Remembering Larung Pinoy

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Since Nonet discovered playing yo-yo, she wouldn’t stop until she learns how to play with it! Yo-yo has been a game of Filipino for almost a century now. It was believed to be originated in China in 1000 B.C. It is also considered as one of the Palarong Pinoy being popularized again. It is a good thing that Nonet got interested in playing yo-yo amidst the different gadgets available today like psp. She loves her psp though, but once in a while she loves playing with her yo-yo. She even asked me to get her a new yoyojam on my payday. :)

When I was kid, we didn’t have any computer, nor gameboy not even a family computer. I was able to enjoy outdoor games with my childhood friends like tumbang preso, football, patintero, luksong tinik, piko, chinese garter and even taguan on a night with a full moon. Indoors, I was able to enjoy playing jackstone, pick up stick, domino and yo-yo with my sister, Patty. Our youngest sister, Pau, isn’t born yet then.

I wanted Nonet to know the different games I have grown up with, inspite of the different electronic gadgets available today. It was a fun game playing outdoor games with my friends. I believe I enjoyed patintero the most.:)

I hope that the said larong pinoy will be revived and be taught to the children of today. Those games are too precious, part of Filipino culture which shouldn’t be forgotten.

Ciao! :)

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