Off to Beach?

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I don’t know when. :( We are now at the last leg of summer, and yet I have not gone to the beach yet. :( I am trying to apply for a vacation leave on my birthday but it has not been approved yet. I would like to go to the beach this weekend but I have errands to do on Friday. I just want to spend sometime in the beach with Nonet and honey. The last time the three of us went to the beach together was when Nonet is only 3 years old. I remember her running around the resort while wearing one of those Kangol hats available in the market. :)

I hope I would be able to dip into the blue sea and enjoy the relaxing water it offers. :)

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My sister Patty with our cousins, Cathy, April, Adette and our niece Ikay @ Tumagay Beach Resort

Ciao! :)

Happy Fiesta to Barangay Duhat!

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It is May 21! While I am in the office, I cannot help but remember the many summer vacation I had in Quezon; specifically at Brgy. Duhat, Plaridel Quezon. It where my father’s family moved during World War II. In there I spent memorable summer vacations of my youth. :)

When I was young, I always look forward to summer vacation. Not only because it is a break from school, but because I get to spend my vacation in Quezon. I love going to Quezon. I love bonding moments with my cousins. Sleeping late at night because of unending “tsismisan” and waking up late in the morning, too. I remember my late paternal grandmother cooking breakfast for us, her grandchildren.

Aside from seeing honey during summer vacation, another thing that I enjoy the most was going to nearby barangay to celebrate their own feast day. :)  

In our own barangay, Barangay Duhat, the feast day is celebrated on May 21. The patron saint of the barangay is Mama Mary as the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (like the patron saint of Antipolo City). When I am there, I see to it that I hear mass with my cousin. The chapel in our barangay is just a small chapel. I believe, that our ancestral house is bigger than it. But, our family helped in completing the building of the said chapel. After the mass, I remember having lunch at my lola Ading’s house. Then, having dessert at my Tita Lyn’s and then merienda at my Tito Atoy’s house. I also enjoyed singing in the videoke with my cousins. Our theme song then was “Breathless” by The Corrs. Go Cathy! Hehehe! :D

Like any fiesta, there is a procession with the image of the patron saint. But unlike in Manila, there are very few people who participate in the said procession. :(

When the evening comes, my cousins and I put on good clothes and then we’re off to the covered court for the “Sayawan”. :) I remember dancing all night long until the break of dawn. We usually go home at 5:30AM. Then, we eat a little breakfast and take a good sleep. In the afternoon, we then go to the nearby beach resort to enjoy the very relaxing sea water. Oh how I love the going to the beach! :)

The last time I went to Quezon for the barangay fiesta was in 2001. Eleven years to be exact. I miss going home there. I don’t know when I will be there again but I am really looking forward to it. Someday. Soon. :)

May 21 is memorable to me not because of the happy summer I had when I was young, but because it is when honey and I became officially on. We have had a lot of problems. There had been so many pains and heartaches brought about by our relationship. Yet we are still together. In between years we have had other relationships but we still ended up with each other. :) It’s been 13 years since the night I accepted his love. :)

Happy Fiesta to Barangay Duhat! Hope to come back soon..

Ciao! :)

Remembering Papa

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Papa should have turned 60 today and should have received his Senior Citizens identification card. Well, it’s just that he passed away five years ago. He died before he turned 55 years old. My father like any fathers was not a perfect. My sister Patty even learned from him that “promises are made to be broken”. :P He may not be a perfect husband to our mother and a perfect father to us his children, but I remember him being a loving and sweet father to us and grandfather to Nonet. Nonet being the first grandchild has a very special place in his heart.

My sisters, our mother and I have been talking about papa. In some ways, we feel good about the thought that papa is in a better place now. That we will not feel so worried when he is not home or when he is “wandering” around. :P On the other hand, we felt bad because, he is no longer around when my two younger sisters’ graduated from college. He is not here to see Pauline graduate from college as Magna Cum Laude. He is not here to sing in our videoke with our LCD TV. He was not able to play through our computer. He dreamt of having a computer. He is not here to see Nonet received her second honor medal.  

