Celebrating my 31st Birthday!

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Since honey is on vacation from working abroad, he was here with me when I celebrated my birthday. It’s been a while since I celebrated my birthday with him.

We planned of hearing mass at Antipolo Cathedral. But since he was tired and my daughter was still sleepy, we just decided to hear the 12Noon mass at EDSA Shrine. It doesn’t matter which church we will go, what matters is I was able to hear mass and received blessings on my birthday. :)

After the mass, we went to Robinson’s Galleria, so Nonet and Ikay can play at Tom’s World. We had an earlier plan of going to SM Mall of Asia, but due to a not so good weather that day, we decided to enjoy at Tom’s World instead. :)

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The kids enjoy playing at Tom’s World. Honey bought them ample of tokens. They also rode on the mini rides available there. Surely, the enjoyed the rides! Honey also bought us T-Shirt. :)

We left the mall mid-afternoon, so we will not be caught by the rush hours and the possible rain.

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At home, my mother cooked pansit, fried chicken and relyenong bangus. :) Honey also bought me a birthday cake. My sisters commented that relyenong bangus is always present on my birthday. :) You bet it’s my favorite! :)

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I am happy and thankful. Honey and I may have so many differences but maybe my prayers are now working. :)

Thank you Lord for another year and for many years to come! :)

Ciao! :)

At 31

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I celebrated my 31st birthday last June 4. Wow! I am 31. I have been blessed with 3 decades and a year of life and still counting. :) I am grateful to God for my life. For the countless blessings my family and I continues to receive everyday; for the many friends I have; for everything. I may not be where I am now and what I am now without our loving God.

I have a good job and I want to keep it for now. To be honest, I am not quite enjoying it but at least I have a job. I earned money from my job which I use to support my family and to provide for my daughter.

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At 31, I can say that I am successful. Success for me it’s not just about the amount of money you have, or the number of cars you own or the number of houses you have been built. I am successful as a daughter and the eldest of 3 siblings because, I am able to provide for my family even if my father is no longer around. I am successful as a sister because I was able to help my younger sisters to school and help them finished school. Since Pauline graduated this year, the three of us are now college graduates and professional. I am successful as a mother because, I am able to provide for my daughter. I am able to buy her maintenance medicine for her asthma. I am able to buy her clothes, shoes, books, toys and food. I am just glad that God has always been there for me so I can do all these things. :)

At 31, I know that I have done many mistakes and wrong decisions. Decisions I made, which had hurt me and other people. Mistakes that made me look bad. Mistakes that made me cry. I am only human. I may have done a lot of mistakes in the past but what is important is that I have learned from those mistakes. The wrong decisions I made in the past made me wiser. The hurt and the pain I had gone through made me stronger.

As I begin a new decade of my life, I hope to be a better person. I will always remember what my boss taught us; that in every situation you should be the better person.

I know that there will be lot of problems and challenges I have yet to face. There will be difficulties that will test my patience and faith. There will be troubles that would cause pain and heartaches.

Yet, I will not be afraid and will not worry too much. I believe that God will always be there for me, no matter what happen.

Looking forward to wonderful years ahead! Praise and thank you Lord!

Ciao! :)

Happy Independence Day!

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I miss school days because it is a holiday today in the Philippines to remember our Independence Day. I love going to work today because it is a double pay! :)

I hope that we Filipinos will always remember the heroism and sacrifices done by our forefather for us to achieve the freedom we have today.

Happy 114th Independence Day to all!

Ciao! :)

A Family Day

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It’s been almost three weeks since ney arrived from Saudi. He stayed with Nonet and I for three days, and then I let him go to Quezon to be with his parents. Well, I need to go to work, too. :) Since he only visit during my rest day, we tend to do go out most to attend to “work-related” stuff. Though, we already spent a day with Nonet, he feels like our daughter is being left out from our lakad. :)

That’s why, two Fridays ago, he decided to take Nonet on a date. Nonet loves going to Mall of Asia, because of the grounds by the bay and the different kiddie rides available. After spending 60 tokens in Tom’s World at Robinson’s Galleria, we headed our way to Mall of Asia. :)

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Since we had a late breakfast at home, we just grabbed burgers, fries and ice cream from Burger King. We technically ate our snacks in the bus bound to Baclaran. :) The aroma of the burgers spread across the bus, which makes (I believe) people to drool. :P

When we arrived in MOA, we went first to department store and bought t-shirts. I also checked available anniversary gifts for men which I can give to honey. Then, we headed to the grounds at the back of MOA. We really enjoyed it! :) Nonet took advantage of the different rides available for children. We then took a ride to the big and tall ferris wheel in there. In my view, it is much smaller than The Wheel of Fate in EK, but I cannot confirm. :)

We decided to eat our dinner at the Aristocrat Restaurant. But before going there, we let our eyes enjoyed the beautiful fireworks display. Too bad, our camera ran out of charge. :(

It was really a happy day for me and Nonet, and I believe to honey, too. We still have a lot of things needed to address in our relationship. But, I hope that in God’s grace and love, everything will be put in order.

God bless us!

Ciao! :)

Pau Graduated as Magna Cum Laude

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Last May 11, 2012 our youngest sister Pauline finished the degree of Bachelor in Broadcast Communications with flying colors. She graduated Magna Cum Laude. She really did enjoy her course and she excelled in it. We are three sisters in the family, and she’s the one who enjoyed her course very much. :)

I have always wanted to be an Accountant. But being the eldest in the family, I need to get a course that will provide a lot of opportunities when I graduated. During my time, computer is very in demand (well I guess even today). That is why I ended up getting Computer Engineering. With God’s help and mercy, I was able to finish the said course on time and landed a job, 2 days after graduation. My younger sister Patty, have always wanted to be a Physical Therapist or a Medical Technologist. But due to budget constraint, she ended up taking Psychology, which she eventually enjoyed. Patty is 8 years older than Pau. That’s why, when Pau enrolled to college, both of us are already working. We were able to support and provide for her school needs.

Pau also did her part to finish college. She was a consistent scholar and president’s lister. My mother and our Tabibe helped in giving her allowance and money for school projects. :)

It was my second time to accompany our mother in escorting a sister during graduation day. First was with Patty, since our father died few months before her graduation. Second, was with Pauline’s. Although, Pauline’s graduation was different. My mother and I were seated in the front row, and we got the chance to shake hands with their speaker, Congressman Juan Edgardo Angara of Aurora province. My mother was very happy as we walked on the stage for Pau’s medal. :) It was like a walk on the clouds. I bet Pau was happier. :) We are all proud of her.

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Above all, we are all grateful to God. He has always been there for our family. I know that God loves us so much. :)

Pau’s graduation is just at the beginning of her career. I know that there are a lot of good things in store for her. God bless her and our family! :)

Ciao! :)

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