Professionalism should always remains

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One of the requirements that the agency asked honey is to have his NBI clearance be authenticated. About two years ago, when he had his Driver’s license authenticated, we filed it through DFA’s Office of Consular Affairs in Roxas Boulevard.

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Thinking that the authentication is still done in the said building, I accompanied honey to the said office then. If my recollection is correct, we entered DFA’s gate 3. At the gate, we asked the security guard in charge how to go about authenticating NBI Clearance. He said that the authentication will be done in DFA’s old building. I asked honey if he knows how to go to the old DFA building. He said no.

So since, honey doesn’t know how to go there, neither I know. I asked the security how to go there. And this is how he replied to my question. Note, I asked him with politely and with respect.

Security Guard: “magtaxi kayo para hindi kayo maligaw. Eh hindi nyo pala alam. Magtaxi kayo.”

To be honest, umakyat talaga ang dugo ko sa ulo ko. And, I turned back to him with a very serious face and I asked him again with conviction.  I guess he knows that what he responded made me angry already. Then he said that old DFA building is in Libertad. From the Consular Office, we can take a bus ride going to Libertad. Then I told him, “Thank you. Ganyan ang pag sagot kuya.”

Then we left. I still have a lot to say to that security guard but honey pulled me over. He knew already that if we will not leave soon, I will be asking for the security guards manager or higher officer. For I know when to be patient and when to ask for a manager so his or her subordinates will be disciplined.

He may be one of the security guards in DFA but he should still be professional at all times. Since he insulted us for not knowing how to go to old DFA building, I would want to ask him if he knows how to setup a network and VPN; if he knows how to identify no POST from no video issue in a computer.  I was really mad at him. I wanted to say more and would like to belittle him, but I am not really that kind of person. I cannot do that.

Too bad, I wasn’t able to get neither his name nor the security agency he is from. I didn’t get the chance because honey wanted me out of the scene as soon as possible.

I know that not all security guards are like him. It was just a very disappointing experiencing. Honey and I were even dressed up fine. Since we are going to a government office, we are both presentable and neat. I know that I carry myself fine and I talked to them cheerfully, politely and with respect. Yet the said security guard maybe left his manners and professionalism somewhere. :(

I hope that other people may not have the same experience we had. And I hope that whoever manages the security personnel in DFA’s Consular Affairs Office will look into this incident and will install to professionalism and courtesy to their staff strongly.

Ciao! :)

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  1. joyce Says:

    grabe nmn! pro inside the DFA employees were all so polite. we had a good experience applying for my son’s passport.

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