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Last Sunday, my mother, sisters and Nonet went to hear mass and didn’t leave the key to our house. So, I stayed in my cousins’ house which is just 2 doors away from ours. :) It was a fine day. The sun was up and finally got a rest from the rainy week. Well, I just thought so.

After an hour, my family arrived. My sister and Nonet went to our cousins’ house as well and we chat for a while. Then, we decided to order pizza for lunch. :)

Pizza Hut’s promo is that your pizza is free is they don’t deliver it on time. After placing our order, one of the customer service representatives called me to confirm our order and was told that the pizza will be delivered at 1:05 PM. And, so we waited.

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Then the fine weather that I thought will last was turned to a gloomy rainy afternoon. The heavy rain fell at around 12:45PM. I waited near the entrance of our compound for the pizza delivery but it didn’t arrive at 1:05. We called the customer service at around 1:22PM and was told that the pizza will absolutely be free of charge. Then a minute later, my mother called us because the pizza has arrived. I told the delivery man that since he is 20 minutes late, then the pizza should be free. Well, I pity the man because I know that it will affect him. We just decided to take his offer for a free family size pan pizza yet we would still pay the first 2 pizzas we have ordered. For us it is still a win-win situation.
Good thing, we are greedy and our family has a kind heart.

We really enjoyed eating our lunch! Of course, we best drink to pair it with, Coca Cola! :)

Ciao! :)

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