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My passion in reading and collecting books was actually influenced by my younger sister Patty. She is actually the book worm in our family. Since she’s already working, she can afford buying the books she loves. Like me and our youngest sister Pauline, she also loves going to book sale, book bazaar and any thrift bookstore where she can find good buys. :)

She started collecting her oldest time favorite teen novels books called Sweet Dreams. We both learned to love reading Sweet Dreams when my god-sister Claire lent me her Sweet Dreams books when I was in high school. We cannot afford to buy books then. I mean books like that. Our family is not a well-to-do family. We only buy books that we really need for school. Often times, we go to the library for our assignments.

Since, Sweet Dreams is not being published anymore; she would just visit book sale or any thrift and garage sale where she might find copies of Sweet Dreams. She actually printed out the list of all Sweet Dreams Novels and cross out the titles of those she already has. I was fascinated with this that I found myself helping her collect Sweet Dreams. I also started going to book sales and thrift books. I learned to browse through the piles of books available on sale. It was actually fun! :) And, when we found a copy it was like, jackpot! :) She still has a long list of titles to complete, though.

The first sets of book I were able to acquire were the Grolier’s 24-Volume I Wonder Why and the 12-Volume 1000 Things You Should Know About. I got it when Nonet was only 2 years old. It was February 2008. It may cost a lot but it was worth it. Nonet was able to distinguish animals and the difference between a Cheetah, a Tiger and a Jaguar because of the said books. She learned about animals and parts of the body first before she learned ABC and 123, because of the said books. And now that she can read, I often find her reading those books and then she would tell me about new things she learned. :)

My childhood dream though, is to complete the volumes of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mystery Collection. The first Hardy Boys I read was entitled While the Clock Ticks. It was volume number 11. It was my Tito Rudy’s book. Said book was actually published in 1965, if I am not mistaken. That was the first Hardy Boys book I have. I still have a long list to complete, too. But, slowly but surely I believe that I will be able to complete it.

With our fascination and love with books, it was not surprising if I would tell you that the three of us went to the National Bookstore sale at Quezon Avenue last November 2012. It was not that convenient for us to go there, considering the traffic in EDSA. The many transfers of vehicles that we need to do because we don’t own a car. It was really tiring but we had a lot of fun! I cannot imagine the number of books on sale! :) We actually spent around 4 hours checking every table for books that interest us. :)

When NBS had another book sale at Market! Market! Mall in Taguig, Pauline and I went there, too. There I found Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mystery Books worth Php50! Original price of the said books is Php185. I was really happy. :) Pauline was able to find copies of Judy Blume’s novels and stories as well. Being that said, I would like to share an interesting story that happened to us there.

Pauline was actually looking for a certain Judy Blume story called; The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo. She asked me to help her find it but we already checked all the tables and didn’t have any luck. There were a lot of people. When they check on books, it’s as if, they were in “ukay-ukay”. Most people didn’t care if they were already stepping on books or destroying it. Anyway, I told Pau to do good deed for the books. We picked up the books that fell from the table where we at, and arrange them in a way that people would easily see the titles and authors, so they would need not scramble the books. Maybe, God saw our good deed then. I was reaching out a certain book under the table, and when I turned it over, there I found, Judy Blume’s, The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo! :)

As of today, I have completed Twilight Saga Novel including Bree Tanner’s story and the Official Illustrated guide to Twilight Saga. We have completed Chronicles of Narnia. We also have the 7 books of Harry Potter. I have Og Mandino’s books which I got from Tito Nonoy. I have Mitch Albom’s books (Five People You Meet in Heaven, Tuesday’s with Morrie and For One More Day). I have read his novel Have a Little Faith but I have yet to get a copy of it as well as his new novel, The Time Keeper. I also have series of religious books written by different authors.

I have completed Nicholas Sparks’ 17-novels (The Lucky One is with Pau’s friend at the time of this picture). And, he actually signed my favorite novel, “The Notebook” when he visited Manila for book-signing and launching of his latest book, The Best of Me, on October 28, 2011 at The Podium. It was Nonet’s birthday so I will never forget it. :)

Thanks to Pau for introducing me to Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom. She has her collection of Judy Blume and Maeve Binchy. Patty has Sweet Dreams and Janet Dailey. Nonet has her own collection of books, too. :) As a family collection, we have ample of Classic Novels from various authors like the Bronte sisters and Charles Dickens.

Seeing our books really makes me happy. They are my stress reliever. Reading is a form of relaxation for me. When I read, I relax and I rest. So, I am not really fan of sci-fi or books that would actually require you to “think”. Hehehe! I just like easy-reading books. I also love reading autobiographies and anecdotes of people about their first hand experience of God’s power and love. :)

I always tell Nonet, that her mommy doesn’t own a lot of money. If there is something that I would leave her when I am gone, it would be my book collection, and the joy of reading and collecting books. :)

Ciao! :)

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