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After I finished reading the novel, The Notebook, I have become a Nicholas Sparks fan. I started collecting his 17 novels. When I have extra money, I get one or two books. When he visited the Philippines last October 28, 2011, I went there with Nonet and my sister Pau for book launching (The Best of Me) and for book signing. We were one of the lucky ones, who were able to have our book signed. I only got one signing pass and I only need to choose one book for him to sign. My favorite of all his novels is The Notebook. I have it signed. :)

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I was able to complete the 16 novels except for one, Three Weeks With My Brother. I have checked local and online bookstores to find this but I failed. One day I came across a certain bookstore in the US which offers the said book. Thanks to my paypal account, I was able to place an order for the novel. I was informed that it would take about 45 days for me to receive the book since it will be coming from the US through the regular postage. One month passed. Forty five days passed but still no book. I am really getting frustrated. I sent an email to the said store and they assured me that they already shipped the book.

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(The Lucky One is currently with Oui at the time of this picture.)

Well maybe patience is really a virtue. After almost more than two months of waiting, my book has finally arrived. It was a happy day! :) It complete my collection! :)

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Reading these novels makes me (and all the readers of Nicholas Sparks’ novel) feel that I have been to North Carolina and South Carolina. Since the settings of Nicholas novels are in the said states. Who knows one day, I get to visit his place, too. I might check for sunset beach real estate in North Carolina, too. I might get a property there, too. :) It’s not bad to dream. :)

Well, I don’t have millions to give Nonet. But, I have a lot of book collections that will worth more than millions.

Happy Reading!

Ciao! :)

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