He may not be physically around now, but we believe that somewhere up there, he can see us and we know that he is happy with what we have achieved. I know that even up to this day, he is still protecting us, especially his beloved grand-daughter. :)

Up to this day, I can still remember the sacrifices and the pain he and our family went through. I remember the day when I told him that he has a stage 4 cancer. I remember the day when we fought, which was 2 days before he died.

Honey always told me that papa has been very proud of me and that he loved me so much, he loved us so much.

We will always miss papa. I believe that you are in God’s care now and you are happy looking on us from up there. Happy and proud.

We love you papa. Happy 60th birthday!

Ciao! :)

This Complete my Collection!

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After I finished reading the novel, The Notebook, I have become a Nicholas Sparks fan. I started collecting his 17 novels. When I have extra money, I get one or two books. When he visited the Philippines last October 28, 2011, I went there with Nonet and my sister Pau for book launching (The Best of Me) and for book signing. We were one of the lucky ones, who were able to have our book signed. I only got one signing pass and I only need to choose one book for him to sign. My favorite of all his novels is The Notebook. I have it signed. :)

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I was able to complete the 16 novels except for one, Three Weeks With My Brother. I have checked local and online bookstores to find this but I failed. One day I came across a certain bookstore in the US which offers the said book. Thanks to my paypal account, I was able to place an order for the novel. I was informed that it would take about 45 days for me to receive the book since it will be coming from the US through the regular postage. One month passed. Forty five days passed but still no book. I am really getting frustrated. I sent an email to the said store and they assured me that they already shipped the book.

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(The Lucky One is currently with Oui at the time of this picture.)

Well maybe patience is really a virtue. After almost more than two months of waiting, my book has finally arrived. It was a happy day! :) It complete my collection! :)

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Reading these novels makes me (and all the readers of Nicholas Sparks’ novel) feel that I have been to North Carolina and South Carolina. Since the settings of Nicholas novels are in the said states. Who knows one day, I get to visit his place, too. I might check for sunset beach real estate in North Carolina, too. I might get a property there, too. :) It’s not bad to dream. :)

Well, I don’t have millions to give Nonet. But, I have a lot of book collections that will worth more than millions.

Happy Reading!

Ciao! :)

Afternoon at the Parlor

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I am not having a good day yesterday, add to it is my bad hair day. :( I still have the money allotted for our electric bill and I decided to go to the parlor to have my hair done. I went to the two parlors near our place. I went first to Hortaleza Salon (in Rosario Pasig City along Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue). It was around 2PM then and it is really siesta time. I went inside the parlor and found the beauticians are sleeping. Two of the beauticians are having their siesta on the parlor chair, while the other one lay on the clients chair. I was only wearing short and t-shirt. When I entered, they just looked at me! I was stunned because, it seems that they don’t like a customer. Maybe because I don’t look like I have money to pay for their service. But then again, they are being paid to work and not to sleep. I was really disappointed. Although, few minutes later, one of them ask me how they can assist me. But, I just changed my mind. I just politely left.

I went to another parlor called Index Salon (Rosario Branch), the receptionist gladly welcomed me in their parlor and offered the different services they provide. They explained to me how one treatment differs from another. With that kind of service, I decided to have my hair treated in that parlor. The beautician who worked on my hair is very professional. I was very happy with the result and I had a good day. I had semi-rebond, cellophane wax and hair spa. I stayed in the parlor for almost 5 hours. But, it is worth my time. :)

I felt good after the treatment. I got my confidence back and I can now let my hair down. Truly, our hair is our crowning glory! :)

Ciao! :)

Graduating with Flying Colors

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It was a happy today. We finally learned that our youngest sister Pau will be graduating with flying colors. She just received a message that she will be graduating as Magna Cum Laude. We are all very thankful for this. That paid off all of her hard work and sleepless nights; praying to God with Mama Mary and all the saints know to men.

We are all very proud of her. Finally, it is now officially. I am so proud because, I am one of those people who sent her to college. My mother, our Tabibe, Tisha, her scholarship grants and all the people who helped her along the way, all contributed to this. Since papa is no longer with us, mama and I will be attending her graduation. But since, ney might arrive this weekend, Tisha will be the one to join them.

It’s just feel good that I am part of this happy moment. Congrats Pau. But, remember that this is only the beginning. You have a long way to go. Good luck in your career.

Ciao! :)

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