Fixers still Exist

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Honey and I decided to go to old DFA building for his NBI Clearance authentication last Friday, August 3. I did a research on how to get there and what to do when we get there. We took G-Liner bus bound to Quiapo and got off at Manila City Hall. We passed through the under pass and took a jeep ride bound to Baclaran. We asked the driver to drop us at DFA. It was a long ride.

In the jeep, there are two other passengers bound to DFA. One is an older woman. And the other is a young man. When the driver called that we arrived at DFA, we got off the jeepney and we checked which way to go to DFA. Out of no-where, a man who is about 6ft tall came along beside us. He was carrying a passport and other paraphernalia. He asked us if we will have our documents be authenticated. We said yes. Honey tried to talk to the man and asked about the process of Authentication. He seemed nice and friendly.

On our way to DFA, I prayed that God will guide and help us. Then, we passed by a picture of Our Lady of Manaoag and I prayed to Mama Mary as well. When I was reading the steps on how to process the “red ribbon” for documents, it is clearly stated that one will go directly to DFA office and look for a window that says “Authentication.”

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Well, we followed the man who walked with us and we’re headed to a red building. We went upstairs and we entered a room where we were welcomed by a man. The man who walked with us showed his receipts to the other man in the said office and presented his receipt. Then he showed us his certification which has been authenticated. Of course the red ribbon is there.

I am just silent and observing. I know then that something is not right. I looked around trying to find DFA signage but didn’t find any. Honey handed the copy of his NBI clearance to the man who welcomed us. The man said that he is from Gumaca Quezon. It is the town next to ours. I was talking to myself and waited until the man tells us the fee. I know how much the fee for regular processing authentication and express processing. Regular processing cost Php 100 while express cost Php 200.

Then the hint I was waiting for has come. The man said that the processing fee would cost Php 700 and it is just regular processing. Immediately, I grabbed the NBI clearance of honey and stood up. We told the man that our money is not enough and we need to withdraw some money. I left the room immediately, and called honey to follow me quickly. We got out of the building as fast as we could. Outside a tricycle is already waiting and we were dropped off in front of DFA gate. Since, I have no business to do inside; I was not allowed to enter. I waited for honey at the DFA’s exit for an hour. He only paid Php100 for regular processing fee.

I really felt bad about the young man and the old woman whom we shared the jeep ride earlier. But, I tried to do good deed when someone asked me where DFA entrance is. I provided the woman the direction and firmly said to go straight to DFA entrance and do not entertain fixers.

On our way home, honey told me that it is a good thing that I was quick. He said that he didn’t have any clue. Well, I told him that I read and I pray. :)  Thank you, Lord. Thank you Mama Mary.

Ciao! :)

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  1. joyce Says:

    naku dati muntik n din kmi maloko ng mga fixer jan! buti nlng you pray and you followed your instinct!

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