A Kitten behind the Wall

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I was very anxious when I heard the cries of a kitten inside our house. The cries seems to come from the roof but not quite. Its cries made me so worried for if we will not be able to find it, it may die of starvation. I went to my cousins’ apartment which is on a second floor. They have a window facing our roof. From there, I would be able to see if the said kitten is trapped somewhere. To may dismay, it isn’t there. :(

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I went back home and I told my aunt about it. We can still hear the loud cries from the kitten which slowly fading. I couldn’t do any chores because I worry about it. I know, one way or another it needs to be rescued. But how? Where could it be? In one corner of our house, we store Nonet’s stroller, our stuff toys, my collections of angels and other stuff. The cries came from there. I listened to the wall near it and I know that the kitten is behind it.

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So I prayed to God and asked St. Anthony de Padua and St. Francis of Assisi’s help; for us to find a way or ways on how to rescue the kitten. But, I knew then that we might need to bore a whole or cut a piece of wood from the wall to rescue it. But, God has helped me to find a way to rescue the poor kitten. I was checking the said wall and trying to trace which part we are going to cut. We need to be careful because the saw might harm the kitten. To my surprise, I found a piece of wood that has not been nailed properly. I know that I can pull it out and would be able to get the kitten. :) And so I did. :) Thank God! Thank you St. Anthony and St. Francis. :)

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The kitten was finally rescued. :) Her mother was patiently waiting on the roof above that wall. When I placed the kitten on her side, she recognized her kitten and brought it to their place. :)

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I was very happy and grateful.

Ciao! :)

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