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After many attempts of getting a passport, I finally have a passport being process. ? The estimated date of delivery will be on August 10, 2012. :)

When I was younger I had a “palm reading” session with Atie. She said that the lines on my palm tell that I may not be going out of the country. I cannot remember anymore if I will not be able to go overseas to work or I may not be able to go out of the country at all.

When I was still at Link2Support, I had attempted to get a passport but I wasn’t able to do it. When DFA launched the appointment system for new passport application, I also setup an appointment with them. However, on my scheduled date I wasn’t able to come for some reasons. :(

Last April, I filed for another appointment scheduled on June 18. I did go to DFA then, only to find out that the appointment I have printed out is a duplicate application. When the verifier scanned bar code on my appointment, it showed a different name. In other words, I wasn’t able to file my application for passport.
When I got home, I filed for another appointment. This time, I made sure that I am printing the correct application. Last July 20, I reported to DFA and finally I was able to process my passport application. :)

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Sometimes, I ponder about the career I have today. Looking back, maybe I didn’t plan my life, or I guess I don’t really have a plan at all. I took up Computer Engineering because computers are very in demand during that time. I needed to have a job right away because I need to support my family and send my younger sister to college. I wanted to be an Accountant; I have always wanted to be a CPA. Yet, I ended up being a Computer Engineering grad. An Engineer by profession, but to be honest, I am not really happy about it. However, I was able to help my sisters finished college and continuously support my family to these days being in this profession.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why I didn’t really have any career path. Maybe because I started out with taking a college course that wasn’t really my choice, that’s why I was not interested in planning my life. What was important to me then, was I earn money and I am able to support my family.

Now that I am in my thirties, I am trying to catch up with my “life planning.” This time, it is not only my family that matters, but more importantly, I have a daughter who depends on me. I have a partner who depends and gets inspiration from me.

Since, I have applied for a passport I now have plans of going abroad; working overseas. Although I am having second thoughts about it but who knows. :)

I may have not planned my life well, but I might not have Nonet if I did. And, even if I wasn’t able to formulate a career and life plans in earlier in my life, I still believe, that there is Someone up there, who knows the best and will give the best for me. :)

Ciao! :)

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