel in my first visit. My daughter happened to be a keen observer and she found areas that I would never find it wasn’t for her. She saw glowing candles through the glass walls of the chapel and she asked me to go there. I was able to find the door that led us to a little St. Francis chapel. We also found the office where we got roses to offer to the saint. My daughter enjoyed placing flowers on the vases. :)

Our wandering led us to a garden where we found statues of St. Pio, St. Francis and St. Anthony. I took a picture of Nonet with St. Anthony and I told her that she got her name from him. We also found an alley that led to a praying Jesus in the garden of Getsemani.

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In the evening, outdoor lighting are turned on that adds beauty to the chapel.

It was really a day of prayers, fun and laughter! Of course, Nonet enjoyed so much that day. I took her to Eastwood after spending hours in the chapel. Well, it’s gonna be another story. I recommend that you visit the said chapel, too.

Ciao! :)

Padre Pio Pietrelcina

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Everyday when I go and leave work, I always see a signage pointing to Padre Pio’s church. I didn’t mind that signage though I know that it is pointing to a church. Maybe I wasn’t interested at all. I didn’t know who Padre Pio was, that’s why.

About 2 days ago, my cousin Anne asked me if I know how to go to Padre Pio’s church in Libis. I told her that I have seen a mark pointing to Padre Pio’s church, but haven’t been there. This afternoon, I decided to look at the said church. I’m telling you, the church is very solemn. I really felt good going to the church. I noticed the three life images inside the church. The images are Padre Pio’s, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I loved to take pictures inside the church but of course, out of respect, I forbid myself.

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Padre Pio’s Chapel in Libis, Quezon City

Since that was my first visit to the church, I uttered a wish (wishes actually!). I noticed that in front of Padre Pio’s life size statue, I observed that there are people writing. I thought that there could be relics of Padre Pio in there and people can write petitions. I went forward to write my petitions as well. I just found myself on the queue waiting for my turn to come closer to Padre Pio’s image. While waiting for my turn, I took a piece of paper from my bag and I started writing my petitions.

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Padre Pio exposing Stigmata

When it is my turn, I went forward and whispered my prayers to Padre Pio. I told him that I do not know him personally but with all faithfulness, I asked him to pray with me and present my petitions to God. I felt serenity. :)

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Uncorrupted body of Padre Pio. It was exhumed 40 years after his death

When I arrived home, I browsed the net and searched about Padre Pio Pietrelcina. I learned that he is also known as Padre Pio of Stigmata. Stigmata are bodily marks, causing pain and bleeding in locations that correspond to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ. The first occurrence of stigmata was in September 1918, and it ended until the end of his life in 1968. Padre Pio had a poor health as well. He suffered illness after illness; operations after operations. He died because of health deterioration. Pope John Paul II canonized him as saint in June 16, 2002. Like many other faithful who were elevated to sainthood, his body is uncorrupted when it was exhumed in 2008, 40 years after his death. :)

When I was reading the church’s mass schedule, there is always anointing of the holy oil. I just realized that Padre Pio had gone through spiritual and physical sufferings when he was alive. Yet, he was able to win that battle because of his great love and faith to God.

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Chapel’s Schedule

I believe that we can offer a request to Padre Pio to join us praying before God our pleas. He suffered numerous illnesses when he was living on earth, therefore he knew the pain that people suffering from cancer, may it be a breast, brain cancer or any forms of illnesses people go through. People suffering from grave illnesses may try to visit the said chapel in Libis. Please bring with you great faith and trust to God Almighty. It is located between Honda Cars and Eastwood City.

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Saint Pio is said to be one of the popular saints in the world. Well, I guess he would be one of my favorite saints now along with the 7 Archangels, St. Anthony de Padua, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare of Assisi, St. Bernadette of Lourdes and St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

Ciao! :)

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