Our new baby!

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Well, adopted baby I guess. :) Honey got a female black Chow-chow puppy about three weeks ago. He loves dogs and wanted to be a breeder. Their family got number of dogs which include aspins, poodle, shitzu and a pug which they named Bonita. :) He wanted to get a dog which he can call his own, so we went first to Aranque market in Manila. There are different breeds of dogs and cats and rabbits, pigeons and hens. He was interested in getting a Labrador puppy but he was not quite sure if the said puppy is pure breed. The vendor does not have any paper for the said dog. We forgot to go to Cartimar market in Pasay so we found our way to Tiendesitas’ Pet Village. :)

Of course, there are different breeds available and since they are beautiful puppies, honey had a hard time choosing which breed to get. We went from one store to another. I really cannot help but to admire the beauty of these dogs. :) I also checked the cute cats in store. :)

Finally, honey fell in love with a black female chow-chow. She is very charming and very beautiful. Truly, black is beautiful. :) She is a pure breed Chow-Chow with paper from AKCUPI (Asian Kennel Club Union of the Philippines Inc.). :)

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The vendor gave us a traveling cage for her and put on her diapers. We made sure that she would have enough water to drink since it’s going to be a 6-hour drive to Quezon. Yes, honey will take her to Quezon. As much as I wanted her with us, Nonet has allergies with dogs. Our house is too small to have her. Ney’s house in Quezon is big and it has a big yard, too. Aside from that, ney’s mother will be able to look after her and take good care of her when honey leaves again to work abroad.

Though Nonet has allergies to dog, our daughter still loves dogs. She is not afraid of them but she is cautious because of her allergies. We know that Nonet will be happy if she can say hello to chow-chow (which Nonet calls Din-Din) before it goes to her new and forever home. :)

I brought our little chow-chow home and showed it to Nonet, my mother and my sisters. My sisters and I are animal lovers. So they are so happy to her as well. Then, I brought her back to honey’s car ready for her trip to Quezon.

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Honey said that our little baby is doing fine. She knows that honey is her “dad”. He sleeps on a cage in ney’s room. :) He said that Din-din cries when she does not see honey around during the first few days of her stay in their house. But now, she is very comfortable and happy in her home. :)

When we got her paper, we learned that her mother is a red chow-chow and her father is a cream chow-chow. How come she is black? Well, her great great great maternal grand father is an American black chow-chow. :)

Ney and I were talking about two days ago, and we both wanted to have a house of our own with a big lawn. We both wanted to get a Labrador puppy someday. Of course, I do not forget the many dogs and cats who needs forever home from PAWS. :)

I hope and pray that God will bless us and would turn our dreams into reality. :)

Ciao! :)

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