The Big Flood?

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Due to the nonstop heavy rainfall causing the metro to be submerged in water, our company has raised BCRP. In other words, those agents who are already in the office and decided to stay in the office and will render work today will be provided with premium pay. For those who will have difficulty going to work and going back, were just advised to stay home and be safe. I am just 15 minutes away from the office through cab. I woke up the same time that I used when I will report to work. My mind is battling with itself whether I should go to work or not. I need money but I don’t want to compromise my safety. I checked the weather outside and the rain doesn’t stop. Well, I just decided to stay at home with my family.

I checked my fb account and chat with my friends who are online. Good thing, they are all fine. My attention was then caught by a picture of Noah’s Ark. Yesterday, August 7, 2012, the Philippines’ National Capital Region and nearby provinces are submerged in water due to the nonstop rainfall. There is no tropical storm though. But the rain is caused by the monsoon the country is experiencing.
August 7, 2012 or could also be written as 8-7-12.

Genesis 8:7-12 is about Noah’s Ark

(King James Version)
“7 And he sent forth a raven, which went forth to and fro , until the waters were dried up from off the earth. 8 Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground; 9 But the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot, and she returned unto him into the ark, for the waters were on the face of the whole earth: then he put forth his hand, and took her , and pulled her in unto him into the ark. 10 And he stayed yet other seven days; and again he sent forth the dove out of the ark; 11 And the dove came in to him in the evening ; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth. 12 And he stayed yet other seven days; and sent forth the dove; which returned not again unto him any more.”

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It was said that in Genesis Chapter 8, verse 7-12, the story of Noah, the Ark and the big flood is written. Some people may really find it freaky. Some may actually get goose bumps. How strange that the date we experienced heavy rains and big floods coincides with the chapter and verse in the Bible about the big flood that happened on earth thousands of years ago!

Honestly I really find it strange. But, I was not afraid. I always remember about the rainbow after the rain. Science may have a lot of explanation how we get to see a rainbow. But, for many believers, it is a reminder of God’s promise that He would never send the big flood again.

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For me, God has His reasons why we need to go through this. I believe that He is in control and we are not. I am just blessed enough that our house in Rosario does not experience any flood unless the rain is too much heavy that our drainage can no longer handle. Our family and our neighbours are blessed because we have electricity, we are near the market, there is no flood, and we are in the comfort of our own homes.

I only pray for the many families who are still in evacuation centers. I felt so bad for the children and the elderly. I believe that everything is going to be fine and we will have a sunny day again.

Pray and be safe everyone. God is in control.

Ciao! :)

Pizza for Lunch

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Last Sunday, my mother, sisters and Nonet went to hear mass and didn’t leave the key to our house. So, I stayed in my cousins’ house which is just 2 doors away from ours. :) It was a fine day. The sun was up and finally got a rest from the rainy week. Well, I just thought so.

After an hour, my family arrived. My sister and Nonet went to our cousins’ house as well and we chat for a while. Then, we decided to order pizza for lunch. :)

Pizza Hut’s promo is that your pizza is free is they don’t deliver it on time. After placing our order, one of the customer service representatives called me to confirm our order and was told that the pizza will be delivered at 1:05 PM. And, so we waited.

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Then the fine weather that I thought will last was turned to a gloomy rainy afternoon. The heavy rain fell at around 12:45PM. I waited near the entrance of our compound for the pizza delivery but it didn’t arrive at 1:05. We called the customer service at around 1:22PM and was told that the pizza will absolutely be free of charge. Then a minute later, my mother called us because the pizza has arrived. I told the delivery man that since he is 20 minutes late, then the pizza should be free. Well, I pity the man because I know that it will affect him. We just decided to take his offer for a free family size pan pizza yet we would still pay the first 2 pizzas we have ordered. For us it is still a win-win situation.
Good thing, we are greedy and our family has a kind heart.

We really enjoyed eating our lunch! Of course, we best drink to pair it with, Coca Cola! :)

Ciao! :)

Fixers still Exist

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Honey and I decided to go to old DFA building for his NBI Clearance authentication last Friday, August 3. I did a research on how to get there and what to do when we get there. We took G-Liner bus bound to Quiapo and got off at Manila City Hall. We passed through the under pass and took a jeep ride bound to Baclaran. We asked the driver to drop us at DFA. It was a long ride.

