Salubong 2012

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My sister Patty has always been dreaming and hoping to be an angel in the annual Salubong. Though it is not written in the Holy Scriptures, we believe through our faith, that Jesus appeared before His loving mother, Mary on the day that He resurrected from the death. We know how much Jesus loves His mother, and it is not impossible for Him to see His grieving mother when He was raised from death.

This is what being re-enacted upon on Salubong. Nonet happens to be the youngest and the smallest along the angels. She is not the one to take off Mary’s veil but that is fine. What is important is that she is fulfilling Patty’s dream to be an angel. :)

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It is so nice to look at her together with the other angels. :)

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I was able to get a good shot of the angel as she takes Mama Mary’s veil to see Jesus. It was joyful moment. I bet that 2000 years ago, when this happened, millions of angels are singing songs of praise and could have been blowing their trumpets, too. I could not imagine the joy Mama Mary felt when she saw her beloved son. :)

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After the program for salubong, we participated in the Easter Sunday’s mass. We are all happy.

Praise be to Jesus! Praise be to God!

Ciao! :)

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