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I celebrated my 31st birthday last June 4. Wow! I am 31. I have been blessed with 3 decades and a year of life and still counting. :) I am grateful to God for my life. For the countless blessings my family and I continues to receive everyday; for the many friends I have; for everything. I may not be where I am now and what I am now without our loving God.

I have a good job and I want to keep it for now. To be honest, I am not quite enjoying it but at least I have a job. I earned money from my job which I use to support my family and to provide for my daughter.

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At 31, I can say that I am successful. Success for me it’s not just about the amount of money you have, or the number of cars you own or the number of houses you have been built. I am successful as a daughter and the eldest of 3 siblings because, I am able to provide for my family even if my father is no longer around. I am successful as a sister because I was able to help my younger sisters to school and help them finished school. Since Pauline graduated this year, the three of us are now college graduates and professional. I am successful as a mother because, I am able to provide for my daughter. I am able to buy her maintenance medicine for her asthma. I am able to buy her clothes, shoes, books, toys and food. I am just glad that God has always been there for me so I can do all these things. :)

At 31, I know that I have done many mistakes and wrong decisions. Decisions I made, which had hurt me and other people. Mistakes that made me look bad. Mistakes that made me cry. I am only human. I may have done a lot of mistakes in the past but what is important is that I have learned from those mistakes. The wrong decisions I made in the past made me wiser. The hurt and the pain I had gone through made me stronger.

As I begin a new decade of my life, I hope to be a better person. I will always remember what my boss taught us; that in every situation you should be the better person.

I know that there will be lot of problems and challenges I have yet to face. There will be difficulties that will test my patience and faith. There will be troubles that would cause pain and heartaches.

Yet, I will not be afraid and will not worry too much. I believe that God will always be there for me, no matter what happen.

Looking forward to wonderful years ahead! Praise and thank you Lord!

Ciao! :)

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