In the jeep, there are two other passengers bound to DFA. One is an older woman. And the other is a young man. When the driver called that we arrived at DFA, we got off the jeepney and we checked which way to go to DFA. Out of no-where, a man who is about 6ft tall came along beside us. He was carrying a passport and other paraphernalia. He asked us if we will have our documents be authenticated. We said yes. Honey tried to talk to the man and asked about the process of Authentication. He seemed nice and friendly.

On our way to DFA, I prayed that God will guide and help us. Then, we passed by a picture of Our Lady of Manaoag and I prayed to Mama Mary as well. When I was reading the steps on how to process the “red ribbon” for documents, it is clearly stated that one will go directly to DFA office and look for a window that says “Authentication.”

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Well, we followed the man who walked with us and we’re headed to a red building. We went upstairs and we entered a room where we were welcomed by a man. The man who walked with us showed his receipts to the other man in the said office and presented his receipt. Then he showed us his certification which has been authenticated. Of course the red ribbon is there.

I am just silent and observing. I know then that something is not right. I looked around trying to find DFA signage but didn’t find any. Honey handed the copy of his NBI clearance to the man who welcomed us. The man said that he is from Gumaca Quezon. It is the town next to ours. I was talking to myself and waited until the man tells us the fee. I know how much the fee for regular processing authentication and express processing. Regular processing cost Php 100 while express cost Php 200.

Then the hint I was waiting for has come. The man said that the processing fee would cost Php 700 and it is just regular processing. Immediately, I grabbed the NBI clearance of honey and stood up. We told the man that our money is not enough and we need to withdraw some money. I left the room immediately, and called honey to follow me quickly. We got out of the building as fast as we could. Outside a tricycle is already waiting and we were dropped off in front of DFA gate. Since, I have no business to do inside; I was not allowed to enter. I waited for honey at the DFA’s exit for an hour. He only paid Php100 for regular processing fee.

I really felt bad about the young man and the old woman whom we shared the jeep ride earlier. But, I tried to do good deed when someone asked me where DFA entrance is. I provided the woman the direction and firmly said to go straight to DFA entrance and do not entertain fixers.

On our way home, honey told me that it is a good thing that I was quick. He said that he didn’t have any clue. Well, I told him that I read and I pray. :)  Thank you, Lord. Thank you Mama Mary.

Ciao! :)

Professionalism should always remains

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One of the requirements that the agency asked honey is to have his NBI clearance be authenticated. About two years ago, when he had his Driver’s license authenticated, we filed it through DFA’s Office of Consular Affairs in Roxas Boulevard.

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Thinking that the authentication is still done in the said building, I accompanied honey to the said office then. If my recollection is correct, we entered DFA’s gate 3. At the gate, we asked the security guard in charge how to go about authenticating NBI Clearance. He said that the authentication will be done in DFA’s old building. I asked honey if he knows how to go to the old DFA building. He said no.

So since, honey doesn’t know how to go there, neither I know. I asked the security how to go there. And this is how he replied to my question. Note, I asked him with politely and with respect.

Security Guard: “magtaxi kayo para hindi kayo maligaw. Eh hindi nyo pala alam. Magtaxi kayo.”

To be honest, umakyat talaga ang dugo ko sa ulo ko. And, I turned back to him with a very serious face and I asked him again with conviction.  I guess he knows that what he responded made me angry already. Then he said that old DFA building is in Libertad. From the Consular Office, we can take a bus ride going to Libertad. Then I told him, “Thank you. Ganyan ang pag sagot kuya.”

Then we left. I still have a lot to say to that security guard but honey pulled me over. He knew already that if we will not leave soon, I will be asking for the security guards manager or higher officer. For I know when to be patient and when to ask for a manager so his or her subordinates will be disciplined.

He may be one of the security guards in DFA but he should still be professional at all times. Since he insulted us for not knowing how to go to old DFA building, I would want to ask him if he knows how to setup a network and VPN; if he knows how to identify no POST from no video issue in a computer.  I was really mad at him. I wanted to say more and would like to belittle him, but I am not really that kind of person. I cannot do that.

Too bad, I wasn’t able to get neither his name nor the security agency he is from. I didn’t get the chance because honey wanted me out of the scene as soon as possible.

I know that not all security guards are like him. It was just a very disappointing experiencing. Honey and I were even dressed up fine. Since we are going to a government office, we are both presentable and neat. I know that I carry myself fine and I talked to them cheerfully, politely and with respect. Yet the said security guard maybe left his manners and professionalism somewhere. :(

I hope that other people may not have the same experience we had. And I hope that whoever manages the security personnel in DFA’s Consular Affairs Office will look into this incident and will install to professionalism and courtesy to their staff strongly.

Ciao! :)

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