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I can still remember how our baby Tika went through a long labor when she is about to give birth to her first kittens. It was 2 years ago. :)

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New born kittens with Tika

Tika’s first kitten is Baby Chi-Chi. We named him after Patty’s cat Chi-chi (Chichiriko). We had Chi-chi for about 9 years until he finally said goodbye to his mama Patty in March of 2010. He was confined at PAWS’ clinic and he must have died in his sleep. My sister and I really cried because of its death. Baby Chi-chi though is sweet unlike their uncle Chi-Chi. On the other hand, my cat Chaka had been with us for 8 years, until he breathed his last in February 2011.  Chaka was the nicest and politest cat we ever had. I really had a heartbreak when he died. Maybe that’s the reason why Tika’s first born got Chi-Chi’s looks and Chaka’s behavior. :) Baby Chi-chi was born on July 2, 2010.

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Tiki is Tika’s second kitten. She came a day after Baby Chi-Chi was born. We needed to massage Tika’s tummy and did a little push to help her give birth. I often call Tiki as “ate” since she is the eldest female kitten born. :) We thought that Tika will only have 2 kittens so we named Tiki after her mom. :)

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Baby Chi-Chi

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Tiki and Mama Cat Tika

Then few minutes later, the third kitten was born. :) We couldn’t think of any names when we remembered, Barbie’s cat’s name in her movie, The Three Musketeers. We named the third kitten as Miyette. :) Her nickname is Mimi. :)

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Happy 2nd birthday to you babies. In cat years they are already 25 years old. :)

Our neighbors may not understand our love for you but we will be here to fight for you. :)

We love you!

Ciao! :)

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