My First Chuck!

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Converse is one of the leading brands of snickers, I guess around the globe. I am not really a fan of rubber shoes or snickers. I am more comfortable of wearing sandals, doll shoes and pumps. I had rubber shoes when I was in high school because of our PE, which I used until second year in college for my PE class. Since it has served me for long years, I had it retired. :(

I only got another pair of snickers when I was already working. My friends asked me to join them in playing badminton one day after work. I decided to join them. I was wearing jeans and boots. The lady in the gym didn’t allow me to play because I am not wearing the appropriate attire. My boots may also cause me harm as I run after the shuttle cock. Since my friends like me to join them, they had bought a pair of snickers from a nearby “ukay-ukay.” :) I was accompanied by my friend Mot-mot in getting one. :) It was like 5 years ago and I still have the said pair.

When I was in college, my friends Arlene and May (whom I miss a lot), love to wear Converse’ Chuck Taylor. Every year, Converse will hold its annual Sale at SM Mega Mall’s Mega Trade Hall. I remember going to the said sale with them twice or thrice. I just love looking at shoes at 70% off. Since, I am not fan or maybe I don’t have enough money to buy, I just go there to accompany them and share the happiness they felt when they found Chuck at low prices! :) Well, I remember buying a pair of socks, a cap and a T-Shirt for my father at one time for as Christmas presents. :)

It’s been a while since I have been in the said sale. I have graduated from college in 2003. Well, t has been a long while actually. :)

Last December 2012, Converse held its annual Sale again. I told my sister Pauline and she was actually delighted. She is a big fan of Chuck Taylor. The day of the sale came and we went there as early as 10AM. She was really excited. We decided to split and had our ways in checking the shoes. I do not have intention to buy one for me but I will buy a pair for Nonet. She prefers to wear rubber shoes and snickers instead of doll shoes and sandals. Oh yeah! We’re opposite! Hehehe! :)

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After an hour, I received a text message from Pau. She’s looking for me for she couldn’t decide what to get. She actually has 5 pairs in our basket! The price of each pair cost around Php 1200. It’s a good buy actually. She was able to find new stocks. I told Pau, that every year Converse hold a sale. I asked her to just get two pairs. She decided to get a pink and a green. I found a blue high-cut for Nonet. Pau told me to buy one for myself. Since, she is done; she helped me find something that would fit me (and will look good on me).

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Believe it or not, I have tried on 10 pairs! Different styles and different colors but nothing seems to fit me. :( Pau then said to just forget about it. Chuck Taylor is not for me. When we headed our way to the cashier, a pair of white Chucks caught my eyes. White is “safe” color. I thought I can wear it with any shirt color. I tried in on and voila! It fits and it was really comfortable. I didn’t imagine that I would want to wear snickers as an everyday wear. But now that I have tried it, I guess I know now the reasons why people from different walks of life enjoy wearing Chuck Taylor. :)

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This year, we would watch for another Converse Sale in December and we will definitely be there. :)

Ciao! :)

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